Friday, September 18, 2009

Zip It

About 2 months ago my aunt told me she was getting married.
Yay, right?
Um, not so fun when you can't share it with anyone. I was sworn to secrecy.
See, my Cousin T had just gotten engaged that same weekend.
So my aunt told me I had to keep it a secret. She didn't want to steal Cousin T's moment. Yup, she's sweet like that. 
FINALLY, it's out in the open. She's holding it in month.
Originally we thought the wedding would take place in Niagara, which is a 2hr drive from Toronto. Easy Peasy. But now S and I are scrambling to book a flight to Arizona.
Here's a snippet of our phone convo. It's a typical example of how I can't hold his attention for more than 2 minutes when he's working:
Ela: Hon, do you know if flight prices change throughout the day? And if they do, do you know what time they are cheapest?
S: Hmmm....that's a really good question. 
Side Note: Um, hello, do I ask any other kind?
S: [Pause]. Let me put it this way...
Long pause. (Ela silent with anticipation)
S: I...don't know.
Ela: Well, since you put it that way (rolling eyes) then that makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up. Remind me again why I tell you "you're the smartest man I know"?
S: [Chuckles] Oh wait.
Pause. (Ela *again* silent with anticipation)
S: It's 36 hours.
Ela: What is?
S: To drive there. Non-stop. 
Ela: Was that even at option? [Definitely NOT an option]
S: But wait. We could leave from Detroit!
Ela: ??? Mmmkay...we'd still have to drive to Detroit first, which would still make it a 36hr drive. Either way you cut it, babe...still 36 hours.
S: Huh? No. Fly from Detroit...
Ela: ??? Um
S: [Chuckles] Sorry, I think you've lost me. I should get back to work.

Thankfully, I don't let our convos lead me to think two minutes of me is actually the maximum amount of time a person can handle. As if. Hello, give me at least 5. However, I've come to accept that unless I can integrate technical jargon into our conversation, if there's something I need to say that requires a coherent response, I better make it quick. At least when he's at work.
Anyway, back to what I was saying, ever had a secret you were dying to share?
xx Ela
p.s. In case you didn't know, this is what I look like when I'm "zipping it". Weird, it's also what I look like when I'm picking crumbs off my lips. I tried the finger at the mouth to say "shhhhh"...that didn't work out so well. I did however, manage to channel Austin Powers. 
This tee had me at the zipper. I love that it actually works, I can zip it up midway as I did here OR if I really wanted to, and had the waist of 6 month old, I could zip it up all the way to my chest.
Tee -F21, Ankle Zip Pants - Zara, Backzip Heels - Jessica Simpson 
Ring - Winners
It's hard to tell but this ring has 10 hearts dangling from it. I just heart it.
Happy weekend, everyone!
p.p.s. The night I wore this, S told me I looked "different somehow" that I looked "Asian". Seriously, I'm speechless. After 15 years...wtheck did he think I was?


  1. love the top. the zipper looks cool.

    btw cute convo.


    "let me put it this way....idontknow.

  2. you and S are too funny. boys, they just don't get it. lol.

    lover the top lady. i want to zip you up and take you for a stroll. haha! i don't even know what that means but it's supposed to be endearing so just goes with it.

    happy friday/weekend time! yay!!!

  3. Gosh reading your stories always give me the giggles:) "After 15 years...wtheck did he think I was?" killed me!

    aww, the ring is super cute and I love the fact that it has 10 hearts on it:)

  4. Super adorable outfit. Rock out, you are going to have so much fun in Arizona. Maybe, since it will be mid-fall, it will have cooled out a little bit.

  5. You're so flippin hoooooolarious! Sounds like similar conversations I have with my Husband, except for the asian part. I'm not asian. However, you're super adorable! As always.

  6. You two are so funny. Kristian will ask me 4 times over the course of an hour how my day was even though I answer him everytime. Either he has REALLY bad short term memory or he just doesn't listen to my responses. Not sure which is worse :)

  7. Love those shoes! I think dudes live on another planet.

  8. LOL I love the "Side Note: Um, hello, do I ask any other kind?"- that is totally something I would say (out loud, or in my head haha)

    Cute zipped look! Have a great weekend!

  9. Bwwahahha hahahaha.... your phone convo with S!! I love that he suggests driving, then suggests flying to Detroit and then driving, and when you say "Um," he responds with "You lost me." What!?!?!? He cracks me up... and the fact he just now decided you look "Asian" also made me laugh. I love how you retell your adventures with S :)
    As for secrets... I think I'm actually pretty good at keeping them. I can't remember any that I've just been dying to spill...

  10. Your outfit is very Hanh at Life in Travel. Love it. Also adore your husband. :))) Sometimes it does feel as if we are married to the same man! :))) Have a great day and lovely weekend, sweetie! xxx

  11. It's a pleasure reading your conversations, Ela!

  12. I love the zippy stuff! I think I might have mentioned once that I had a back-heeled zip shoe as well, but I never knew if it was too slutty. Thankfully a month later, zips became all the craze.

    To be fair on S., I get the same way when I'm at work... I just disguise it better ;-) That's why the hubs and I prefer discussing important issues via email... at least when you're not focusing, you can get back to it when you are. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  13. haha! Thanks for sharing the secret and the conversation!

    Nice zip detail of that shirt...and I really like your hair cut!

    Happy weekend to you!

  14. lololol! I swear my husband has said the same thing to look fab!

  15. two of your are so funny and darling together. congrat to your aunt. And no there is no decision on the ring yet. i am still trying to decide what i might like.....

  16. the top is so cool! and you really rock it

  17. Haha that convo is classic! The thought of driving that long makes me sick though!

    You look cuuuuute as always.

