Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wool in June?

Sure, why
Welcome to Canadian Summers! Where one day it's so hot, whatever you put on feels like too much and the next day, you need at least three layers to keep from freezing.

Why can't all dresses have pockets?

Navy Wool Blazer - Talulah, Aritzia
Dress, Belt & Bangles - H&M
Nude Pumps - Marc Jacobs
Earrings - Givenchy
Watch - Michael Kors

It rained pretty much all day Monday. Something about the rain makes me want to dress in the most obnoxious colours. It helps me overcome the drowsy effect rain seems to have on me...and I suppose it's also my way of telling the gloom to go take a the most polite of ways of course :)

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Frill Seeker

I'm a girly girl at heart.
When I was little, I loved all things frilly and all things pink.
Somethings have changed but somethings die hard.
Fell in love with this Mario Serrani top.

Paired it with my
Ralph Lauren Motorcyle Jacket and black skinnies with ankle zips from Zara, on sale for under $20 last fall! I finally got my toesies painted...threw on black sandals that I've had for years...

Adina Reyter
Circle Necklace, Bittersweet Earrings

What about you, do your old habits die hard?


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Casual Fridays

Who ever invented Casual Fridays, entitling employees to wear denim to work on Fridays,was a genius!

Hope this shot doesn't give you a headache, but I wanted to post it because, just like this photo, at times I can lack focus (usually when I'm bored) and can be all over the place. Plus, I love to laugh and never like to take myself too seriously :)

Black Tee - Down East Basics
Jean Skirt - Smart Set (Canadian Store)
Patent Pumps - Coach
Necklace - Kenneth Jay Lane
Gold Watch - Michael Kors
Belt & Leaf Earrings - H&M
Bangle - Picked up from NY

Have a great weekend guys!!!



I've always thought head-to-toe denim was a faux pas, a disaster, a big fat times even a little offensive. Yet somehow, seeing HP in this outfit doesn't want to make me avert my eyes with disdain.

Though it has left me somewhat theory it shouldn't work, yet somehow this does....I actually kind of like it. I'm liking the pairing of the two tones of jeans, the white to break it up, the blonde against the light jean top and the rich brown tone of her messenger bag.

Image courtesy of

Now I'm not entirely convinced and certainly won't be rushing through my closet to see what jean jacket I can now pair with my fave pair of jeans. I do wonder, do I like this because it actually works...or because HP is just so darn cute? She's so precious - like a little doll come to um...a slightly-bigger-than-doll form.

What do you think, is head-to-toe denim too much jean or would you be a Jeanie?


Flipping Flippers

I've got a love-hate relationship with ebay, or as I like to call it, the e-monster. I recently spotted a pair of fabulous vintage Gucci loafers, which I had to, and I mean HAD to have. I "watched" them (more like stalked...if you can stalk shoes), even scheduled the auction end date and time into my bberry and marked the "appointment" as "busy" to ensure I would be home and free of any obligatory meetings.

I tend to wait towards the last few minutes to place my bid to lessen my chances of being outbid by incredulous amounts. So I planned on waiting for the last minute to place my bid...perfect plan yet somehow I got distracted by who knows what.

By the time I remembered to refresh the page, there was only 1 second remaining - literally. Truly perplexed by the 1 second remaining, like a ninny I entered my bid anyway...what did I think would happen, you ask. I don't know...that somehow the e-monster would take my bid because it knew how much I HAD to have them. No such luck, the e-monster practically laughed in my face with a screen refresh saying "The bidding has ended for this item."

As my lovely friend T, who uses no profanities, exclaims when something truly horrific has come her way would say..."Flipping Flippers!!!" Yes, she really does say that, and it's not just cause she's got 2 kids.

The winning bid, by the way, a mere $9.00! Why I didn't just enter my $50 max bid minutes - instead of seconds - before, as I so brilliantly planned, is something I will forever regret (yes I hold grudges...even against myself).

Flipping Flippers to the nth degree, that's how unbelievably upset I was. Still am as this happened just a few hours ago. ***Sigh*** I somehow feel a little better now that I've let it all out but am secretly hoping (oh wait, I guess it's not so secret...though if no one's reading this..then) that the winning bidder doesn't pay and that the seller will relist...and the lovely loafers will be mine...mine, all mine...muahhhaha!!!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Rendition - Plaid

Do you ever find yourself drawn to an outfit or get a sense of familiarity when you see it in a photo but can't place your finger on why?

It dawned on me that sometimes these photos leave an impression not only because they inspire; there are times when I'm drawn because I've got something similar sitting in my closet...usually unworn with price tags still attached.

Image courtesy of

So I decided that the next time I saw an outfit that drew me in, I'd pause & do a mental account of what's in my closet & if I've got something similar, or if it inspired me to throw
something together (even if completely different), I'd take a few pics and post.

Now I'm not saying I'm going to look anything like the celebrity or model whose outfit I may somewhat emulate, of course not - I'm not delusional :)

I'm 5'4", I don't have a personal trainer, an insane amount of money, a make-up artist or a hired stylist...I'm simply pulling an outfit together with what I've already got in my closet. Do let me know what you think of "My Renditions".

Plaid Top - ???
Label has a letters

Darkwash Skinnies - Mavi
Patent Pumps - Coach

Suspenders - DIY - Sweater Belt worn as a halter and tied to belt loops

Belt & Bangles - H&M

Please excuse the dark images but believe it or not, the battery on my camera died just seconds after taking these 2 shots - hence the leg-down pic...I had a shamefully bewildered look I just couldn't bring myself to post...I know, it's a sin to be vain.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Orange You Lovely!

I just can't seem to take my eyes off Charlize Theron in Jean Paul Gaultier photo courtesy of I love this dress! Love that she skipped the accessories as the dress clearly speaks for itself.

Though I've got mixed feelings on Ashley Olsen's vintage orange dress photo courtesy of

The colour certainly gives her a glow, I'm just not quite sure about the shoulders, what do you think, vintage glamour or vintage clamor?

If you're loving the orange, I spotted this vintage velvet dress on ebay for a mere $24.99! For those of you interested who wear a small, snag it item 370196446667

I had to laugh when I read the label - it's by a brand named Dynasty.

"Why?" you ask, well not just because I'm easily amused but because I had just read's write-up on Ashley's
dress, which you can read here
Montage courtesy of

Are you loving the orange or do you think it should stay in its marmalade jar and only be spread on your breakfast toast?