Monday, November 9, 2009

Tastes Like Gasoline

Dress and Boots - Zara, Cropped Blazer - Morphine Generation
Black White 3
 Belt - F21
The pictures can't capture it but I love the bow neck tie of this dress, 
it's a little librarianesque but I dig it. Snagged it 3 years ago for $10.99.
The buttons of this blazer are brass then covered in black mesh, wish I dig too.

A few days ago S woke up and decided we should have McD's for breakie. Knowing full well his wife wakes up hungry and moves like a blind turtle doesn't function at the speed of light in the morning, he said "we'll just do a drive-thru so don't worry about getting dressed...we'll just go in our pjs". Um OK. So we brushed our teeth, but not my hair - that's what hats are for, put on some shoes and hopped in the car.
He placed our order but just as we were about to pay he decided he wanted to add a Cinnamon Melt. Then I told him about "Choco Melts".
S: What?
E: It's like a Cinnamon Melt but chocolate.
S: They have those?
E: Uh huh.
S: OK....
So as he was paying he asked the lady to add a *Choco Melt* to our order. "No problem" she smiled. My mouth was watering at the thought of having this:
 Off we drive to the second window to pick up our order. 
We are handed a paper bag. And this:

What the heck???

Sigh. So then I had to hear about how he should've just asked for a Cinnamon melt. And how now neither of us got what we had in mind. Blah, blah, blah...

I tuned him out till he no longer bored me just long enough to remember that I canNOT drink chocolate milk. Nope, not since a bad experience I had in my last year of college. I was finishing up my last semester, interning at an Ad Agency. Yes, the same agency that later hired me on FT and paid me just slightly more than what I was previously making as an intern. Which was nothing.

Anyhoots, to gear myself up for free labour 5 days a week, I would start everyday the same way, I'm all about routine - asking what I had done to deserve this with a bagel and a chocolate milk, which I'd pick up from two separate places in the lobby. Then have my breakie at my desk.

Just as I did every morning, I popped open the carton of milk, plopped in a straw and took a big gulp. Well on this particular day, I took a gulp. Made the biggest stink face I could muster. And spat out the milk into my garbage can. I always thought bad milk would taste sour. Well it doesn't. At least not bad chocolate milk. Bad chocolate milk, tastes like gasoline. I kid you not. That stuff is toxic and pretty much tastes like it could drive my car.

I looked at the date on the carton. Yup expired. After a trip to the ladies room to rinse out my mouth, I went back down to the lobby to the milk place and got them to take a sip told them what happened. With full on face effects. They laughed apologized and gave me a new carton. Of course, I couldn't drink it. Nope. And haven't touched the stuff since.

Needless to say, but I shall say it anyway, when we got home from McD's I plopped the thing on S' side of the table. "Guess who's drinking that..." I said as I left the room unable to even watch him drink our *choco melt*.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention. Seated in the passenger seat as we headed home I caught a glimmer of white out of the corner of my eye.
E: Are you wearing white socks...with brown shoes???
S: [Said in a 5 yr old's voice] Don't look at me.
Yeah, he totally was.
xx Ela
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  1. love that outfit!!! and that killer belt keeps it away from librarianesque by a long shot!!!

    and i shuddered at your chocolate milk story. horror factor eleven! i am petrified of old food, spoiled food, moldy food, rotten food. it makes me tremble. i am always checking expiration dates and viewing food with suspicion that has been in the fridge or the cupboard more than a week or so. ew.

  2. Ela!! You look beautiful! love that belt MAJORLY!!! ;)

    EWWWWW.bleh.yuck. nasty. ohhhh man... SO SORRY!! ....umm my Little Man happens to get a kick out of Chocolate Milk....the next time he asks for it...I think I'm going to cringe!!! ewww...sorry Little Man...choco milk no mo' ;)

  3. That belt is amazing!!!!!

    I took a sip of old milk when I was little and have been scarred for live ever I HATE MILK. Only if it's in honey nut cheerios, but anyway.

    Your Mcd's are WAY different than ours. We don't have fun stuff like choco-melts! I'm thinking that's a good thing or else I'd eat it everyday!

