Wednesday, December 30, 2009

[B]ring in the New Year!

Cranky Christmas pants are off, I refuse to welcome 2010 like Eeyore. I can rock the grey but I can't pull off the tail and gloomy cloud. Besides, Filipino tradition is you wear something new on New Year's Eve and cranky pants are sad and old...*so 2000 and late*.

I was supposed to ring in 2010 in NJ/NY but it ain't happening. FUN would've been had but those plans will have to wait. I'm disappointed no doubt but I refuse to let it get me down.

So 2010 Hurry Up and Bring:
  • Enough work to keep S busy but not 18-hours-a-day-busy. I'll settle for 10...or 12 hours tops.
  • An 8 year wedding anniversary that is laptop/MacBook Pro/iPhone/B-berry free.
  • More blonde and red but just not grey.
  • A new car.
  • A bundle or two or eight  three of joy. Octo-Ela I am not.
  • Toned arms. I'll work for them, I promise. I am so tired of making sleeves look like sausage casing.
  • Hardwood in our upper hallway.
  • This dining table.


  • A plush banquette, like the one below but without the curved back, and 6 chairs that look nothing like the ones below.

  • Air Conditioning.
  • A proper moisturizer. Why are you so hard to find?
  • New recipes for our weeknight dinners. Excite my tastebuds please.
  • More veggies and fruits with my meals.
  • Better sleep. 7-8 continuous hours would be awesome.
  • Less knots in my back.
  • Lots of laughter.
  • A vacation. Or eight two. It's been wayyyyy too long.
  • Knees of someone in their 30s, not 50s. Arthritis you are evil.
  • The ladies I love {you know who you are} their hearts' desires.
  • A beautiful wedding for some beautiful brides.
 You've got 12 months so I'm sure you can make it happen. 
Oh and 2010, I may add things to my list...I mean, you're not even here yet.
Please and thank you!

This'll be my last post for 2009 so,
Hope it's wonderful. Have Fun and Be Safe!!!
What are you hoping 2010 will bring?
xoxo Ela

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

...and a Side of Cranky Pants

Christmas is not the same with a side of Cranky Pants. Trust. Trust. Trust. Me. I know. Christmas had it's moments but unfortunately, my cranky pants tainted a fair bit. Here's a behind the scenes peek - mostly in word format - because 99.9% of the photos I took, involve people {aka family} who do not know about my blog.

My Christmas Involved:
  • Pressies galore. I actually love watching people open their presents. At showers not so much but on Christmas, I love it.

Christmas at my uncle's 
  • Froggie feet belonging to my aunt. She's in her 50s. I adore her. To the max.

  • Most days with just 3-5 hours sleep. Lack of sleep only makes the cranky pants feel tighter and stay on longer.
  • Thankfully, a day or two filled with LOTS of sleep. Better to be unconscious than spread Christmas cranky cheer.
  • S not wearing the Puck-Hawk out. BOO. He said he felt "too much like a rocker". Or a caveman. This from a guy *dressed for the shower*, which I think is what led to the caveman look. But whatevs. Next time I will wear him down and get him to wear it for out before shaving it all off.
  • Plaid, leopard print and acid wash. But not all together. I promise.
  • Two turkeys. Cause you can never get enough.

Turkey #2 fresh out of the oven, the only way I like birds.

  • Cake and yummy goodness. When you stuff cranky pants with chocolate, things always get better.

  • A painted washroom, a beautiful mirror and new lights! My Birthday(September) and Christmas pressie wrapped in one. It took a *wee bit* longer than I had hoped but it was worth the wait. I love it. I love my S.
  • A new sparkly light fixture for our bedroom to stop the whining just cause. I love my S.

    No idea why the daylight is making our walls look blue, because they're
    "Edgecomb Gray"...which is just fancy for beige :)

    Hope y'all had the best Christmases and Holidays ever!!!
    I'm off for the day but I'll catch up with you tonight!
    xx Ela

    Wednesday, December 23, 2009

    Holiday Wishes

    I've been meaning to post forever and ago...I suppose *intending to do something* will only get you so far. I miss seeing and reading what you've all been up to, so I'll make this quick so I can head on over and see y'all!

