Friday, July 24, 2009

1st Giveaway - All You Need is Love (CLOSED)

My first post was on June 23rd, just over a month ago. Over the last month, I've so enjoyed *meeting* you, visiting your blogs and learning a tidbit about you here and there, having you visit me over here and of course reading your comments, and by the guys are really sweet! I always think twice about putting myself out there, but honestly, you've never let me regret it. thank you for the all the *love* you've shown me, I'm having my first ever (yes, there will be more to follow) giveaway....

On a recent shopping trip, I spotted this sweet sterling silver LOVE necklace...

[click images to enlarge]
When I saw it, I knew it was perfect for this giveaway. I know it might not be everyone's style, but c'mon, who doesn't need a little love? And it's FREE so if you win and it's not really your thing...give it away to someone you love!

Here are the rules:
1. Leave a comment on this post telling me one (or all if you really want to) of the following:
a) what love means to you or
b) the best thing someone you love has done for you or
c) the best thing you've done for someone you love or
d) something you're loving right now
2. Become my *Google Friend* and click to "Follow" this blog
I know some are not on Blogger but already subscribe so that counts!
Side Note: Have you noticed that it sometimes says "Members"? I wish they'd just change it permanently, it's so much better than "Follower" a Member, it's like you belong to a circle of friends/family...or exclusive club, hehe
3. For a double entry, add a link to this contest on your blog and leave a separate comment to let me know.
4. The winner will be picked randomly, through, not by the *best* answer because I think all the answers would be lovely, which is why I want to hear them :)
5. Open to all - including International readers!
Yup, S gave me the go ahead(at least for this 1st giveaway) and is footing the bill, LOL
6. Entries will be accepted till July 30th. Winner will be announced July 31st.

That's it, get gushing!
Can't wait to hear all your lovely entries!

Good luck & thanks for playing!!!
xx Ela


  1. Yay for a giveaway! How lovely of you :) Congratulations on the one month dear, your blog is absolutely amazing.

    I have a feeling that necklace may not suit guys, buuuut my meaning of love is in the little things in life. If you can wash the dishes with someone after a long day of work, not saying anything, and just being happy in the company of each other, that's love. Or if your other half comes home after a hard day, and you make them tea as they crash out on the sofa, that's love. It's the little things that mean the most.

    Hope you're having a beautiful day :)

  2. Congrats on your one month anniversary :)

    I think one of the best things I've done for someone I love is cook dinner...since I don't cook AT ALL! hehe ;)

  3. i love blogger giveaways:)
    right now, I'm loving vintage oxfords.

  4. I LOVE your love giveaway! I think the best thing I did for someone I love was to plan over a month's worth of birthday activities for J's 30th birthday last year to make it memorable. We had so much fun and there are so many beautiful memories from those days leading up to his milestone birthday. When we're together, he makes me breakfast, just the way I like it... nothing fancy, but I love he's willing to do it for me!

  5. I can't believe your blog is only a month old - it's so fantastic!

  6. thanks for your comment!

    I looooove my mom right now, till the moon and back. she is helping me packing. :D

  7. a)~ Love for me is unconditional and its forever
    b)~ no matter how hard headed I am, lol my hubby still loves me a lot
    c)~ Giving him my 100 percent support when he needed it
    d)~ everything … my life is really good right now, I cant complain:)

    I am already a follower of your beautiful blog. Just check my profile. :)

    >>> Rebecca Rose

  8. Your blog is great. I'm working on my first giveaway soon! right now I am loving the Jimmy Choo's lol I am soooo LUSTING.

  9. how adorable...I LOVE your blog and the amazing people that I have met via the world of blogging:)

  10. Cute necklace! After just coming home from spending time with my family, I have to say they are what I am loving the most. Yes, they can bug me and annoy me but who else will be there for you no matter what? Go family!

  11. Love it! How about the greatest love I've ever experienced?? My baby boy of course!!

  12. Love the necklace. It's adorable.

  13. Thanks! Yeas she was quite happy that I did it on her!

  14. the love necklace is so pretty and appropriate! to answer your question, one of the things i'm loving right now? making my shirts. it's kind of my getaway i guess... i love the smiles or the laughs it puts on people's faces. love love love. oh and i love getting to know people in the blogging world... it's funny how many things you'll have in common with someone across the oceans! :)

    have a great weekend Ela! :)

  15. Wonderful giveaway!

    Right now, I'm loving summer and the amount of free time I have! During the school year I never have a chance to do a lot of things I want to (like play dress-up in my closet, haha) but now I can. I'm also loving my family, I've gotten a lot closer to my sister this summer. :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. oh, and I'm following you now, and I added a link to this contest on my blog, so does that mean I get a double entry?

    Thanks :)

  17. Love, kindness & understanding...
    Love is the opposite of fear...most people would think the the opposite is hate, but it's actually fear! LOVE or I would prefer to say it, "lurrrrve!"

    ~Lurrrvely weekend Ela*

  18. Gorgeous necklace :) You are so darling to have a giveaway. Right now I am loving my sister Jessica - my best friend, who never gives up on me.

  19. Gorgeous necklace! Thanks for a sweet giveaway!

    To me, love is being able to forgive and standing the test of time.


