Monday, November 30, 2009

Too Fancy for Pants

Hope y'all had amazing weekends! We attended S' company Holiday party on Saturday. That's a story on its own...I'll save that for another post. But here are some pics for now...

  Wool Sweater Coat - Vintage, Scarf - Winners, Satin Clutch - Prada

Since I knew S wouldn't let me post a photo with him in it, I did the next best thing and I found someone else who'd hold my hand....

Yes, I'm a dork...

Anyway...I recently met up with my friend K...remember the one I met at the Jimmy Choo for H&M launch, that snagged a bag for me? This time we went for dinner. And didn't even have to wait in line :)

We went to a resto chain that recently opened. It's not new but new at that location. The food was awesome, especially the dessert - a warm white chocolate brownie topped with whipped cream and served with vanilla ice cream....unbelievably good. But the girls that worked there, little *underdressed*.

No, we didn't hit a shady wing joint. And it certainly wasn't a 5-star resto. But *classy* enough that you'd spend about $35-40/person without drinks or dessert. Yet management seemed to think it'd be a good idea to establish a dress code that left you wondering time and time again, "Um, why isn't she wearing...pants???" The Servers wore pants but the resto also had girls prancing around, mostly just walking back and forth...perhaps igniting fights amongst couples on their first dates. And occasionally bringing dishes to your table. One girl came to our table with a huge dessert plate asking if we'd ordered, we were just about to take the first bite of out of our entrées - poor thing was utterly perplexed when we told her we hadn't ordered it. Too cold to think clearly? Perhaps.

Right now it's friggid cold in Toronto. My glasses have already started to steam up when I get indoors from being out in the cold. Minis are one thing. But stretching and pulling a top down, no matter how much you fidget with it, still makes it a top. All K and I could think was "Where are your pants?" or "But, why'd you leave your pants at home?" or "I can't take my mother here". She'd love the food but the *scenery* not so much.

Anyhoots K and I had a really good time. 2 1/2 hours flew right by. And we left with our stomachs full, and hurting just a little from all the laughs. We are definitely meeting up again.

Seeing as some of these girls looked young enough to still be living at home, another thought that crossed our minds was "There's no way in heck your parents let you leave the house like that". Which brings me to this question: growing up, did you ever leave the house then change into something else that you knew your parent(s) wouldn't approve of?
I di...I'll tell you my answer in my next post ;)
xx Ela

Thursday, November 26, 2009

In The Spirit of Thanksgiving

Lately, I've been feeling overwhelmed.
BIG time.
Sometimes life is hard.
Or at least it seems hard.
At times, it can be.
But then I stop and remember, it's all part of a plan.
And that I have much to be thankful for.
And I am.
Even the bitter, not just the sweet.
xx Ela
p.s. Have a wonderful weekend, see you Monday :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Circle, Circle, Dot, Dot...

Even though us Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in October, in conjunction with Thursday's US Thanksgiving, I wanted to do a post on what I'm most thankful for since joining this amazing blogging community...

Note: 0:15 - 0:27 of above is my fave part. I am so thankful none of you have cooties to have met some truly amazing people. When I previously received the Circle of Friends Award I told you about Jaime, Little Rus, Kym, Mayra, Liz and KS. Fortunately a while back, the sweetest and cutest bride-to-be SG passed it onto me once more, which means I get to gush about another bunch of friends I simply adore and cannot do without.

Faux Velvet Blazer - Winners, Skirt - Thrifted, Belt - Vintage
LV Epi Pouchette, Multistrand Bracelet-Garbo, Unicorn Cuff, Braided Bracelet-Thrifted
Watch - Michael Kors, Clover Bracelet - Heidi Klum 
Peeptoe Patent Platforms - Michael Kors

SG - Thank you. You seriously beat me to it. Thank you for sharing the joys and even stresses as you plan your BIG and very special day. You will have to video conf us all in cause you can't take us along for the ride and leave us hanging. You are sweet, thoughtful, a fabulous surpriser and all around amazing. Kristian is so blessed to have you in his life. I know you'll truly have your happily ever after :) And we are SO going on that double date one day. But not fishing, k? Cause fish freak me the heck out. Except in sushi form. And I seriously hope your blog name is not indicative of when you plan to shut down your blog. Because marriage does not mean K can have you all to himself 24/7. Uh uh...we'll give you some time off for your ridiculously amazing honeymoon but that's it. 

