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The Fabulous Woman Behind Three Faces

If you've stumbled across Fashion Moment, you probably felt the same delight I did upon discovering this blog and perhaps were as equally astonished to learn Fashion Moment has two sister blogs; Fashion Pulse & Absolutely Fabulous. Knowing this, I had to learn more about the woman behind these three fabulous blogs.

Imagine how thrilled I was to find that this beautiful woman, is sweet, humble and kind. So much so, that she so willingly set aside some time to do this interview.

Ela: The first time I posted I thought, “this is much harder than it looks!” I have trouble posting each day and yet you manage 3 fabulous blogs! How long does it take for you to put it all together?

FM: Since posts are usually prepared on weekends, over the week it just gets published. Sometimes posts are susceptible to finishing [touches], or rearrangement, but in any case I need about an hour and a half to two for all three of my blogs.

Ela: Do you foresee that one day you’ll combine the content of all three blogs and manage just one? If so, which name would you keep?

FM: I think of creating a much more serious project, the site - blog, that unites all of my interests (fashion, style, photos, editorials, illustrations, biographies, interiors, etc.). But I think I'm not completely ready for it. In fact, the idea is in its infancy, and I'm open to new ideas ... I think that it would be difficult to "melt" from any of my blogs, I guess that if I was to choose only one name, it would probably sound like this " Absolutely Fabulous Fashion Pulse of the Moment ", hahaha ... Fashion Moment is my passion from the first moment, but if/when I have to choose, I would probably choose "Absolutely Fabulous".

Ela: All time favourite designer?

FM: Christian Lacroix (except Giambattista Valli & Zac Posen). There are a few designers whose work I adore, (Francesco Scognamiglio, YSL, Galliano, Ralph Lauren, Alaia…), but it's more of the top 3.

Ela: Favourite piece from his Spring/Summer ‘09 Collection?

FM: The majority of pieces from the collection are fantastic. However, I think that the corset is what fascinated me the most! About accessories - it’s sandals! And, as I have mentioned, the shoes are an absolute hit in Valli's collection and the complete collection of Zac Posen!

Ela: Favourite model of all time?

FM: There are actually a few models that I respect and that fascinate me. I think my final choice is - Daria Werbowy. Great look, wonderful and very serious as a person and professional as a model.

Ela: You recently did a post, on FM, “The Unofficial Wedding Dress”,what did (or will) your wedding dress look like?
FM: I already have the wedding dress of my dreams, in my closet. But, as I get older, I'm sure I’ll marry in some simple silk maxi dress with some gorgeous hat, or some mini dress, like this one by
Jenny Pachkam.

Ela: Who do you consider to be the most influential style icon of the moment?

FM: I do not know if I can focus on only one style. Ideal combination would be the style of Kate Moss, Joy Bryant, Giovanna Battaglia, and SJP.

Ela: Must have accessory?

FM: Somehow, it’s always hats (except the shoes!).

Ela: 5 Pieces of clothing every woman should have in their closet?

This post I've done! I think that every woman above all should have unique handbag, a fur coat, a black lacy dress, some gorgeous colorful high heels, and high - quality jeans!

Ela: Best investment piece your readers should save up for?

FM: If they are able - gold watches! However, there is always the LV or Hermes handbag.

Ela:Which public persona most embodies your style?
FM: My style is in fact very susceptible to extremes. I am feeling perfect in good jeans, short leather jackets, white T-shirt and sandals, and I feel fantastic in a very sophisticated dress. Perhaps it's Kate Moss, from "Rock Star" to the sometimes daily extravagant combinations, to the "Red Carpet.

Ela: Can your readers look forward to an outfit post in the near future?

FM: It would be my pleasure, the moment when I’m sure that my fellow fashionistas want it.

I think I can speak for us all when I say,
"Oh, we want it!!!"

Thank you, FM. You are Absolutely Fabulous indeed.

~ Ela

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  1. beautiful interview!!now i know little more about Fashion Momment. thank you for sharing!!


  2. She is one fabulous lady! I look forward daily to her gorgeous posts!

  3. Great interwiew, I adore her and I think she has an incredible taste... ;)


  4. I adore her blogs, they are always filled with fabulous inspirations!

  5. Love this post! What a fabulous interview, Ela! I adore Ana... is that her in the last pic? Gorgeous!


  6. Oh my darling... I am so honored!
    Thank you very, very much!
    I don't have right words at the moment.

    All FM~FP~AF LOVE for you!

    PS. I added you at one more place at FM Side
    bar, where are Absolutely Fabulous Fellow Fashionistas!

  7. I don't usually blog on Sundays but just wanted to say thank you for reading and for your comments, I really do appreciate it.

    CC, yes, that's Ana in a Morgan dress!

    Ana, thank you once again for agreeing, I'm sooo glad you like it! And thank you for adding me to that wonderful list :)

    xx to all!

  8. Great interview. I love her blogs. Hope you had a nice weekend.

  9. she is so amazing! I love how she handles herself with such grace and elegance. She has such amazing blogS, all 3 are stunning. Great interview!!


  10. I love Fashion Moment! Definitely a multi-tasker with an awesome taste in fashion :) Thank you for doing an interview with her!



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