Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Truth Is...

So on my last post I promised I'd answer the question I asked you: growing up, did you ever leave the house then change into something else that you knew your parent(s) wouldn't approve of?

The truth is, no I didn't. Whatever I left the house in, I stayed in. I would however sneak make-up. Yup, I did. Starting in the 8th grade, I was allowed to wear lipstick once a week...funny rule I know. But in HS I started wearing it twice a week. Then one day I just started wearing it all the time - left the house with it on - with my parents driving me to school. I promised myself I'd stop if they told me to, but lucky for me, they never did.

I have a small teeny tiny dot of a mole above the left side of my lip. Well, remember the Niki Taylor craze in the 90's? People went nuts for her. I went nuts for her trademark mole. The truth is, I used to take a dark brown liner and dab my mole to accentuate it. Dork much? This little phase of mine didn't last very long.

I haven't dyed my hair in at least 8 years. The truth is, I may start again. A few weeks ago I found one blonde hair growing out the crown of my head. It's not white. It's blonde. I freaked out. A little. Then a lot. Especially when I thought it'd go from blonde to white. It hasn't. I emailed one bloggie friend about it though. Just one. It was her that I wanted to tell. Not that I thought she could make it go away. But cause I thought it'd make me feel better. It did.

I may joke about S, the lil stinker, not reading my blog. The truth is, a part of me is glad he doesn't. I love him more than anything. He is my best friend and we share everything. But sometimes it's nice to have something that's just mine. He is however, always welcome to read it.

I've mentioned that I wear bright colours when it's gloomy outside. The truth is, I also wear them when I feel "gloomy". It'd be easier to throw on head to toe black but wearing something cheerful...well, it cheers me up.  When I'm down, the last thing I need is to catch a reflection of myself looking like how I feel. Maybe that makes me superficial. Call it what you want, it makes me feel better. Now don't go sifting through old posts trying to figure out which days I felt "gloomy". Cause I also just wear whatever I want when I feel like it.

Everyone loves getting pressies right? Unravelling a beautifully wrapped box and hoping it contains the latest thing you've "always wanted". The truth is, for the past almost 3 years, I've only wanted one thing. Just one thing. Unfortunately, it's not something you can buy. Or have gift wrapped. It has however been my birthday wish, my Christmas wish, my Mother's Day sole wish. And I hold onto it knowing one day, I'll get my wish. I just know it.

xx Ela
p.s. Any truths you want to share?
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  1. Here's a truth for me: I love to re-watch Home Alone around Christmas time. It's not a great movie, but it's become a tradition. I feel foolish watching it, but it's perfect for the holidays.

  2. O Ela hun. You'll get your wish one way or another one day. You want it too bad not to (that is assuming I know what your wish is, but I'm pretty certain I do).

  3. Hey doll,

    So sorry the little quick comment...

    P.S.: Check out my newer giveaway! (if U have a mood) Are you ready a winter party, Honey? :-D Enter!


  4. Thanks for sharing these truths about you Ela. I'm so intrigued by your wish and it's not something that money can buy.

    Any truth about me? I'm old enough to be the mother of some of my blog followers. Hahaha! If they only knew, maybe they'll stop following me.

  5. Oh, Ela, I know how much you want this present. My sister wants the same present the last seven years and I understand exactly how you feel. I really hope your wishes become true this Christmas:)

  6. You're certainly had your ear full of my truths lately. I know that wish for you will come true my Ela. I just know it. I feel it for all of us.

    Thinking about you.

  7. I think I've mentioned that I don't let K read my blog, at least not before the wedding b/c I like to have the freedom of writing about things that I may not want him to know about in advance. I promised him he could read it after May.

    You'll get your wish sweetie. I just know it!

  8. HEY! i was that one bloggy friend, haha! wow i just felt really special just now. remember, even bananas gets a blonde hair...once but still it was nothin. maybe we were just having a blonde moment. bwahaha! k not funny...moving on...

    thanks for sharing your truths. i have a bunch but i can't break my badass shield so i save those for my "just one of those days" posts.

    oh and ps. i wish for your wish to come true...xoxo.

