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UK's One and Only DK

I stumbled across Dapper Kid after clicking on a comment he had posted that left me intrigued. Not quite sure what to expect, I was greeted by a header that was surprisingly sweet and a fresh and clean layout with photographs under "Inspired By" that capture such emotion. As I began to read his post, he clearly had a point of view and his takes on fashion, kept me reading. Though his posts differ from day to day, I find that each one shares a little bit about him. Post after post, DK is sure to elicit numerous comments...though he always seems to return the gesture, and does so in a way any mother would be proud of...

Ela: What made you decide to start a blog?
DK: I suppose the simplest answer is that it was a form of self-expression. I have always had an interest in clothing, which evolved into a love of fashion, and my blog is a format for me to indulge in and express that fascination.

It was also partly the fact that I have always had a number of female friends with whom I am able to talk about women's fashion, however for menswear I have never really had that same opportunity. I guess in that sense, it was about expressing an interest which I may not have otherwise had the full opportunity to express.

Ela: Most fashion bloggers center their post on their daily outfit, what influences what you post on any given day?
DK: My blog is somewhere for me to share my thoughts with regards to fashion, and also often the reasoning and ideas behind my own outfits. I tend to consider blogs as being thought diaries, in that the writer posts what is on their mind, or what interests them on any given day - it is an immediate and reactionary format.

My influence for posting, is what my influences in fashion happen to be that day. It is anything from a collection which I may have been thinking about, or a concept about which I have been fascinated by. I post about that which excites and interests me.

Ela: On average, how long does it take to put together a post?
DK: I am not sure whether I have an average time for writing posts, for sometimes I may simply post an editorial with a few words of what I find exciting, yet at other times I may write a short essay to go with it! That being said however, I think that it probably hovers around the half hour mark. Photographing outfits and general photographs are a constant for me, as I am interested in documentation anyhow.

I think that the drafting system is quite invaluable, I usually have one or two posts saved away - ones that I am still working on, or formulating my mind over. I think the most time consuming part of blogging however, is definitely the social aspect. It takes rather a large amount of time to visit other blogs and comment back, however that happens to be an experience I enjoy.

Ela: Do your family and friends (outside of the ones you’ve made through the blogosphere) know about your blog? How do they feel about it?

DK: Well my family actually does not know about my blog, although if they did, I am not sure they would take that much interest in it anyhow. As for friends, I believe a few friends at University know of the blog, although they for the most parts seem pretty indifferent. I guess that those who choose to read the blog, are those with an interest in the topics I cover. It may not be for everyone, but hopefully it is interesting enough.

Ela: You recently said, “The sunshine may be blazing outside, but my thoughts keep coming back to dressing for the in between seasons”. If you could choose just one season in a year, what would it be and how would you dress for it?
DK: I think my favourite seasons fashion-wise shall always be Autumn and Spring. The creativity required for both of seasons is far greater due to the inherent unpredictability of each. Whereas in Winter, a thick coat may cover up your entire outfit, or in Summer one is usually striped down, the 'tween season outfit has to be ready for both possibilities. The layering of clothing required allows an infinite choice of colour, texture and depth plays, all of which are things that I happen to love.

As for how I would dress for the 'tween seasons, I am usually drawn in two completely different directions. On the one side I would like to say I would opt for traditional attire - something such as a tweed blazer with red paisley silk pocket square, crisp white shirt with an open collar, inky green cashmere v-neck sweater, a woolen tartan scarf, grey woolen trousers, red socks and some brown leather brogue boots.

Yet I would also be drawn to the possibilities of something such as a long sleeve white jersey top, with a bright red, open fronted, draped and unfinished hem jersey cardigan, pale grey skinny jeans, an electric blue wax-coated cotton trench coat, a yellow plastic watch, red socks and electric blue canvas plimsolls.

Variety truly is the spice of life.

Ela: The 5 essential pieces that everyone (male & female) should have in their wardrobe.
DK:1. A pair of slim, dark blue jeans.
2. A fitted crisp white shirt. 3. A good pair of functional leather ankle boots for winter. 4. A scarf that reflects your personality. 5. A piece that makes you feel happy.

Ela: I’m guessing most of your readers are female, what pieces would you love for them to purchase for their significant other so they could be just as dapper?
DK: I would love for them to buy clothing that their significant others would love.
Fashion and style is about the individual, it is about how a garment makes me feel. What works for another, may not work for me, as fashion is not simply about look, but about personal feelings and confidence. That being said however, I would love for more men to wear properly fitted suits. A feeling a man gets when wearing a well cut suit is akin to the feeling a lady gets when putting on that perfect little black dress. It is about feeling sexy, not for others, but for yourself, and that is after all the magic of fashion.

Ela: From what I’ve seen, you are super sweet whenever you comment on other’s blogs, do we have your mom to thank for that?
DK: Well firstly, thank you kindly for the compliment! My mother always taught me to be kind to everyone, even those who I may not believe deserve that kindness. People are only mean and rude because they have suffered in their lives in some way, and that sadness is not something that should be met back in anger. I believe that kindness is the reflection of the soul of a person, so I try to be as nice as I can.

Ela: Best thing your mom ever taught you?

DK: "If you think you are humble, you are not humble".

Ela: Favourite accessory, other than a scarf?
DK: Socks! A pair of colourful socks are always the best way to finish an outfit. Whether they be a compliment to the colours you are wearing, or a contrast, they really do show that little bit of extra thought. It is the unexpected visual joy that matters most.

Ela: Any current trends you wouldn’t want to see your female readers follow?

DK: Crrr...Crrrrrr...*ahem*.
Let me try that again...Crrrr...well you know - those pieces of so-called footwear that make you wish mind bleach had been invented. Although-I-have-to-admit-they-can-look-rather-cute-on-children - there I said it!
Ela: Oh I concur...and am so relieved you're not choking!!!

Ela: All time favourite designer?
DK: This is actually rather a hard one for me to answer. I am not sure that I have a singular favourite, however in terms of the designer whose creative mind I most admire, it would have to be Yohji Yamamoto. He is one of the most intellectual designers of our age, and his philosophy on fashion and life is one that I love.

Ela: Who do you consider to be the most influential style icon of the moment?
DK: The most influential style icon to us all is the person/s we most love. They are the ones who inspire our lives, not simply just our style.

Ela: Most men shy away from pink, I notice your profile photo has you dressed in a pink sweater. Have you always been so bold?
DK: To be honest, I have never understood why men would shy away from pink as they do. I have never been afraid, so to speak, of wearing colour. Indeed, I am still discovering which colours work best on me, I try to wear those colours which suit me best. Colour has always had an emotive link for me, so it is about expressing my emotions and myself on any given day.

Ela: In your profile you list your occupation as a Student & a Ninja...can we look forward to a Ninja outfit post?

DK: Well, I made a promise to my master never to practice my ninja arts ever again, as he lay dying in arms, having been double crossed and murdered by a pirate. Why are pirates double crossers? I really do not know, they just Arrrrr.

Ela: It's a real shame my blog doesn't host audio...

Ela: Are there any questions you’ve always wanted to answer or think your readers wonder but perhaps never ask?
DK: Do I feel self-conscious when doing outfit posts? Always. I actually dislike having my photograph taken as I am invariably shot in the middle of sneezing/coughing or making a goofy face that would frighten even the bravest of children.

Thanks again for the opportunity.

Lots of love,

DK, it was lovely to have you do this interview, and though you may never admit it, I’m sure all would agree that you are indeed humble.Thank you, DK! And thank you, for infusing a wonderful touch of dapper!


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