Nicole - So unbelievably sweet you'd think you might just get a cavity but never ever sickeningly sweet. Gee...where am I going with this? I can't help it - when I think of Nicole, "sweet" is the first thing that comes to mind. Sweetness and sincerity are written all over Nicole's blog, her eyes, her smile, and I can't help but light up whenever I *see* her, read her comments or her emails. I feel blessed to call her my friend. And if I were a Betting Betty I'd say anyone who knows her feels the exact same way. She also takes amazing photos and I've recently learned she's quite crafty (DIYs not devious plans). She's going to be opening up an Etsy shop featuring some fabulous jewellery so stay tuned! 

Kristen - aka Ryan's lover. aka Mark's stalker. aka Nerd monger. But as much as she professes love for other dudes her heart belongs to only one: incredibly lucky Kent. I'm not sure if those sparkly eyes of hers have special powers but she hooked me from day one. This lil Taco aka K Puff strutted her stuff into my blog, my life, my heart and though I can't remember how it all started, I'm just glad she did. We recently had our first phone call, there were no weird awkward moments, just giddy school girl talk. Truth is she makes me giddy all the time. Oh wait, I lied. ONE awkward moment...I called her and when she picked up, I said "Hey Summer!" darn redial messed me up. It happens. I can't wait to see what the new year has in store for this amazing ever-so-deserving-of-all-good-things-happening-to-her lady. I just know it'll be a good one for the Lawlors :) And I cannot wait to see her face to face next year!

Summer - Having met Summer through Kristen, I entered S and K's world and make no mistake I ain't never leaving. Grammatically correct? Not quite, but so very true. We recently shared our first call. Time sure flew but it was so good to hear my lil DimSum's voice. There was even talk of the B's making a trip down to Toronto! T.O. or NYC, either way with just 8.5 hours between us (7 if you drive with S) this is soon to be non-virtual. She's openly shared her deepest desires and even her heartaches. And when you see her heart break, yours will break just a little (or a lot actually). As you join her on her journey, you'll find yourself amazed and inspired and cheering her on because you just know her future is bright. Because she and Adam deserve it so very much. And I just know that the lil brownies are just lining up in Heaven, hardly able to contain themselves wanting nothing more than to come down and be a part of the Browny bunch. And just in case you hadn't heard, it was a REALLY, REALLY BIG day for Summer and her embabies yesterday. I know with all my heart that prayers are heard and answered. Please keep your prayers and happy thoughts strong for Brownie mama, papa and embabies.

If I didn't mention you above, please don't take it to mean that I don't value your friendship. Although I can't do a blurb on each of every one of you (on this post), I truly am thankful for ALL of you. You guys make my day. I heart you. And if you're new to my blog - nice to meet you! Leave me a comment so I can visit your digs :)

Wishing all my Stateside friends a Happy Thanksgiving! And for you who dare to venture out on Black Friday, please BE CAREFUL. And stay away from Walmart. Seriosusly. I mean it.
xx Ela
p.s. Even if YOU had cooties, I'd still be your friend ;)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Things I...Ch 2

Sorry for the lack of posts and commenting lately. I miss you guys like you wouldn't believe. Last week got the best of me. You ever have one of those weeks when you had so much going on yet you felt like you didn't actually get anything accomplished? Sigh.
I've been feeling that a lot lately. Over the last few months I've limited blogging to MWFs because as much as I love it, I can't seem to manage it everyday on top of my daily to-dos. Whenever I get on Blogger, I always seem to get carried away and forget to attend to my daily to-do lists. Note to self: Must master time management when it comes to blogging...

