Friday, February 26, 2010

"Be Ready in Ten Minutes"

Those were the words out of S's mouth when he called the other day letting me know he was on his way home and that he wanted to head right out so we could grab a quick bite to eat. The eating part I like. The getting ready part...I like hearing those words almost as much as I enjoy being asked, "is that what you're wearing?" Um, seeing that it's on me and I'm about to walk out the door, yes, I think it'd be safe to assume that is what I'm wearing. Thankfully I can count on less than two fingers the number of times S has posed that question.

Although, being asked to be ready in 10 happens more often than I'd like. Well, at least S has come to know: you can't always get what you ask for. Asking me to be ready in ten minutes is like asking me to sneeze with my eyes open. Pretty much impossible. At least for me. Especially when I get the call as I'm mid-swing on the elliptical, sweating up a storm glistening just a tad and smelling like someone...who could use a shower. Never mind that having a shower, blow drying my hair so I it doesn't freeze when I step out the door, getting dressed, running down the stairs, finding my purse, and my keys, grabbing a coat, playing hide and go seek with my boots, and gloves, and running back upstairs to get my b-berry takes 20 minutes. At least. Am I alone here? Or is getting ready in 10 minutes actually the norm?
 Sweater - Dex, Boots - Zara, Gloves - Ugg
Leather Bomber and Jeans - 7 for all Mankind
When I bought this sweater a few years back, it had little boils balls of yarn sewn all over it. I'm sure the lovely folks at Dex thought it added "whimsy". I thought it made my sweater look like it had warts. I detached the little nubs soon as I got home. Had I left them perhaps you'd be asking "is that what you're wearing?"

Bag - Thrifted
So in love with this bag I picked up last year, I've no idea why anyone would want to get rid of it. The leather is buttery soft and it's the perfect crossover length. Plus it cost me less than my usual Starbucks order {a lemon poppyseed loaf and a tall hot chocolate}.

Is it just me or is this post awful random and all over the place? A little bit like my thoughts before bed. Which reminds me, thank you so much for all your tips on my last post. Just in case you didn't guys are AWESOME!

Have a great weekend lovelies!
xo Ela
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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Need Sleep

No really, I do. I've no problem taking a nap on our couch on any given Sunday or catching some zzzzs in the middle of S telling me a very interesting story as we drive in the car or sleeping through at least a third of any movie that is longer than 105 minutes. But lately, when it comes to getting sleep at a bed...forget it.

Dress - Winners, Floral Necklace and Belt - F21

 Logo Tights - Chanel, Mary Janes - Via Spiga (via 90s)

I'd love some good old uninterrupted sleep, to not have to get up in the middle of the night because I suddenly remember we need to buy potatoes, or because my bladder thinks it's 6am when really it's only 2am, or because the big lug next to me decides to see how perfectly his elbow fits in my eye socket{I feel you Tiffany}.

And please don't say "at least you don't have a crying baby keeping you up." Cause then I'd have to slap you that would be music to my ears. Yes, I'd still want sleep but at least getting up in the middle of the night would be purposeful. This however, has no purpose. Other than to give me puffy sullen eyes and a cranky disposition.
Actually, I'm getting ahead of myself. Yes staying asleep is hard but falling asleep is the hardest part. What's keeping me up, you ask? Nothing. I'd love to blame it on S and his snoring but 97% of the time I can tune it out. 2% of the time it's actually somewhat soothing. Like listening to static. And 1% of the time, I want to stick a pillow over his face but instead I stick one over mine.

Truth is, mostly, I keep myself up. My mind just won't stop. Thinking. I'm not trying to memorize the first 3,000 digits of pi. Nor am I trying to solve world peace. I'm just stuck on thinking about things that really shouldn't be keeping me up at night. Like what my ex-boss' daughter's name is. Or why in the world people like egg salad. Or how S can think Richard Gere and Harrison Ford are the same people. WTHeck. Not even close, right? Which leads to me wonder how much Calista Flockhart weighs. Which makes me think, "for sure I weigh more". Which makes me wonder what my BMI is. Then for a split second I forget what BMI stands for. Then I make up what it stands for. Then make myself giggle. Quietly, to not wake the hubs. Which makes me look at him and get jealous of how well he's sleeping. And how loud peaceful he is. Which makes me want to poke him and ask "are you awake?" Then I wonder if there's anyone I can call who would be awake. Then I realize it's 2:46am and everyone else is sleeping. Then I start to freak out because I imagine how hard it'll be get me out of bed in just a few hours. Sigh.

