Thursday, June 25, 2009

Flipping Flippers

I've got a love-hate relationship with ebay, or as I like to call it, the e-monster. I recently spotted a pair of fabulous vintage Gucci loafers, which I had to, and I mean HAD to have. I "watched" them (more like stalked...if you can stalk shoes), even scheduled the auction end date and time into my bberry and marked the "appointment" as "busy" to ensure I would be home and free of any obligatory meetings.

I tend to wait towards the last few minutes to place my bid to lessen my chances of being outbid by incredulous amounts. So I planned on waiting for the last minute to place my bid...perfect plan yet somehow I got distracted by who knows what.

By the time I remembered to refresh the page, there was only 1 second remaining - literally. Truly perplexed by the 1 second remaining, like a ninny I entered my bid anyway...what did I think would happen, you ask. I don't know...that somehow the e-monster would take my bid because it knew how much I HAD to have them. No such luck, the e-monster practically laughed in my face with a screen refresh saying "The bidding has ended for this item."

As my lovely friend T, who uses no profanities, exclaims when something truly horrific has come her way would say..."Flipping Flippers!!!" Yes, she really does say that, and it's not just cause she's got 2 kids.

The winning bid, by the way, a mere $9.00! Why I didn't just enter my $50 max bid minutes - instead of seconds - before, as I so brilliantly planned, is something I will forever regret (yes I hold grudges...even against myself).

Flipping Flippers to the nth degree, that's how unbelievably upset I was. Still am as this happened just a few hours ago. ***Sigh*** I somehow feel a little better now that I've let it all out but am secretly hoping (oh wait, I guess it's not so secret...though if no one's reading this..then) that the winning bidder doesn't pay and that the seller will relist...and the lovely loafers will be mine...mine, all mine...muahhhaha!!!


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  1. o_o haha bad luck, yea its really cute actually.well i have done something like what you did if i am obsessed with a thing lol

    check out mine,


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