    Aside from being away from the computer and cursing my phone (in PG of course) for alerting me of emails only when it feels like it, like 12 hours after the fact...grrrr - it seems to work in the mornings but not so great after 10:00am, so yay for letting me get emails from 4:00am to 10:00am, which means 97% of the emails that come through are SPAM or from retailers I would NEVER buy from, which I guess still makes it SPAM, some highlights from the last few days:

    - Baking a dozen x a dozen x a doz....cookies

    - Stuffing my face with *some* of the said cookies, quality control y'know, but giving most of them away.

    - Got an email over the weekend from this lil lady about her engagement, eek!!! I am sooooo happy and excited for her - I did a happy dance and everything! Congratulations, Nicole, you and Josh deserve all the happiness this world has to offer. Love you!!!

    - Having a much needed girl's day with my cousins, though next time I propose we do it on a day when we're not all PMSing.

    - Laughing at S for having a mini tantrum when I refused to try his eggnog. I know A LOT of people love this stuff, I can't do it.

    - Convincing S to finally do a *Puck-Hawk* (Glee). He's doing it for Christmas Eve, if it turns out well, he'll wear it out to our Christmas Eve family festivities, if not...well, off it all goes. He's convinced my mom will hate it. Good thing he married me. He's been in our lives for 15 years, I'm sure she'll get over it.

    - Our neighbour's kids baked S and I some festive rice krispie squares and brought them over for us. Cutest thing ever!

    - S and I got to help put together some Christmas baskets for some families who are experiencing some hardships, and even got to deliver a few to their homes. It was a wonderful blessing to have been a small part of it.

    I probably won't post for a *few* days so if you celebrate Christmas like me, wishing you and your families a very Merry Christmas!!! 
    And Happy Holidays to all!


    Friday, December 18, 2009


    First things first, I've been a bad blogger this week, missing out on reading and commenting on my favourite blogs. Clearly, I'm a stinkasaurus, I know. Don't hate me. I'll be back soon. With a vengeance. Spamming leaving you insightful comments. And HELLO :) new followers/readers, leave me a comment so I know where to find you...some of your picture thingys, that's the technical term, don't link back to your blogs.And I wanna see your digs ;)

    Have I mentioned that S is not a fan of unnatural curls on Asians? 

    Clearly, I don't take that to heart. Though I don't curl my hair often when it's short because it makes my lollipop head look even bigger I'm more likely to burn my neck with my flat iron. Yes, flat iron. 

    This week I:
    • Bought my dad....two combs and....THE END. Um...Santa, please help me cause clearly, I have no idea what to get the man.
    • Got the battery changed on one of my watches, woot! Is it wrong that this excites me? Clearly, I need to get out more. Trust.
    •  I found a red hair. In my head. Attached to my scalp. I kid you not. S is boggled by this. The blonde one he shrugged off {found another blondie btw} but now with the red...he's convinced I'll find a purple one next. Clearly, I am turning into a clown....root-doot-doot-doot-doot...or Rainbow Brite. If any of you know of a rare condition that causes this, please enlighten me.
    • Came this close to throwing out my b-berry. Darn piece of junk decided to stop receiving emails. It also takes about 45 seconds to enter a phone number. Clearly, I'll be needing a replacement. Very soon.
    • Had one of the bathroom shower taps fixed. The hot and cold were reversed. We just discovered this a few weeks ago. We've been living here for over a year. Clearly, we don't shower use that bathroom.
    • Made these for S. Because clearly, I was a jerk and had to make it up to him without spending a dime nothing says "sorry" "love" like heart-shaped pancakes. They're far from perfect but he forgave me ate them just the same ;)

    • Tried to darken this photo because it was super duper bright but instead, now it just looks BLUE!!! Clearly, I've no idea how to use Paint.NET.

