Friday, September 25, 2009

Coming Soon...or Not

Lilac Blouse - SO OLD, Pants - H&M, Shoes - Seychelles, Belt - Vintage

I was trying to capture the ruffled detailing...not sure if I succeeded

While recently out for dinner S and I were discussing blogging. I told him a friend of ours had a blog.
S: What??? If --- can have a blog, why couldn't I?
Ela: Nothing's stopping you. What exactly would your blog be about?
S: [Thinks for a moment] Lady Kaka and husband abuse...
Ela: Do you mean Lady Gaga???
S: [Blank Stare] Lady Kaka and husband abuse...I'll let my public know it doesn't just happen to the elderly. [Shoots me a knowing look] 
Ela: Mmmmmkay. [Heck if I know what he's talking about]
S: It'll be huge. Like big. Real BIG. People will know me as 'that [insert blog name here] guy'.
Ela: Pardon?
S: You know, people will stop calling me by name and I'll just be that guy
Ela: So what'll you call your blog?
S: [Thinks for a moment] Full Stop. [Jazz Hands]
Ela: [Looks around to see who saw that] OK...
S: I'll also blog about fashion, parenting, medical advice...
Ela: You do realize, we don't have kids?
S: Your point?
Ela: And what makes you qualified to give medical advice?
S: My blog is there to entertain people. What does yours do?
Ela: [Stumped. I blog about him so he has a point]
S: Oh and so I don't have to respond to comments, I'll just vlog.
Ela: You won't even let me post a pic of your eye on my blog. But you'll do a vlog?
S: Not on your blog. On mine.
Ela: Whatever. I won't even follow your blog.
S: Then you'll be one of the few.
Ela: [Blank stare]
S: I'll take your blog down.
Ela: [Snorts]
S: Letterman and Leno will want me on their shows. 
Ela: Leno...never mind...
S: I'd probably get my own talk show.
Ela: Of course you would. [see here

On the drive home:   
S: Or Period. Just Period. I could call it 'Period'.
Ela:'ll be 'that period guy'? Exactly what kind of readers and comments do you hope to elicit?
S: Well, I don't have to call it that. But whatever I call it, it'll be good. Real good. 

Later that night: 
S: I wonder who invented popcorn?
Ela: I dunno.
S: I think I'll blog about that. Yeah, I'll blog that my grandfather invented popcorn.
Ela: ???

So, if you see a new blog out there, with some guy dishing the latest scoop on Lady Kaka, spewing false claims of *husband abuse*, and his "grandfather's" claim to fame for inventing popcorn, let me know. You'll probably hear about it before I do. He'd never do it though. He's all talk. It wouldn't bother me if he did though. I'd read it [secretly]. Would you want your significant other to have a blog?
xx Ela
Happy weekend, folks! 
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  1. ela this is hilarious! i love the convos between you and your hubby. i do think if he had a blog it'd be pretty funny ;) my boy would never have one haha he picks at me for having one and loving to much! if he did tho, i think it'd be awesome. i'm sure he'd find about the same things as your hubs to blog about ;) have a wonderful weekend girl. xoxo!

  2. LOL, i love your interaction with your honey. : )
    oh the ruffle detail is all there. love it.

  3. You guys are SO freakin cute! I would so love to be a fly on the wall! I'm single in the city haha but I can't imagine my bf ever having a blog...although all my ex's read mine, it's so weird!!

    I hope to one day have what you and S do.

  4. Hahahahha, your husband's so funny! I don't think mine would blog....We have one together and I'm the only one that updates it!!! Ugh....

    You look so pretty here Ela!! Love those trousers!