  9. you are so sweet! I LOVE this post!

  10. LOVE THIS POST! I used to do the same thing with my mole on my cheek, until one day my Chemistry teacher said infront of the class "Annemarie- never mole a mole." I still have no clue what it meant, but from that point forward I was so embarrassed that everyone knew so I stopped!

    Have a great day XOXO

  11. What a beautifully written and tender post. Funny, too. I'd love to see a current picture with that mole accentuated, just to see how it looks, but I couldn't ask you to be that regressive and silly...or could I? ;) Anyway, darling, I love it!


  12. the truth is, you are an amazing person ela and i fell in love with you in the most non creepy way the moment i stumbled upon your blog! i know that that wish will one day come true... one day.. the right day.. the right time..the right year :)

  13. great heartfelt post sweetpea.
    i have many truths such as yours. they are kind of like secrets of my own i guess ;)
    i hope your wish comes true my dear!
    have a wonderful day, XO!

  14. Aw, my husband takes most of my pictures, but he's not into fashion blogs like I am, so i can totally understand where you're coming from. It's nice to have something where you can be creative and express yourself outside of your relationship :-)

  15. You are so sincere and honest. That is something I love about you Ela. And I think your mole is gorgeous. :)

  16. I, like you, never dressed in a way that my parents would find inappropriate. If I wore something when I left the house, I would keep it on until I got home to change into jammies. Like you, I would put on make up outside, but mostly because I'm not a morning person, and I was always running late.

    I didn't start dressing more provocatively, or shape aware until I was in college. And by the time I moved back into my parents place, if I was wearing a mini, my parents would either rail at me for it, and I'd change inside the house, or I would leave after I got scolded--I was 22, I was going to wear what I wanted! They would have to accept me as I was/am.

    I've hidden my blog from my parents. I would rather them stay away from hearing what I say and think outside of the home as opposed to worrying what they think about what I wear. (I used to blog very openly about my love/sex life.)

    I think I know what you're talking about...present-wise. One day soon!

  17. I hope you get your wish Ela. Nice post here :)

    My truthful wish? A new job...been a 1+ year wish...I know it's coming soon (at least I hope).

  18. love love the image! pefect for a "truth-do-tell" post ... definitely hope you will have your truthful wish coming true, xx

  19. oh Ela! I know, just KNOW, you'll have your dream. soon.

  20. well the one blonde hair story had me snickering. that isn't so bad. not so bad at all. not nearly as bad as the occasional FREAK HAIR that will appear on MY NECK. horrors! delete this comment!

    and methinks your wish will come true soon. just hang in there. :)

  21. Lol such a cute story, Ela you seriously rock <3

  22. I am telling Santa to put all of my presents back in the sleigh... I am trading all of my wishes so you get your one wish this year... I know your dream will come ture. With all of my heart...
    So some truths I will share...
    Truth: I am proud of myself for being so independent, and have gotten quite comfortable with my routine, which involves only me and my kitties... but I am scared I will be alone forever. I am good at being alone, but I just don't want to be alone anymore. I miss having toes to touch in bed, and someone to sit on the other end of the couch with me while I watch TV.
    Truth: I have found that when my heart gets broken, a new purse makes it better.... for a moment at least (enter Bella/Bill).
    Truth: I don't have regrets- I trust with all of my heart that every single that has happened has gotten me to where I am today, and that where I am is exactly where I am supposed to be. And yet... I'm a little sad. If you had asked me 15 years ago where I would be right before my 29th birthday, I certainly would have pictured a wedding ring, a family, a little house... nope. Not in the cards for me I guess...
    Truth: I wish I had a personal chef. I know I should eat better (and more) but I just have the time or energy or money to cook.
    Truth: One of my favorite Christmas movies is Love Actually... in it, one of the chartacters says, "At Christmas, you tell the truth...." So in the spirit of the season, here's the truth. I adore you. Not in a way that should make you worry... but I tell my friends about you, and show them your fabulous blog, and look forward to the day I will meet you for real. And I can never doubt there is a God, because having someone like you in my life reminds me that there is someone greater, giving us gifts we might not even deserve, but allowing us to be happpy anyway... simply because His love is that amazing. And your friendship is such a gift, and I will always be grateful.

