Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Sometimes, the people you love will let you down.
Sometimes, your trials will seem to be more than you can bear,
Sometimes, even sleep won't give you solace,
Sometimes, your tears will keep you from seeing what lies ahead,
But sometimes, the light at the end of the tunnel comes quicker and brighter than you ever thought possible.

 Green Black 3
Knit Blazer - Theory, Silk Skirt - Banana Republic. Patent Pumps - Coach, 
Watch - Michael Kors, Necklace - Kenneth Jay Lane, Belt - Vintage

Green Black 4
 I'm sorry I've been MIA, missed you all. Will be catching up soon!
xx Ela

Friday, September 25, 2009

Coming Soon...or Not

Lilac Blouse - SO OLD, Pants - H&M, Shoes - Seychelles, Belt - Vintage

I was trying to capture the ruffled detailing...not sure if I succeeded

While recently out for dinner S and I were discussing blogging. I told him a friend of ours had a blog.
S: What??? If --- can have a blog, why couldn't I?
Ela: Nothing's stopping you. What exactly would your blog be about?
S: [Thinks for a moment] Lady Kaka and husband abuse...
Ela: Do you mean Lady Gaga???
S: [Blank Stare] Lady Kaka and husband abuse...I'll let my public know it doesn't just happen to the elderly. [Shoots me a knowing look] 
Ela: Mmmmmkay. [Heck if I know what he's talking about]
S: It'll be huge. Like big. Real BIG. People will know me as 'that [insert blog name here] guy'.
Ela: Pardon?
S: You know, people will stop calling me by name and I'll just be that guy
Ela: So what'll you call your blog?
S: [Thinks for a moment] Full Stop. [Jazz Hands]
Ela: [Looks around to see who saw that] OK...
S: I'll also blog about fashion, parenting, medical advice...
Ela: You do realize, we don't have kids?
S: Your point?
Ela: And what makes you qualified to give medical advice?
S: My blog is there to entertain people. What does yours do?
Ela: [Stumped. I blog about him so he has a point]
S: Oh and so I don't have to respond to comments, I'll just vlog.
Ela: You won't even let me post a pic of your eye on my blog. But you'll do a vlog?
S: Not on your blog. On mine.
Ela: Whatever. I won't even follow your blog.
S: Then you'll be one of the few.
Ela: [Blank stare]
S: I'll take your blog down.
Ela: [Snorts]
S: Letterman and Leno will want me on their shows. 
Ela: Leno...never mind...
S: I'd probably get my own talk show.
Ela: Of course you would. [see here

On the drive home:   
S: Or Period. Just Period. I could call it 'Period'.
Ela:'ll be 'that period guy'? Exactly what kind of readers and comments do you hope to elicit?
S: Well, I don't have to call it that. But whatever I call it, it'll be good. Real good. 

Later that night: 
S: I wonder who invented popcorn?
Ela: I dunno.
S: I think I'll blog about that. Yeah, I'll blog that my grandfather invented popcorn.
Ela: ???

So, if you see a new blog out there, with some guy dishing the latest scoop on Lady Kaka, spewing false claims of *husband abuse*, and his "grandfather's" claim to fame for inventing popcorn, let me know. You'll probably hear about it before I do. He'd never do it though. He's all talk. It wouldn't bother me if he did though. I'd read it [secretly]. Would you want your significant other to have a blog?
xx Ela
Happy weekend, folks! 
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Talking in Circles

 Red Cropped Blazer - Available for Purchase HERE
Jeans - Mavi, Pumps - Coach

Little Rus was so sweet to pass this onto me. This lovely lady was one of my first "followers" ever. I remember visiting her blog and thinking, "she wants to follow me?". We've been commenting back and forth ever since. And she has no doubt become a friend. She's fashionable, smart, kind and sweet. She has such a nurturing way about her, I get the feeling if I were to visit her in England, she'd take very good care of me. I feel very lucky to have her friendship.

When I started blogging I never thought I'd make the friendships that I have. I never imagined I'd be plotting states into Google Maps to see how far of a drive it'd be from Toronto to [insert bloggie friend's state here]. I'm a little late in the game but I think blogging came into my life at just the right time. Now I know I received this award before from my lovely friend Jaime and I passed it onto all my readers, this still stands because in case you didn't know, I love unexpected surprises and *meeting* all of you has been one of the best surprises yet. This time round, I'd like to say a little something about 5 great gals. Gals?