  5. OMG! ELA! this is ridiculously hilarious. I'm totally laughing so hard right now. Dying. ahhh I will totally be on the look out for the 'that period guy' {on leno}...with jazzy hands. omg. lol;)

  6. Ela...i am hystarically cracking the point where i've got tears running down my face and it's foggy. Wait...i had to wipe them at least 3 times to get through that convo. Where do our men come up with these notions/ideas??!!
    Jazz hands in a restaurant and then he looks around to see who saw it...SERIOUSLY :)-
    OMG...i'm on the look out for this blog shall there ever be one. I would too have to secretly follow as NO FREAKIN' WAY would it ever be as popular as yours. We'd rally to take it down.

  7. You look so good and I love those pants!! Fabulous inspiration for my outfit tomorrow :)

  8. This is so cute, hahaha! :) I could just imagine the 2 of you having this conversation, would be so fun to see and hear it in the flesh.

    Love how you style your hair in the photos. All wavy and natural.:)

    Have a nice day ahead!

  9. Funny!! I like your look.
    B* a la Moda

  10. cool outfit. black and white combo is great

  11. Ela, your hair looks longer and really nice. I also love the look, it's really chic.
    As always I loved your post. I read it this morning and laughed and laughed and laughed! Don't you just adore your husband! :)

    Have a wonderful day, sweetie!


  12. Ha ha ha ha, this is a very funny conversation :)

  13. You look really delicate, I like the black and white.

  14. My husband did have a blog, in fact, he was the one who encouraged me to make instead of sticking to Live Journal. He still blogs now, but only about running, whereas his old blog was about anything and everything. His writing and his insight and thoughtfulness were what primarily made me fall in love with him. I call myself a writer, but I sometimes think he's a better writer than I am.

  15. Cute look! Did you cut your hair?

    I will look out for S's blog :)

    Have a good weekend too!

  16. Oh my god, that's hooooolarious! I hope it does turn up. That'd be great!

    Have a great weekend!

  17. You guys crack me up! Your husband is hilarious. I would read his blog if he made one, haha. It would be very entertaining...probably not very factual, but definitely entertaining. :)
    My boyfriend has a blog that he writes in every six months or so. It's a poetry blog. Kind of boring, actually. Sigh. :S I should probably be grateful for that though. If he had a super cool blog that got the attention of Leno and Letterman (haha) I might get jealous.

    Oh, and I love that ruffled blouse!

  18. hee you both are hee-heelarious...
    Love your look darling, the belt is fab!

  19. Bwaaa ha ha ha! That's an awesome conversation! And your outfit is lovely. In fact, your outfit proves to me, that I could be accepting of harem pants, if it weren't for the long crotch. There's nothing particularly distasteful, in fact, there's something kind of cute about the bagginess, and the gathered ankles. Just not the saggy crotch.

    Also, my husband does have a blog:

    But then, he's a web designer, so that kind of makes sense.

  20. how DO you DO it? i can never remember the long convos dave and i have but i'm pretty sure they go a lil something like yours and period boy's. i'm so calling him that now. and lady kaka?!? hahahahahaha!!!

    yous a funny couple, yes you is.

    btw, those pants are fab on you. i could never pull those off. OH and zara is my lunchdate today. be proud. i'll let you know if i find anything.

  21. That's hysterical and for the record I would totally follow S's blog if he had one!

    I tried to convince K to start a fishing blog since that's his most favorite thing (besides me) and I thought it would be fun for him but he's far too lazy for that.

    I actually don't let him read mine b/c there are certain things about the wedding I don't want him to know about yet. I told him he can read it after the wedding. I think he's pretty bitter about it. haha.

  22. I agree with one commenter above: your husband is quite funny. I think it would drive me crazy, the nonsequiter and nonsense all the time (which I do get heaps and heaps of from my hubby... but I think yours is on another plane :), but you obviously get on swimmingly and are so in love. I dig that.