  23. I have a feeling that we share the same wish and truth

  24. Ooh, I love the suspense! But that wish is yours and yours alone to keep. Hope it comes true for you soon. :)

    Your dressing in bright colors when feeling gloomy outside trick is something I will need to try next time. I don't think it's superficial at all. Totally makes sense.

  25. Ela, this was a great post! I love learning new things about you! I hope your wish comes true soon!

    As for me? I don't like mixing my blog life with my personal life. It took me a few months before I allowed people I know to see it! I still don't like to talk about it with friends... :X

  26. I love this post! I used to change all the time oh there was no style when I was a teenager it was all about tight enough, short enough, skank enough. Ha HORRIBLE


  27. Oh I love your posts, Ela! They always brighten my day with your humor, your grounded-ness and your truth! And of course it's always fun to read more about a favorite blogger ;)
    The truth is many days I don't have the energy to blog- and I hate that because I love "meeting" bloggers on the internet and sharing things on AsianCajuns. But I spend 9+ hours of my work day in front of a mac and usually the last thing I want to do when I get home is pop open my macbook. The truth is, I wish magically we could all be independently wealthy bloggers who could devote more time to this- sharing and learning with others. Wouldn't that be lovely?!
    ps- I hope your wish comes true soon!!! xoxo, Lar

  28. My mom totally used to draw in a little mole on her chin. I used to try to rub it off and she would say "I have a little mole there already, I'm just accentuating it"..too cute!!


  29. The truth is that the non-brown hairs that I find are white!

  30. this is such an inspiring post; sometimes you need to let out the truth instead of keeping it inside. here's to hoping your wish comes true :)

  31. Aw, I loved reading your truths! I never changed my clothes- I don't think I ever wore anything scandalous growing up- but I did used to take my mom's pink or red lipsticks and put them on at school- probably in junior high! She used to put the lipstick on top of a tall dresser and I'd have to get on a stool to get it but I did- felt like a rebel! xo, Mel

  32. The truth will set us free darling!
    That blonde is super cute I think
    ...much better than purple no?!
    I must tell you that you are a wonderful writer, i feel like you're talking to me by the front porch sipping tea!
    xo as always!

  33. Great post! Love the way you right. :)

    PS - I have a really great giveaway on my blog - Ugg boots. Don't forget to sign up! :)

  34. im the same when it comes to my boy and my blog! and i went through a phase of copying nikki taylor. only i must have looked pathetic, since i would have been around 10. i loved her! remember when her younger sister Krissi died? i was devestated!!!!

    i spent close to 10 years wishing for a horse of my very own. alas, it was not meant to be. when im a millionarie however, oooh, ill have so many horsies!

  35. I love this post. One of my favorite things about you Ela is that you are so honest and you really put your heart on your sleeve. It's so sweet and makes me feel like I know you really well. It kind of makes me feel like we just had a good chat over coffee rather than being a country apart reading each other's blogs. :)

    That is a strange rule about the lipstick. My dad was always super strict when it came to clothes, but when it came to makeup he let me do whatever I wanted, which is really bizarre. At 11, I was wearing dark purple lipstick and blush. Looking back, I'm horrified that my dad let me go to sixth grade looking like that. Not because I looked like a tramp, but because I looked like an actual clown. Sigh.

    I think I tried to be the girl who sneaked different clothes into school to change, but honestly, I was too lazy to actually go through with it. Just seemed like too much hassle to change in the bathroom and carry two sets of clothes. Lol.

    And omg omg omg we have so much in common it kills me! I randomly find blonde strands in my hair and I freak out b/c I think I'm going premature white. But instead of turning to a dear friend online, I call Rian hysterically, asking him if he'll still love me when I turn into a Golden Girl at 25.

