Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holiday Wishes

I've been meaning to post forever and ago...I suppose *intending to do something* will only get you so far. I miss seeing and reading what you've all been up to, so I'll make this quick so I can head on over and see y'all!

Aside from being away from the computer and cursing my phone (in PG of course) for alerting me of emails only when it feels like it, like 12 hours after the fact...grrrr - it seems to work in the mornings but not so great after 10:00am, so yay for letting me get emails from 4:00am to 10:00am, which means 97% of the emails that come through are SPAM or from retailers I would NEVER buy from, which I guess still makes it SPAM, some highlights from the last few days:

- Baking a dozen x a dozen x a doz....cookies

- Stuffing my face with *some* of the said cookies, quality control y'know, but giving most of them away.

- Got an email over the weekend from this lil lady about her engagement, eek!!! I am sooooo happy and excited for her - I did a happy dance and everything! Congratulations, Nicole, you and Josh deserve all the happiness this world has to offer. Love you!!!

- Having a much needed girl's day with my cousins, though next time I propose we do it on a day when we're not all PMSing.

- Laughing at S for having a mini tantrum when I refused to try his eggnog. I know A LOT of people love this stuff, I can't do it.

- Convincing S to finally do a *Puck-Hawk* (Glee). He's doing it for Christmas Eve, if it turns out well, he'll wear it out to our Christmas Eve family festivities, if not...well, off it all goes. He's convinced my mom will hate it. Good thing he married me. He's been in our lives for 15 years, I'm sure she'll get over it.

- Our neighbour's kids baked S and I some festive rice krispie squares and brought them over for us. Cutest thing ever!

- S and I got to help put together some Christmas baskets for some families who are experiencing some hardships, and even got to deliver a few to their homes. It was a wonderful blessing to have been a small part of it.

I probably won't post for a *few* days so if you celebrate Christmas like me, wishing you and your families a very Merry Christmas!!! 
And Happy Holidays to all!



  1. Happy holidays to you! And I giggled at the Puck-Hawk, I bet it'll turn out good! I wish I could make my BF try out a new hairstyle!


  2. Ela, Merry Christmas to both you and S, as well as your families. I am sure your cookies are AMAZING. {while I used to love eggnog, I haven't had any in years....but I am sure your husbands tastes very good...even though you didn't try any, and I fully support your decision hehe} I am so happy you and S gave some of your time toward goodies for families who are in need of support this holiday season. It is such a beautiful thing to do, as well as what the holidays are all about. I hope your husbands new look turns out he wears it with pride to your Christmas Eve Family gathering...and that your mom loves it the most ;)

    have a fabulous holiday!!

  3. Happy holidays hun from my family to yours. I think we all deserve to take a few needed days off to spend quality time with friends & away we go!!!

    This puck...hawk as you say...I MUST SEE :)-
    My sons hair is similar, except not so shaved on the sides and only hawked in the front. Cutest thing ever!!! The boys got some hair going on and the little girls go gaga for him. Lol

    I think it's a wonderful thing you did to help out a family in need. That's what this season is ALL not receiving.

  4. Merry Christmas to you and S.

    Easy on the quality control...I've been doing that since yesterday and I feel like I my taste buds ain't working anymore. LOL

  5. Merry Christmas Ela and S! How sweet of you both to give time putting smiles to families who need it.


  6. Girlie, baking christmas cookies sounds like a plan!

    A HUGE load of festive wishes! Baskets of goodies are a really lovely idea, Christmas is about giving. 15 years knowing S?! That's so beautiful, and I'm sure every day flies by too fast!

    Have a fab few days, I'll miss your posts!!! :(


  7. I think the new do could be entertaining if not suiting! You should tell him to keep just because. :P

    Sounds like you've been enjoying yourself, aside from your phone acting up.

    Best wishes for the holidays!

  8. as much as i think puck is hot, i'm not feelin the puck-hawk. regardless, i think it's really cute that S is doing it for you even though it may or may not cause you to fantasize about him actually being puck.