    My husband actually IS a better writer. I wish his old blog was still up so you could see. Thing about him is that he's so thoughtful and analytical about things (a Philosophy Degree), and well read, so it naturally begets writing skillllllz. He's just brill. And once he becomes Canadian citizen (his mum was one, so I guess he can be as well?), I will just love him even more! :P

  23. Oh Ela, U look so perfection! love that blouse very much!


  24. You look so stylishly chic!

    I love reading the banter between you and your hubby, they're always so fun and entertaining! I'm sure you will never be bored for a second with him around:)

  25. It would be SO WEIRD if The Boy started blogging. I doubt he ever would.
    He's a terrible speller and never proofreads so his blog would be pretty hard to read.

    I'm so interested to know what he would say about his life though. Boys don't tend to talk about that sort of stuff with anyone. It would be great if I could read his mind online.

  26. I WOULD read his blog. Sounds hilarious!

    Hubs is starting a blog this January, too. It's going to be a man fashion blog. He's not very fashionable AT ALL, so it should be laugh out loud worthy. :0)

  27. Lady Kaka!!! Ahahahaha! That just made my day!

    Thanks for checking up on me, sweetie! I have been sick as a DOG all week and this is this first day where the clouds have parted...ugh. I'll try to get a post up soon! XO!

  28. LOL. My husband reads my blog and has joked about starting his own.. but I don't think he has the patience to keep it going for more than a week. And you look LOVELY in this blouse :)

  29. The period thing cracked me up! great post.

  30. You look lovely, darling!
    Thanks for the discount code, too!


  31. I forgot to say you are looking HOT here! As usual. And I just posted (finally) thanks to your (much-needed) kick in the butt. :) Have a great weekend!

  32. Adorable outfit, and love the convo between you two!! =)

  33. You're coming to San Francisco? Yes!! Let's meet up! Email me! sanfranciscostylephile (at) gmail (dot) com!

  34. ohmyLORD! you guys are too much! and i'd read it, for sure! hahahahahahah

  35. First off.... love this classic look on you! And the ruffles are gorgeous!

    Hahaha.. that dialogue is hilarious. Actually my guy has a blog (several in fact... he starts one, then decides he prefers a different name and switches to another). It's just about his marathon training, so not really exciting and I don't really follow it. He hardly updates it either. S. sounds like he has some... ummm... interesting ideas in his head... ;-)

    Have a lovely weekend!

  36. Hi! I just started following your blog :)

    Lady Kaka? Did he really say that? *lol* This conversation is hilarious.

  37. your pants and the belt are my favorite! It looks stunning on you. As for Lady Kaka....well, to each his own, right? I would definitely not want my SO to have a blog...I know he never would because the dude's fascination with internet stops at email and people doing stupid shizz on youtube....I'm perfectly happy being the only one in this relationship who blogs!

  38. Honestly... you two need your own reality show. It would kick all other current reality shows' fannies (hee hee... I said fanny). Is there any way you could sneak a tiny tape recorder into yor purse one of these days?? I would love to hear one of these exchanges go down... And for the record... the Period Guy?? Ooooohhh.... I laughed so hard I think I popped a stitch!! But it was so worth it! And I love that he's too cool for school- no commenting. And where the heck did he come up with the combo of medical advice, parenting advice and popcorn inventing?? Bwaahahahaahhahaha hahhhahahahhah (that is me laughing so hard I wet my pants a bit). As always, you made my night!!!

  39. pretty. i love the baggyness of the pants.

  40. wow you are stunning!

    i love this look. i like the way you piece things together

  41. i like the interview. really cool post

  42. hahaha. hmm i don't think I want my bf to have a blog. I mean like you said, what would guys blog about, other than hot women and worn out women. Oh wait that's what I blog about. Hmmm. About that.

    I think it'd be funny if he blogs about fashion and medical advice though! LOL

  43. OMG, Ela... I've wiped my tears away many times from laughing so hard about that conversation!!! HILARIOUS! Lady Kaka... It will be huuuuuge! Of course it will be! A couple I know is running two blogs as well. And it's so much fun to see/read her view and then his one about the same experience/event - that's amazing! Would be fun to read a conversation like yours from the view of your Mr. I guess I wouldn't stop laughing for hours. And then wouldn't be able to move because of stomach pains...
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful weekend and sending you a big kiss!!! sofie

  44. hahaha i love S. he is hilarious. Id so read his blog.

