Monday, July 20, 2009

Blue Skies

...that's just what this dress reminds me of.
When I was younger, I always wanted to live in the clouds.
I was certain that's where heaven was...

One of the best pieces of advice S and I received when we were married was that we should be sure to schedule and keep our date nights,
and on Friday and/or Saturday nights, that's just what we do.
After years of being together, I still look forward to our dates.
For now, that's my little piece of heaven
Dress - Winners
Silver Belt (worn backwards) - H&M
Shoes - Modern Vintage
Bracelet - BitterSweet
Earrings - Swarovski available here

Is it just me, or are weeds actually beautiful?
S picked this one for me...
LOL, so much for bringing your date flowers...

He also picked this lovely purple one...

...much prefer a hair piece to a corsage anyway.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!



  1. Cute outfit, you're so pretty hun!!

  2. Awwww, I love date nights! Love the dress!

  3. So pretty!! I'm in love with the shoes too!

  4. so pretty! love the beautiful blue on that dress.....thats a very pretty flower! :) Hope you had a nice weekend!

  5. This dress looks beautiful. You know, the date nights thing is a great idea. Thanks for this wonderful reminder! x

  6. This is a beautiful dress and the photos are so pretty. The backdrop is stunning!

  7. I love the colors in the dress! Gorgeous!! And yay date nights are the best! :)

  8. Hi Honey,

    U are so beautiful and I totally love this dye dress. Awesome pretty...

    Oh darling: My feet sizes are US5-5,5 - EU35-36, UK2,5-3 but I bought large sizes (37EU, 6US, 4UK) in boots or booties especially if the shoes are Italian. And U? :-)


  9. That flower looks like a giant snowflake - awesome!

    The pictures are great too - good on you and your hubby!

  10. Such a very pretty dress! I love the colors. You have such a beautiful blog, like it so much that I've just added it to my blog roll. I hope you don't mind. ;)


  11. you have a beautiful face.

    the color of your dress goes so well with your skin tone.

    so your eyes really pierce trough.


  12. Awww the dress is beautiful. And the flowers. :)


  13. YOu look amazing in that dress! And date nights are so important I think!

  14. That dress looks fantastic - great colours xoxox

  15. wonderful pictures, and great outfit :)

  16. Nice outfit- love those shoes! Keeping a date night is a fabulous idea.

    Enjoy your Monday!

  17. How gorgeous you are, darling!
    Wonderful photos!


  18. Awww you look adorable!! Haha yeah I love H&M accessories they are such good price and trendy too ;) and yeah about the parents thing... I'm probably going to do the same as my parents - take a bunch of baby pictures and let them take their own when you're a teenager haha! Hope you had a great weekend!

  19. Gorgeous dress, darling! You look lovely!


  20. corsages are eww for me .
    oh that is jsut so sweet . its good to keep the romance in the marriage i hear . i mean romance is practically dead in my 4 month relation ship lol
    any tips?
    wow gorgeous dress .. looks great on youand the blue is so pretty . nice that no t only do you keep the dates but you get dressed up for it

  21. Haha I'm so stupid offcourse that was you! Haha I have been so busy lately so I dont remember anything! Please tell me when you have been out with yours! So I know what to expect!

  22. that dess is gorgeous! and you look so adorable with the flower behind your ear

  23. you look gorgeous and polished as usual!

  24. I love the first picture of the sky and your dress. It's so beautiful.
    Did you wear the dress for the date night? I think it's perfect for the date, too!

  25. The dress is so cute it does remind me of the clouds

    awww your husband is so sweet i hope we are like that years from now. You guys are a great example of keeping romance lol

    Vi from Cali

  26. I know but its not like I have over 1000 comments to read!! So I really feel stupid. Yeas we just love the lamp. It have so nice warm light! It makes the apartment very cozy.

  27. Ela!
    You are beautiful :) I love that tie dye effect on that dress, it flatters you so nicely :) Love this photo session, how fun.


  28. love your dress! you look so beautiful!

    and lucky you being married AND getting date nights! bah! i am a little jealous, as i have to beg for dates with my man. grr.

  29. Yup, I am! I guess you can tell I'm LDS from my blog :D
    A lil' about me;
    I grew up in Japan speaking both English and Japanese.
    I go to BYUI now, and I've been married for 2 years. I'll be graduating this december. We don't have kids yet! Many people ask. haha

  30. I know it's amazing hoe much a speedy can fit in! Honestly I wondered why it was so heavy today and I realised I had everything in but the kitchen sink! lol. Even some pumps incase I fancied a shoe change xoxox

  31. thanks for passing by girl...eheheh =D love the dress!!

  32. Fantastically beautiful dress. Love the cut and colors.

  33. The dress suits you amazing good! xx

  34. GORGEOUS! this dress totally reminded me of the celine runway dress. : )

  35. Ela! you look beautiful! i'll be sure to take that advice when my times comes to get married! its so important especially when the dating honeymoon is over!!! enjoy the rest of your monday! :)

  36. you posed in the perfect location for that dress...the beautiful field and the blue skies are lovely with your dress!!

  37. The dress looks great. I just came back from a florida vacation I saw a lot of these styles out there. Nice pics =)

  38. Yup.. wish I owned that dress. And I LOVE that you still have date nights!!

  39. Beautiful! You looked gorgeous for your date night! I love to hear stories about you and your husband!! You seem so happy with him!!

    You look beautiful (I had to say it again)


  40. That dress is so pretty, I love how romantic it looks & that color is beautiful! I wish I could have had those silver leggings for the party! LOL. Unfortunately, shopping in my town is pretty much non-existent. Oh well, hopefully won't have to think about costumes again till Halloween!

  41. Great photos. You look really beautiful. I hope your week started off well.

  42. lol I used to watch Golden girls with my grandma! She was/is Blanche and I'm still Rose.. ;)


  43. You look beautiful and how sweet of your hubby to pick a few flowers for you!! What a perfect scenic location to go with your gorgeous dress. :)

  44. So beautiful & how lovely to have special dates!
    I hope S didn't force you smile...can't help it after you told me the behind the scene story...haha!

  45. Gorgeous dress! I love the tie-dye effect but it doesn't look too hippy-ish. The effect is actually really elegant. I think the husband and I need to start organizing date nights as well. We're always so pooped by the time we get home from work, but there shouldn't really be an excuse!

  46. What a sweet date night look! Loving your new hair!


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