Friday, September 4, 2009

A Love Letter of Sorts

The other night, S cooked me dinner. Sweet right? Totes.
He's great in the kitchen so I'm always excited and appreciative whenever he cooks.
Who wouldn't be? Right.
Somehow, he always manages to make these occasions even more memorable.

Like leaving me this...
Oh, I'm sorry, did you need a close-up of my *warty* spoon?

Nice, huh?

As you can imagine, I thought it would be nice to send him a short email at work, just to thank him. Since he doesn't read my blog...I'm sure he wouldn't mind me sharing it with you:
Subject: Thank You
Date: Thursday, September 3, 2009 12:29 PM
Hi Hon,

Thank you again for cooking the other night. The fish was yummy. And I know you know I don't like the fishy taste so I really appreciate how you masked it with batter and deep-fried goodness. Really, I did, cause it was sooo good. So much so, honey-pie, that I didn't mind cleaning up the flour and cornstarch dustings on the floor, counter, stove-top, island or fridge door handles. Nope, not one bit. But, sweetie, I also found this (please see attached photo).

Funny thing, baby-cakes, I think the oil you used to deepfry the fish in...was actually very hot. I could be wrong but I think that's how the fish managed to get cooked. Love of my life, another thing about *hot* oil, it also melts plastic. Weird, right? I know. Perhaps, love, maybe next time you could use some tongs instead? Just a suggestion though, sweetie-poof.

Also, maybe next time one of our cooking utensils *bubble up*, I think it's safe to throw it out. I know we love to share our accomplishments with one another, "Look what I did, babe!" but I think we can skip the show-and-tell on this one, love. I know you don't like throwing my stuff out without checking first, but I think when a spoon begins to resemble a toad's back, it's safe to chuck it.

Thanks again, sweetie-pie. Have a great day at work and I'll see you when you get home.


p.s. I may or may not have eaten the last KitKat Chunky you had stashed away. I thought it was safe to assume, you hid save it for me. Thanks, honeybunch. You're the best. Kisses.

He called me right after he got it (and forwarded it to a co-worker) claiming he still had tears in his eyes. From laughing. He also asked, "but wait, did you actually like the fish." To which I replied, "Yes, sweetheart. That part, I actually meant."

Oh and here's what I wore the day I wrote this *love letter*.
LL Outfit 1

LL Outfit Bottom

LL Outfit 2
Blazer - Vero Moda, Floral Top - Kersh, Jeans - Levi's 569 via eBay
Belt - Vintage Gucci, Nude Patent Pumps - Marc Jacobs, Bow Earrings - F21
Have a great longgggg weekend!
xx Ela
p.s. I may or may not have a birthday coming up so I may be absent from blogging for a few days...or more. Forgive me :)


  1. What? Birthday?? You have to be more specific, lady..... ;)

    And that story was SO funny!!!!! And the email was even FUNNIER. You guys crack me up... :D

    Love your outfit here!! The floral shirt with the blazer works so well! You look amazing as always :)

  2. i love it.

    you're the skinny rachel ray????? hihihhii.


    btw all of my spoons looks like that. yum!

  3. Nice! A love letter of sorts indeed funny lady.
    Love the outfit, and especially the composition of the first photo. :]

  4. Yeah, hubbies can be great value huh! My hubby ruined my scissors by cutting wire with them. Clever boy. He knows better now after I gave him a telling off.

  5. First of all - I LOVE (if I could use bigger font I would, trust me) this outfit!!!!!!!! Love love love love love love it! The jeans, the colours, the blazer and everything together. Wow... Do I sound like I am a touch too much over excited? Well, maybe... But I still adore the outfit.
    Secondly, I ADORE the first photo of you, the portrait! It could be in a magazine. Honestly, it's so dreamy.
    Now, the final part. My husband does not cook. :( He makes lovely English tea and buys the best biscuits and sweets, but does not cook. So lucky you!

    Have a great day and wonderful weekend, sweetie!


    P.S. God, I love that outfit... and yes, and the hair and little earrings that go so well with the pumps.

  6. Thanks! I just hate being sick! Not funny at all.

  7. aww the letter is so sweet! love the look!