Any tips? And no, I won't be taking any pills. Drug-free suggestions only please.
xo Ela
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Monday, February 22, 2010

Name Calling

S and I tease each other a lot. It's what we do with people we love. We also have a thing for calling each other names. No, not those names. We tend to make up words actually. So the other day in the car, while he was driving a *tad* over the speed limit, I called him a "squindrel". Kinda like half scoundrel, half squirrel.

S: What'd you call me? 
E: A squin-drel. Keep up.
S: What the heck is that? 
E: Does it matter?

Leopard tank and Shrug - Winners, Jeans - Just Cavalli, OTKs - Guess

Suddenly I pictured S and I as little kids. Me calling him names with him looking at me with a blank stare. Me having to explain myself, him being a gnat. Him hogging everything, me screaming "MINE!" Suddenly it dawned on me...

E: I'm glad we met later in life.

S: What? Why?

E: Mmm...I don't think we would've liked each other as kids.

S: [Laughs] Of course not...we don't like each other now.

E: [Laughs].....squindrel.
And that folks, is how we stay happily married.
Hope you had a fabulous weekend!
xo Ela

Friday, February 19, 2010

Losing My Wisdom {Teeth}

I got my wisdom teeth at a fairly young age; in my early teens. But I didn't decide to have them removed till my early 20s. Mostly because it didn't seem necessary to get them removed. And partly because I liked  to think they made me that much smarter.

However, my dentist thought otherwise. He referred me to an oral surgeon to make up for the money he owed over a lost bet get them looked after. During our consultation "Surgy" informed me I would need to have all four removed. And he and I decided that removing all four at once, would be best. Yes, I consented to this, but wtheck did I know?

We set the appointment for the following week and Surgy had me sign a number of papers, including consent/release forms for a general anaesthetic. Because why on earth would I want to be awake for this, right? Right. However, after informing S that he'd need to take the day off to comfort me on the day of my oral surgery and letting him know I'd be in no condition to drive while the anaesthesia wore off, he pleaded that I not "go under". You see he'd watched Sleeping Beauty one too many times he feared that I would not wake up. After spooking the heck out of me hearing his concerns, I thought it best to give in.

When the morning of the surgery came, I informed Surgy that I would not be having a general anaesthetic but that I'd have a local instead. He explained that with a local anaesthetic, though I wouldn't feel a thing, I would be awake for the entire procedure. Yes, Surgy. I know what a local anaesthetic does. After trying to convey that me going local vs. general would be less lucrative for him his concern for my well-being, he reluctantly agreed.

So, his assistant proceed to stick a large needle in my gums to administer the anaesthetic. But I've learned that with gums like mine, I need at least three doses. So they do it again. And again. Once the effects kicked in, Surgy put his game face on and came at me with his pliers. Out comes one. One down, three to go. Out comes the second. Then the third. Plucking them out with ease, like a school girl plucking out petals from a daisy "he loves me, he loves me not, he loves..."

And then things headed in a different direction.

While gently trying to remove the fourth, it seems Surgy had lost his cool. The fourth did not want to come out with ease. Perhaps, it too was convinced it's what made me that much smarter, and wanted to stay behind to give me that extra edge. Whatever it was, it was not going anywhere. Surgy yanked and pulled. And grunted. Did he forget that though I couldn't feel a thing, I could still see and hear him? To gain some agility Surgy propped his foot on the chair. Yes, the one I was laying in. And firmly planted his free hand down. On my face. And pressed. He was now gently holding pushing my face down into the chair, causing the left side of my face to get better acquainted with the headrest. Now you can imagine the out of body experience I was having. Though I couldn't feel a thing, I knew I'd pay for this later. After much crunching, a few more grunts, breaking a sweat and nearly busting a gut, Surgy finally got it out.