  18. Lol. Hubby tells me I look more Asian depending on some things I wear to.
    I look the most Asian when I'm on holiday and have to carry the big-ass camera (like when we went to the Gold Coast to Dream World and I couldn't go on any rides because of being pregnant).

  19. You look gorgeous in those photos!! I love that outfit. It is so classy and casual at the same time.
    Oh my gosh, that conversation with your husband is too cute. Hehe. It made me smile.

    PS. Thank you for the super lovely and sweet comment on my wall. (And the advice). It means a lot. I think we can work on our seperate problems together! We'll keep each other motivated! I'm so lucky to have you as a friend. :)

  20. Oh gosh, that is such a funny story!!! :D And that is awesome about your aunt's wedding!! good luck finding tickets..hehe :) Ela, I'm so in love with that zipper top!! I'm not really a fan of unnecessary zippers on clothing but I love this. It's edgy but still simple. You look great as usual :) Have a great weekend!!

  21. SWEEEEETEST ELA - How are you, darling?
    Thank you soooooo much for thinking of me and for sending me your lovely messages and your kind get-well wishes darling!!!
    How are you? Also important - how is your dad? Is he back to normal or still recovering?
    I'm back at desk since yesterday and trying not to drawn in work which could happen easily since there are towers of papers on my table.... Argh!

    You know what - you're always holding up the funniest postings ever! I had to laugh out so loud about the conversation above!! That's life, I know - but you're very talented to bring it into an amazing warm and hilarious cut!!
    (Was that even at option - hehehe!!)

    Congrats to all the happy related people on their upcoming weddings!! Happy nuptials!

    You're looking so very fabulous in the pictures! That's an amazing shirt, dear!

    Wishing you a wonderful and sunny weekend!!
    Big kiss and much love, s.

  22. haha you always make me laugh
    love the zippered top!

  23. Hi honey! I left an award for you on my blog today. :) Hope you like it. Have a wonderful weekend! (and remember to eat properly :) ) xxx

  24. I love your picture! :) The zipper top is great on you.

    And your post made me laugh!


  25. LOVE your shirt and shoes! the ring is gorgeous

  26. Great outfit...hilarious post! I love your convos with S. Hahaha, I am still chuckling. My boyfriend told someone the other day he "thought" I was bi-racial. Even though he knows my entire family... and we are all black... lol! Lawd, Men certainly are from Mars hahaha

  27. LOL funny conversation hahahaha! And love your shirt and your pose :) omg so my work was giving out free U2 tickets (they had some left overs) the day of the concert in Toronto and I was totally going to get you a pair but then I relize that I got no way of contacting you other than through blogspot!! LOL sighhh~ If it happens next time I'll let you know sooner <3

  28. 1. Best time of the week is to shop on Tuesday or Wednesday morning around 6amish. Air carriers reset their fares on Tuesday or Wednesday after getting the peak of the weekend travel over... so the best time of the week to shop is then, and at that particular time of day.

    Try And yes, it will be cheaper for you to fly out of Detroit because domestic travel much cheaper than T-dot nonstop to AZ. And since Detroit is a NWA hub, that is probably where you will find the best fare out of Detroit to AZ.

    You guys are too funny. I have weird conversations with my husband, N, but I can't ever repeat any of them online. ^_^ He likes to maintain that I'm Pacific Islander and NOT Asian, just because he knows it annoys me. Which is funny; he referred to himself as "Asian" before we met. What a weirdo.

  29. "The night I wore this, S told me I looked "different somehow" that I looked "Asian". Seriously, I'm speechless. After 15 years...wtheck did he think I was?"

    - This part made my belly ache from too much! The hubby calls me Asian rarely, he prefers to call me exotic.hahha! Oh by the way,is S "Asian" too? ;)

    Love that purplish zipper top, looks so chic on you.

    Have a beautiful day ahead! :)

  30. You are looking great!! I absolutely love that Tee, i want one !

    have a wonderful weekend!


  31. Hey there. Great post. I hope you've been having a wonderful weekend. Take care. Cheers!

  32. Thanks a million, sweetie =) you always look so cute!

    And yeah, Spanakopita is legend. My great-aunt moved to Greece many years ago for her Greek husband, he's a chef and owns his own restaurant. One day I need to get over there!! :)


  33. Hey Ela, I miss you so much!! It's been too long since I commented on your blog. But thanks for still coming to my blog and leaving sweet words :D I have to make sure, was the zip shirt from F 21?? I love it! I hope you and S the best!! Can't wait to hear the wedding story. I love all your family.

  34. haha, what a cute convo. Love your outfit hun!

  35. your life stories are simply an open book.the relation you have with s. in those 2 minutes of conersation....well...that's something special.lovely outfit.

  36. you and S are so funny!!! you look marvelous! :) Hope you are having a great weekend!

  37. hhahaha.. you and S never fail to amuse me and make me smile. i could only hope to have that bond with my significant other as well:)

    btw E, i'd love to invite you to take part in my giveaway going on at my blog! its open to US residents:)


  38. I love the part about the "good question", hehe!
    That top is so cute and versatile and looks so nice on you!

    Just in case you haven't booked flights yet, I was told Tuesday night/Wed is the best time to book! =)

  39. surprised that the cute shirt is from F21, seems too edgy for them. :) you look great, love all the zipper details!

  40. I'm with Tiff, I was super surprised it's from F21, LOVE IT!!!! You are so cute and badass...let us be friends forevahhh...????

    You and S are ADORBS.

  41. i really like the zipper details, specially the one at the back of your shoes. it's so unexpected!

  42. That sounds like a convo I would have with my BF, too funny. Your outfit is darling too!


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