  8. Hahah that letter was just so funny! You and your husband seem hilarious!! That is a beautiful outfit! Love the jeans


  9. Gosh, the letter left me in hysterics! You're so cute, love letters like these are so sweet haha:P

    You look gorgeous in your boyfriend jeans and fitted blazer, love how you put up your hair too:)

  10. That letter was hilarious. I especially like the PS part. I so have to try that on my boyfriend. He hides cookies/candy from me all the time. Lol.
    I love your outfit. You are so beautiful! That shirt is gorgeous and goes very nicely with the jacket. The pants are just fabulous. :)

    PS. Umm...happy birthday?

  11. how coincidental, my husband cooked/baked salmon last night too. and he is a MUCH better cook than me. hehe, also i just did an outfit post wearing look-alike boyfriend jeans! :)

    hope you'll have a great long weekend!

  12. hahahaha that letter was priceless. I love how you keep adding in "love" and "sweetheart" etc. I *may* have to steal this idea from you in the future when the boy leaves me an unwanted surprise to clean up. You are the cutest.

    Have an awesome weekend!

  13. oh my gosh. hahah, that is the best email ive ever read. i love your random sweetie-pie's and loves thrown in there ;) im also certain he hid that chunky kit-kat just for you! josh does the same thing..except for some reason he's making it harder and harder for me to find my surprises..hmm wonder why ;) hugs! happy birthday to you too!!! have so much fun love! you deserve it :)

  14. LOVE the outfit! Wow that's one of my faves that you've shown us :)

    You and S are so cute- presh note you wrote him and I love how he cried from laughing , haha.

    Enjoy your long weekend and happy birthday(?)!

  15. Hahaha, that is something my BF would do if he tried to cook! Usually he does pretty well but it's safe to assume most of the broken/mangled utensils in our apartment are because of him. Oh, okay, I take the blame on one or two...MAYBE! And happy early birthday, hope it is fabulous!

  16. Your jeans is really amazing and you wear it well. Also, happy birthday!

  17. So sweet!
    Love your look, especially the BF jeans!


  18. Haha... that email was hilarious! Actually my hubster can cook really well (he could cook before I ever bothered), but men seem the ignore the mess (though he does clean up after... I remind him ;-). Gorgeous outfit by the way... you guys get Vero Moda as well? Love that brand! Oh, and should it be someone's birthday... I'd wish that someone a really happy one and have lots of fun ;-) Have a fab weekend!

  19. You guys are adorable!
    Love the outfit! Causal & Chic

  20. OMG that is HILARIOUS!!! and TOTES relatable. i have these same conversations with dave after we cook sooooo many times. never thought to send an email...very clever my friend :)

    happy HAPPY long weekend! and WAIT!!! birthday?!?!?! i loveee birthdays. when is it so we can celebrate! ;)

  21. OMG! So funny, Ela! I can't stop myself from laughing,my belly is aching right now.rotfl! :)

    Hubby doesn't cook that well and doesn't clean-up either. So the kitchen is hands-off to him.

    You look so comfy in your floral top and bf jeans get-up. By the way, I hope you have read about the award that I gave you.

    Have a nice week ahead!;)

  22. hahahahh =D seriously, i was laughing my lungs out with your letter...thanks for sharing coz i needed to hear something like that today. love what you're wearing too!!!

  23. Oh boy. Maybe you shouldn't have given S that "timeout"!!!

    Also, this outfit is so horrible I think you should pack the whole thing up immediately and send it to me overnight! Kidding! Except about the sending it to me overnight. :)

    Tres chic!

  24. So sweet and romantic! Oh and you look great!

  25. Ah! I forgot to wish you a happy, happy birthday! I hope you'll be doing something super fun and fabulous!

    And regarding your question, I might ask you the same thing! I have "off" days all the time. Like today. No post! :)

  26. Hahaha that is SO awesome! I would have loved to have seen the point he started to crack up when reading that. And the hidden chocolates have always been stashed away for you to find ;) I love your floral top and those wider leg jeans look fab. Hope you're having a beautiful day dear :)

  27. Don't you love it when they try to "help." Ah ha ha ha. My favorite is when the hubs does the laundry. There are no words. And thank you for the super sweet comment you left. Big smiles over here! You too are an incredible woman, who clearly loves deeply and will someday make an amazing mama!

  28. Birday? Miss! Hope you have a great time celebrating!

    And that letter.... sooooo funny!!!