    Id love it if my boyfriend blogged! Although i have no idea what hed say. sports probably. he doesn't even read mine. pffft.

  45. That's so funny! And I love your soft top with this look. It totally complements your beautiful hair!

  46. Lol funny conva with your sig. other!

  47. Hey there. I really enjoyed your post. I hope you've had a fantastic weekend. Take care. Have a wonderful week ahead. Cheers!

  48. Ahahaha I would totally read his blog!!! Loving your blouse and those trousers are amazing. Hope you're having a beautiful weekend :)

  49. B had one for a while... it was hilarious. But he burned out quick. I think they have shorter attention spans...

  50. You look so sophisticated. I love the blouse and the belt. That story is so hilarious too! Your other half sounds like a really nice guy :) I think if my guy decided to open a blog I'd go crazy, I'm embarrassingly competitive sometimes

  51. Very nice shirt! I like the pants and heels too puts a spin in a classic outfit. The belt is fabulous you look so slim and sophisticated x

  52. OMG! You too are so hilarious!!! You totally crack me uP

    PS- such a chic look!

  53. OH my lord, Ela!! You are too hilarious! I love your transcribed conversations with your hubby ;) I just asked my bf what he would blog about and he just laughed and went back reading the New York Times- harumph!
    ps- you look gorgeous as always! How do you get your hair to look so cute and flippy like that?!

  54. how fun!

    love your outfit too. very stylish!

  55. ha! he's hilarious!!! my husband started a blog...I think he's posted twice!

    you look fabulous...oh my goodness, your hair!!!

  56. nice outfit, girl!

    gosh, I had to scroll all the way down to write a comment hahaha...

    anyway, wanted to tell you that you've been TAGGED in my latest post.


  57. You are so adorable love your outfit!!

    I'm laughing at the blog wars lol you guys are funny. Hope you had a great weekend. I cant post until tomorrow I left my camera somewhere I kind of miss it. Happy Monday sweets!

  58. Not sure if I would want my honey to have a blog, but both of your bantering is funny! I love your outfit, you always look gorgeous Ela!

  59. if i need a good laugh i just stop by your blog and read!
    so funny

  60. Hahahahah lord I couldn't imagine what crazy stuff my beau would post if he had a blog! It would be disastrous haha. I love this look, Ela! The pants are so cute, edgy but still wonderfully professional. Really pretty

    Happy Monday!

  61. hahaha that is hilarious!! i think i would crack up so much if that is forreal!

  62. i left you an award on my blog love :)

  63. what a chic outfit. and the convo made me laugh. he should totally get a blog..i would love to see what he writes about lady kaka, lol. i try to make my boyfriend blog..but he doesn't seem to want to get with the program :P

  64. hi ela! so sorry for the long absence. it's been hell at work for the past few weeks.

    it's funny because my husband is thinking of having his own blog too and saying it would kick my blog's ass. hihhi :) i guess they're just a little bit jealous of our hobbies.

    you look very smart and elegant! love the pants! :)

  65. Ela!!! You look fab here, btw. Very Parisian chic.
    It's been so long. But I've finally posted and am at long last in touch with my bloggie friends.

    Btdubs, died laughing @ lady kaka.

  66. That conversation was hilarious!

  67. I always tell my hubby that there's always 2 sides to everything: his side and the TRUTH! =)

    Your Mr. S should really start his own blog, why not?! Haha.. Would probably be so hilarious to read "his" side of things!

  68. My boyfriend has a blog, I win when I get more comments and followers, it's a good dose of healthy competition - so yeh, I think he should start one!

    nicola xx

  69. We must be married to the same guy! Popped over from DrollGirl, and so glad I did! Love your blog and sense of style. My hubby said he was going to start one with lee. I dared him.


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