Kym - She calls me her "half name twin", I always wanted a twin (and a set of twins but that's another story) so I always get a kick out of it whenever she refers to me as such. Maybe it's because she's Canadian, fluent in Engrish, makes fabulous tees, sends me candy or just knows the right thing to say - all the time - whatever it is, she's stolen a piece of my heart and makes me want to visit BC. 

Jennifer - If you've read her posts, you know it's pretty darn obvious why she gets paid to write. If you haven't read her posts, what are you waiting for? Get. Well, read the rest of my post and then, get. I especially love the excerpts from her travel journals. And with every post, she lets you into her life - the ups and the downs. She's amazingly funny and bold(she once asked Juliette Lewis if she worked at a thrift shop, LOL), I've just discovered she's actually quite crafty(think necklaces not evil plans), she's got heart, and to top it off, she doesn't even know just how beautiful she is. Go tell her. 

Mayra - First let me tell you, I cannot stand bananas - pretty tasty in banana bread (with chocolate chips, please) and let's face it, without them they'd just be bread, and I do like them in banana splits...again without them it'd just be splits ice cream. But ask me to eat a banana on it's, no thanks. But this banana, I love! She's spunky, candid, funny as heck and beautiful to top it off. In high school, I'm pretty sure she always sat at the cool table, heck she probably invented it. But behind that spunky exterior, she's a real sweetheart, no doubt her mom would be, is, so proud. 

Liz - Taking a look at Liz, the first thing you may notice is her unbeweavable hair but make no mistake, that's the least of what's unbeweavable about her. Let her in your life and you'll never want to let her go. She's warm, funny, has awesome taste in boots(with a T and has the pics to prove it) and is a real sweetie. I had a super tough day just the other week and she completely got me through it. Maybe it's because I knew all my BFFs were at work during my meltdown but 2 names popped into my head at that moment and Liz was one of them. Lucky for me, Liz was home that day and gave me all the time I needed. I kinda feel like one of the reasons she was meant to stay at home that day was to help me out. Pretty sure the Lord knew I'd need it. Thank you, Lizzy Whizzy, you don't even know. If my brother was old enough, I'd be hooking it up, all I'm saying... 

Kristen Sara - This little lady, is the main event in Wisconsin. Seriously, when S and I make the trek there - it'll be to see her(and eat some lots of cheese). Now this may take a while, so I hope she hops over to Toronto sooner than later :) She is so sweet after reading her posts (and the comments she leaves me) she makes me want to use terms like "sugar plum" and "honeybunch". I would but I don't say such things...unless I write *love*letters to S when he ruins my kitchen utensils or reeks havoc helps around the house. She's beautiful, funny and crazy humble (this girl won't admit how fabulous she is). Her head is in the books a lot (she's a law student) but she always finds time to let you into her life and into heart. She's got a big heart, no doubt. But I've already made room in there, so don't all line up now and take my space ;)

If I didn't mention you above, please don't take it to mean that your friendship means any less to me. If I'm on your blog spewing nonesense leaving you comments it goes without saying, I heart you. Thank you to everyone who comes here day in and day out and reads the blog that is my life. I love reading each and every one of your comments. I love visiting your blogs and learning more about you. And thank you to all who choose to follow me. And if you're new to my blog - nice to meet you! Leave me a comment so I can visit your blog :) 

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Happy mid-week everyone!
xx Ela

Monday, September 21, 2009

A Little Behind

Dress - Winners, Blazer - Zara,  Crossbody Bag - Vintage Gucci
Boots - Seychelles (again I know, pretty much all I wear in the Fall)

I tend to behind on awards...mostly because I stress about who to pass them onto, especially because I don't like leaving people out. Please bear with me.

Nubia at Nubia's Nonsense was so sweet to pass this onto me. Is it weird that I don't know what it stands for? Maybe she thinks my blog is as refreshing as lemonade? Or worth $0.50 a pop? Or that I look like I just sucked a lemon? Whatevs. It's awful cute. Especially since I always wanted to set up a Lemonade Stand when I was little but never did do it. Thank you, Nubia! 
Now passing onto some refreshing blogs: BonBon Rose, Fancy Pants, Oofa Luffa Le, vitaMinn Style and Wendy Brandes Jewelry.