  29. Laughing hysterically i am..right now :)- Such a cute letter, and ever so polite too.
    Your outfit...i must raid your closet. I think we are the same size. Lol

  30. Oh my... ha ha haa ha haaaaa!! I would've loved to see S's reaction as he was reading (and crying over) this letter. And a toad's back?? What a perfect description for your bubbly, warty, deformed spoon. You crack me up!!
    And I know I say it all of the time (but I honestly mean it everytime)... your outfits are to die for!! This has to be by far you're most gorgeous and super-modelesque combination. Your hair, your makeup.. everthing. To die for girl!!

  31. that is hilarious....I so relate!!!

    you look so pretty, I LOVE this outfit!

  32. You sneaky lady you, I hope you have a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What are you doing to celebrate? Ha, that letter cracked me up, I would be a tad frustrated too and your outfit is lovely, even though he might be a tad frustrated after realizing you snatched his snack, all will be forgiven because he will see your cute outfit! Lol. I hope you enjoy your long weekend, thanks for the good luck at my race. You could do it too if you started out slow, I promise! :)

  33. Love it! You look gorgeous as always!

  34. This is way too funny! I almost fell off my chair laughing on that "toad's back"!

    I would love to be a fly in your house just to listen in to these funny conversations first hand!

    I have to admit though that in our kitchen, I'm the messier one. So it's most likely I'll be the recipient of this kind of letter from the hubz!

  35. lol your too much , I would forward that email too someone also Its too funny.

    I love your jeans you look so chic

  36. Lol, that is such a sweet email. It's funny how guys try to make special things for us and kinda end up making a mess.

    Your outfit is ultra cute, and happy b-day!


  37. ehat a sweet way to say you made a mess and ruined my utensil

  38. great letter!! :) heheh

    you look AMAZING! I love the BF jeans!!

    hehehhe I'm going to say you do have a bd coming up :) Enjoy!!!

  39. ahaha, you and S have the BEST relationship. such characters, you both are. loves it. and LOVES the outfit, those bow earrings are too cute.

    anddd, its your bday?!?! or it's coming up soon?? i wish you the best ever! you deserve it lady :D

  40. You are hee-heelarious!
    Love how you cropped the first photo, very artistic darling...should explore more on it!
    Fab weekend darling!! xo*

  41. thats an kille outfit! U look GREAT!

  42. this is so so's your b-day soon?mine was friday, the 4th.lovely are so lucky to have a husband like that.and that's a really good 21st century love letter:)

  43. Love the blouse & blazer!
    Thanks for your comment, I bought my jacket in Portugal I think it was in Zara or Blanco.
    X, fashion-nerdic.

  44. My boyfriend also tries to cook and it is a DISASTER but it's so sweet! Btw, great pumps in perfect color:)

  45. Oh Ela! You are such a doll! I love your outfit, so chic and you look beautiful! Maybe one day I can style & photograph you, it would be so fun!

    Happy Wknd ♡,

  46. I am IN LOVE With that outfit! The belt and the shoes...amazing pair. Good, good, good work! So creative :)

  47. Great outfit, perfect outfit oh I love it. I want to recreate it and be fabulous like you.

    Hahahahahahahahhahaha about that e-mail, it really did make me laugh out loud! Ya'll are adorable. I smell a book...

  48. You write the funniest love letters!
    I really like your outfit too! THey way your wearing the boyfriend jeans is great.

  49. love this outfit, great floral at your spoon ;)

  50. U look so really fashionable dear Ela! :-)


  51. hahahaha a spoon that resembles a toad's back lol! or something with boils all over EWWW! funny!

    Thanks soo much for your comment. It was super helpful- I didn't know you can address that much on the 30 day form. I will do that... on the other hand they replaced my fridge with a new one yesterday, but they made a HUGE scrape along my entire wall going up the stairs that needs new plaster... So yes this time I totally just b*tched them out! I learned from the last time!

  52. I love your outfits, you look so stylish. I cracked up reading the e-mail. : ) It's the thought that counts... : ) Is it your b-day?

  53. sweetie-poof. ahaha i laughed so much reading this. too adorable. bubbly utensils wweeee!!!!

  54. haha i was dying laughing at the whole email.... lol you two are so cute

    love the outfit btw

    Vi from Cali

  55. Happy Birthday, love muffin! That letter is HILARIOUS!!!

  56. HILARIOUS! I'm loving your outfit too :D x

  57. I love that letter. Hope you have a great week. Cheers!

  58. OMG sooo funny! You guys are totes the cutest couple EVER!!!!!!!!

    Birthday! WHAT WHAT WHAT!

  59. I really like your fashiion sense!


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