Sunday, November 22, 2009

Things I...Ch 2

Sorry for the lack of posts and commenting lately. I miss you guys like you wouldn't believe. Last week got the best of me. You ever have one of those weeks when you had so much going on yet you felt like you didn't actually get anything accomplished? Sigh.
I've been feeling that a lot lately. Over the last few months I've limited blogging to MWFs because as much as I love it, I can't seem to manage it everyday on top of my daily to-dos. Whenever I get on Blogger, I always seem to get carried away and forget to attend to my daily to-do lists. Note to self: Must master time management when it comes to blogging...

Until then, thanks for bearing with me. And forgiving me when I miss important posts, days when you're down or under the weather, have exciting news or just need to vent. I hate that I miss out on them. Please know that it's not for lack of caring.

Pants - Aritzia, Boots - Diba/Bronx
Feeling a bit like Sherlock Holmes in my Cape - Burberry (Kids, via eBay) 

Clutch, Black and Gold Bracelet/Watch, Tassel Bracelet - Thrifted,
Multi-strand bracelet - Garbo, Belt - Gucci (Vintage via eBay)
Watch on other arm - Michael Kors
Thank you, to this little lady for reminding me to wear my accessories!

Seeing that my week was pretty random, here's a recap of what I did, what I thought, etc. in another chapter of Things I...

Things I Will NOT Do: 
1. Get into an Escalade with one dude driving and another in the passenger seat who stops right front of me as I'm walking in a parking lot and says, "Hey, we've got an awesome home entertainment system in the back....blah, order fell through now we have it...blah, you want it? It's FREE!"
Ela: No thanks.
Dude Driving: Are you sure, it's practically free.
Ela: [Thinks, "um, what happened to just FREE?"] No thanks. Really NOT interested (or stupid).
One Dude turns to the Other: She thinks we're nuts.
Ela: [Silently concurs...and walks off very briskly.] 

Things I Like to Do in the Car: 
1. Sing along to songs. Even if I don't know the words. Bugs the heck outta me if someone else does it though. Unless they're singing with me. Then that's cool.
2. Apparently, talk to myself. Just a few words here and there. Not even full sentences. Just thinking outloud. That's normal, right? 

Things I Hate to Admit:
1. For someone so little, I've got quite the case of road rage. I'm still working on it.
2. I heard the doorbell go off 10 times (in one go - who does that btw???) and did not answer it. Sorry, not a big fan of drop-ins. Especially if all I've got on is a robe.

Things I Did Last Week:
1. Started my Christmas shopping. Booya! And intended to buy lots for others but picked up way more stuff for myself. Not so booya...
2. Ate spaghetti and meatballs on far too many days than anyone ever should.

Things that I Will Never Get Used to Hearing My Mother Say: 
1. "Bling" or worse yet, "Bling-bling".'s just not right. No more buying sparkly accessories when Mumsy is around.

Paris Vogue, Scarf, a Sweet Note and London Keychain
A special thank you to Grace from vitaMinn Style who sent over these goodies when I won her giveaway! If you haven't *met* her yet, DO, she's fabulous! I can't wait to hunker down on the couch with my Vogue. Maybe I'll polish up on my French too. How I graduated from middle school with the French Award is beyond me. I guess I should've kept up with it in high school. Ah well, c'est la vie.
Je vous espère tous ont un beau weekend!
xx Ela
p.s. I don't even know if the above is right, LOL. Forgive me if it's not.


  1. I miss you!!! What's keeping you so busy? Just life... nothing awful, I hope. I hope that you're happy, even if you're busy... does any of this make sense? I have been studying for DAYS straight and I obviously have lost my ability to form coherent sentences.
    Um... good call not getting into their trunk. I can't believe they'd be dumb enough to even ask. What boneheads. And I love singing in the car too. I have the world's most terrible singing voice- very truly. Imagine a frog, who is on the side of the road, dying, and who has a horrible case of laryngitis and is deaf in both ears (do frogs have ears? Hmmm... they do in this example). Yup, that frog is me. That's how I sound when I sing. So I limit myself to 1) the car, 2) the shower, and 3) church... although even though I trust God won't judge me, I do think the other church goers might, so I usually sing very softly there... or at times, resort to lip syncing...

    Okay- I am back to the books. I do miss you- hope next week is a little less busy for you!! And PS- please email me your address... I am going to start working on my Christmas cards after my finals are all done and I just have to send one to you and S or it won't quite be the holidays!! xoxo xoxo xoxo (lots and lots of hugs and kisses my dear friend)

  2. gets the best of ALL of us at times. Time management is a good idea...i too get carried away and laundry seems to be the last thing i ever want to do :)-
    Ok i've just gotta ask, because're tiny like me. Where do you find bracelets that fit? My wrists are so tiny they slide right off. I've searched and searched with no such luck.
    Luv the Burberry cape. I've got a similar one and when i bought it my dad said it reminded him of Mary Poppins. Lol. I think your is adorable...cape crusader watch out.

