Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Thank You

First, thank you so much to all who left such warm and sweet comments. Dad is doing so much better and is going back to work today! To say the least, our whole family is relieved to see him doing so well. Thank you again for your sweet prayers, knowing you are pulling for my family truly warms my heart. Also, thank you for sharing your stories with me, please know you've got my thoughts and prayers as well. I couldn't ask for nicer readers [friends really], you guys are the absolute best.

Speaking of friends, a while ago Jaime passed the Circle of Friends Award onto me, Jaime's one of the first bloggie friends I made, DO check out her blog if you haven't already. It was so sweet of her to think of me. After Sunday's post, I think it's only appropriate that I pass this onto all of you. It looks like my dad's over this hurdle but your words meant, still mean, a lot to me. I really hope each of you will accept it.

Also, three lovely ladies Janet, Kristen and Aubrey were so kind to pass the MeMe Blog Award onto me. I'm hooked on all their blogs, they're all sweet and they're all beautiful...c'mon now, don't hate :)
I'm supposed to share 7 things about me. In putting together this list I've realized I'm a bag of contradictions...
1. I love to eat and will try pretty much anything at least once. Just don't ask me to eat the last thing on the table, I can't bring myself to take the last piece. Of anything.
2. I'm a super light sleeper and wake up whenever S tosses and turns (or snores). Yet, some of the best sleep I've ever received has been at movie theatres. Something about the dark, the blasting AC and 3-hour movies knock me right out.
3. I could live off of Sun Chips, Gummy Bears, Chocolate and Ice Cream. However, I never feel completely satisfied until I've had a good heavy, and I mean heavy meal.
4. Mayra may not believe this ;)...but I'm very patient. I'll wait when you're super late, I'll stay on the phone when I've been put on hold for what seems like forever, I'll wait for you to come through on what you promised months ago. Just please don't drive in front of me at 40km in a 60 zone.
5. I can't stand clutter and having *junk* in the house but I'll keep a note my BFF wrote to me in 6th grade.
6. I don't like fish but I love sushi and sashimi(so long as it doesn't taste fishy...yes, it's possible).
7. I don't have a lisp, but can't say the word "links" without sounding like I have a forked tongue. Can you?

Onto the 7 blogs, in alphabetical order, to whom I'm passing this award:
All Things NYC, Always a Bridesmaid...Finally a Bride, Clothed Much, Gabby, She Wrote, I am Style-ish, Modediktat and Tic Tac Tomato

Happy Tuesday, lovelies!
Looking forward to catching up with y'all!


  1. Much deserved lady! Congrats on the awards! And I, like you, need that heavy meal to feel satisfied.

  2. I am very happy your dad is just fine now, Ela! Like you I am a light sleeper and I don't like fish xxxx

  3. Dear Ela!

    Good to hear that your Dad is fine :-)

    Thank you so much for the lovely comments you left on my blog during I was away :-)
    It meant a lot to me.

    Have a lovely day and see you soon, much love: Evi

  4. I'm not a big fan of fish either... but I know what you mean about sushi, as long as it's not fishy tasting!! And while you can't eat the "last piece," I can't eat the ends of things. If I have a picle, a tiny end will remain on my plate because I don't like eating it. Same with hot dogs, brats, things with "ends." Odd, I know!

  5. Congrats on your awards. And you are one of my first bloggie friends, so it was my pleasure to give that one to you! :)

  6. yay! again, i am so glad your dad is back in good health, and im glad you had so many prayers to ease your heart :)

  7. congrats to you lady!!! and YES I LOVE GUMMIE BEARS!!! specially when they are covered in chocolate!! fav!!!!

    love learning more about you lady!! you are awesome!

  8. Sorry I missed your last post :/ I was having a bad crampy day yesterday (whereas today is just a bad headachey day... ahh, it's good to be a woman ;-) I'm so glad your dad is doing better. I'm kinda worried about mine, because he's going into surgery next week (it's a cardiovascular thing where they have to widen his arteries)... not really a dangerous operation, but you do get worried nonetheless.

    Loved reading your tag answers! I can relate to the sleeping habits. Though I am generally a heavy sleeper once I fall asleep... I have fallen asleep in cinemas plenty of times, though my personal highlight was when the hubby and I both fell asleep watching a play in London starting Woody Harrelson. We were in the third row center and I'm pretty sure he was insulted... haha.