    Button Down-Zara, Wool Blazer-Vintage, Jeans-Mavi

    Is it wrong that I wish it weren't Friday? I'm probably alone on this one. 
    But seriously, I could use an extra day {or two} this week.
     Happy weekend, loves!
    xx Ela

    Wednesday, December 16, 2009

    What Really Matters

    This is me giving my cramping hand a break writing Christmas cards that I should've written {and mailed} weeks ago. If I send them out soon, they may just arrive before 2010. Better late than never?

     Scarf worn here, Cardi and Buckle Headband - Century 21
    and a pack of Gummi Bears for sustenance

    Some of you may have seen my Christmas wish list {thank you, Jaime}, which I never actually shared with S. But apparently I didn't have to - 
    the other night, he asked "hey...which Cartier watch did you want?" 
    I answered him. 
    A little too quickly, I think. 
    But just as quickly, reminded him that it's what I would want if money wasn't an object. That being said, could we afford to go get me one right now? Sure, why not? Our credit card says we can. Are there better things we could spend our money on? Um, yeah. About 247 other things. So he asked what I did want since I was obvioulsy making money an object. I couldn't think of a thing. Other than #5 on my wish list of course, and although the name may fool you, you can't actually pick one up from Babies "R" Us. What gives? Toys "R" Us, clearly sells toys and if I opened up Cakes "R" Us, I think there'd be an uproar if I didn't sell cakes. Anyhoots, that leaves me back to not really wanting anything. Maybe a manicure that'll last?

    Besides, I've haven't had time to think of what I might want. Like most of you, I've been inundated with shopping lists, presents to wrap, cards to write, packages to send, homes to visit, Christmas dinners to plan/host/attend/bail on, etc. etc. etc. Frankly, I don't think I'll get to everything I mean to. Actually, I'm pretty sure I won't. My heart is in the right place but there's just not enough hours in a day. And that leaves me feeling unsettled.

    But when I watch this, 
    I'm reminded that
    the things I have yet to do, 
    the things I may have time to do,
    and the things I know I won't have a chance to
    ...really don't matter {so much}.
    And that unless I stop focusing on trivial things, 
    I'm going to miss out on what really does.
    xx Ela

    Monday, December 14, 2009

    Wandom Weekend

    No I don't really talk like a toddler. Well, sometimes I do. There, now you know.

    Friday night S went to go see 2012 with the boys. I stayed home, caught up with some shows online and gave myself a manicure. Is it too much to ask for a manicure to last me more than two days?

    Fast forward to Sunday, the first nail I ruined was the one on my thumb. I was in a daze cutting onions and got careless with the knife. I suppose I should be grateful I did a base coat, two coats and a top coat. Clearly my manicure saved me from actually hurting myself.

    The second one I lost - yes "lost" - was on my ring finger. It popped right off while I was in the shower.

    And sitting in the kitchen -  yes just sitting - I discovered I lost another one. On my middle finger. Wtheck??? Just so we're clear, the polish was painted onto my nails, I have no idea why they are popping off like fake nails. I've been using OPI forever and doing my own nails for even longer and this has never happened before.

    Clearly, I have no intention of putting an end to taking showers or sitting so I imagine more will fall off throughout the week. I can't be bothered to take the polish off the rest of the fingers right now, I'd much rather spend the time complaining about it, and who knows when I'll get to repaint them, so here I am with 7 1/2 fingers manicured. Perhaps, I'm just ahead of the trend.

    Jersey Knit Infinity Scarf - Winners

    Rewind to Saturday night when S and I finally saw New Moon. My favourite line from the whole movie..."What a marshmallow." Mmmm...marshmallows. At some point in the movie, S turned to me and said he'd like to be a wolf. Great, take the side that can't even afford shirts on their backs. I'd rather be a vampire, with clothes, a car and look like a 20 year old when I'm 104. And can someone please tell me what's up with the Bellya aches??? Why did Bella keep clutching at her side throughout the entire movie like she had a insane case of cramps? And don't think I didn't notice that she had to touch Jacob's abs every chance she could get. Edward who? Sparkle what? Stinkin' crazy abs.

    S challenged me to a game of air hockey at the movie theatre right after the movie. I won. But bruised myself when I hit my hip on the table doing my victory dance as I accepted my win graciously.