Ashley at Breakfast at Saks was so kind to pass this onto me...a month ago. Eek! Sorry and thank you! I'm supposed to list 10 things about me, but maybe 5 quirky things will do:
1. I won't wear any open-toe shoes unless my toesies have been painted. Ever.
2. When walking next to someone, I always need to walk on the left side. If I'm on the right, it completely throws off my equilibrium. Though if someone is at my left and my right, I'll be fine.
3. I always wake up hungry. Even from a 20-minute nap. Which leads me to believe I burn a lot of calories when I sleep. Who needs the gym?
4. I can't eat salads with mayo in them like egg salad, potato salad, etc. I can however, eat a tuna sandwhich. It has mayo, I know.
5. I am a clean freak and always hated dirt and/or getting dirty as a child. My mom once caught me violently scratching at my arm, which was torn up and pretty much bleeding. She was so concerned (probably figured I'd lost it at the tender age of 3) she aked "What are you doing???" With tears in my eyes, I told her I was trying to scrub the dirt on my arm but couldn't get it off. I pointed at the "dirty spot", which she had pointed out to me the night before.
It was a mole. Of course my mom knew it was a mole. She thought she was being *funny*. Yeah, I still hold that one over her head.
Now passing onto some cuties: Janetteria, Made You Blush, Ocean Dreams, Sour Cherry and While We're Waiting

Have a great week, everyone!
xx Ela

Friday, September 18, 2009

Zip It

About 2 months ago my aunt told me she was getting married.
Yay, right?
Um, not so fun when you can't share it with anyone. I was sworn to secrecy.
See, my Cousin T had just gotten engaged that same weekend.
So my aunt told me I had to keep it a secret. She didn't want to steal Cousin T's moment. Yup, she's sweet like that. 
FINALLY, it's out in the open. She's holding it in month.
Originally we thought the wedding would take place in Niagara, which is a 2hr drive from Toronto. Easy Peasy. But now S and I are scrambling to book a flight to Arizona.
Here's a snippet of our phone convo. It's a typical example of how I can't hold his attention for more than 2 minutes when he's working:
Ela: Hon, do you know if flight prices change throughout the day? And if they do, do you know what time they are cheapest?
S: Hmmm....that's a really good question. 
Side Note: Um, hello, do I ask any other kind?
S: [Pause]. Let me put it this way...
Long pause. (Ela silent with anticipation)
S: I...don't know.
Ela: Well, since you put it that way (rolling eyes) then that makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up. Remind me again why I tell you "you're the smartest man I know"?
S: [Chuckles] Oh wait.
Pause. (Ela *again* silent with anticipation)
S: It's 36 hours.
Ela: What is?
S: To drive there. Non-stop. 
Ela: Was that even at option? [Definitely NOT an option]
S: But wait. We could leave from Detroit!
Ela: ??? Mmmkay...we'd still have to drive to Detroit first, which would still make it a 36hr drive. Either way you cut it, babe...still 36 hours.
S: Huh? No. Fly from Detroit...
Ela: ??? Um
S: [Chuckles] Sorry, I think you've lost me. I should get back to work.

Thankfully, I don't let our convos lead me to think two minutes of me is actually the maximum amount of time a person can handle. As if. Hello, give me at least 5. However, I've come to accept that unless I can integrate technical jargon into our conversation, if there's something I need to say that requires a coherent response, I better make it quick. At least when he's at work.
Anyway, back to what I was saying, ever had a secret you were dying to share?
xx Ela
p.s. In case you didn't know, this is what I look like when I'm "zipping it". Weird, it's also what I look like when I'm picking crumbs off my lips. I tried the finger at the mouth to say "shhhhh"...that didn't work out so well. I did however, manage to channel Austin Powers. 
This tee had me at the zipper. I love that it actually works, I can zip it up midway as I did here OR if I really wanted to, and had the waist of 6 month old, I could zip it up all the way to my chest.
Tee -F21, Ankle Zip Pants - Zara, Backzip Heels - Jessica Simpson 
Ring - Winners
It's hard to tell but this ring has 10 hearts dangling from it. I just heart it.
Happy weekend, everyone!
p.p.s. The night I wore this, S told me I looked "different somehow" that I looked "Asian". Seriously, I'm speechless. After 15 years...wtheck did he think I was?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


As some of you may recall, I accompanied S on a business trip to Ohio about a month ago.
I packed this wrap dress because it's so low maintenance.
Dress - Vero Moda
Clutch -Thrifted $4.99, black fabric with gold and pearl accents
Shoes - Prada worn here