I practically jumped out of that chair and hurried to the waiting room to see S. Can you say "get me outta here". Well, technically I couldn't say much but I believe my face said it all. S drove me home in a hurry so I could get some rest. Almost immediately after we got home, a huge green blob started to spread across my face. I was half-Hulk. Or half-Shrek. Whatever you prefer. S suggested I get some "beauty sleep". If by beauty sleep he meant "wake up looking like a puffer fish" then I did just that. By the time I woke up, the swelling was in full force. I had the bone structure of a Cabbage Patch Doll.

And just when I thought it couldn't get better...

Later that evening, S was on the phone with my mom letting her know how well the surgery had gone while I rested my head on a pillow on his lap, watching TV to try and forget the pain. Just when it seemed to be working, my mom must've said something to make S forget himself. Suddenly he had loosened his grip on the remote control he had in hand, only to have it plummet right into my face. Do you remember how big and heavy remote controls were about 10 years ago? I DO.


Well, at least I could be certain the anaesthesia had worn off. 

I could hear my mom on the other end frantically asking, "What happened??? Is she OK??? What happened???" After reassuring my mom he was not trying to kill me, S quickly got off the phone. Tears were streaming down my face as he tried to console me. He knew I was too weak to hurt him so he just stroked my hair till I stopped. As if my face wasn't big or green enough. You can bet I made S pay for that. For a few days weeks.
So long ago but I remember it like yesterday. Gee, I wonder why.
xo Ela 
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[Image via Urban Outfitters]

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

iPhon't Think So

For the last year or so, S has been trying to convince me to get an iPhone. Scratch that. He's been itching to buy me one. But you see, I refuse. I don't want it. The thought of not having a tactile keyboard does not work for me. Never mind that the darn thing doesn't even register my finger half the time. I *press* things and I tell you, NOTHING. HAPPENS. 
S says it's cause I'm "not human". Sometimes he softens the blow and blames it on my "dead skin". Frankly, I'm not quite sure which of his theories paint me in a better light, so I just blame the phone.

How do I know I detest this phone when I haven't even given it a chance, you ask.

I borrowed it for the day a few months back. But only because I had left my cell phone at home. And the thought of not being able to communicate with people people that I like for a full 8-12 hours was not an option. So he set up my email on his phone to keep me connected. Between me not knowing how hit the right keys and iPhone's auto complete, I was hopeless...
instead of "DimSum" I got "dumdum" NOT okay.
instead of "drolly" I got "frilly"..."dolly" I could understand. But frilly? Um ok.
Luckily, I double checked before hitting send but making the corrections...brutal.

Imagine how intelligent caveman like I must've looked typing hacking away with one finger. Brows furrowed, lips contorted mouthing the words as I went along and practically breaking a sweat trying to put together a 5 liner. Hard to feel pleased with yourself when 5 sentences takes 14 mintues to type. I mean come on, it's not like I've got flippers. I've been told my fingers are slender and dainty. I don't see why they're not compatible with the iPhone when S' grubby little paws just dance away on that thing.

Did I mention that when I answered the phone I hung up on my best friend's husband?
Once because I pressed the wrong *button*.
And a second time while he was on the line and my cheek pressed against the phone.
Did I mention he was calling to let me know why my BFF was in the ER?
Can you say panic and frustration.
Thankfully, I figured out how to call him back and everything turned out fine with my girl. Side Note: I headed over to the hospital to keep her company while she sat waiting in the ER.
But I can't have a cell phone disconnect a call simply because the *buttons* can't be pressed. Or because my chipmunk cheeks press slightly against its surface. So it won't take my fingers but it'll take my cheeks??? Am I the only one that thinks that is stoooo-pad?

I'm married to man who LOVES gadgets. But seriously, I'm not quick to embrace them. I don't need shiny and new all the time as long as I've got something that works. So me say "yes" to an iPhone? iPhon't think so. I didn't even want a Blackberry when he got me one. Of course I love it now but that's besides the point.

fell in love with the leather insets of this thrifted vintage fur
love the fun lining of this coat
Belt - Chinese Laundry, Dress - Winners, Boots - Diba/Bronx

Have I mentioned I don't even own an iPod?


Though I do know how to use one. I just don't need it.