  9. Merry Christmas to you and S! Hope you have a magical and wonderful time!!

    The puck-hawk looks really cool:)


  10. Merry Christmas, Ela!!! I wish you all the best for the new year!!

  11. So nice to have great neighbors~
    Merry Christmas darling!
    as well to your beloved S
    xo as always*

  12. Merry Christmas hon! Hope you have a lovely time with your family and loved-ones. Ugh, can't stand eggnog either... that stuff is vile...

  13. Cookies sound yummy!

    Merry Christmas, darling Ela!


  14. K forced me to try egg nog last night and it WAS as gross as I thought. Lucky you for getting out of it!

    I hope you have the Merriest of all Holidays Miss Ela. Love you lady!

  15. Merry Christmas, Ela!! I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

    I found your necklace in my boyfriend's car. "R" never mailed it. :( I'm hoping to send it this morning if the post office is open. If not, I will mail it Saturday. I'm so sorry. It does exist, I swear! :P

  16. oh, honey! I've been drowning in cookies for the past few days (and really, if one is going to drown, isn't cookies the best way to do it?!) my daughter and i are going to bake and decorate cookies tonight. she's 2.5 so we'll see how that goes.

    i hope S. goes for the mohawk. since we're talking lenny status on the hotness meter, i know he'll look awesome!

    merry christmas lady!

  17. I miss you!! I know this time of year gets to busy... but I sure do miss hearing all about your wonderful world. I am so glad the card finally made it :) I think I could've have walked it up to Canada myself a bit quicker though :)
    A very very merry Christmas to you and S :) I do truly hope that you get every single thing you wished for this year. You deserve it all...
    love you lots my dear friend! xoxoxxx KS

  18. I'm always a fan of christmas cookies! Oh and I got your card just in time! omg! THANK YOU the polar bears are sooo cute and you got such nice handwriting <3 hehe. So S is a fan of Glee?! That's cute! Have a great Christmas and a fruitful Boxing Day!! Oh as it turns out with my camera I pretty much got it for boxing day price + extra $30 mark up maybe. Soooo it's ok... lol. Whatever.

  19. I am far too excited to see the Puck-Hawk - I know it will be fabulous!! Please, please, please send some of those cookies my way - I have yet to bake anything this year!! :(

    Happy, Happy Holidays to you and S, Ela!! :)

  20. Merry christmas ela!

    and hahahha girl's day out, while everyone is pms-ing? should have been fun! :P


  21. have a very blessed and happy christmas this year! x

  22. A merry, merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours, Ela!!! I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday and holiday madness is calming down for you too!

  23. I love the Puck-hawk! Hope you had a merry merry christmas, Ela :)

  24. A puck-hawK?!? UM, I'm pretty sure we all need to see now!!! lol!! Sounds like you've been having a great holiday season! I hope your New Years is just as memorable! :)

  25. sweetie, hope you had a great one. : ) xoxo

  26. Hope you had a fab holiday lady! What is it with this holiday and PMSing? My sis and I were all over it. Ah ha ha

  27. I hope that you had a lovely holiday! Happy New Year!

  28. i hope christmas was amazing for you Ella <3

  29. mmm cookies! sounds like you've been having lots of fun HAPPY HOLIDAYS x

  30. Hi my dear friend... me again. Stopping by to wish you a very happy after Christmas... and to let you know that because I adore you so, I left a bloggie award for you on my post tonight. A belated Christmas present :)
    Hope you and S had a beautiful Christmas!!

  31. Hope you're having a great holiday so far Ela!! Take care!

  32. Hey Ela! I smiled when I read you were doing quality control eating the cookies hehe :) It's so great that you put together baskets for those less fortunate! Hope you had a lovely Christmas! xo, Mel

  33. Glad you had such an amazing Christmas and you will have to have S do the Glee look sometime in the near future! Congrats to Nicole, she is such a sweetie!


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