Friday, December 4, 2009


First, thank you for all your sweet comments and well wishes with regards to my previous post, I truly heart you guys! 

It's funny, thinking about my hopes for the future led to some pretty random memories from the past...
...or not so much [via weheartit]
I met MF in the 6th grade. MF was a guy that had a crush on me in the 6th and 7th grade. He was cute...just not cute to me. Good thing because two of my BFFs - N and M were in love with him. M made sure to remind me time and time again tell me that she and MF were a "couple" in the 2nd grade. Um, not sure what that entailed but I think it was limited to holding hands during one recess.

Anyhoots, N and M would remind me that MF was off limits. No biggie to me. Frankly, MF bugged me. BIG time. One day he sent a friend to ask "why don't you like him?" To which I replied, "because he cries." It's true, he did. And even back then, I knew I needed a manly man. An *Alpha Male* as S would say. Well, lo and behold I had to stay and talk to the teacher after school that day...MF was in tears. Again. And I was to blame. Buddy didn't quite get he was only driving the point home.

You'd think that'd stop him but it didn't. He was determined. One day after recess, I came back to my desk to find a teddy bear. A little brown bear with a red bow tied around his neck. I picked him up and read the tag hanging from its ear, "To Ela, Love MF". I thought it was a sweet gesture but it didn't win me over.

The bear was cute. But also wet. Not soaked, but definitely wet. First thing that popped in my head: "Wtheck? Did he cry all over this thing??? Eeuww."

Well, N and M's desks were right next to mine. 
"Cute bear," they said. 
"Do you know why it's wet?" I asked.
Giggles ensue. 
"Um, we kinda took it by the window (it was drizzling outside). You don't mind do you?" They smiled.
"Oh...that's fine...I guess." I replied. I'd take rain over tears any day.

N and M knew I didn't like MF. But no matter what I did or didn't do, whenever MF gave me attention of any kind, N and M made my life unbearable. They called me names. The stupid kind that'd make me laugh now but at the time only left me speechless. And ocassionally, in tears. I never said anything back because as mean as they were, they were my BFFs. Right. So instead of being upset with them, I blamed MF. He was causing me so much grief and I wanted nothing to do with him.

Fast forward to the 8th grade. While sitting in class one day, I suddenly noticed MF. He seemed different somehow. His face had matured a little. His voice had gotten deeper. He seemed to dress better. He no longer cried like a girl baby. Nor did he carry himself in a way that screamed sissy pants. Somehow...he had manned up.

N and M were over MF by this time. So I decided to ask MF to our girl-asks-boy dance. 
Ela: M, would you like to go the the dance with me?
MF: [Smirks then pauses] It took you two years?
Ela: [Blinks]
MF: It's a little late now isn't it?
Ouch. I was not expecting that. I guess it was written all over my face because this is what came out next...
MF: Now you it feels.

Apparently, MF was over me. And grudgeful at that. Later N and M confessed that the reason why my bear was wet all those years ago, was because when they saw MF leave it at my desk, they cried spat all over it.

I got rid of the bear shortly after that. Along with my crush for MF.

xx Ela
Ever had a boy come between you and a friend?

p.s. I'll be out of town for the day but I'll catch up when I get back :)
Have a great weekend loves!
p.p.s. Nicole's Etsy shop is open for business!There are so many beautiful earrings...but I can't help but love the elas :) Thank you, Nicole, they're absolutely gorgeous. Love you! 


  1. Have a great trip. Fortunately for me and friends, we have not an issue with guys yet. : ) xoxo

  2. I haven't had a boy do that yet. And I'm assuming since we're all old married ladies now, it's not going to happen. Ah ha

  3. Oh guys and girls, it's a fun world. I've had issues with just this one thorn in my side, ever since I was 9 years old. We have to be physically separated otherwise the world is in turmoil! So he's one side of the country and me the other.

