Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Circle, Circle, Dot, Dot...

Even though us Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in October, in conjunction with Thursday's US Thanksgiving, I wanted to do a post on what I'm most thankful for since joining this amazing blogging community...

Note: 0:15 - 0:27 of above is my fave part. I am so thankful none of you have cooties to have met some truly amazing people. When I previously received the Circle of Friends Award I told you about Jaime, Little Rus, Kym, Mayra, Liz and KS. Fortunately a while back, the sweetest and cutest bride-to-be SG passed it onto me once more, which means I get to gush about another bunch of friends I simply adore and cannot do without.

Faux Velvet Blazer - Winners, Skirt - Thrifted, Belt - Vintage
LV Epi Pouchette, Multistrand Bracelet-Garbo, Unicorn Cuff, Braided Bracelet-Thrifted
Watch - Michael Kors, Clover Bracelet - Heidi Klum 
Peeptoe Patent Platforms - Michael Kors

SG - Thank you. You seriously beat me to it. Thank you for sharing the joys and even stresses as you plan your BIG and very special day. You will have to video conf us all in cause you can't take us along for the ride and leave us hanging. You are sweet, thoughtful, a fabulous surpriser and all around amazing. Kristian is so blessed to have you in his life. I know you'll truly have your happily ever after :) And we are SO going on that double date one day. But not fishing, k? Cause fish freak me the heck out. Except in sushi form. And I seriously hope your blog name is not indicative of when you plan to shut down your blog. Because marriage does not mean K can have you all to himself 24/7. Uh uh...we'll give you some time off for your ridiculously amazing honeymoon but that's it. 

Nicole - So unbelievably sweet you'd think you might just get a cavity but never ever sickeningly sweet. Gee...where am I going with this? I can't help it - when I think of Nicole, "sweet" is the first thing that comes to mind. Sweetness and sincerity are written all over Nicole's blog, her eyes, her smile, and I can't help but light up whenever I *see* her, read her comments or her emails. I feel blessed to call her my friend. And if I were a Betting Betty I'd say anyone who knows her feels the exact same way. She also takes amazing photos and I've recently learned she's quite crafty (DIYs not devious plans). She's going to be opening up an Etsy shop featuring some fabulous jewellery so stay tuned! 

Kristen - aka Ryan's lover. aka Mark's stalker. aka Nerd monger. But as much as she professes love for other dudes her heart belongs to only one: incredibly lucky Kent. I'm not sure if those sparkly eyes of hers have special powers but she hooked me from day one. This lil Taco aka K Puff strutted her stuff into my blog, my life, my heart and though I can't remember how it all started, I'm just glad she did. We recently had our first phone call, there were no weird awkward moments, just giddy school girl talk. Truth is she makes me giddy all the time. Oh wait, I lied. ONE awkward moment...I called her and when she picked up, I said "Hey Summer!" darn redial messed me up. It happens. I can't wait to see what the new year has in store for this amazing ever-so-deserving-of-all-good-things-happening-to-her lady. I just know it'll be a good one for the Lawlors :) And I cannot wait to see her face to face next year!

Summer - Having met Summer through Kristen, I entered S and K's world and make no mistake I ain't never leaving. Grammatically correct? Not quite, but so very true. We recently shared our first call. Time sure flew but it was so good to hear my lil DimSum's voice. There was even talk of the B's making a trip down to Toronto! T.O. or NYC, either way with just 8.5 hours between us (7 if you drive with S) this is soon to be non-virtual. She's openly shared her deepest desires and even her heartaches. And when you see her heart break, yours will break just a little (or a lot actually). As you join her on her journey, you'll find yourself amazed and inspired and cheering her on because you just know her future is bright. Because she and Adam deserve it so very much. And I just know that the lil brownies are just lining up in Heaven, hardly able to contain themselves wanting nothing more than to come down and be a part of the Browny bunch. And just in case you hadn't heard, it was a REALLY, REALLY BIG day for Summer and her embabies yesterday. I know with all my heart that prayers are heard and answered. Please keep your prayers and happy thoughts strong for Brownie mama, papa and embabies.

If I didn't mention you above, please don't take it to mean that I don't value your friendship. Although I can't do a blurb on each of every one of you (on this post), I truly am thankful for ALL of you. You guys make my day. I heart you. And if you're new to my blog - nice to meet you! Leave me a comment so I can visit your digs :)

Wishing all my Stateside friends a Happy Thanksgiving! And for you who dare to venture out on Black Friday, please BE CAREFUL. And stay away from Walmart. Seriosusly. I mean it.
xx Ela
p.s. Even if YOU had cooties, I'd still be your friend ;)


  1. Ahhh...luv the polka-dots...SERIOUSLY!!!
    So true...stay away from Walmart...far far away. No stampedes y'all :)-

    I hope you and your loved ones enjoy a wonderful turkey-filled week, because we all know there WILL be left-overs.

  2. Those platforms are divine! :-)

    If U are curious, check out my newer giveaway! ;-)


  3. love the polka thing going on! =D

  4. That was a nice tribute for your friends... I wish we've been friends for a long time. I'm just glad that I found you and your blog,but who knows, maybe next Thanksgiving, I'll be part of your tribute. hahaha!