Here a few things I most enjoyed and/or intrigued me about Columbus, Ohio:

1. My breakfast everday included pancakes, french toast, hashbrowns, bacon and custom omelettes made to order (I had bacon, mushroom and cheddar.) Yum.
2. People are so darn nice.
Case in Point: People will hold the door open for you if they see you heading towards the door. I don't mean when you're a few steps behind them, I mean a good 30 feet away. I found myself scurrying just so they wouldn't have to wait there too long. This happened everywhere I went. Every. Single. Time.
Case in Point: I was walking behind S. He stuck his hand behind him to try and reach for me. Instead he groped brushed against another woman's hips. He apologized, she just laughed it off. All he could say was, "I'm sooooo sorry." All she could say was, "oooh...I got excited for a minute."
Well, maybe they're too nice.
3. The servers at every single restaurant we went to were the absolute best. Bar None.
4. I discovered a thrift store that had items from J.Crew, White House|Black Market, Banana Republic, etc. with price tags still on. Score!
5. People drive with two hands. Wow.
6. People drive within the speed limit. Oh my.
7. Easton Town Center. Seriously, way cute. Great shopping. Great restos. And they have a little square where they set up a huge projection screen and play movies. I especially loved seeing little munchkins in their jammies lugging their blankies and pillows to the square getting geared up for the movie. I felt like I was in Stars Hollow.
8. Snagged these babies (now on sale here) for just $23.99 at Macy's.
On that note, I certainly wouldn't mind making a return trip.
Any city or town you unexpectedly loved?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Weight a Minute

Here's the thing. I've lost 6 lbs. 
This is not good. 
Well, because if you remember, I get comments like "go eat something". Also, because despite the weight loss, my clothes fit exactly the same...actually, to tell you the truth, now they fit worse. Sleeves on certain tops, make my arms look like plump sausages about to bust through their casing. 
You are what you eat? 
My calves have gotten even smaller.
Yet my pants are sligthly harder to zip up. Which tells me, the weight I loss - must've been all, which wasn't much to begin with, the muscle tone that I had.
How did this happen? 
Simple, I haven't been to the gym since June. Around this time I also stopped doing toning exercises for my arms. Basically summer came, and I became a lazy bum.

Even my shadow's turned to mush.
Neon Cardi - Smart Set, Shoes - Arturo Chiang
Dress - Costa Blanca - I've had this for over 10 years, bought it when I worked for the Urban Behaviour/Costa Blanca slave drivers retail chain while at University/College. The side slit used to go up to my waist but I had a *funny* notion of wanting to wear this dress out in public so I had my tailor fix that. It nows goes just above my knee.

I'm "thin" but not in shape, do you know what I mean? I'd like to think that if I kicked someone it'd hurt, not tickle. I've got to get my butt in gear. And eat better as well. First step in fixing the problem is identifying it, right? Enter the food diary from a few weeks ago...
Breakfast - Bacon and cheddar omelette
Lunch - Sausages on the barbi, greek salad (sans olives + loads of Feta) and 2 roasted marshmallows.
Dinner - Shrimp Bruschetta and Seafood Rissotto
Breakfast - Cleaning like a maniac - no time for breakfast - popped a few Sun Chips in my mouth though
Lunch - KFC with a side of Poutine
Dinner - S's Fried Fish. Grapes, *fancy* cheese and honey. And a Drumstick - the ice cream kind - chocolate oreo version. Mmmmm good.
Breakfast - Nature Valley Chewy Almond Granola Bar....chased with a KitKat Chunky
Lunch - Sausage...again
Dinner - Thai Chicken Red Curry and white rice

Oh and throw in some Gummie Bears and brownies as I like to snack in between "meals". Food? Well, it is edible. Nutritious? Not so much. Is sausage really a meal? Is chasing granola with anything *chunky* ever a good idea?

Why don't I just bathe in the Hudson River while I'm at it. That'd probably be more conducive to my health. At least it would get my heart going. Seriously, what is this? Is this a food diary or the grocery list of a 5 year old girl playing house?

Forget keeping track, clearly writing it down isn't helping anybody.

