Friday, September 11, 2009

Best Gift. Ever.

S hates birthdays. Seriously. He's the Grinch of birthdays. Except he's not green. And he's way better looking. Yet somehow the little stinker loves to celebrate mine. He actually throws me a whole birthday-week. It doesn't make sense but I'll take it :)
Cropped Blazer - Zara, Dress - Vertigo, Handbag - LV Epi Jasmin
Glads - Modern Vintage available here. There was lots of walking so I skipped the heels.

Highlights from the day:
  • S taking the day off. This is only the third one for the whole year. Counting one he took for our anniversary.
  • Me realizing there is actually something I want: S to paint the master ensuite. S promising to get it done by the end of the month. HA and you thought I was high maintenance. Yup, paint my ensuite and stick a bow on the door. Or don't. And I'm a happy girl.
  • Being told by our server that two desserts, any two we chose, had been purchased for us. Our sweet friends K and S casually asked where S was taking me for dinner and called the restaurant to arrange the sweet surprise.
I also realized that S is the best gift life has ever given me.

I'll keep it short with 5 things I love about S, even if he won't let me post a pic of him:
After 15 years, he still says the sweetest things that bring happy tears to my eyes.
2. That he can detect when I decrease the amount of sugar in my baking but can't detect the whole wheat flour I sneak in my chocolate chip cookies. Since he doesn't read my blog. He'll never know. Mwahahahaha.
3. He says
sorry, and means it, faster than I can formulate why it is that I'm even upset.
4. How he literally sat at my dad's bedside on our recent trip to the ER and told my mom when she asked if he had to go, that he had "nowhere more important to be and nothing more important to do". And meant it.
5. That whenever he holds me, there's nowhere else I'd rather be.

What's the best gift you've ever received?

xx Ela
I've missed all your blogs, still playing catch up :)
Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. omg youre kidding thats incredible .. my bf is the same way .. so sweet

  2. so...wwas it your b-day?:)The Grinch part, amazing:))))your outfit, loooovely and more:)ih, you make S sound so say he won't let you post a picture of him,but with him not looking on the blog...anyway,the best gift i've ever received definetly must be my family, LIFE:)

  3. Awww that's so lovely! He sounds like a big sweetie.
    The Boy is sweet, but still only clueless boy sweet, not quite on S's level.

    Did I say happy birthday? I hope so. If not, belated birthday!

  4. Happy birthday, birthday week is awesome! What a lovely post!!

    Your S sounds so sweet and thoughtful, I like him already:)

  5. Aww S is your perfect mate, and im so happy he makes you so happy (regardless of all those petty differences, hehe)! glad you were treated like a princess on your birthday, i would have it no other way! and your friends are way too cute!! omgosh, love it all.

    the best gift for me is my mikeycakes, and you obviously know why :D though this post almost made me teary because i want to feel your #5 like i did back home, but cant now that im in LA :( at least i have skype, and thank goodness for that :)

  6. That is so lovely!
    The sandals in the photo are really pretty. :)


  7. Oh, honey, happy birthday! I am so glad you had a great time. You look absolutely beautiful! x

  8. Lovely post! Happy Birthday, buddy Ela! :-) Love the dress!


  9. Happy Birthday!! You look gorgeous! What sweet friends...dessert, um yes please and.....

    "nowhere more important to be and nothing more important to do".

    Why you gotta make me cry at 2 am? Sweetest thing EVER!

    And re:last week...any time babe, ANY TIME!

  10. S sounds like a very sweet person!

    was it your birthday recently? mine too : )

  11. Happy birthday gorgeous!! aww S sounds so sweet and wonderful, you're one lucky girl!

  12. Happy Birthday, Ela!!! You are very lucky you have married such a man! You deserve it, honey:)

  13. Happy birthday. I'm not sure if I ever said that...(you were so mysterious about it earlier, hehe). I'm glad you had a great week.

    Your outfit is gorgeous. You are so beautiful. And I'm totally lusting over those shoes. :)

    All those things you love about your hubby are so sweet. You are such a kind, caring, and loving person. He is a very lucky man! You BOTH are lucky.

  14. What a lovely post! He sounds like such a fantastic man... of course he is, he's with you! :)

  15. 15 years, wow! You and S seem like such a cute couple :)


    Enjoy your weekend :)

    That's a lot of :)'s but I love them haha.

  16. Wow he sounds absolutely wonderful. And it's great that you are able to appreciate him. I'm so happy you have such a loving husband, lucky girl! Sweet post!

  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LADY!!! how can you not enjoy celebrating YOU! oh i'm all about it. just wait til my birthday rolls around. i'm the most obnoxious birthday girl you will ever meet BUT i have the BEST birthdays EVER every year! love that S spoils you on your day and so glad that after 15 years the sparks still fly. it's inspirational really :)

  18. Happy Birthday darrrling!!!
    You are truly blessed! This post sure warms my heart...

    ~xo*+much blessings!

  19. Happy, Happy Birthday! Judging from the five things you divulged about S, I'm thinking he may be the most perfect guy on the planet.

    I'm not sure if I've received the "best" gift yet. You will be the first to know when I do! :)

  20. awww...that is soo sweet!!!

  21. How nice and so sweet! I can see that you guys are still so much in love after all these years.My hubby too is the "I'm sorry" type.

    Love your bag,dear and good thinking on wearing flats while walking around town. :)

  22. So sweet, darling! Love what you say about S being a gift :)

    You look gorgeous, birthday girl!

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend too!


  23. that is incredibly sweet ^^
    happy birthday !! n i love the outfit!