Until then, thanks for bearing with me. And forgiving me when I miss important posts, days when you're down or under the weather, have exciting news or just need to vent. I hate that I miss out on them. Please know that it's not for lack of caring.

Pants - Aritzia, Boots - Diba/Bronx
Feeling a bit like Sherlock Holmes in my Cape - Burberry (Kids, via eBay) 

Clutch, Black and Gold Bracelet/Watch, Tassel Bracelet - Thrifted,
Multi-strand bracelet - Garbo, Belt - Gucci (Vintage via eBay)
Watch on other arm - Michael Kors
Thank you, to this little lady for reminding me to wear my accessories!

Seeing that my week was pretty random, here's a recap of what I did, what I thought, etc. in another chapter of Things I...

Things I Will NOT Do: 
1. Get into an Escalade with one dude driving and another in the passenger seat who stops right front of me as I'm walking in a parking lot and says, "Hey, we've got an awesome home entertainment system in the back....blah, order fell through now we have it...blah, you want it? It's FREE!"
Ela: No thanks.
Dude Driving: Are you sure, it's practically free.
Ela: [Thinks, "um, what happened to just FREE?"] No thanks. Really NOT interested (or stupid).
One Dude turns to the Other: She thinks we're nuts.
Ela: [Silently concurs...and walks off very briskly.] 

Things I Like to Do in the Car: 
1. Sing along to songs. Even if I don't know the words. Bugs the heck outta me if someone else does it though. Unless they're singing with me. Then that's cool.
2. Apparently, talk to myself. Just a few words here and there. Not even full sentences. Just thinking outloud. That's normal, right? 

Things I Hate to Admit:
1. For someone so little, I've got quite the case of road rage. I'm still working on it.
2. I heard the doorbell go off 10 times (in one go - who does that btw???) and did not answer it. Sorry, not a big fan of drop-ins. Especially if all I've got on is a robe.

Things I Did Last Week:
1. Started my Christmas shopping. Booya! And intended to buy lots for others but picked up way more stuff for myself. Not so booya...
2. Ate spaghetti and meatballs on far too many days than anyone ever should.

Things that I Will Never Get Used to Hearing My Mother Say: 
1. "Bling" or worse yet, "Bling-bling".'s just not right. No more buying sparkly accessories when Mumsy is around.

Paris Vogue, Scarf, a Sweet Note and London Keychain
A special thank you to Grace from vitaMinn Style who sent over these goodies when I won her giveaway! If you haven't *met* her yet, DO, she's fabulous! I can't wait to hunker down on the couch with my Vogue. Maybe I'll polish up on my French too. How I graduated from middle school with the French Award is beyond me. I guess I should've kept up with it in high school. Ah well, c'est la vie.
Je vous espère tous ont un beau weekend!
xx Ela
p.s. I don't even know if the above is right, LOL. Forgive me if it's not.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Full Skirt Trench and Skirt Underneath - Winners, Belt - Versace (via eBay)

Boots - Diba/Bronx 
Whoever invelted the belt was a genius. It was probably invented to hold up pants, or wait is that suspenders? Regardless, I love belts because they add some definition to my straight figure, which by the way, Wiki defines as "Banana". Mmmmkay. Never quite thought I was built like a banana but then I found this [via Google Images]...

Yeah...I kinda see the resemblance. Besides, a certain banana I know is pretty cool so I'll take it ;)
I rarely leave home without a belt, especially when wearing flowy dresses or tops. I need to draw in that waist because there's nothing I despise more than hearing the words, "Oh my gosh!!! Are you pregnant?" 
Seriously, seriously??? 
Seriously, when I'm preggo, everyone and their grandmother will know. I'll be shouting it from the rooftops so puh-lease, get your hands off my belly and save your question for someone with an actual bun in the oven.

Awk...ward...moving on, the winner of my recent giveaway is Elaine from Clothed Much! Congrats, missy! I'll be sending you an email to get your info.
Thanks to everyone who entered. And I'll be having another giveaway  soon so stay tuned!