So here's the plan. I'm going to commit to getting on the elliptical at least 3 days a week so I can stop feeling winded after making a trip up the stairs. And strengthen my legs. Do some weights so  I can put on some muscle. I'm going to eat a proper breakfast, hopefully it'll include some milk (I actually hear my bones when I move) and I'm going to eat at least one fruit and or veggie a day. Not major goals, but it's a start.

It's what I decided over the weekend. I'll start any day now.
How was your weekend?
xx Ela
p.s. Thank you so much for all the sweet birthday wishes!
p.p.s. Some of you have suggested I should post a pic of S since he doesn't read my blog anyway. I should probably mention, he ocassionally reads the comments :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Best Gift. Ever.

S hates birthdays. Seriously. He's the Grinch of birthdays. Except he's not green. And he's way better looking. Yet somehow the little stinker loves to celebrate mine. He actually throws me a whole birthday-week. It doesn't make sense but I'll take it :)
Cropped Blazer - Zara, Dress - Vertigo, Handbag - LV Epi Jasmin
Glads - Modern Vintage available here. There was lots of walking so I skipped the heels.

Highlights from the day:
  • S taking the day off. This is only the third one for the whole year. Counting one he took for our anniversary.
  • Me realizing there is actually something I want: S to paint the master ensuite. S promising to get it done by the end of the month. HA and you thought I was high maintenance. Yup, paint my ensuite and stick a bow on the door. Or don't. And I'm a happy girl.
  • Being told by our server that two desserts, any two we chose, had been purchased for us. Our sweet friends K and S casually asked where S was taking me for dinner and called the restaurant to arrange the sweet surprise.
I also realized that S is the best gift life has ever given me.

I'll keep it short with 5 things I love about S, even if he won't let me post a pic of him:
After 15 years, he still says the sweetest things that bring happy tears to my eyes.
2. That he can detect when I decrease the amount of sugar in my baking but can't detect the whole wheat flour I sneak in my chocolate chip cookies. Since he doesn't read my blog. He'll never know. Mwahahahaha.
3. He says
sorry, and means it, faster than I can formulate why it is that I'm even upset.
4. How he literally sat at my dad's bedside on our recent trip to the ER and told my mom when she asked if he had to go, that he had "nowhere more important to be and nothing more important to do". And meant it.
5. That whenever he holds me, there's nowhere else I'd rather be.

What's the best gift you've ever received?

xx Ela
I've missed all your blogs, still playing catch up :)
Happy weekend, everyone!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Three Little Piggies

I don't have sisters. However, I've got two amazing cousins, who happen to be sisters, who happen to fill my sisterly void just perfectly. I love 'em.

We went for lunch to celebrate at my fave Japanese/Korean resto. Here's a shot post-gluttony. We're all pretty happy because we stuffed ourselves silly.

LP 3

Cousin J - Me - Cousin T

Some quick facts about my cousin J and cousin T...
Cousin J loves muffins. Do you know The M
uffin Man?
She does.
She wants to marry him.
And have his little muffin babies.

So she can eat them.

You will never meet a girl who LOVES these faux cupcakes more. Trust.

The last [oh, and I do mean LAST] time we did a Drive-Thru at McD's it went like this:

Order Box: Hi, can I take your order, please?

CJ: Can I get a muffin?

Order Box: What kind of muffin? Sausage McMuffin, EggMcMuffin?
CJ: [wrinkling her nose] Ew, no. Just a muffin.
I die.

Order Box: Oh ma'am, I'm sorry, I forgot it's after 11:00, we don't serve breakfast anymore.

CJ: No-no-no-no. I want a MUF-FIN.

Me [wondering: if it's only 2 syllables does it really help if you break it down?]

Order Box: Sorry ma'am, it's our po-li-cy, we don't serve breakfast after 11:00am...

CJ: Um, a MUF-FIN [making muffin shapes with her hands]. You know? Muffins?
Order Box: Er...what ma'am?
Clearly, not everyone knows The Muffin Man.
CJ: [speechless, still going on with the hands and *sligthly* panicked she's not going to get her hands on a precious ball of lard]
Order Box: Ma'am? Are you still there?

CJ: [yells at the box] A MUFFIN!!!
I die.
Order Box: No, ma'am. It's now 11:15.
I die.
CJ: A muf-fin. [desperation in her voice] I just want. A MUFFIN!!!