    And although Rian is welcome to read my blog, he doesn't, which I find nice. I totally agree, it's so refreshing and kind of comforting to have a place I can go that is all my own. :) Blogs are a place to be with friends and share what's in your heart, without feeling scrutinized by the boyfriend/husband. It's where we can be ourselves!! :P

  36. Wow...what an inspiring post. The truth is...I love your blog! You have such amazing style, too!

    I really like your photos in the last post when you're holding the hand of the light up girl...that's so fun! Yay for being dorks (we have more fun!!)

  37. thanks for sharing your wishes .
    i truly understand that some things aren't buyable with money . and those are things that we really hope the most to happen .

    this is my first time here .
    and i really love ur blog .!
    will definately keep coming !
    im following u .
    hope u follow me back :D

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    visit / follow / and comment me .
    xoxo . Glisters & Blisters)

  38. Oh Ela, I so adore you, and the fact that you felt comfortable enough to share all of these truths with us.

    The truth for me is...fellow bloggers are some of my best friends. They get the need to share thoughts and ideas with the world when people who aren't bloggers don't. I think I would be lost without people like you!

    By the way, I so adore that quote - I put it on my Facebook! :)

  39. E :D
    That lipstick rule is kinda funny but totally expected from the 'rents.
    And omg, I have a little mole on my chin. It's not really visible unless you like, stand under me. Or. Something. SISTERS!

    And aw, I really want to know the final wish now! :( Pretty pwease?

  40. Ela - i love coming over to read your posts. They are so entertaining and insightful. I am the same with you about wearing bright colors when I'm gloomy. Even if I'm feeling like crap I still get dressed up, do my hair and makeup and put on my highest heels and it helps lift my mood.

    Thanks for sharing with us and I truly hope your wish comes true.

  41. Lovely post! I had to laugh at Cath's comment, because I do the same (well, I also watch every other Christmas movie out there). My hubby knows about my blog as well, but doesn't really read it, although many of my real-life friends and family do. I don't really mind though. I once got a blonde hair as well and freaked, because I thought I was getting dumbe (haha, my blonde joke of the week... j/k most of my friends are actuallyl blonde and quite intelligent ;-)

    P.S. I hope your last wish comes true! Is it... ummm... family related? ;-) I don't want to spell it out because I"m guessing it's personal, but you strike me as someone who has a lot of love to give...

  42. this was really great ela. josh reads mine every once and a while, but shh sometimes i wish he didnt. i feel connected to u ladies, even tho we dont know each other in real life, its there bc we all share something. i cant put my finger on it but we do. love u tons, and thank u for the shout out:) do u like the elas!?

  43. ooooh I did the makeup thing too! clothes no, but makeup.. oh yeah! and it was only a bit of mascara and colorless lipgloss!!! I felt so cool :P


  44. I hope your wish comes true more than anything. Best pressie ever!!!!

  45. Thanks for sharing darling!
    Loved this post!


  46. So I found your blog through a mutual follower and I love it! I don't know your whole history, but don't worry one day you will get your wish. I'm also holding out for something and I just have to remember that one day it will happen.

  47. Hey dear, I hope you get whatever you're wishing for, very very soon!! Do not lose hope!!

    Tagged you for an award on my page:)

  48. Oh Ela! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful grounded post. You are really such an amazing person! I really hope that your wish comes true!!

    And I know how you feel about S and the blog, my blog, though it is very public, is also very personal. Whenever by beau tries to hover over me or watch me blog, I always tell him to get lost lol

  49. Oh, I used to do the mole painting too when I was in college because I have a small mole just above my upper right lip.Since I'm super low maintenance and never liked make-up, I sort of let it go and FYI, I was a prude although I love wearing shorts and leggings since way back then.hehe!

    As for your "sole present", I've been waiting and expecting mine for 2 It doesn't help that everybody keeps asking me about it.
    Good luck to us! :)

  50. hi ela! hope you are feeling better now. i know the holidays are the season to be merry but sometimes they are the season for melancholy as well. im sure your wish would come true... in God's time :). enjoy the holidays!

  51. I love this photo of the dandelion. I just thought you should know :)


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