And I've also added some Gucci, Prada and Leather Goods to my online shop so do take a peek! See something you like that's out of your budget? Make me your best offer and I may just take you up on it!

Happy Midweek Everyone!
xx Ela
p.s. Special Thank You to Clare at Clarabelle for the sweet shout out! BAH, forgive me for seeing this 6 days late. Thanks, hon :) And for those of you who haven't *met* Clare, you must! Get!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Choo-rific Weekend

Wool Blazer - Necessary Objects, Skinnies - Zara, Striped Knit Tee - F21,
Peeptoes - Arturo Chiang 

As some of you know, last Saturday was the highly anticipated launch of Jimmy Choo's limited collection for H&M which was available at 200 H&M locations worldwide. Only four stores in Canada would carry the line, two of them being in Toronto.

To bring some sense of order to the mayhem that was sure to ensue with this launch, as it has with each of H&M's prevous designer collaborations, this time round H&M enforced a wristband policy. A wristband would allow groups of 20 to shop in the Shoe, Handbag and Accessory section for a 10 minute period at the alloted time they were given. Knowing only the first 160 people in line would be given a wristband, I did the most logical yet dumbest thing I have ever done in quest for a designer piece at a discounted price; I got up at a ridiculous hour on Saturday morning. Oh well, at least I didn't line up at 5:30pm the night before, as I would later learn the first person in line had done

When I got in line there were only about 90 ahead of me so things were looking good. Now, if I'm standing in line with someone for more than 10 minutes, you can bet I'm going to strike up conversation. So you can only imagine how chatty I got knowing I would be in line for hours. Our little group quickly established a camaraderie; within an hour we were buying each other muffins and hot beverages. We chatted about lots of things but it always circled back to what items we were hoping to leave the store with. We were all hopeful we'd leave with something.

All I wanted was one pair of shoes, just one. I didn't want to be greedy like a few in line (not in the group of friends I had made) who wanted to grab one in every style. You can bet eBay was going to be the next stop for those babies. One of everything would be delightful but I also knew, the more everyone took, the less everyone would be left with. And I've never been a "screw you" kind of girl.

I also wanted a handbag, the one I've stalked since the first day I saw it on H&M's website. But just before the store opened, I saw the bag in the window and though it was the closest I had ever gotten, suddenly I felt it couldn't be further away. By the time the wristbands were handed out more than 120 people were ahead of us. Yes, about 30 people had butted the line. I started to doubt I'd leave with anything, and figured if I'd manage to snag one piece it'd be a miracle. After waiting in line for hours I accepted that I could very well have done this for nothing. I thought it was highly likely I'd never want to speak of this day again

Well, 10:00am finally came and those with wristbands were allowed in the store first. Anyone could shop the clothing but not the SHA section. You'd think after waiting in line for so long that I'd have a strategy. Well, I didn't. I found myself in the store, staring at racks of clothing. And there I stood. Frozen. Watching arms claw for the clothing on the racks and shelves. Everyone grabbed what they could, it didn't matter what it was or what size it was in, they'd sort it out later.

As I watched people squeal with delight over their soon to be purchases, I felt sick to my stomach because clearly I had no business being there. I had given up precious sleep, stood in the cold for hours, I was hungry, tired and slightly delirious. Amidst all the chaos, I felt completely out of my element. So I sat on an empy table that just minutes before was stacked with Jimmy Choo items. In the chaos I had lost the friends I had made in line, and were sure they had all been more successful than I was. Looking around, who wasn't?

Then as I sat waiting, K appeared. K was the sweetie that bought me a muffin. I had bought her a hot chocolate. She and I wanted the same pair of shoes (in different sizes) and the same handbag. As K approached me she had a shoe box in her hand and THE bag. Some guy that already been allowed in the SHA section had picked them up for her. She showed me her goodies and I must admit, I wished I had her good fortune but I truly was so happy for her. I knew how much she had wanted them. Then she did something I never expected.