  20. aw, you are too precious :) thanks for the giveaway doll. hmm let's me love isn't what most people expect. at first its butterflies, giggles, getting all dressed up just to watch a movie at your house. but after all that wears off it's commitment, comfort, fun, friendship and passion. i could go on forever, so ill just stop myself right now ;) have a wonderful weekend beautiful!

  21. Beautiful necklace. love it.Have a great weekend.Cheers

  22. *sings* "Love, love, love" - The BEatles knew what they were talking about!

    Things I'm loving at the moment include baking and marvellous cookbooks, bare legs out in the sun, Havaiana flipflops, adrenaline after the gym and Bejewelled Blitz on facebook!

  23. Happy one month blog-aversary! (I made up a word!) Your blog is amazing and I can't wait to see what the next month brings for you!!!

    Love...I am loving the support I get from my bloggy friends, your fab self included right now as I'm sick and frustrated! It brings a smile to my face that so many people truly care and I LOVE returning the favor when they need it as well.

    Happy Saturday LOVE! :) XOXO

  24. TOO cute! What I am loving right now is that I already went running this am. And now I am in a completely silent house. Little man is napping, I am watching Daddy outside at pool. Pure me and blogworld time. LOVE IT.

  25. Thanks, I added you to my blogroll, too :)

  26. Congrats on a month of posting! One thing im loving right now is getting my blog going and "meeting" bloggers!

  27. definitely a cute necklace.
    something im loving ? the idea of buying a welsh corgi.

  28. Wow! So beautiful!. You have a very nice blog.

    Have a good day.

  29. happy blog anniversary!!!
    at the moment i'm loving the summer and skirts!!!!!

  30. It is a gorgeous necklace and so fun to have a one month giveaway. Love...difficult to put down in a few words but your necklace is the perfect present. Love is all about the giving and the wearing..Enjoy the rest of your weekend,xv.

  31. I am loving Khakis right now. It's a nice color!
    I really loved it when my husband gave me Chanel Coco mademoiselle. That's my favorite perfume :DD
    He also gave me a bunch of Winnie the Pooh key holder thing when we were dating. That is my favorite!! More than the perfume :D

    The giveaway is awesome!! I love the necklace!!
    Thanks for doing this, Ela ; )

  32. Oh! What fun! and happy one month anniversary! One thing I'm loving right now is most def my new bolero jacket, hehe.
    And I'm already following! Yay!


  33. that is so weird I swear I was following you before! But I guess google never went through the first time but I'm following you now! You know I'm a huge fan of your blog ;)

    That's such a cute necklace! What love means to me... I think it's unconditional, so no matter how your perspectives change and how you grow the other person still accepts and understands who you are! Like the way parents put up with their kids going through emo and superficial stages in HS :D

  34. Ooh, very neat! Hm... I'm currently loving this 3.1 Philip Lim leather mini:

    Too superficial? The best thing I've done for someone I love is move to Hong Kong for him :)

  35. You are so sweet. Love is about sharing all the little simple things in life. It is knowing someone is there for you at the end of the day. Love is about cooking me hot soup when I am sick and still think I am great even though I am grumpy from a bad cold. : )

  36. First, congrats on your one month anniversary! I am so happy you are here! I love reading your blog. Second, what a cute giveaway!

    I think the best thing anyone I love has done for me is when my father surprised me with a new pink North Face in high school. It was opening night of a play I was in and, as usual, I was nervous. He couldn't be there for the opening because he was working. But when I got to the theater there was this huge pink box and my coat inside. Very cute of my dad, he always does cute stuff like that.

  37. how very cute, and very sweet of you to host a giveaway!
    good luck to the lucky lady (i have a necklace overload right now!!!).

  38. Love the Love necklace! My husband spent all day in the hot summer sun working on a house project for me. If that's not love then I don't know what is!

  39. what a nice idea for a giveaway! :)

  40. Congrats on your one month anniversary. That's awesome.

  41. oooh!
    you want to know what I love? I am loving that necklace right now! and of course my xuxa girl...
    If I don't win, you must tell me where to buy one.
    also, check out my blog for fun giveaways as well!
    ps, love the name of your blog 2

  42. yah for one month! the best thing someone i love has done for me....well, one of them would be my darling husband driving all over the city looking for cinnamon hearts for me (in june!). what can i say...i'm addicted...and also truly blessed.

  43. Happy blog anniversary! Right now I am loving planning my wedding to the love of my life!

  44. I LOVE this necklace. LOVE to me is sacrificial, not selfish, giving, undeniable, and never ending!!! Thanks for a giveaway doll. What a wonderful necklace to giveaway!

  45. I'm so grateful I've found love in my life. Love makes you into a better person and you are always striving to be better because you love them. You want to be completely selfless and give your life for that person because of love. That's what love means to me!

  46. aww i LOVE that necklace, so cute. among other things i love include the boyfriend, family, friends, and blogger friends - like you!! (i know i know, typical answer youd expect to hear all the time, but so true and i am so thankful for those people in my life)


  47. Thanks for the lovely giveaway!!!

    Right now, i am really loving etsy, or rather everything handmade. I have just opened a shop there, but i also enjoy browsing through the stuff others put up. I love the idea of purchasing thing that are made personally and by hand rather than the mass-produce stuff.


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