  4. Hello darling Ela,

    WOW! Love Ur outfit. I guess one of my fave combo on Ur blog. ;-)


  5. I'm craving for that cinnamon melt... wish they have that here in Manila.

    I love your outfit... you look so classy.

  6. hahah lady you know how to make my day. i love your posts especially the little convo between you and your hubby:) annnd.. i had the same experience.. except it was oj at mcdonalds. i had the same routine it was always an oj and one sausage burrito, id take it to work and eat it at my desk and the oj.. ugh even talkign about it makes my stomach hate me.. i swear it was CHUNKY. ewwwww.. i still cant drink oj. i tried orangeade the other day and that does it too. haha! have a great week love.
    dads doing great:) he is getting stronger and stronger by the day. have i mentioned im so thankful for you?? ok well i am:) xoo

  7. oh and i forgot.. i love your outfit:)

  8. It was fun reading your story : ) One day I realized that I'm a little lactose intolerant, so I can't drink that much milk stuff too. But the gasoline experience must have been horrid!! Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments on my blog. I love hearing from you : )

  9. Ugh! That's horrible!

    And a real choco-melt looks like it would have been so grand!

  10. Funny story! I'm a creature of habit too, especially with food. When I was in high school I would have a big glass of chocolate milk every morning. Now I have hot chocolate every morning at work, even in the summer.

    Have a great week!

  11. Love the belt and oy spoiled milk is THE WORST!!

    Happy Monday!

    PS: I do hope you will be participating in my special holiday guest post series!! :)

  12. um...belt...badass, just sayin...

    anyway, LOVE mcd's breakfast. haven't had it in YEARS and now that's all i'm thinking about. your choco melt story made me gag a bit and i'm now wondering if i will ever drink it again. probably not but that's cool i drink soy choco milk instead. does that go bad??? haha.

    happy monday (NOT!)...hope you had a great weekend!

  13. The look is great. Love that dress. It looks more a vintage dress than a ZARA one. And the boots are superb. I want ones similar to these. I don´t like them pure white but this off white color is great.
    The video with the yummy sweets is too good to be true.
    B* a la Moda

  14. OMG, I think I may have thrown up a bit in my mouth. I hate hate hate milk. And then just thinking about you poor little thing drinking expired? GAGS!!!!!

    Thanks for the love Sushi! You and Bacon are the best!

  15. You look extra chic darrrling!
    You have a great way of the telling a story, so much fun to read~
    xo as always beautiful!

  16. GROSS story, Ela!! Yuck.. But I love chocolate milk too much :D I would probably go back and drink it right after! Hahaha! Lovely dress and the belt definitely gives the outfit a nice edge to it!

  17. LOL!!!

    I am so going to mcdonalds tomorrow to get a choco melt

    I love that dress...what a find!

  18. OMFG Gasoline really eww im off that stuff for a while until that thought goes away... i love how you left it up to him to drink lol

    GREAT LOOK... the dress is prett and i like the add of the belt and the blazer

    Vi from Cali

  19. Love the outfit- especially the shoes! Oh and what a horrible experience with chocolate milk! I don't think I could ever drink it again either! XOXO

  20. okay okay not to be racist but was the person taking your order asian? cus sometimes "choco melt" translated into asian could be "choco milk" hahaha! ;P just like how one time (and i dont know if i've already told you this story) a friend of mine went to a japanese restaurant with his buddies and at the end of the meal, asked for "seperate bills" - they ended up with 4 sapporo beers. uuhh-huh.

  21. gotta say, i love a drive through breakfast...especially one i can do in my pj's!

    i can't even imagine sour milk...i wouldn't drink it again either...ick!