    Tee - F21, Sweater Vest - Ann Taylor Loft, Grey Jeans - Juicy Couture, 
    Studded Boots - BCBG
    Is it just me, or is my thumb looking ridicously long, like ET long?

    Sunday was filled with Church, visiting friends, nap time on the couch, eating steak and chocolate cake, and cooking three lasagnas,  because we're pigs since two are for Monday's dinner...we like to start the week off with lots of carbs we're having people over.
    What'd you guys do?
    xx Ela
    p.s. Thank YOU for sharing what you love about yourselves, I really enjoyed reading all your comments. And am pretty sure they made me heart you, even more ;)

    Friday, December 11, 2009

    I Heart...

    I recently received the I Heart Me award, which requires you to list 10 things you love about yourself. Now, I know that I post outfits and stuff about my life on this blog but believe me, I am not narcissistic. I won't hesitate to list off things I don't like about myself or list off things that need improvement - I can rhyme 'em off like a grocery list, but ask me to list what I love about myself I get sarcastic or I'll say something in jest. I think in a lot of ways, we can be really hard on ourselves. We see the good in others and let their positive traits outshine their flaws, but when it comes to ourselves, at least for me, I hesitate. 

    But then I read the words Sher included in her post regarding this award, "Hope...this award...reminds you just how completely unique and special you are. There is no one in the world just like you!" And it reminded me, we all have our little things that make us, us. Little things that we do or have learned to appreciate about ourselves, little things that those we love, appreciate in us. Thank you, Sher. It still took me an hour some time to list 10 things but here's what I came up with: 

    1. I love that I am not afraid to laugh at others myself.
    2. I love that I try to see the good in people. Even when they make it difficult.
    3. I love that I am borderline OCD and have floors so clean, should I ever feel like it run out of plates, I could eat off of them.
    4. I love that I can find the inner strength, I sometimes forget I have, which keeps me from giving up.
    5. I love that whenever things seem hopeless, my faith always pulls me through.
    6. I love that I know my way around the mall a kitchen. Even if that surprises some.
    7. I love that expensive simple things can always make me smile.
    8. I love that I don't always know what to say, but when I find the words, they are always sincere.
    9. I love that my heart can heal and love like I've never been hurt.
    10. I love that in the most unexpected places I am able to find wonderful friends.

    I'd like to pass this onto each one of you, because I certainly heart ALL of you. So in your comments, please DO tell me one (or as many as you like) thing you love about yourself. It might just be what I love about YOU :)

    On another note, I received this from the lovely and uber creative Kim of Cupcakes and Mace. It's a necklace I won by giving it its name, the "C² (C squared) Necklace". Winning one meant I could customize it - I picked two of my favourite quotes and Kim helped me choose between the two and she helped with the colour as well. And it turned out perfectly, I absolutely love it! Check out Kim's amazing Etsy shop to wear your favourite quote on your neck and/or pick up one of her other fabulous custom pieces! Thank you so much, Kim!

    [love like you've never been hurt]'s the only way to do it...

    Have a wonderful weekend, loves!
    xx Ela

    Wednesday, December 9, 2009

    Time Flies

    Is it just me or is there something about this time of year that makes time speed up?

    You hop from one Christmas party to another, a birthday bash in between, visit a friend or two (or five), allow yourself to cry a little (or a lot) when you know your friends are going through things you can do absolutely nothing to help with, decorate your home to infuse some cheer - including some adhesive "wall art", which once you've slapped on seems slightly very likely to take paint with it when you plan to peel it off in 4 weeks time, make some meals and drop them off for people who've been sick, buy Christmas cards (which you don't actually sign or mail), manage to hit the dry cleaners but fail to pick up your go-to winter coat in time for the first five snow falls, stay away from TV and Blogger for 5 days so you can do all the things you "need to" and still you're barely left with just enough time to have a semi-decent shower. But definitely not enough time to deal with your sasquatch slightly fuzzy legs. Sigh. Sigh. And then some.