At this rate, perhaps S isn't so far off when he says I'll be like one of those old people who refuse to learn how to use a computer. But seriously, just like they do, I'm sure I'll get by.
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Monday, February 15, 2010

Time Flies...Automatic Watch Giveaway (CLOSED)

As you know, I've recently published my 100th post. I started this blog just 7 months ago, in a way it seems like more time has passed because I've met some amazing people {yes you} that I feel like I've known for much longer. Yet in some ways, time has just flown by. But I suppose it's only because time flies when you're having fun!

I've loved reading each and every comment you've left me and I've loved visiting your blogs, seeing what y'all are up to and sharing in the going ons of your lives; the good, bad and notsomuch. Celebrating blogiversaries, milestones and birthdays...speaking of which, today Feb 15th is Mayra's special day, Happy Happy Birthday, love!!! Enjoy your day and show us how it's done banana style!

So, in celebration of the fabulous time I've had with you all, I've teamed up with the lovely folks at  Orient Watches Japan and am looking to give some fabulous arm candy to one lucky reader! I love the versatility men's watches offer because they look just as good {if not better :)} on a woman's wrist as they do on a man's. Trust me on this. So, I thought the Orient BEM5L003D Men's watch would be perfect. It's fully automatic, has a stainless steel case, is water resistant up to 50m and has day-date functionality. Plus, it'll look fabulous on you. 


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Open to US residents only.
Entries will be accepted until Feb 28 at 11:59pm EST. 
Winner will be selected randomly and will be announced on Monday, March 1st.

And if you can't wait to get your hands on one, check out Orient Watches Japan and see what else you'd love to don on your wrist.  One of my personal favourites is the Racing CFT0004B Model...the faces come in so many different colours, it's hard to choose which one I love most.

Good luck, everyone! And thank you for making these past few months so much fun.
xo Ela
p.s. To my International and Canadian readers, I promise I haven't forgotten about you. Something's in the works :)

Friday, February 12, 2010


I can't pinpoint exactly what it is that I love about Target. Maybe cause I can spend an hour there and feel like only 20 minutes have passed. Maybe it's because I can take my time picking out mascara, lotion and gummy bears while S roams the aisles for who knows what. Maybe it's because I only step foot in one every 6-9 months ~ whenever we're Stateside. Whatever it is, I love it. 

Imagine my excitement when I read that Target had plans of opening a few stores in Canada!

Then I read the rest of the article

And found out it'll take a good three years. At least.

Are you kidding me?

On average, it takes three years for a man to propose. In three years I could have 4 babies. In a row. If I had them back to back {anyone else think this would be a good idea?}. More if I gave birth to multiples. One with another on the way if I were an elephant. It only takes three days to travel to the moon. Need I remind you that Canada is attached to, not orbitting the US? 

Seriously, Target, three years???
[via here]

Canada's always getting the bum rap.
Fine, our bacon's not as good. I mean, peameal bacon...who wants bacon with barely any fat? It's like eating baked fries. Which is only satisfying if you love oxymorons. Or baked fries. But Canada has really good maple syrup. And a better view of the Niagara Falls. Trust. Sure it's cold, but so is Alaska. And they have 3 Target stores. I looked it up.

Whatever. I'll see you in three years, Target. 
With my 4 babies.
xo Ela
p.s. Just so we're clear, I've no intentions of being with child for 3 straight years. 
You did know I was kidding, right?

Happy VDay long weekend loves!
If you're Canadian, happy "Family Day" weekend!'s basically something the Canadian government made up to match US Presidents Day holiday Monday.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I met my friend T interning at the ad agency. I tend to give all my friends nicknames so shortly after, T became "Petunia".

 Sweater - Kensie Girl, Blue Belt {worn backwards} - Vintage
Cami and Skirt - H&M, Booties - Fendi {via eBay}

Now let me explain that before we were friends...we weren't. Petunia did not like me. How do I know this? A co-worker once invited both of us to lunch. Without hesitation I agreed to come along. It was my first week and I was happy to be welcomed. Or so I thought.

When we finished lunch Petunia reapplied her lipgloss at the table. Side Note: I was and still am obsessed with lipgloss. I thought the colour was really pretty but I had never used that brand before so I decided to ask P a few questions...
Ela: How do you like that lipgloss?
P: [Rolls eyes] It's lipgloss. What do you mean?
Ela: I it sticky?
P: Sticky? [Stink face]
Ela: You know how some lipglosses are sticky like when your hair blows then it gets stuck to your lips...
P: No. I don't know what you're talking about. If you want to know so much, why don't you just buy some.
Ela: PMS much? Um...ok...

