Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Rendition - Vest Over Florals

I love throwing in a touch of masculinity with ultra feminine pieces. Rachel Bilson has such great style [Image courtesy of] and so inspired me to do a rendition of this look, which she wears so well.

There've been many times I've taken my sunglasses off, rested them somewhere and actually walked away.

So, I figured it can't hurt to pick up some random pairs that I wouldn't feel terrible about losing. Snagged these Rampage Sunnies for under $20. Really liked the bare back of this Zinc (carried by Nordstrom) halter vest & have a slight obsession with clovers hence the Heidi Klum earrings & bracelet

H&M Top, Talulah (Aritzia) Pants,
Aerosoles Sandals

Wondering what I'm standing on? It's a Transformer!

LOL, I have no idea what it's technical term is but it's a super huge shovel attached to an even bigger tractor

Apparently my husband also likes to mix feminity with masculinity...except his way of doing so is bringing his wife to the construction site just down the street from our home...while dressed in white of course!

Marriage, he indulges me and I indulge him.



  1. Really nice look! And I love your earrings!!! x

  2. I adore vests and haha! What a great transformers photo! :)


  3. Awww I'm loving your vest, and you have such a cute smile too!

    Hope you had a great Canada day yesterday ;)

  4. grat take on this look, i love your version!
    and thanks so much for dropping by the blog, i really appreciate it!

    xx raez

  5. Hey, thanks for the email! You have great style! I will be sure to come back and see what else you're wearing!


  6. May I ask what part of Canada you're from??

    Isn't it funny how husbands and boyfriends are the unsung hero photogs for so many blogs? I think it's hilarious!

    Great pics, I just got white pants and now I have an idea of how to wear them :)

  7. these pants have the perfect fit for you! so flattering!

  8. i love rachel and you are so gorgeous. wow you look so cute in those white pants. i don't think i can pull off a white pants. hihihihi

  9. that's a very nice rachel bilson style interpretation. ;)

    you rock the white flared pants!
    click here to visit me at mode junkie!

  10. Love this outfit ~ the crisp white pants really work!


  11. Great blog! Glad I found you here! Would love to add one another as followers in hopes of networking and bringing more traffic to one another's sites:)! Let me know OR just add me and I will then add you as well! Have a wonderful day!

  12. I just added you. I will definitely link exchange with you. I am adding you now! Thanks for adding me:)

  13. Oh I love your interpretation of masculine and feminine (and your husband's too-haha!). You look lovely even next to a pile of dirt. Hope you have a great weekend!

  14. you look great...I love this outfit!

  15. success :)
    i love your look.

  16. you look fab!and thank you for a super b-day wish.

  17. I love it! It's the perfect mix. Thanks for stopping by my's great to "meet" another Canadian blogger.


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