She handed me the bag and said, "Here, I want you to have it".

I stammered a string of incoherent words then told her I couldn't accept it. We went back and forth then I finally accepted it with the the condition that she could change her mind over the next 2 hours, while we waited to get into the SHA section. I stood to give her a hug, and no joke, I was teary. Maybe it's because we were both sleep deprived, maybe it's because we knew even though we'd just met that we'd be friends even after that day, maybe it's because she's just so kind. It's one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me, let alone someone I'd known for just a few hours. Well, K never changed her mind. Meet my Chooey...
My New Favourite Bag - Jimmy Choo for H&M, via my friend K

Thank you, K. Everytime I wear it, I will think of you. It'll always be a reminder that kind acts can take place anywhere, even in the middle of mayhem, even in a place where most people are just looking out for themselves. And yes, K - we are going on our shopping date! But next time after the sun has risen ;) 

When I finally got to the SHA section, I managed to snag three other handbags. And a pair of shoes. I gave them to three friends I had made that day. Three girls who had just missed the 160 cut off, who didn't have wristbands, which meant slim chances of them ending up with anything. In the end, each of them left with a handbag and one with the pair of shoes I managed to grab.

I didn't find a pair of shoes for myself. But it didn't even matter. I got THE bag I wanted, because of a sweet act I will always remember. And a sweet girl, I will never forget. Thank you, K.

Oh and if that didn't make my weekend, on Sunday I had the priviledge of speaking to the lovely Kristen on her birthday...I have a feeling that it won't be the last time either. Love you girly, hope you had the best birthday weekend ever!
Hope you all had fabulous weekends! 
xx Ela

Friday, November 13, 2009

Hat Head

Fedora - Item (Boston)
Blazer - Vero Moda, Cotton Shirt - F21, Trousers - French Connection,  
Heels - Marc Jacobs, Bracelet - Vintage (via eBay), Faux Pearls - Thrifted

I'm pretty sure that one of the first times I ever tried on a hat, and considered buying it, was when I was 11 yrs. old. It was a big floppy purple one a la Blossom, do y'all remember that show?

I loved that show! Blossom was nerdy but cool and she was a good girl. I liked her. But I LOVED her best friend Six. I had never heard of numbers being names before, I thought she was soooo cool. Pretty much wanted to be her. Oh...and I also dug Joey, Blossom's brother. I'd actually let out an audible sigh at the very sight of him. And blushed just a little. Every time.

I remember watching the show and thinking how cool and "old" they were. How I couldn't wait to be as "grown-up" as they were. LOL, wtheck? Looking back, they were babies! Funny how things appear when they seem so far away...then you get there and realize, it's not at all how it appeared to be...

Anyway, I never did buy that purple floppy hat. Didn't think I could pull it off as well as Blossom. And knew I couldn't pull it off like Six could. I still think she's a cutie :)
Happy Weekend, loves!
xx Ela
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cruella's Working on it

Faux Fur - Thrifted ($3.99), Faux Velvet Pants - Zara, Leather Gloves - Aldo 
Purse - Vintage ($2.50), Wedge Booties - Nine West
I tried these boots on, on three different ocassions before I finally bought them last week. I tend to be less impulsive with my shopping these days. Except when thrifting.

Which is probably why I quickly snatched up this coat that now makes me feel a bit like Cruella. And also gives the illussion that I have a pregnant belly. But for $3.99, it keeps me warm and cozy so there's no question, I'll be wearing it again.

Thinking of Cruella, got me thinking of my mean streak. I think we each have our shortcomings. I try to work on mine but just as I seem to overcome one, another pops up...why is that? S says I shouldn't be so hard on myself. But I think it's important to recognize your faults and work on them. Right now I'm trying to overcome giving the stink face. It's not even a stink eye - it's the whole face.

I should mention that there are many times when I do hold back on the face, and the verbage that tends to go with it...but sometimes, I regress. Like I did on one ocassion with a guy I'll call "Chump". 