  3. Glad to hear that you are doing well! I totally understand with the time management and everything, blogging is so time consuming and now that I have classes I don't have as much time to blog, bummer! You look darling, I love your Sherlock Holmes cape and your outfits are always the best! Also, glad you started on Christmas shopping and your spaghetti and meatballs sound so delicious! Have a great Thanksgiving Ela!

  4. I love your cape. It is perfect for fall.
    Oh gosh, I have road rage too and it is NOT pretty. I think it's because there are so many rude jerks on the highway that just push my buttons far too many times. :S
    I am exactly like you when it comes to the doorbell (or knocking). I actually go in the bedroom and hide. Ever since I saw that Oprah episode where the fake plumber knocks on your door and then knifes you as soon as you answer, I have been too scared to answer the door to strangers. Sigh.
    I hope you had a great weekend!

  5. great stuff!!! tfs and love the cape on you! =D

  6. I totally get WAY too feisty in the car too. Working on it. The dude doesn't need to hear mama yelling at strangers. Ah ha. LOVE love love that gorgeous bracelet!

  7. Your post was the best way to start my day! You always make me laugh!
    You look Fantastic in the picture! So sophisticated and beautiful! And I simply adore those bracelets!!!

  8. ahhh yes, i know those weeks now that in unemployed hahah. i hate missing out on my bloggy friends updates too.

    and yes, its normal to talk to yourself in the car. i sometimes have practise conversations or dream/ideal conversations with myself. well, where i answer myself pretending to be another person. i dont think that's quite so normal.

  9. that's a very nice cape, perfect for winter season.

  10. I love that cape... and yes been missing you here.

    I'm not a big fan of drop-ins either and I love to sing, talk to myself and daydream in the car.

    Hope to see more of you again. Have a great week!

  11. I think I saw the print pattern of your cape somewhere. I just couldn’t remember where. But it looks great on you.

  12. Hey sweetie, of course we understand you have a life besides blogging and checking on updates lol! Loving your plaid capelet, how cool is that!

    I don't talk to myself but I kinda find this trait endearing on others:)

  13. Very stylish cape and jewels! (I also don't have as much time for blogging, sigh!)

  14. Such a cute cape! I don't normally like the traditional Burberry check, but this is cute and has a different twist on the typical tartan they use. Really love your arm 'bling' by the way ;-) Your list above is probably the reason I don't like to drive by the way... althoug public transport or even walking on foot provides you with idiots... I guess they're everywhere. Starting my Christmas shopping this week: I have 4 sample sales I'm going to, although something tells me I might end up with more stuff for myself as well... hmmm...

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  15. I love that you're thrifty and you got a fantastic coat this way. I've been looking for great capes, and all of them have been $100's and then sold out in my size! I'm in serious need of accessories, and it's a comfort to me that a petite Pinay like you successfully pulls off chunky jewelry without all of them slipping down your wrists! Bravo, darling!

    Feel like selling a few of your precious golden baubles?

  16. Fabulous Burberry kids ebay find- wow! Also loving the clutch and piled on bracelets :)

    Good for you for getting xmas shopping started already! I have made lists for people (and myself of course, hehe) but now I must start buying!

    Happy Monday Ela :)

  17. I've missed you but I understand life getting in the way of blogging. Don't you hate when that happens?! No matter how long you are gone for I will always love you and your super cute outfits that make me jealous :)

  18. We miss you!!! And you look fabulous my lady. Of course :) I talk to myself in the car all the time. And have quite the bit of road rage myself. Boy would we be in trouble together.

    Love you lady!!

  19. i adore your pants! you look so cute in this outfit! i love singing songs while driving even though i don't know the lyrics lol

  20. Hello beautie lady,

    Oh I know what you feel, I am similar and I have same feeling... Miss U!

    By the way love Ur accessories


  21. great outfit! im in love with your clutch! xo

  22. Hiii Ela! I totally get how you feel. I'm so bombarded with all these things to do! :)


  23. Loving the cape, my darlin! Absoultely smashing on you! Loved chit chatting and hearing your sweetness over the phone! I cannot wait for our next date.

    PS - It's hard not to shop for yourself when shopping for others!

  24. hahaha I sing along with songs too, but when other people do it, I get super annoyed! how weird are we?!

  25. cute bracelets! I like to sing a long in the car too, one of my favourite things in life is when my favourite songs come on on the radio! And yeah I got road rage too, I can't stand poeople who go the speed limit in the fast lane, wtf! haha and thankss for your comment on the purse, you're too kind!!