Order Box: Sorry, ma'am. Really, we
cannot serve breakfast after 11:00...
They went back and forth for a few more times... I went from laughing hysterically to realizing that the madness may never end and realized that as amused as I was, laughter would not actually fill my empty gullet.
Me: [stretching over cousin J, as I yell into the box] She wants a MUFFIN. The things you bake that look like cupcakes. Not an EggMcMuffin or any type of McMuffin. JUST A PLAIN OLD MUFFIN!!!
Order Box: OH! [we have lift off] A muffin!

CJ: [jumping in the driver's seat, giddy with excitement] Yes! Yes!

Order Box: [chuckles] What kind would you like ma'am?

CJ: [goofy grin, making googly eyes at box] What kind do you have?
Me: [thinking: after all this time, you haven't actually considered what TYPE of muffin you want???] I die.

Order Box: Um, chocolate chip, double chocolate, blueberry, cranberry-orange, bran....

CJ: Hmmm...can you repeat that?

How could I not love her?

Side Note: I had a Quarter Pounder Meal, in case you were wondering.

LP Back
Dress - Ella Moss, Boots - Seychelles, Handbag - LV Speedy 25
Favourite feature of this dress: the studded details on the back, neckline and front pockets

Now for Cousin T. She just got engaged about a month ago! WOOT!
She ties the knot in 2010.

I don't care how old she gets or what other grown up things she decides to do in her life, she will always be Lil Cous to me.

Cousin J, her sister, will be her MOH.
Which means, you can bet your hiney there'll be muffins at the shower.

I, have been asked to be a bridesmaid. I tried to tell her I was too old to be a bridesmaid. That at this point I should be producing offspring to provide her with a wedding party. A mini me to be her flower girl. And a mini S to be her ringbearer. I however = too old.

Cousin T: Well, you should've thought of that sooner.

Ouch. She wasn't having it.
Help. Me.

Hope you all had the best long weekend!
Tell me, what'd you guys all do?
xx Ela
p.s. Sorry I'm still's almost over :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

A Love Letter of Sorts

The other night, S cooked me dinner. Sweet right? Totes.
He's great in the kitchen so I'm always excited and appreciative whenever he cooks.
Who wouldn't be? Right.
Somehow, he always manages to make these occasions even more memorable.

Like leaving me this...
Oh, I'm sorry, did you need a close-up of my *warty* spoon?

Nice, huh?

As you can imagine, I thought it would be nice to send him a short email at work, just to thank him. Since he doesn't read my blog...I'm sure he wouldn't mind me sharing it with you:
Subject: Thank You
Date: Thursday, September 3, 2009 12:29 PM
Hi Hon,

Thank you again for cooking the other night. The fish was yummy. And I know you know I don't like the fishy taste so I really appreciate how you masked it with batter and deep-fried goodness. Really, I did, cause it was sooo good. So much so, honey-pie, that I didn't mind cleaning up the flour and cornstarch dustings on the floor, counter, stove-top, island or fridge door handles. Nope, not one bit. But, sweetie, I also found this (please see attached photo).

Funny thing, baby-cakes, I think the oil you used to deepfry the fish in...was actually very hot. I could be wrong but I think that's how the fish managed to get cooked. Love of my life, another thing about *hot* oil, it also melts plastic. Weird, right? I know. Perhaps, love, maybe next time you could use some tongs instead? Just a suggestion though, sweetie-poof.

Also, maybe next time one of our cooking utensils *bubble up*, I think it's safe to throw it out. I know we love to share our accomplishments with one another, "Look what I did, babe!" but I think we can skip the show-and-tell on this one, love. I know you don't like throwing my stuff out without checking first, but I think when a spoon begins to resemble a toad's back, it's safe to chuck it.

Thanks again, sweetie-pie. Have a great day at work and I'll see you when you get home.


p.s. I may or may not have eaten the last KitKat Chunky you had stashed away. I thought it was safe to assume, you hid save it for me. Thanks, honeybunch. You're the best. Kisses.

He called me right after he got it (and forwarded it to a co-worker) claiming he still had tears in his eyes. From laughing. He also asked, "but wait, did you actually like the fish." To which I replied, "Yes, sweetheart. That part, I actually meant."