    Anyway, with regards to N and M, I'm sure they're knocked up skanks married to the ugliest guy imaginable. That's what seems to happen to the mean girls right? Everytime I check FB there's some skank who I never spoke to at school becuase she was just a bitch, but now, they've all put on 30 pounds and have a string of kids!

    Have a fab trip and a wonderful weekend xoxo

  4. Have a safe trip and enjoy your weekend. My friends and I never had an issue with boys before. Our mantra was "if the guy makes you happy then you have our full support."

  5. Hun i hope you have a wonderful trip :)

    Now onto those those friends...what awful little brats!!! I'm immediately thinking of my daughter as she is about this age this happened to you and PRAY that her friends would never do this. Aren't girls just the meanest sometimes?

    I do have to admit that guys are funny like that...i mean when you don't give them the time of day...they try really hard to get your attention :)-

  6. Thankfully my friends and I all have fairly different taste when it comes to men so there was little over-lapping in the feelings dept.

    Do you know what ever happened to MF or N and M. Did you stay friends with them?

    Happy Weekend love!

  7. OMG! I feel so identified with you. It has happened to me in a very similar way with who now is my husband. I had two other friends that liked him. Since he liked me, one of my friends was making my life unbearable and trying to separate me from the group of friends. The other friend stopped talking to me when we started to go out. They were hard times for me. Now I am happily married and I keep in touch with both friends. END
    B* a la Moda

  8. girls can be so evil, can't they? it's terrible. i often tell the husband that women are far worse sometimes in the mean category. and how unlady like to spit. i mean, really.

    have a great weekend,dear!

  9. Ehh... girls are so caddy!

    In High School... I was to in to socializing and hanging out with my friends to care about boys.(most of the time)

    So I had a boyfriend in the 9th grade.. We dated for a few weeks.. something felt a little off so I ended it, just to have one of my good friends date him a few days after.

    Then moving onto my boyfriend when I was in the 11th grade... (he was a dreamy senior) we dated for a few months.. and I kind of regret breaking up with him still to this day, but anyhoo... 2 of my close girlfriends liked him as well... and one girl that I COULDNT stand liked him as well..

    So I put his class ring in an envelope with a little letter explaining things... and told my sister to give it to him. =( (I know ... I'm a chicken shit.)

    I just felt the whole competition crappolla coming on and I wasn't down for that.

  10. No issuss w/ boys and friends for me but has happened to other friends.

    Enjoy your weekend :)

  11. I love this post! Your stories are always so cute and funny and make me feel like I'm there. :)
    I can't believe your "bffs" spat all over that bear! That's awful. A little foreshadowing to Mean Girls, huh? :S
    I kind of have a reverse crush story to yours. When I was in middle school, I had acne, braces, and ratty hair. I had this huge crush on a guy named Danny. He used to make fun of me.
    Well, flash forward to sophomore year of high school in 1999. Braces gone, skin cleared, and I started dressing cute. Danny was staring at me during Spanish class. Afterwards he said to me, "you're really pretty. You look like Jackie from That 70s Show." I just stared at him like he was a peasant and said "I know, right?" and left him alone in the classroom. Hehehe. I will never forget that day. :P

  12. Oh gosh, girls are be sooo catty sometimes-which is why I enjoy hanging out with my guy friends! :) Your posts are always so funny!


  13. I can relate to this bff now is a man!
    Have a fab trip & weekend darling!

  14. Are these girls still your friends? They sounded very malicious, despite supposedly being your best friends. They treated you with derision, even though you were not the cause of the problem... and then they ruined your bear.

    While I agree I would've behaved the same way toward MF (in my head I kept reading that as M*therF*cker when I read your post), being annoyed with him causing friction in my friendships, and for being into me when I wasn't into him... I think your friends were messed up in this situation.

    I think MF WAS a true MF when he reacted the way he did. Grudging! Vendetta! What is that about? Sheesh! You love who you love when you love them. You can't control it!

