Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend Recap & Interview

Hope you all had an amazing weekend! Do something exciting?
It was a lazy one for us but I did manage to do something I quite enjoy...

Ela: OK hon, I'll be back in a couple of hours.
S: Where are you going?
Ela: Um, just running some errands.
*Gave a quick kiss and under my breath I muffle*
...then just going to go look at some stuff...
S: Oh, so you're off to go digging through people's trash again?

Yup, that's what he calls it. I say "thrifting" he says "digging through trash". Tomatoe, tomato...Call it what you want, either way I like to indulge every now and then. However, there are certain aspects about thrifting that I don't enjoy.

For one, I don't actually like going through all the stuff. But then again it's that thrill of the hunt...finding that needle in the used, sometimes smelly haystack.

I hope you don't take this as me being a snob - it's NOT that at all.
I'm just a bit of a germaphobe. OK fine. A BIG germaphobe. Which means, I have certain rules about thrifting where my outfit is concerned. I don't actually care about how I look or whether or not I match but the following is a requirement:

1. Long Sleeves = Minimal contact with the goods.
2. Full length pants, but ones that do not drag = Minimal contact with the goods...and the store floor.
3. Hair must be up and away from my face.
Nothing worse than having to touch your face to get the hair out of your eye or mouth after you've just riffled through the men's section and found a shirt that says: I like to fart, but only because I love you.
No. Literally. That's what it said.
4. A purse/tote without a zipper closure = Easy my hand sanitizer.

Apparently I fit right in with my outfit...while shopping, someone asked me if I worked there. Seriously.

Top - Calvin Klein, Jeans - Mavi, Green Epi Noe - Vintage Louis Vuitton

Anyhow, I managed to score some great finds. I spent a total of $17.86 for 3 items *it was 50% off*. One of the items being what I believed to be a fabulous coat. The dry cleaning will cost about 4 times what I paid for it because of the fur trim, but whatever. All the way home I thought, "I can't wait till it's cold enough so I can wear it." When I got home I tried it on excitedly to show S. With a big smile staring back at me, I took courage.
Ela: So...what do you think?
S: It's nice. *smile* I like it. *pause* You look like you a play.

There you have it folks, apparently what I thought was a *fabulous coat* should only be seen on stage. Grrr....

S: So, can we go out now?
Ela: What are you crazy? I can't go anywhere. I need a shower. I just dug through trash, remember?

We had a quiet weekend, vegged on the couch and watched Seven Pounds and Passengers. Hope you all had a great one!
xx Ela
Also, if you have a moment, click to read a fun interiew
with the chic Delectable Swank

LOL, I know what you're thinking...I was surprised when she asked me, too :)
If you haven't already visited her blog, you're in for a treat! It's filled with an amazing fashionable mix and writing that makes you think, but not too hard that it gives you a headache :) Plus, she's a sweetheart!

[Photo of Thrift Store Courtesy of Google Images]


  1. Ela, you are such bargain hunter...that's one fabulous coat! Me too, can't wait for cooler weather to arrive..."come quick!!!"


  2. I'm not the best vintage hunter either. I'm sure some stores go through great pains clean items, you still never know (plus come on.. that smell must come from somewhere!). But mostly, I just lack the patience. Great score! I love the Chinese inspired fastenings on the front! Men are funny about fashion - my husband claims that a recent purchase of mine (a cape/cloak) looks like a house coat. Yeah whatever - I'm wearing it to our anniversary dinner in two months ;-)

  3. Thrifting is good but I just couldnt stand the smell though when U enter any store that sell used stuff. But then again heck who am I to complaint lol.

    Fab jacket by the way :)

    >>> Rebecca Rose

  4. Wow, excellent jacket! I love thrifting.

    I gave you an award on my blog :)

  5. I love thrifting but I can't stand the smell of the clothes.The smell gives me the sneezes.

    Fortunately, the one and only thrift store near my place sells washed and even pressed clothing and so it's heaven for me. But then the style choices are limited, I don't mind as long as it's clean,hehe!

    That coat is nice, can you call that an "anorak" or whatever? ;)


  6. I am totally the same when it comes to thrifting! It's so fun and I like finding some unique (and cheap!) finds, but I am a germaphobe as well!!! It took me a while to stop being totally freaked out while rifling through the racks.

    PS: love the green LV bag!

  7. Oh, I have so many things to say about this post!! First, you looked much too pretty and fabulous to be digging through trash! But, your reasons for WHY you dressed that way all made me laugh, in a good way, because I totally get it! And the shirt about farting? Ha ha ha ha ha... Great post, and glad you had a great relaxing weekend!

