Friday, July 31, 2009

10 Things & Giveaway Winner

The lovely and ever so creative Sophia at Tic Tac Tomato was so kind to give me this Kreativ Blogger Award. DO check out her blog. She paints shoes and makes bags out of juice pouches and you won't believe she's only 16! With the award, she asked that I list 7 Things about myself.
Also, the fabulous Miss Janet at Janetteria, who by the way has the BEST shoes, was recently given an insane amount of awards. She was so kind as to pass this lovely onto me.
Now she asked that I share 10 *Interesting* Things about me, so I'll just add on 3 to the 7 I had already planned, cheating I know but also efficient :) Hopefully they'll be *interesting* enough, LOL. Here goes:
1. As I child I took ballet but had to stop when I got very sick.
I always regret not picking it up again once the doctors gave the go ahead.
2. I love to cook & bake.
My friends say I'm like the Asian Martha Stewart...
I think they mean it as a compliment?
3. If chocolate were a food group, I'd always get my daily recommended intake.
Sadly, I can't say the same for fruits and veggies.
4. I don't like pork but I love bacon and long as they don't taste *porky*.
5. I've always wished I were taller.
At least 5'6 or 5'7...though at least I surpass 3 apples high :)
6. I'm a BIG sap.
At that time of the month, I get even more emotional and can be found crying at commercials.
7. I wish I knew how to sew.
I always have that pefect piece in my mind but rarely find it in stores and I can't seem to sketch my *visions* on paper.
8. I'm very loyal.
Most of my best friends (which also include some cousins) are those I've had friendships with from when I was a child.

9. S and I planned our wedding in about 2 weeks.
I kid you not. And I know what some of you are thinking...
LOL, no I wasn't pregnant.

10. I handstitched the lace and beads onto the bolero(worn above) that I had custom made, for my wedding gown, which I wore a year after the our reception. It's a longggg story.

Enough about me, now to pass the Kreativ Blogger Award onto 7, oops I snuck one in again, 8 Kreativ Bloggers! Bee Creative,Call Me Dorothy,Clarabelle, Cupcakes and Mace, Delectable Swank, Eggshell Green, Josiebean!, Polished Sense
Please do share your 7 things & pass on the love to another 7!
I'd like to pass on the Awesome Girl Award to all who comment and choose to accept. Do let me know when you'll be sharing your 10 Things!
Alright, I've stalled enough...and the winner of the All You Need is Love Giveaway is...
Sara from Sara Loves Shoes
CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'll be emailing you soon to get your mailing address :)
Thank you to everyone for entering. I really enjoyed reading your comments!
I'll be doing another giveaway in August so stay tuned!
Sending you all hugs and wishing you a lovely weekend!
If you're Canadian, have a great long weekend :)
xx Ela
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  1. Congrats to Sara!

    I would take Martha Stewart as a compliment! And the Bolero detailing is gorgeous!!

  2. thanks for the tag! and i love that you planned your wedding in 2 weeks! was it drama free? i have yet to see a wedding that's been drama free (pre-wedding) is it even possible?!?!? haha! i certainly dont want drama and i certainly will NOT show up filipino time to my own wedding!!! no sireeee.

  3. I took ballet when I was very young and just wasn't that into it. Now I would love to dance and be graceful. Sad those things don't sink in as a child.

  4. Congrats to the winner!
    Enjoy reading your list darling, Many good virtues I admire~ Lovely Friday to you!


  5. I adore the photos you've chosen, especially, the little girls - it's so cute! We seem to share quite a few things. I also love ballet and wish I could sew (but my hands obviously grow from the wrong place when it comes to sewing...). I love chocolate. I wish I was a bit taller as am 5'4''. I love cooking. And the funniest coincidence is that it also took us a bout 2 weeks to plan our wedding! It was a small but very special ceremony and no, I wasn't pregnant either. :)

    Have a great day, sweetie!


  6. Congratulations! Both to you and to the winner of the giveaway!! :)
    Yeah, I wish I were taller too. I'm 5'5 and that still isn't a bushel of joy, unfortunately.

    Be sure and pop by & leave a note!


  7. Great list darling Ela. I enjoyed... :-)


  8. You planned your wedding in 2 weeks- that's insane! Go you! Enjoy your long weekend, lucky Canadian! ;)

  9. Congrats Sara! Enjoy your lovely new necklace!
    I love your 10 things, and I definitely understand what you mean about tasting "porky." I don't like pork either but I do like bacon... And the picture of the little girls on the vent is adorable! As always, a fun and wonderful post! Have a great weekend!!

  10. Congrats on the awards! And we have so many things in commmon, it's freaky! Lol. (Well, except I can't cook or bake for the life of me, so I'm not any kind of Martha Stewart. Lol).

    It's not too late to get back into ballet! There are lots of community centers that have ballet classes for adults (18+). Might be kinda fun as a hobby. :)

    I can't believe you planned your wedding in two weeks. That sounds fun and stressful at the same time. Hehe.

  11. i wish i could cook so bad :(
    also i never eat chocolate except peanut butter cups because those are the best

  12. these are great facts! i'm a sap too, and i like to consider myself loyal.
    i wish i could cook/bake. i'm terrible, haha :)

  13. Hi Ela,

    Really? Same Gucci watch? How many change bangles? :) I have got 20 pieces... :-)

  14. Congrats to the winner!

    Love this tag, too... that chocolate!