     Dress-BCBG, Patterned Tights-???, Earrings-Vintage
    Pretty sure K is over 6' tall when she's in heels. I'm such a hobbit next to her.

    I've been meaning to tell y'all about S' company holiday party but in the interest of saving time, I'll just list some highlights:

    1. Telling S, for future reference, that being 2 hours late is NOT fashionably late. He told me 7:00 when it really started at 5:30. We got there at 7:30. Granted cocktails were ending at 7, just before dinner but nothing like getting to a sit-down dinner after the orders have been taken.
    2. I learned that sitting while wearing a dress somewhat covered in sequins is not at all comfy. It's like sitting on eggshells. Oh and it made my butt sound slightly like a popcorn maker. At least while seated.
    3. Dessert looked amazing. Like take a bite out of heaven amazing. But tasted, imagine if you will, like plastic shalaqued play-doh.
    4. It's always fun to call the President of the company your spouse works for on a comment he made to your spouse about "buying" him a "new wife". A comment made in response to S turning down some pretty crazy perks and incentives to lure him into accepting a 4 month assignment in a far away land, after he said "my wife will never go for it." 4 months got turned to 3-4 weeks, sans a new wife, but S still turned it down.
    5. Watching said President turn a shade of pink and later have him call S a "big mouth".
    6. Being told by S' co-worker that I looked "just like Thandie Newton". BAHAHAHAHAHA Ms. Newton is drop dead gorgeous! I could only wish. I would more than love to accept the compliment but I'm Asian not delusional.
    7. It finally hit me who my gorgeous friend K(my I have a LOT of friends named K) reminds me of...

    Coco Rocha! Do you agree or is it just me?

    Either way this gorgeous girl makes me wish I could be a redhead. Even for a night.

    How are YOU all doing, loves??? PLEASE, fill me in on all I've missed!
    Can't wait to catch up on your blogs!
    xx Ela
    p.s. Special THANK YOU to Jaime for posting my Christmas Wish List
    And thank you for the sweeties that left me well wishes, with YOU rooting for me, 
    I feel like it'll happen. Sooner than later.

    Friday, December 4, 2009


    First, thank you for all your sweet comments and well wishes with regards to my previous post, I truly heart you guys! 

    It's funny, thinking about my hopes for the future led to some pretty random memories from the past...
    ...or not so much [via weheartit]
    I met MF in the 6th grade. MF was a guy that had a crush on me in the 6th and 7th grade. He was cute...just not cute to me. Good thing because two of my BFFs - N and M were in love with him. M made sure to remind me time and time again tell me that she and MF were a "couple" in the 2nd grade. Um, not sure what that entailed but I think it was limited to holding hands during one recess.

    Anyhoots, N and M would remind me that MF was off limits. No biggie to me. Frankly, MF bugged me. BIG time. One day he sent a friend to ask "why don't you like him?" To which I replied, "because he cries." It's true, he did. And even back then, I knew I needed a manly man. An *Alpha Male* as S would say. Well, lo and behold I had to stay and talk to the teacher after school that day...MF was in tears. Again. And I was to blame. Buddy didn't quite get he was only driving the point home.

    You'd think that'd stop him but it didn't. He was determined. One day after recess, I came back to my desk to find a teddy bear. A little brown bear with a red bow tied around his neck. I picked him up and read the tag hanging from its ear, "To Ela, Love MF". I thought it was a sweet gesture but it didn't win me over.

    The bear was cute. But also wet. Not soaked, but definitely wet. First thing that popped in my head: "Wtheck? Did he cry all over this thing??? Eeuww."

    Well, N and M's desks were right next to mine. 
    "Cute bear," they said. 
    "Do you know why it's wet?" I asked.
    Giggles ensue. 
    "Um, we kinda took it by the window (it was drizzling outside). You don't mind do you?" They smiled.
    "Oh...that's fine...I guess." I replied. I'd take rain over tears any day.

    N and M knew I didn't like MF. But no matter what I did or didn't do, whenever MF gave me attention of any kind, N and M made my life unbearable. They called me names. The stupid kind that'd make me laugh now but at the time only left me speechless. And ocassionally, in tears. I never said anything back because as mean as they were, they were my BFFs. Right. So instead of being upset with them, I blamed MF. He was causing me so much grief and I wanted nothing to do with him.