  26. Wow, this Sherlock cape is, like, my dream item. I have one, but it's not this sweet, nor is it Burberry. Sigh, a girl can dream. Anyway, you look just amazing here.

    I too am guilty of wasting too much time gazing at internet-friends blogs. But we do miss you when you're away! Anyway, your posts are just so funny and you always look mega-classy -- my favorite look!



  27. me too! i've limited my posts to once per week now. as it has taken a lot of my time and the hubby is getting jealous ;). commenting, i limit to 30mins a day. this hobby of ours takes a lot of time and effort.

    i love your burberry cape!! ebay is such a goldmine!

  28. that cape....i love that cape!!!

  29. <3 your blog. haha bling bling i wish noone would say that haha!

  30. you always look so adorable and so amazing. dammit. JUST KIDDING.

    and thank you for your comment. i'm trying not to fritz too hard.

  31. I feel you Ela...
    Time management isn't my virtue either.
    There are times I simply want to hit the blog delete button..
    Anyhooo, you look fabulous & how you had your accessories stacked up like that!
    xo as always*

  32. blogging and working at the same time is supr stressful and by the time i comment back and visit all my fave blogs, i'm exhausted so i feel ya on the time management. having said that, i always make time for it, just sayin ;)

    love the gold bracelets. well done my friend.

  33. great bangles and clutch!! love ur list. i cant believe those guys thought u would be interested.. so shady!!

  34. Oh i love this... those guys were total creepers! and I loved that comment about how you don't like drop-ins hahahahahahahahahahahah! You are fantastically hilarious

  35. Love the capelet! Just in time for the movie!!

  36. you look stunning in that outfit! i really like how you look with your hair tied back. i was also having one of those moments where blogging became difficult. so no biggie, that's just the way things goes :)

  37. your little cape is so cute! and I always buy for myself when present shopping. it's impossible not to!

  38. Elly Welly, so glad we could talk today. Thank you for being there.

    You look fabulous! AND HECK yes to accessories. Load em up girly.

    I love your little lists. I have massive road rage, note to on that!

    Oh and I totes talk to myself all the time, we're normal don't worry :)

  39. confession: i had the first britney perfume. and jessica simpson did a range AGES ago for sephora, like edible makeup things? i had her lipglosses. oops.

  40. Hiii Ela!!! Please don't worry if you drop off the blogisphere for a few days! Cath and I do the same and we are two people to one blog. I'm most impressed by your restriction to MWFs- that's genius!
    Oh and you look tres chic in your burberry capelet!! I love it! I wants one too ;)
    ps- I have road rage too! I shock people when they ride in the car with me. I'm slowly getting better. It helps that I don't commute via highway to work any more ;)
    I hope you had a wonderful weekend too!

  41. Love the cape, great eBay find! I too am a car singer....big time! In fact, I love taking drives by myself (or with the kids) just so I can sing my heart out. Unfortunatley, I am not very good at it which is why it is restrcited to car rides!

  42. Hell pretty lady,

    We miss you too.. Your look so pretty! Sherlock Holmes ain't got nothing on you! lol

    I sing in cars also(I call it road karaoke) and roadrage I dont want to touch the subject haha not my best area either

    Hope all is well xoxox

  43. love your outfit hun!! you look adorable, as always!!
    i love singing in the car, alone, really loud ;)

    hope you are having a great week!!

  44. hahahaha "bling bling" your moms hilarious ;P and yes... i have horrible road rage too, not proud of it.. although i must say i've gotten better ever since the incident with the lady who told me to go back to china (dont know if you remember that post). i also love singing out loud in the car.. maybe a dance here and there too! haha! like you, i dont always know the words and my bf thinks its hilarious when i freestyle/improvise. haha! ;P

    enjoy the rest of your week, ela!

  45. *sigh* I feel like I'm having one of those weeks right now. But Thanksgiving will be here so things should brighten up. :)

    I love how you are rocking that Burberry cape. And it's a kids one?! Too cool!

  46. Ela that is a fabulous cap and your bracelets are perfect! I forget to wear my accessories as well.

    I totally understand being ridiculously busy! Time flies by so quickly too...especially when all you want if for it to slow down just a bit ;) thinking of you!!

  47. I love this design! I love your list, and I talk to myself all the time! haha

  48. my house is a disaster all due to blogger. seriously. i don't do dishes or pick up toys or vacuum or......all because of blogging. and then there's school work. i can't tell you how many times I've gotten onto the computer to do school work and ended up blogging for two hours. addiction at it best...or worst. i'm not sure.

    i talk to myself all. the. time. people probably think i'm crazy.

    that cape is awesome. i love this whole outfit, really. the clutch and the bracelets...i can't wait to graduate and get a job so i can go shopping again! :)

  49. The cape looks super nice on u! perfect for fall/winter!


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