    I can't remember having boys get in the way of a friendship, except that someone's overzealous love of boys and shopping became my drifting point when I realized she was really superficial.

    Ironically my most recent post at thereafterish. has to do with love as well... Love of best friends, not boys, though. It's kind of related!!

  15. Oh, my goodness.... That is SUCH a crazy story. I remember when girls were wenches like that. Wait...they still are. Or at least some are. But no, a guy has never stood between me and a friend. SO glad! That would be drama x infinity.

    By the way...I received your necklace! Thank you so much!!! It is absolutely gorgeous!

  16. Spit? Sick!!! You poor thing. Isn't it nice to grow up and have adult relationships with your girlfriends?

  17. hope you have a wonderful trip pretty girl!! XO!

  18. haha quite a story that we can all relate to.

  19. I'm glad I've never had any problems with that! but eeeewwwwww, they spat over the bear! that's so gross, and really not cool!!!


  20. Ela, This is ABSOLUTELY funny! I loved your story! Ouch! The growing pains! So, do you know where MF is now? How does he look? Is he still bitter? I had a bitter ex-boyfriend from 17 years ago who doesn't even want to reply to my Facebook request! Hahahaha....

  21. Whoa! That story was great! You are so rad for posting it.

  22. Ahhh, high-school (any school actually)... what a silly place it can be. I had a guy ask me out constantly and I didn't take the bait because my best friend had a huge crush on him. He wasn't really my type, although he was the 'cool kid' at school, but I never fancied him. But my friend never really got mad or annoyed at me for it, so it wasn't really a drama. Other than that, thankfully all my friends have completely different tastes in men than me! Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

  23. Really? A spit covered bear?? Ewwwwww....
    This story reminded me of so many crushes from my kiddo days... And I also had a boyfriend in 2nd grade (like your friend). This meant that at recess, he would always pick me to be on his flag football team. A big deal. And we sat next to each other during story time, and while we colored. Again, a big deal.
    Yes, boys have unfortuneately come between friends at times... in the past. Not any more. And I can't believe MF didn't jump at the chance to go to the dance with you. What a dumb boy- his loss.
    Love this post... so fun!!

  24. Boys are just drama, especially this one. I hope you have a very safe trip sweetie!

  25. Hi Ela!

    I hope you have a wonderful trip! Ugh, your story reminded me of mean girls... except not funny. Gosh, like Sierra said above me, boys can be SUCH drama!

  26. I agree! Sometimes I nag Anthony about not reading my blog but really I don't think I want him to read everything just because I want something that is mine as well...

    Yeah I've been on both sides. It's annoying when your friend thinks you betray them because their crush likes you and you didn't do anything other than being nice. But it's more annoying when your friends start dating your exes or hit on your bf. I find that extremelly disrespectful. Bla drama!

    Oh btw thanks for your kind words but no I didn't break up with bf, hehe. I broke up with my previous one about 2 years ago and it was then when I relize who was my friend and who wasn't!

    Have a great trip!

  27. I can definitely empathize ~ I once had a boy come between me and my BFF at the time!


  28. ELA! your little BFFs were little BIATCHES!!! what snide little twats they were. and you didn't even like the dude.

    i bet dude was just waiting for the day he could reject you. too bad he didn't know that you weren't in love with him like he was with you all those years.

    oh well, you have S now and he beats MF by far, right? haha.

    ps. all these initials are making my head spin.

  29. Such a cute post! Reminds me of my very first crush in grade school when we gave each other a poster that said "great things come from small beginnings." Last time I heard, he's indeed doing great and is now a physician to the stars in Beverly Hills! But I am sure we're not meant to be. I don't think anybody truly understands me the way the hubz does!! =)

  30. ohmy!! Ela!!!

    Have a wonderful safe trip ;)

  31. kids are soooo mean! thats horrible, spitting on an innocent teddy bear!

    never really had a boy come between friends. lucky. me and mine have the total opposite taste in guys!


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