Chump is a guy that on one occasion told me that I "looked nice"...then followed it up with "must be the makeup..." 
But I just shook my head and let that one go. Chump is also condescending and likes to have an opposing point of view just so he can argue with you. About anything and everything. He doesn't make the best arguments but he knows just what to say to get under your skin. And frustrate the heck out of you with mindless circle talk. He says bonehead things ALL the time but usually I manage to ignore them. However, on one ocassion, be it petty, I didn't want to deal with Chump's "words of wisdom".

C: It's so weird, I know you're Filipino and all, but look almost Asian.
E: [Blank stare]
C: Seriously. You do.
E: [Blinks]
C: [Chuckles] Weird right?
E: Wow, that is weird....considering Filipinos are Asian...with the Philippines being in Asia and all...
C: Huh. [Pause] Really?
E: [Ding, ding, ding!!! Insert stink face here]
C: Oh...I guess it's cause you're not Oriental....
E: I think you should stop talking now. [Insert blank stare]

Did I mention that Chump is Asian? Looking back, I'm a little embrassed at my reaction. But at the time I thought someone else should've been embarassed...or gotten an Atlas. I was having one of those days. Regardless, I should've been nicer. I should've just smiled and let the whole thing go. Sigh, don't hate me...I'm working on it.
Anything you're working on?
xx Ela
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Monday, November 9, 2009

Tastes Like Gasoline

Dress and Boots - Zara, Cropped Blazer - Morphine Generation
Black White 3
 Belt - F21
The pictures can't capture it but I love the bow neck tie of this dress, 
it's a little librarianesque but I dig it. Snagged it 3 years ago for $10.99.
The buttons of this blazer are brass then covered in black mesh, wish I dig too.

A few days ago S woke up and decided we should have McD's for breakie. Knowing full well his wife wakes up hungry and moves like a blind turtle doesn't function at the speed of light in the morning, he said "we'll just do a drive-thru so don't worry about getting dressed...we'll just go in our pjs". Um OK. So we brushed our teeth, but not my hair - that's what hats are for, put on some shoes and hopped in the car.
He placed our order but just as we were about to pay he decided he wanted to add a Cinnamon Melt. Then I told him about "Choco Melts".
S: What?
E: It's like a Cinnamon Melt but chocolate.
S: They have those?
E: Uh huh.
S: OK....
So as he was paying he asked the lady to add a *Choco Melt* to our order. "No problem" she smiled. My mouth was watering at the thought of having this:
 Off we drive to the second window to pick up our order. 
We are handed a paper bag. And this:

What the heck???

Sigh. So then I had to hear about how he should've just asked for a Cinnamon melt. And how now neither of us got what we had in mind. Blah, blah, blah...

I tuned him out till he no longer bored me just long enough to remember that I canNOT drink chocolate milk. Nope, not since a bad experience I had in my last year of college. I was finishing up my last semester, interning at an Ad Agency. Yes, the same agency that later hired me on FT and paid me just slightly more than what I was previously making as an intern. Which was nothing.

Anyhoots, to gear myself up for free labour 5 days a week, I would start everyday the same way, I'm all about routine - asking what I had done to deserve this with a bagel and a chocolate milk, which I'd pick up from two separate places in the lobby. Then have my breakie at my desk.

Just as I did every morning, I popped open the carton of milk, plopped in a straw and took a big gulp. Well on this particular day, I took a gulp. Made the biggest stink face I could muster. And spat out the milk into my garbage can. I always thought bad milk would taste sour. Well it doesn't. At least not bad chocolate milk. Bad chocolate milk, tastes like gasoline. I kid you not. That stuff is toxic and pretty much tastes like it could drive my car.

I looked at the date on the carton. Yup expired. After a trip to the ladies room to rinse out my mouth, I went back down to the lobby to the milk place and got them to take a sip told them what happened. With full on face effects. They laughed apologized and gave me a new carton. Of course, I couldn't drink it. Nope. And haven't touched the stuff since.

