Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Orange You Lovely!

I just can't seem to take my eyes off Charlize Theron in Jean Paul Gaultier photo courtesy of I love this dress! Love that she skipped the accessories as the dress clearly speaks for itself.

Though I've got mixed feelings on Ashley Olsen's vintage orange dress photo courtesy of

The colour certainly gives her a glow, I'm just not quite sure about the shoulders, what do you think, vintage glamour or vintage clamor?

If you're loving the orange, I spotted this vintage velvet dress on ebay for a mere $24.99! For those of you interested who wear a small, snag it item 370196446667

I had to laugh when I read the label - it's by a brand named Dynasty.

"Why?" you ask, well not just because I'm easily amused but because I had just read's write-up on Ashley's
dress, which you can read here
Montage courtesy of

Are you loving the orange or do you think it should stay in its marmalade jar and only be spread on your breakfast toast?



  1. Hello there!
    Well I don't wear orange that often but there are certain people that look good in it! So I guess it depends on WHO wears it!
    "Dynasty": lol!

  2. i love love orange. actually i am wearing an orage lacoste skirt now. i have considered tory burch red reva flats as well but i just adore chanel ballet flats.

  3. I like the orange, but that dress kind of looks like it's just not overly flattering.

    I like your blog. It's interesting.


  4. @Savvy Mode, I love orange too! Only have a few pieces but I've never done head to toe orange.

    I love my TBs! It took a few days to break them in but after 2 years they still look brand new. TB obviously isn't on par with Chanel & I'm not sure one can ever regret a Chanel purchase so let us know what you decide - post!

    @Erica - thanks so much, so sweet! I love to write so it's good to know I'm not boring people to tears ;)

  5. Orange does not look good on me so I never wear it. Obviously some people do suit orange so there's nothing wrong with that!

    The Olsen twin (whichever one that is) needs to lose those shoulders! They make her tiny frame even tinier. Maybe if she had an hour glass figure then it would be more balanced.

    Anyway, I'm no fashionista, just saying it how I see it.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog by the way. Hope you don't mind me adding your link to eggshellgreen :)

  6. @Chickie Little, I agree, shoulders are crazy big for that tiny frame!

    Mind??? I'd love it! You've been added to mine :) Chat soon!


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