Oh and here's what I wore the day I wrote this *love letter*.
LL Outfit 1

LL Outfit Bottom

LL Outfit 2
Blazer - Vero Moda, Floral Top - Kersh, Jeans - Levi's 569 via eBay
Belt - Vintage Gucci, Nude Patent Pumps - Marc Jacobs, Bow Earrings - F21
Have a great longgggg weekend!
xx Ela
p.s. I may or may not have a birthday coming up so I may be absent from blogging for a few days...or more. Forgive me :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Falling For You

It's official. Chilly mornings and nights are back in Toronto. And sweaters and boots are back on me. Fall is around the corner and I'm torn. I'm going to miss finding an excuse for a pedicure and the sun beating down on me(I wasn't saying that 2 weeks ago) yet I can't wait to throw on the layers, wear socks and boots and not worry about perfect pedis. What's Fall got you falling for?

Aug 31 2

Sweater - Kersh, Skinnies - Just Cavalli, Boots - Seychelles

While we're on the topic of falling for things, I love when S reminds me why I fell for him...

Recently he's told me that my skin is "losing it's elasticity", "getting more wrinkles" and "looks a little dry" and that my mom "possibly has better skin". Since he's put on a *little* weight since our nuptials, I lovingly respond by now referring to his belly button as a "blowhole".

Yup, we fall for each other, just a little bit more each day.

Seriously though, I love him more each day. Bonehead comments and all.

Ending on a different note...

A little while ago, the fabulous Clare gave me this award. She's got an eye for fashion and pairs it with witty commentary...just don't let her catch you pulling a fashion faux pas - she might just call you on it ;) Now passing, in alphabetical order (that's how I roll), onto some fabulous blogs, belonging to funny, witty, [insert all things fabulous here] amazing girls, that I love:

Also, the sweetie and I mean sweetie Kristen Sara passed this duo of awards onto me. She's one bloggie friend I truly hope to meet one day. Now passing onto the some of my favourite ladies who really do *give good blog* and are sweet and fabulous to boot:

Adored Austin, ButterSunshine, Fashion + Geometry,and My Teacups in Peony and Nubia's Nonesense

Hope you're all having a lovely week!

xx Ela

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Thank You

First, thank you so much to all who left such warm and sweet comments. Dad is doing so much better and is going back to work today! To say the least, our whole family is relieved to see him doing so well. Thank you again for your sweet prayers, knowing you are pulling for my family truly warms my heart. Also, thank you for sharing your stories with me, please know you've got my thoughts and prayers as well. I couldn't ask for nicer readers [friends really], you guys are the absolute best.

Speaking of friends, a while ago Jaime passed the Circle of Friends Award onto me, Jaime's one of the first bloggie friends I made, DO check out her blog if you haven't already. It was so sweet of her to think of me. After Sunday's post, I think it's only appropriate that I pass this onto all of you. It looks like my dad's over this hurdle but your words meant, still mean, a lot to me. I really hope each of you will accept it.

Also, three lovely ladies Janet, Kristen and Aubrey were so kind to pass the MeMe Blog Award onto me. I'm hooked on all their blogs, they're all sweet and they're all beautiful...c'mon now, don't hate :)
I'm supposed to share 7 things about me. In putting together this list I've realized I'm a bag of contradictions...
1. I love to eat and will try pretty much anything at least once. Just don't ask me to eat the last thing on the table, I can't bring myself to take the last piece. Of anything.
2. I'm a super light sleeper and wake up whenever S tosses and turns (or snores). Yet, some of the best sleep I've ever received has been at movie theatres. Something about the dark, the blasting AC and 3-hour movies knock me right out.
3. I could live off of Sun Chips, Gummy Bears, Chocolate and Ice Cream. However, I never feel completely satisfied until I've had a good heavy, and I mean heavy meal.
4. Mayra may not believe this ;)...but I'm very patient. I'll wait when you're super late, I'll stay on the phone when I've been put on hold for what seems like forever, I'll wait for you to come through on what you promised months ago. Just please don't drive in front of me at 40km in a 60 zone.
5. I can't stand clutter and having *junk* in the house but I'll keep a note my BFF wrote to me in 6th grade.
6. I don't like fish but I love sushi and sashimi(so long as it doesn't taste fishy...yes, it's possible).
7. I don't have a lisp, but can't say the word "links" without sounding like I have a forked tongue. Can you?

Onto the 7 blogs, in alphabetical order, to whom I'm passing this award:
All Things NYC, Always a Bridesmaid...Finally a Bride, Clothed Much, Gabby, She Wrote, I am Style-ish, Modediktat and Tic Tac Tomato

Happy Tuesday, lovelies!
Looking forward to catching up with y'all!