Needless to say, but I shall say it anyway, when we got home from McD's I plopped the thing on S' side of the table. "Guess who's drinking that..." I said as I left the room unable to even watch him drink our *choco melt*.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention. Seated in the passenger seat as we headed home I caught a glimmer of white out of the corner of my eye.
E: Are you wearing white socks...with brown shoes???
S: [Said in a 5 yr old's voice] Don't look at me.
Yeah, he totally was.
xx Ela
[via Google Images]
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Friday, November 6, 2009

DIY - Bib Necklace and Giveaway (CLOSED)

My DIY skills are nowhere close to Maegan's. She's amazingly creative and talented. I'm pretty sure the crafts she brought home from Kindergarten are more astounding than what I can do now as a grown adult, but last weekend I gave some thought as to what would be easy enough for me to do. And came up with this...
 Cropped Velvet Blazer - Zara(ages ago), Belt - Vintage, Bib Necklace - DIY
Ring - Thrifted, Black 3/4 Sleeve Tee - Down East Basics
Tweed Trousers - Aritzia, Shoes - Coach
If you want to give this simple DIY a try... 
Get Yourself Some:
Ribbon, Scissors, Tweezers(for picking up small beads or flat embellishments), Glue, Glue Gun, Needle and Thread (if sewing on buttons or beading), Felt (for Front), Felt with Adhesive Backing (for Back), Buttons, Old Jewellery and Beads

You Need To:
1. Draw a bib outline or use an existing bib necklace to trace outline.
2. Cut out shape.
3. Play around with placement of beads, buttons, etc.
4. Once you're satisfied with placement, glue and/or sew beads, buttons, etc.
5. Cut two pieces of ribbon  to be used to tie around your neck. Give allowance to tie the bow.
6. Glue ribbon onto the back using glue gun.
7. Cut the adhesive felt so it's the same height as your bib necklace front felt, but wider.
8. Peel off the adhesive and place the necklace front onto the sticky side of the adhesive felt. You can move it around about but it's pretty sticky so be careful with the positioning. Once the top and bottom line up, pat down to secure.
9. Cut around adhesive felt.
[added more studs to fill the gaps]
I showed it to S as soon as I was done. His response: "pretty bib". And was beyond amused to learn I referred to this "craft" as a *bib necklace*. In his mind it's more *bib* than necklace. I know it's not perfect but it's made with LOVE! I made two so I wanted to pass one onto YOU, along with these stackable rings from H&M (approx. size 6/7)
1. Leave a comment on this post.
2. For 2 entries, be or become a follower and let me know in your comment.
3. For 3 entries, spread the word on your blog and provide me with the link on separate comment.
4. International readers welcome.
5. Open till Nov 15th. Winner will be announced that week.
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Men's 7 for all Mankind Jeans, Metallic Sweater Tank and CK Jacket!
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Happy Weekend!
xx Ela

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hootie and Sushi

I'm actually not a fan of birds. I know they're beautiful creatures but I find them to be quite erratic. And having that uncertainty makes me nervous. But a few months ago while visiting the lovely, and I do mean LOVELY, gals Lar and Cath at Asian Cajuns Lar happened to feature an owl ring and I was enamored. I was thrilled to come across one at F21 on the way home from Boston a few weeks ago. It's not as fab as Lar's but for $5.80 it was a steal.

Meet Hootie!
S made fun of him a little, then he moved on to making fun of me. He couldn't quite get why I'd want to adorn myself in something that freaks me out. I tried to explain that having a real life owl perched on my finger is not at all the same as me wearing an owl ring.

 Once he was done with the owl mocking he asked, "Are you wearing white socks...or are those your legs???" To which I replied, "Why would I be wearing white socks??? Sigh...yes, they are my legs." Then he laughed for a good 40 seconds. Lil brownie that he is, never has to worry about getting pale in the winter. Oh well, at least my legs match my jacket. 
Um, that doesn't actually make me feel better.