  24. You are so cute! I love your outfit, and it sounds like you have such a great husband. Happy Birthday!!

  25. So.. when is your actual birthday?? Did I miss it? If so, Happy sweet belated to you. Is it coming up?? If so, then happy early birthday wishes sweet girl! And a whole birthday week?!?! That's the way to do it. I'm the anti-Grinch when it comes to birthdays. For my boyfriend's birthday (which is June 29), I start celebrating and planning events for him in May. We celebrate for at least a month!! I figure the day he was born is just too important to only spend 24 hours celebrating. Your outfit, as always, looks like perfection- LOVE your shoes!! As for the best gift I've ever been given... life. My birth mom was only 17 when I was born and instead of making a decision that would have meant I wouldn't even be here, she gave me up for adoption and gave me a chance to have a wondeful life with two amazing parents. I've never met her, but she's my hero and I am grateful for her courage every single day.

  26. ah reading this makes me slight teary in a good way. : ) happy weekend!

  27. Sounds like a keeper! ;) Happy Birthday!

  28. Happy Birthday! S sounds super sweet!

  29. I’m playing catch up too! Lifes been crazy busy!!! I missed you!

    ELA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY FREAKIN BIRTHDAY GIRL!!! You are still gorgeous, glowing, and beautiful! Love it! : )
    I love that you and S are still going strong, still keeping the spark alive as if you just started dating. Woohooo!!!

    Have an abfabbbb weekend .5nametwin!

  30. Ela! you look so great! I am so happy your husband does so much for you on your birthday that is super sweet! You two are such a cute couple! I hope you enjoy your weekend!

  31. Happy birthday. Good gracious! 15 years together?! Amazing!

  32. awwwwwwwwwwww, happy birthday!!! I hope that you get everything that you want! and what sweet hubs and friends you have!

  33. S sounds adorable :)& Happy Birthday!

    The best gifts I've ever received are the many love notes from my beau :) I keep them all in huge overstuffed envelopes and they make me very very smiley.

  34. That is soo sweet! Loved reading the 5 things! It makes me appreciate my husband even more :). I hope you had a GREAT birthday and it sounds like you've been a very happy lady ;).

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! :)

  35. And I forgot.....your dream is HILARIOUS!!!! Hahahaha :D

  36. oh, hello, cute outfit! i love the lv classic!

  37. Hi there! I found your blog thru VitaMinn Style.

    You look great in the that bag, too!
    Happy Birthday...I'm sure you had a happy time with your beloved...and your post warms my biggest gift is also my own partner in life, my hubby!

  38. Happy birthday! You have a great guy...and a great smile! Love that first photo.

  39. Found you through Clothes Horse. Amazing blog. I like substance and actual essays, musings, etc on style blogs.

    Anyway, found your nude cuff booties from Zara post (july 13th...) dying to know if you are my size and if you'd be willing to sell them. The only similar ones are in black at Payless but they have a bow... ugh. OR only super dark black at Aldo...


  40. you and S are way too adorable. kinda reminds me of me and the boyf (except lol we fight more often than wed like lol).. i'm glad to note that you've been together THAT long.

    and ps, you look fantastic as well!


  41. sounds like you are one lucky lady!! i'm sure you deserved it all!!
    & happy, happy birthday to you!!
    love the photos of you! you are!!

    p.s. just happened along your glad i did :)

  42. happy birthday!!! us virgos rule :)

    i wish S would let you post a photo of him. I mean, since he doesnt read your blog, he wouldn't know right????

    very sweet little dedication to him. you guys seem like the most adorable couple.

  43. Happy birthday Ela!

    Wow 15 years and you guys are still so sweet as honeymooners! You guys are such an inspiration to keep the love going after so many years together!

    The Mr. S seems a very, very nice person. Maybe he won't mind being cloned coz I do have a few single friends, haha. I hope you won't mind too. You still get the original Mr. S anyways. We'll just call the clones Mr. T, Mr. U. and Mr V.

    Love the outfit and the Epi! =)

  44. That sounds great. Glad you had such a wonderful time. Take care. Cheers!

  45. Awwww. You totally almost made me cry with this post, hooker. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. this is SO cute, i'm seriously smiling :) happy birthday to you! and you look absolutely gorgeous in the picture. your hair back like that looks great on you!

  47. What a great post! I wish you the very, very best of birthdays! I love all the great things Mr. S does for you! How delightful!

    p.s. I got my shirt! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Thank you so very much!

  48. happy birthday! I'm glad you got to enjoy it, it sounds like a lovely day! Your S sounds like such a great guy for you :)

  49. Oh happy, happy birthday, Ela!!! You look so glowy and gorgeous in these pics- and that S of yours sounds like such a sweetie!!! Hope this upcoming week was as good as your last!

  50. Just playing catch-up as well and I loved this post! Have you guys really been together or 15 years? Impressive! I always say that my hubby was the best gift I ever got, but he gets embarrassed and claims that can't be true. Glad you had such a great birthday week!

  51. Happy belated birthday! Been busy with the parents these last six days so haven't been reading blogs much.

    You are so spoilt!

    And by the way, I can see S in the reflection of the window - except he's got a camera covering his face but it's probably not a good enough reflection anyways... darn it.

  52. hi ! belated happy birthday!!! aren't birthdays the best? I wish i have mine more than once a year (without the being older part, ofcourse). you have a very sweet guy.

    love how you did your hair and the bag too :)

  53. Happy, happy birthday, Ela! Sounds like like it was super fun! And you are looking fly and gorgeous as the hair back! :)


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