    Hope you're having a fab time with J.! There's nothing better than catching up with a friend who lives far away :)

  9. ahhh i don't believe you. LOL. kidding.

    so happy to hear your dad is doing better. i hate when things like that happen to the ones i care about. it's like your whole world stops for that moment and it's not until you get the okay that you start breathing normal again.

    anywho, maybe you're just impatient with me as i tend to rub that off on people. i'm the worst but that's neither here nor there. i was tagged by you so i will play...check my blog for it.

    ps. you're so cool, just sayin...

  10. Aww thanks for the award! I hate hate hate clutter as well, which is funny b/c I'm a pack rat but an organized pack rat!

    Glad your dad is feeling better :)

  11. i completely understand the sushi thing. ick, i hate fish but i loove sushi. ( as long as it doesnt taste fishy, you're right!) glad your dads doing better girl, and congrast on all the awards. you deserve them!

  12. Congrats Honey! U totally deserve...


  13. i'm glad your dad is doing better!

  14. what i'm i sayin...i do actually care about dinner! i'm a heffer like that. oh yummers foooood. haha. i just don't cook. that's what the "who cares" means.

  15. Hello!
    I saw your comment on my blog (which I've taken forever to update) and I wanted to stop by!

    You have a lovely blog and I really like everything on here. It definitely kept me entertained :D

    <3 Erica

  16. I'm glad to hear your Dad is feeling better! It must've been a horrible experience to see him so ill. And I love the thing about light sleeper! I'm a strange sleeper. Only certain things will wake me up. Like lightening, and I have a sixth sense when there's bugs in my room and seem to wake up every time there's a moth or something. Slightly odd xD

  17. Hi Ela.That's so good to hear, that your dad is ok.It's also interesting to know more about you.Have a dreamy week.

  18. Hi Ela! Great post, good to hear about your dad :P Anyway just wanted to stop by and say can't wait for your next outfit post! ttys!


  19. Hey pretty, I tagged you with a lil award on my blog aswell =)

  20. you're so sweet...hope your dad is doing 100%. thanks for the comment on my dad did make a full recovery and now he plays tennis that's a yay!

  21. Yay awards! I'm trying to get some comments in-internet is down at my house PANIC ATTACK CITY.

    I love your answers!! Im the exact way about eating...I dont know if that's good or bad, but on YOU it looks real real good! :)

    So glad your dad is doing better! Isnt blogging amazing with the support you receive? We're here for you hun!

  22. congratulations on your awards and so glad to hear that your dad is doing better!

    It is always nice to learn more about you!!

  23. well just make sure next time you're in SF to come say hi :)

    ok i just noticed that bumblebee picture on the sidebar. is that new? why have i never seen that? it's so cute!

  24. It's so great to hear that your dad is doing better! And I do not think it is weird that you don't like fish but you like sushi/sashami. There are a ton of people like that; including one of my best friends. However, I do love me some fish, esp crab and lobster.

  25. Congrats. You definitely deserve any awards you win. I love your blog. I hope you are doing well. Take care. Have a great day tomorrow. Cheers!

  26. Hi Ela, glad to hear your dad is doing great now.

    Nice post! And I know what you mean about the sashimi tasting fishy. I don't like that either and could not eat red tuna for that reason. It tastes fishy to me no matter how fresh!

  27. Congrats on the awards! I love your facts. We have a lot in common. I also will try any food item once. Anything. Bring it on. Hehe!

  28. Oh my gosh and out of pure coincidence (or is blogger trying to tell me something?) my security word I had to type in for that last comment was "obese"!! LOL!

  29. Hey Ela! So nice to hear that your dad is doing better. I loved reading your 7 things! I am totally a neat freak too! Except you probably wouldn't believe it if you saw our apartment right now...hahah but I don't like unnecessary junk in the house! And thanks for the tag! I'll have to do that next post :D

  30. So glad your dad is doing better!

    I could also probably live off gummi bears... if only they didn't have so much sugar!

  31. Thanks so much! I just finished it :)
    I can completely relate to the "no clutter but still a sentimental pack rat" thing! I'm the exact same way.

  32. This answered my question...glad your dad is doing better and I try to be patient too, but sometimes it is really hard!

  33. hi ela! THANK YOU for the award! sorry for picking it up late though. so glad i found your blog!


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