  8. I agree with you. Thrift shopping is a boon and a curse. You end up getting some fab pieces sometimes but I have this affliction. If I see, say a pair of shoes at a thrift store, I might think them tacky. But if I see the same somewhere cleaner, I'd immediately begin coveting.
    You look awesome, as usual.
    Cool interview, btw. Just checked it out. XO

  9. I love thrifting! But I agree, it's gross. I totally feel like I need a shower afterwards ;)

    Hope you had a great weekend, too xo

  10. Great pic..those jeans are smashing!!!

  11. I know what you mean about always liking or picking out the most expensive item. I do it all the time too. I'm usually bummed when I say, "oooOOooo look at that! (then check price) booooo!" So I feel you girl. Anyway I love that green bag your holding with the black and white striped top! So cute girl!


  12. First of all, I really like your look and adore the bag. Would love to see your founds "in action".
    Personally, I am not good at this but do like it when people find interesting things and turn them into something fabulous.
    This hair style suits your really well, by the way. x

  13. great finds Ela! i'm such a germaphobe too! i have sanitizer in my purse and at my office. and i get mad at my bf for touching hand railings or escalators and stuff. esp gross is public washroom door handles.. people don't all wash their hands!!! =S

  14. Smart and pretty thrifting outfit, darling!

    Thanks for your compliment on my new header :)


  15. Loove the stripes! You look so pretty :)

  16. Haha, amazingly written :) I like you pragmatic approach to dressing for thrift shopping, I always choose my outfits carefully for shopping trips. I so wish there were larger thrift stores around where I live, I feel like I'm missing out on some serious finds! Ooh yay for the new coat, loooove it!! Hope you had a beautiful weekend :)

  17. I suck at thrifting...I really wish I was better because friends find such amazing things all the time! I just hate digging and I'm a total germphobe...
    Your shopping look is so CUTE! I love stripes! And I adore your new coat!
    Happy Monday sweets! XOXO

  18. i love that coat! i, unfortunately, lack the patience to thrift. someday...

    and what a great interview on Delectable Swank! congratulations!

  19. haha....I'm a germaphobe too....I can't get my treasures to the dry cleaner fast enough!

    you look adorable:)

  20. Lol! What a great post. I agree with U, Ela. :-) I'm a huge vintage fan and I think I'm a great hunter...but this true second hand stores are a fab but boaaaa (sometimes) LOL!


  21. ahahha!!! i am not so great at the thrift store thing! it is so dirty! and smelly! i like to look in the jewelry case and pretty much that is it! i have no patience to sift through 4 million t-shirts and crap trying to find a gem. bahahhaha!

    hope you have a great day! :)

  22. I love the finding too but am not so into the hunting. I am on a yard/garage sale kick right now - it seems less cluttered. Just found your blog through your interview on Delectable Swank - loved it!

  23. I've never been one to go thrifting but I like your tips. Will keep those in mind if I ever go. You looked way cute though, love the striped shirt and the green LV.

  24. lol you are so funny. I love to thrift! its really so much fun and exciting. Nice post

  25. Hahaha... I love your outfit breakdown! They are all very valid reasons. And seriously? "I like to fart, but only because I love you..." omg.

  26. He he, I love your little rituals before you go thrift shopping. I like you jacket, boys can be silly about fashion sometimes, so don't worry! You and your hubby's convos are quite cute though! Glad you had a nice weekend and were able to watch some great movies!

  27. Yeah, I know what you mean. I always feel dirty after thrifting too! I prefer consignment stores because at least they're a bit more organized than thrift stores.... But that is a funny convo b/w you and your husband!!

  28. Ela! YOU are one fab shopper!!! AMAZING!! lol you and your hubs are so cute!! Hope your day is going fabulous!!

  29. I went to the warped tour this weekend and had my hand in my bag for my sanitizer more often than not. Congrats on your fab shopping scores!

  30. Fabulous post! You are too funny! I am a HUGE germaphobe as well- Purell hand gel is a staple in my bag, car, house, etc. :) XOXO

  31. Bahahahahah!!!! Oh you are too hilarious! I love your writing style!! However, despite "digging through peoples trash" as your husband says. I think you found some amazing things.

    However, I must say that you would look amazing even if you did wear trash. So it's hard for you to go wrong Miss Pretty.


  32. Great finds. There is always a certain smell when you want into a thrift store. You can find some good things there though. Hope your week started off well. Cheers!

  33. Awwe, thank you :)

    I wish I were the one in the editorial being cooled off with the jewelry sounds nice. !!

    About all of my magazine saving, the last time we moved I hAD TO BEG my hubby and younger brother to help haul all of mine in boxes, not sure what will happen the next time we try to move? He's already paraded around the idea of my throwing some out lol.. (Answer: NO!) ;)


  34. That's a really great coat you found, and I thought it was funny when reading through your post. I guess I'm not as much of a germaphobe, but I can't stand old hangers..I have to immediately wash my hands after holding a rack of clothes.

  35. I love your jacket!! Congratulation on your good find :DD
    Fall/winter is my favorite season for fashion. Can't wait to wear my jacket and boots!!

  36. I love "going through trash" too! Hubby hates it but that's not surprising.

    Just wish there were more good op-shops in New Zealand - so jealous of the rest of the world where there always seems to be so much variety!


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