  15. HURRAY! Thank you sooo much for the tag! I love these! I can't wait to do mine.
    I loved reading yours, too! I have something to say about every single one of your things, but I will refrain to keep from boring you with my commentary.

    However, I love that you are the Asian Martha Stewart and I look forward to reading your successful cooking magazine that single-handedly saves magazines from inevitable doom.

    Second, I love how you won't eat things that taste too "porky". I am the same way about cheese. I claim that I don't like cheese but pizza is my favorite food... lol. In actuality, I just don't like cheese that isn't melted. And I don't like yellow cheese.

    Third, I LOVE that planned your wedding in two weeks! You are! You should put up some more wedding photos so we can all oooh and ahhh over your fabulousness.

    last, I laughed for like 30 seconds at the photo you chose for the part about how you are loyal.

    Okay, I have a lot more to say, but I'll stop, you have other comments to read.

    Have a great weekend, Ela!

  16. "Asian Martha Stewart" is an awesome compliment. :-)

  17. haha I don't generally like pork other than bacon either! Unless it's cooked very very tender and nicely marinated which then it doesn't taste like pork anymore LOL. I wish I know how to sew too, but so far the only thing I can do is hem my pants! Sigh

    Yeah no kidding about Kelly Clarkson eh?! At least her 15 min of fame is still going unlike the rest of the American Idol contestants!

  18. oh also I didn't know you live in Canada as well! Where in Canada?

    and yeah I dunno if my stalker boy is cute, he just told this other guy I work with that he got a co op job here in September and that he heard I'm working here as well... But I doubt he's hot, if he is he wouldn't be stalking me he'd be getting stalked! haha!

  19. Hey ! loved your blog, take a look at ours whenever you want, we invite you to follow it,

  20. oh, it is so nice to get to know you better! love that you don't like pork but I love bacon and long as they don't taste *porky*! hahaha! i feel the same way about fish! :)

    hope you have a great weekend!

  21. i always regretted not continuing with ballet from my childhood, so i took it up again as an adult beginner! i'm happy i did it, and got it out of my system!

  22. oh I love learning new things! this is great! I love chocolate! Congratulations to the winner! Have a great weekend!

  23. Congrats on the award Ela! You do deserve it! Also love how your friends call you the Asian Martha, that's so fabulous!

    enjoy your wknd girl & thanks again for entering the scarf contest!


  24. Holy cow that bolero. I can't even hand stitch. Have a fab weekend!

  25. Congrats. Your blog is awesome so it deserves any awards. Have a great weekend. Cheers!

  26. Great blog! Just found you thru a friends blog. Glad I did. Im following now!

    Please feel free to stop in and visit us at The Fort anytime, you are always welcome!

    Love and Prayers,


  27. love the picture of the ballerina shoes! =)

  28. Loved learning all the things about you - cute pics too...Happy weekend, xv.

  29. I love these posts b/c you get to know the blogger so much better! That is so cool you were a dancer, I also had to leave dancing behind because of a back condition. =( I would have MORE than my recommended serving of chocolate, lol.


  30. I pretty much relate to everything you wrote, especially points 1-4 (except I didn't get ill when I was a young ballerina... I just got tall and less flexible). Love the chocolate, can't deal with the porky pork either. Enjoy your long weekend!

  31. Congratulations on the award :) I did ballet for a year and a half, and I looved it. Shame my teacher was absolutely psycho, otherwise I would probably still be doing it. And being three apples tall would actually be rather fun, no? Imagine all of the places you could go, and how different the world would look. Annnnd 2 weeks?! That is insane, and the hand embroidered bolero - WOW!

    Really do hope you're having a beautiful weekend dear :)

  32. loved reading more about you, your bolero is lovely!

  33. Congrats on the award, you deserved it!
    I love to cook and bake too,I also wish I was taller


  34. Congrats on the awards, girly!
    And also congrats on your upcoming wedding :) we'll be awaiting the pics. teehee.
    chocolate had better be a food group :)


  35. two weeks? wow!
    that is a short period of time, if it was me, id be in the mental institution after the wedding.

  36. WHOA. my sister's wedding was planned in three, and i thought THAT was a short amount of time. crazy! also, i love chocolate too! i mean, who doesn't, but really it's delicious. i feel like every year that goes by i love it more and more.. haha

    anyway, the picture for number 8 is to die for! those girls are so funny

  37. This was really cool to read. I always enjoy posts like this. I hope you've had a great weekend. Cheers!

  38. Congrats on your blog award- you totally deserve it!

    And that bolero is breathtaking! I'd love to hear more about your wedding- sounds like a great story. Oh and I completely agree about the bacon and ribs- I'm the same way!

  39. You should learn how to sew, I bet you would be fantastic at it! Also, props to you for planning your wedding in 2 weeks. Mine will be like that because I plan to elope. He he. Congrats to the winner and so thoughtful of you to do a giveaway!

  40. you are soo cute!! i loved all of teses :)
    also ive already done the 10 random facts thing in a previous post, however i do appreciate the tag a lot! thanks girlie, and congrats on both your awards :D



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