She was snarky most of the time. But it didn't stop me from being nice to her. It was week one, she and I would be working on pretty much the same ad campaigns and I had about 15 weeks to go - the last thing I wanted was to start some office conflict {ala the 90s version to Erin and Olivia on The City}. Plus, I had seen her be nice to other people, so I knew she wasn't a complete cow had it in her. After the PMS train left the station about a week or two later I wore her down she and I became inseperable. We bonded over shoe shopping, questioned whether it was legal to get paid so little, discussed the likeness between 8yr old Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle and our manager's 28yr old boyfriend{like twins I tell you} and counted how many Joe Louis Cakes our diabetic manager would eat that day. Petunia has a very nasal voice, I on the other hand sometimes speak at a pitch only dogs can hear. Yet somehow, we had started to rub off on each other. Picture Minnie Mouse congested. And on painkillers. That was us.
[via weheartit]

P later fessed up and gave me the reason behind all the 'tude. She told me I was "just so nice" that she figured I had to be up to something. When she realized I didn't want her man or her job have a hidden agenda, she finally saw that I was being sincere. Funny thing is, she's actually one of the nicest people I'll ever know{when she's not being paro}. It's been 8 years and P and I are still dear friends. Occasionally we relive our lipgloss convo - except she'll say my lines and I say hers then we pull each other's hair out die laughing. Funny how some of my best friends are girls, who in the beginning, I didn't like or didn't like me. Although it's never quite worked out with girls when the feeling was mutual. Go figure.

A little while ago, P and her husband B welcomed their first baby girl to their family. Congratulations, P and B!!! Lil Petunia is just darling. No need to wait and see, I know I love her already.
because I can, and it's fun 

Ever have a friend who didn't quite start off that way? 
xo Ela

Monday, February 8, 2010

Apparently I Like Being Told What to Do

Okay fine, that's a big fat lie. I don't like it and probably never will. But I AM loving the recipe calendar I picked up late last year.  A new recipe each and every day. And though I haven't gone all Stepford on the hubs, I am loving trying 2 or 3 different recipes each week so we're not stuck having heck knows what for dinner night after night.
[via amazon]
I'm thinking I need a calendar like this for all aspects of my life. Of course I wouldn't do everything it told me to, but it'd be nice to eliminate some "hmmm, what should I do?" moments. 

Like when your girlfriend's 1 yr old wants to stick the drooly plastic stick he's been chomping on, into your mouth. Because he doesn't know you're the BIGGEST germaphobe ever. Or does he? I mean do you a)Smile and let him stick it in your mouth and say "nom, nom, nom" b)Politely decline and get him to stick it back in his mouth or c)Smack it out of your face and say "heck no". 
C of course is not an option. 
But it might be if a calendar told me so.

Or when family members tell you you've gained weight. Then wink. Do you a)Smile and say "thank you(?)" b)Cry because you're not pregnant but your dress makes you appear as though you are or c)Tell them their hairlines have receded since the last family BBQ. 
Of course B and C aren't options.
But they could be...

Or when the driver in front of you decides to drive 40km/h in a 70 zone. Do you a)Pretend he has a bumper sticker that says "Honk if you Love Dogs" b)Get out from behind him, siddle up and ask if he'd like to drive a donkey cart instead or c)Pull over and walk home. It'll be faster.
Of course A, B or C aren't options.
But they could be...

I kid. I couldn't do it even if a calendar told me to. But catch me on a bad day...

Embellished Tunic - F21, Leggings - Aritzia, OTKs - Guess(2008)

With my type A personality, I like order in my life so I tend to stick to what I already do or know. But maybe, in doing so, I've missed out. Maybe not on the drooly stick. But I kinda dig this trying new stuff. Is it weird that I'll take dinner suggestions from a calendar rather than just have S tell me what he'd like to eat? 
I suppose it helps that the calendar won't make a sad face if I say "no".
xo Ela
Hope you had a fabulous weekend!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Face It...