    Happy Thanksgiving Ela!

  5. So beautiful,I'm charmed Ela...reminds me of the style from Marni collection...fave of mine!

  6. you're such a wonderful friend! and a great dresser as well, love your outfit girl!

  7. Wow, you're so lovely! They're truely lucky to have someone like you (:
    I absolutely adore your outfit too, the polkadot skirt is so cool, one of my favourite outfits from you I think!

  8. I love the colourful polkadots on you! And the wedges look simply divine!!

    Have a great Thanksgiving, dear:)

  9. My Sushi, I love you so much! Thank you for such kind words for not only me, but Shannon and Summer too. Two ladies who mean the world to me. We love you so much. And we're the lucky ones to have you in our lives.

    Thinking about you always! Happy US Thanksgiving!

  10. I am in love with this outfit. In love with you and how you don't think twice. You put something together and wow us. I love it and want it! K? thanks. lol.

    So, this lil tribute to your friends? well, it made me cry. It made me realize just how lucky I am. I love you so much! You are a big star in my sky and yes to visiting! We always wanted to head to TO and now we have a very good reason.

    Sorry that I missed your sweet call. My phone died. :( I would have loved to chat. We were on the couch watching Angels and Demons.

    PS - Thanks for breaking your rules and commenting on a TUES! I feel special!


  11. What a sweet post, darling Ela!
    We are thankful for you, too!


  12. I L.O.V.E your skirt! =)

    Happy Belated Thanksgiving! =)

  13. Love this look- esp all the bracelets and the skirt :) Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes :)

    And I won't be venturing out on Black Friday- just to get my hair done :)


  14. ummm OMG, I just read this and literally had tears in my eyes. I can't remember when someone wrote something so sweet about me, especially not for the entire internet world to read.

    Thank you soooo much for your kind words. You my darling are one of my favoritest people and I truly hope we get that double date sooner rather than later! No fishing I swear!

    It really touches my heart to have people like you supporting me during this exciting and stressful time, I so wish I could invite you all to the wedding but better believe you will be inundated with so many pictures you will feel like you were there! And I have no intentions of not blogging after the wedding, though I may need to come up with a new title

    Also, thanks for the kind words about Kristen and Summer. I've known Kristen for a decade now and she's truly one of the best people I've ever met and even though I don't know Summer in real life I can tell she's just an awesome person.

    This may be the longest comment I've ever written but I love you just that much!


  15. Love the circle circle dot dot and that's really sweet of you to write something about your friends! Yeah I agree with that when a guy is there for you all the time it means he wants something more, I didnt believe it when I was told that in highschool either but now that I look back on it I think that that is true!! Most of my close guy friends back in university I'm not anymore because they all tried to hit on me or they ditched me when they find someone else that they think will have a better chance with. Sometimes I wonder if I would have less friends if I was less attrctive you know? Or not it's becoming to a point where I'm not even interested in being friends with a guy because I think that they're just after one thing. sorry if this is too much info lol lately I've been putting a lot of thought into this ><

  16. I love the look! the skirt is adorable!

  17. No worries... I don't have cooties. And if I did... I wouldn't tell you... haha. Love that skirt... such a cute summery change to the dreary dull winter wardrobes I've been seeing (mainly on myself). I'm really glad Black Fridays don't exist here... or Walmart (ok, it's the latter I"m more grateful for). I can't deal with crowds - and this coming from someone who just got back from two sample sales. Ugh. Wishing you a lovely week!

  18. Love the skirt, bracelets and blazer!

  19. Hon, don't worry about your comment... or grammar. I'm sitting here with the worst migraine and I think the comment I just made on someone's blog actually lacked verbs. In any case, you should know by now that I understand your gibberish ;-)

  20. You have a good bunch listed up there, if I say so m'self. Gotta love the bloggy connections we make. They're the bestes!

    Still loving the accessories. Work it girl! Make your naners proud ;)

  21. love the polka dots happy thanksgiving (for october lol)

    Vi from Cali

  22. Happy Thanksgiving Ela, so thankful for you! You look darling in your pokidotted skirt, hope you enjoy this weekend. So glad that you have found some lovely bloggy friends!

  23. Oh my goodness polka, not poki, wahahaha!

  24. you are so sweet:)

    I ADORE this outfit...that skirt is just too cute!

  25. Awwwwwww! so sweet!!! and i LOVE those heels! worn with those tights and that skirt! hot. adore the unicorn cuff. why isn't there any unicorns when i go op shopping?! jealous

  26. lady! you make my heart smile so big:) thank you for that, you know I needed it:) what would I do without you. :):) and the etsy shop is coming it's so much more work than I ever expected! but there will be a little present for u when it opens! my friends at work already love the elas:) xoxoxo and I hope you have a safe and fun weekend. I'll be sure to avoid the crazy stores tomorrow:) mwuah!

  27. I adore your colorful polkadot skirt. The heels are lovely as well. I have them in a black patent and also maroon and black patent. I didn't know which to get, so I got both. ha!

    You are such a sweet woman. Your friends are lucky to have you.

    Take care Ela!! <-- don't know if I've mentioned this yet.. but I really adore your name. ^_^

  28. Love the skirt!! so pretty!


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