Ivory Faux Leather Moto Jacket - F21, Turtleneck - Winners, Pants - Zara, 
Booties - Fendi (via ebay), Belt - H&M

All that mocking must've made him hungry. Cause he took me to one of my new fave Japanese restos. So laugh all you want Mr. - just feed me when you're done.
 We pigged out on some sushi.

And S always orders the Black Dragon Roll which he LOVES. 
I'm not crazy about eel so I pick it off and eat everything else.
We ordered way more than this but once I started eating I forgot about taking pictures.
Priorities :)
Hope you're all having a fabulous week!
xx Ela
p.s. KS, a lady with one of the BIGGEST hearts ever, is hosting a Thankful Giveaway over at While We're Waiting. And if you don't know her already, she's amazing, trust me, you want to know her.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Feeling Savvy and Glamarous

I'm kind of in love with this Tolani scarf...

And have to admit it was love at first sight when I first saw it over at Savvy Mode when the savvy and stylish Savvy Girl (SG) and the lovely people at Chickdowntown were hosting a giveaway to win it. SG picked it for its Missoni-esque print, which is actually what it reminded me of too. Figuring it was too amazing to win, I was hesitant to enter but I couldn't pass it up. It's not often givewaways are open to us Canadians and I was enamored with this scarf. How incredibly excited was I to learn I had won?!? Thank you so much SG and Chickdowntown!!! I love it!!!

This is what awaited me when I came home Thursday night. Eek!!! It was like Christmas came early. Packaging is everything and well, that just hyped me up even more. I wanted to tear it open a la Tasmanian Devil but constrained myself and took a picture first. I ripped through gently unwrapped the tissue paper, and squealed like pig smiled like a kid that had just been given a second helping of ice cream knowing full well they didn't finish their dinner. Not that I pulled any strings to win this - only that I don't win giveways (HA, I can't say that anymore) so I felt a little guilty. Aside from the beautiful print, this scarf is soft, warm and perfect to nuzzle in on a chilly or windy day. Yet at the same time it's lightweight enough to wear in the Spring or on a chilly Summer night. And the best part, I knew exactly what I would wear it with first. SG had asked entrants to describe how they would wear it. I immediately envisioned one of my black leather motorcycle jackets, my eggplant maxi dress and tan boots. But make no mistake, I will be wearing it with everything.

Scarf - All Mine Tolani, Leather Moto Jacket - Ralph Lauren, 
Eggplant Maxi - Romeo & Juliet Couture, Boots - Seychelles
I've had this jacket for 8 years. I bought it the year I got my first FT job at an Ad Agency. Where I was paid with Monopoly money less than what minimum wage is now and splurged one day after work. People look at me like I'm lying whenever I tell them it's 8 years old when they ask, "Um, can you please tell me where you got your jacket?" But I'm all for sharing where to get the goods.
And this dress, since getting it in March, I've worn it twice a month every month. I figure I'll keep it up till the snow makes it impossible to do so.

Also, just before our trip to Arizona, this came in the mail. The lovely Nubia at Nubia's Nonesense hosted a giveaway. Little did I know that her idea of a "giveaway" meant she would give this super cute zipper headband away to every single person who entered. Yup, believe it. She works freelance for gla.Mar.ous and together they gave away this fabulous sequined number. They sell a number of amazing headpieces, buy yours here. Thank you, Nubia and gla.Mar.ous!!!

If you don't hate me already that's not enough, I also won a fabulous giveaway at I Know, Right? It's a lovely necklace Jennifer made herself and I am anxiously awaiting it's arrival. I'll be sure to devote a post to it because there are a multitude of reasons why I'm so happy I won it. Thank you, Jen!

Needless to say, I feel incredibly lucky and undeserving of all the goodies that came my way. Almost as blessed as I feel to have met some truly amazing people since starting my blog in June. Thank you to all my readers and followers ~ thank you, friends :)
Hope you all have a savvy, glamorous and lucky week ahead!
xx Ela
P.S. Giveway coming very soon...stay tuned!