    Fast forward to the 8th grade. While sitting in class one day, I suddenly noticed MF. He seemed different somehow. His face had matured a little. His voice had gotten deeper. He seemed to dress better. He no longer cried like a girl baby. Nor did he carry himself in a way that screamed sissy pants. Somehow...he had manned up.

    N and M were over MF by this time. So I decided to ask MF to our girl-asks-boy dance. 
    Ela: M, would you like to go the the dance with me?
    MF: [Smirks then pauses] It took you two years?
    Ela: [Blinks]
    MF: It's a little late now isn't it?
    Ouch. I was not expecting that. I guess it was written all over my face because this is what came out next...
    MF: Now you it feels.

    Apparently, MF was over me. And grudgeful at that. Later N and M confessed that the reason why my bear was wet all those years ago, was because when they saw MF leave it at my desk, they cried spat all over it.

    I got rid of the bear shortly after that. Along with my crush for MF.

    xx Ela
    Ever had a boy come between you and a friend?

    p.s. I'll be out of town for the day but I'll catch up when I get back :)
    Have a great weekend loves!
    p.p.s. Nicole's Etsy shop is open for business!There are so many beautiful earrings...but I can't help but love the elas :) Thank you, Nicole, they're absolutely gorgeous. Love you! 

    Wednesday, December 2, 2009

    The Truth Is...

    So on my last post I promised I'd answer the question I asked you: growing up, did you ever leave the house then change into something else that you knew your parent(s) wouldn't approve of?

    The truth is, no I didn't. Whatever I left the house in, I stayed in. I would however sneak make-up. Yup, I did. Starting in the 8th grade, I was allowed to wear lipstick once a week...funny rule I know. But in HS I started wearing it twice a week. Then one day I just started wearing it all the time - left the house with it on - with my parents driving me to school. I promised myself I'd stop if they told me to, but lucky for me, they never did.

    I have a small teeny tiny dot of a mole above the left side of my lip. Well, remember the Niki Taylor craze in the 90's? People went nuts for her. I went nuts for her trademark mole. The truth is, I used to take a dark brown liner and dab my mole to accentuate it. Dork much? This little phase of mine didn't last very long.

    I haven't dyed my hair in at least 8 years. The truth is, I may start again. A few weeks ago I found one blonde hair growing out the crown of my head. It's not white. It's blonde. I freaked out. A little. Then a lot. Especially when I thought it'd go from blonde to white. It hasn't. I emailed one bloggie friend about it though. Just one. It was her that I wanted to tell. Not that I thought she could make it go away. But cause I thought it'd make me feel better. It did.

    I may joke about S, the lil stinker, not reading my blog. The truth is, a part of me is glad he doesn't. I love him more than anything. He is my best friend and we share everything. But sometimes it's nice to have something that's just mine. He is however, always welcome to read it.

    I've mentioned that I wear bright colours when it's gloomy outside. The truth is, I also wear them when I feel "gloomy". It'd be easier to throw on head to toe black but wearing something cheerful...well, it cheers me up.  When I'm down, the last thing I need is to catch a reflection of myself looking like how I feel. Maybe that makes me superficial. Call it what you want, it makes me feel better. Now don't go sifting through old posts trying to figure out which days I felt "gloomy". Cause I also just wear whatever I want when I feel like it.

    Everyone loves getting pressies right? Unravelling a beautifully wrapped box and hoping it contains the latest thing you've "always wanted". The truth is, for the past almost 3 years, I've only wanted one thing. Just one thing. Unfortunately, it's not something you can buy. Or have gift wrapped. It has however been my birthday wish, my Christmas wish, my Mother's Day sole wish. And I hold onto it knowing one day, I'll get my wish. I just know it.

    xx Ela
    p.s. Any truths you want to share?
    [Images via weheartit]
    p.p.s. My lovely friend Nicole opens her Etsy shop on Thursday, Dec 3rd! Do check it out :)