  22. ah no! poor you, drinking sour chocolate milk!!! such a waste as chocolate milk is so yummy... thank god, I've never had anything expired in my mouth yet haha


  23. I'm gagging!!! On an up note...super cute boots!

  24. Sounds like your drive thru people need their ears cleaned! Mmm I like chocolate milk but I just make it at home with milk and hot chocolate powder. Cheaper and not expired. Hehe

  25. Expired milk?!?!? Oh ewwwwww.... and as always your story made me laugh and brightened my day. As you will see from my debbie downer post when you get there... this was not a fun weekend/day for me. The (ex) boyfriend and I finally called it quits. I know I've told you about the problems there before... but as much as I thought I was ready for it, I so was not... I just cry, and walk around like a zombie, and I can't wait until time works its magic and makes this easier... So in the meantime, keeping posting your beautiful outfits and telling your sweet stories because they give me something to smile about and look forward too :) xoxo KS

  26. First off, that outfit is perfection! Second, i DIE over the spoiled milk story! Omgah! Omgah! Ohmgah! You poor poor Ela!!!!! I am not a huge fan of McD's but when i do go it is for breakfast. I get a chicken biscuit :)

  27. Terribly sorry about the dismal grammatical performance above

  28. hahaha! I totally called one of my guy friends out for doing that the other day! I love your beige boots, btw!

  29. Really? Like gasoline? Ewwww... yuk! Now you got me so curious I think I want to have a little experiment, haha =)

    Love the simplicity of this outfit and love that you paired it with taupe booties... black shoes would have been too predictable so this is perfect!

    Yumm, choco melt! I didn't know they have it. Will errr MUST try soon!!

  30. You always have the BEST stories!! This one made me laugh (sorry). Um, just scratch out my "laugh" and put um, "cry." Yes, that's it! Hehe. ;)
    Sorry about the choco melt. I can't believe I didn't know about those. Well, apparently your cashier didn't know either...sigh.
    I love chocolate milk but I completely understand why you're grossed out about it. I have the same thing about foods that have made me vomit. I once threw up (sorry for the TMI) a peanut butter sandwich in middle school and I kid you not, I didn't eat peanut butter again for TEN years. I was in college when I was brave enough to taste it. And even now I still only have it rarely.
    And three years ago I threw up Chinese food and have not been able to eat it again since...shame.
    Anyway, sorry for the gross stories. But in all fairness, you started it! Lol. Just kidding. ;) I'm not five...I swear.

  31. ewwwwwww!!! i drink chocolate soy milk all the time. but only this one brand. and i buy it myself, so i check the use by dates.

    ps. i always miss you when you dont blog! your my little gumdrop! xxx

    pps. hot freakin belt!

  32. Fabulous look darling! Love that dress!


  33. So they really do have these Choco Melts?! I am definitly going to have to be on the lookout for them! I had never even heard of the cinnamon one!

  34. Thanks for sharing that with us. Sorry about your bad experience in the past with chocolate milk. Never knew bad chocolate milk tasted like gas.

  35. ugh expired milk is nastyy! haha I don't even like milk in the first place other than flavoured soy milk. and yea monopoly is such a long game, pretty much whoever gets bordwalk and broadway(?) the 2 blue pieces wins :P stupid game! but at least it's better than risk where everything is base on rolling the dice hahahaha anyways thanks a lot for your comment! yeah you're right the car is meant to be dented and driven... sigh!

  36. rotten milk, ICK!! i once drank a big gulp of rotten milk, NASTY!!
    i'm wishing my mcdonalds had a choco melt, that looks delicious! we have nothing of the sorts though, boo!
    you look adorable in that outfit my dear :)

  37. oh you poor dear. now i know what bad chocolate milk taste like... : ) btw, thanks for the foot petal tip, those rossi are cute but not exactly a walk in the park to wear due to heel height. xo

  38. You look lovely as always and sour milk is not fun, in fact it is gross! He he, Silly S for wearing those socks! XO!

  39. Oh my gosh. I am so embarrassed. You must think I am so rude.
    I got your necklace back in the mail today with a big question mark written on the package. Apparently it helps to put the name of the country with the address. I feel like an idiot and I am so sorry. Okay, hopefully you will get it now for real, shortly. :S

  40. i'm all for librarian-inspired outfits. im also a sucker for bows. ;)

    i've tasted stale milk before and it's pretty nasty. i think it turned me off of milk too. the cinnamon melt looks yummy! i'll make sure to have the name right! :)

  41. I always love your outfits!

    That story totally made me smile! It's always such a bummer when you're anticipating something...and then, not so much.


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