When I was little my mom always told me I'd be tall. Now, I'm taller. Than a hobbit. And toddlers. But that's about it. I had dreams of being a dentist. Surprised? I have an obsession with people having nice clean teeth. Now I find myself getting lazy about flossing once twice a day. It's time I face it, I will never be a tall dentist life knows what I need more than I do.
That said, I've also recently had to face that I:
  • No longer, and doubt I will ever, have anything close to a six-pack again.
  • The more I hit the gym, the more junk I need want to eat.
  • Always seem to have the car on empty on the coldest of days.
  • It will always rain or snow. The day after we get a carwash.
  • Cannot sing. Even if SingStar tells me that I can. But at least I have fun trying.
    Speaking of *faces*, a few weeks ago the gorgeous Clare asked if I would do a makeup post. "Sure," I said, "I'd love to!" Silly, silly me. Um, taking pictures with your eyes closed...a little harder than I thought. Never mind that I had no idea how to put this post together. Clare, here goes...

    I start with moisturizer and M.A.C Studio Fix in C4, applied with a kabuki brush. 
    I prefer it to a sponge.

    Isn't math fun?
    My brows aren't thin, the hair is just very fine so I fill them in with 
    an angle brush and Brun eyeshadow.

    Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion is seriously the best thing ever. Gives oomph to colours and great longevity - eye shadow lasts all day without creasing.

    With the M.A.C. 224 brush, I apply Shroom from below my brow to my lash line, 
    well into the inner corners of my eyes.

    I apply Yogurt to my eyelids.

    I apply GO the outer crease towards the middle of my eyelids, 
    then use the 219 brush to line my lower lashes.

    Apply Glamour Check! with the 219 brush to the outer corner of my eyes in a small V and take a wet angled brush to draw the shadow on as a liner at my upper and lower lash lines.

    My super straight lashes get a boost from a curler followed by mascara. I've been a DiorShow girl but I'm loving Maybelline's Pulse Perfection mascara in Very Black.

    Making a fish face and brushing M.A.C. Highligthing Powder in Golden Nectar below the cheekbones.

    Smiling to apply the Gentle Mineralize Blush to just the apples of my cheeks.

    Line lips with Rimmel Eastend Snob, add Blistex to moisturize, M.A.C. lipstick in Chatterbox and M.A.C. Dazzleglass creme gloss in My Favourite Pink.

    That's it, got my face on!

    To finish this post off, I am so excited to announce the winner of the Shabby Apple Giveaway is the one and only...
    KS of While We're Waiting!!! I can't wait to see you in that dress!
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    Happy weekend!
    xo Ela
    p.s. Anything you had to face recently?

    Wednesday, February 3, 2010

    What Took So Long?

    The above question is pretty much how I feel about a lot of things lately. Patience...I have it...but I don't. Anyhoots, this is my 100th post and I can't believe it took me only 7 months to get here! GAH! Obviously, I need to get back on track and up my *postage*.

    This past weekend, S and I put on our tourist hats and went for a drive...

    my tourist hat looks more like a beanie but whatevs...
    we drove 1 1/2hrs. to get some of this...
    at the Brazillian Steakhouse, Copa Cabana
    photo via Copa Cabana because truth is, when the steak was in front of me, I couldn't care less where the camera was.
    I heart meat.

    We also drove to see this...
    Frozen Water? Why yes. 
    I heart ice.

    Better known as this...
    [Niagara Falls via Google Images]

    I love this photo taken by S. The hotel had a package that included tickets for the Sky Wheel. Half Gondola/Half Ferris Wheel with an RPM a hamster could outdo, perfect for taking in the sights. From a distance cause we had no desire to actually walk by the frozen falls. It's breathtaking but we've seen it a thousand at least 10 times.

    baby it's cold outside...

    After a good 10 minutes outdoors, we hit the arcades to 
    "Feed Big Bertha" and beat the high score of "Belly Bomber" 
    That's S' ear and plaid shirt.
    I heart that the games we played were food/stomach based. Seemed to be the theme of the weekend. We ended it off at the Melting Pot, for some amazing fondue.
    I heart big melted pots o' chocolate.

    Can't wait to see what you've been up to! Happy mid week, loves!
    xo Ela
    p.s. Giveaway to follow
    p.p.s. Don't forget to enter my Shabby Apple Giveaway
    p.p.p.s Wearing Beanie - Forever 21, Coat - Laundry by Shelli Segal