Tuesday, December 29, 2009

...and a Side of Cranky Pants

Christmas is not the same with a side of Cranky Pants. Trust. Trust. Trust. Me. I know. Christmas had it's moments but unfortunately, my cranky pants tainted a fair bit. Here's a behind the scenes peek - mostly in word format - because 99.9% of the photos I took, involve people {aka family} who do not know about my blog.

My Christmas Involved:
  • Pressies galore. I actually love watching people open their presents. At showers not so much but on Christmas, I love it.

Christmas at my uncle's 
  • Froggie feet belonging to my aunt. She's in her 50s. I adore her. To the max.

  • Most days with just 3-5 hours sleep. Lack of sleep only makes the cranky pants feel tighter and stay on longer.
  • Thankfully, a day or two filled with LOTS of sleep. Better to be unconscious than spread Christmas cranky cheer.
  • S not wearing the Puck-Hawk out. BOO. He said he felt "too much like a rocker". Or a caveman. This from a guy *dressed for the shower*, which I think is what led to the caveman look. But whatevs. Next time I will wear him down and get him to wear it for out before shaving it all off.
  • Plaid, leopard print and acid wash. But not all together. I promise.
  • Two turkeys. Cause you can never get enough.

Turkey #2 fresh out of the oven, the only way I like birds.

  • Cake and yummy goodness. When you stuff cranky pants with chocolate, things always get better.

  • A painted washroom, a beautiful mirror and new lights! My Birthday(September) and Christmas pressie wrapped in one. It took a *wee bit* longer than I had hoped but it was worth the wait. I love it. I love my S.
  • A new sparkly light fixture for our bedroom to stop the whining just cause. I love my S.

    No idea why the daylight is making our walls look blue, because they're
    "Edgecomb Gray"...which is just fancy for beige :)

    Hope y'all had the best Christmases and Holidays ever!!!
    I'm off for the day but I'll catch up with you tonight!
    xx Ela


    1. "Lack of sleep only makes the cranky pants feel tighter"-- this made me laugh. and that light fixturew is gorgeous...we have a ceiling fan. a cute one though, if there is such a thing. our bedroom is hot like fiure in the summertime!

      gald your holiday was fantastic!

    2. That cake looks yummy! Love the new light fixture too- sounds like a nice xmas :)

    3. I love that light fixture; I'm glad your Christmas was mostly good, aside from the cranky parts! :)


    4. Love your new light fixture... very purty!

      Chocolate always makes things better :)

      Looks like you had a nice Christmas depsite your cranky pants.

      I've missed you!

    5. I had a melt down during my Chrismtas break! =( I hate being stressed out and rushed!

      I love you new bedroom light! It's absolutely beautiful!

    6. Beautiful light fixture. :) Chocolate does make things better!

    7. hope your getting sleep now lol i love that lighting fixture its absolutely goregous and the cake looks yummy

      happy your holidays were great

      Vi from Cali

    8. That light fixture is amazing. I want it!

      Sorry you were a cranky pants, but at least you had things about it that made it better. :)

    9. Hi Love! I am missing you! I'm sorry we're both rockin the cranky pants. I hope to toss mine by tomorrow.

      Thank you for your beautiful christmas card! I kinda suck- never got any out this year.

      You are such a doll. Love you.

    10. i love that light fixture!! it looks awesome!
      the cake looks delicious!!
      you are not the only one with cranky pants on today, i've been on numerous blogs. maybe it's something in the air ;)
      hope the rest of your week is better and you can slip out of your funk.

    11. oh no! no crank pants ela!!! didn't you know that's not allowed around christmas time ;)

      in any event, it sounded like you had fun. two turkeys?! HOLY COW! your family is either hungry little monkeys or just large in number of people. our holiday feast included ham...lots and lots of ham.

      hope your cranky pants are long gone :)

    12. What a wonderful holiday indeed!!! Lets not stop the giving just because it's over.

      Pretty new light fixture...and those froggy slippers...ribbit ribbit cute :)-

    13. That light fixture is GORGEOUS!!! Where did you ever find it?!

    14. I love when you say "Trust" bwahahaaa I can hear you. So funny.

      I bet you look fabulous in cranky pants. Me nasomuch.

      Miss you love you!

    15. sounds like such a wonderful christmas!!!!!!!!!!! i didn't want it to end!

    16. Oh yay, birthday and Christmas presents? How lovely! Ha ha, I loved your miss cranky pants comments, let's be honest, I was a bit cranky too. It is hard to get sleep during the craziness of it all! Looks like you had some wonderful things to eat and those froggie slippers are too cute!

    17. its true... chocolate makes cranky pants feel way better, agree!!!

      and froggy feets of your aunt so cute!


    18. It sounds like minus the cranky pants you had a great holiday!

    19. Your cranky pants are probably designer, mine are def from Target. :) Hope you get some rest and have a fantastic New Year's!

      ps. thank you soooo much for the card! it was such a nice surprise. you're amazing.

    20. Yummy turkey and chocolate cake! Drooling on them right now. Cranky pants gone? ;) Everybody seems to wear it during the!

      Have a lovely week, Ela! :)

    21. Where oh where did you get that gorgeous light fixture. Cranky pants(ness) must be going around. I'm trying to shake them myself!

    22. oooooooooooooooooh, it looks like you got some amazing stuff! you better hug that man, as he was goooooooooooooooooooooooooooood to you!

      p.s. send me that cake, stat!!!!

    23. oh lots of fun! haha those froggie slippers are so cute!

    24. Loved your comment...I would have slapped that woman too...though I had one friend respond to me after finding out I was engaged "are you pregnant" ummm yeah...not so much. You're right it's so much more about the marriage than the wedding...I'm so over this whole planning a wedding shiz I'm ready to just be married already!


    25. Oh no.... why did my dear friend have a stylish pair of cranky pants on this Christmas?!?!
      And I have been meaning to send you an email with my secret magic digits... but I have been working non stop... I am so pooped, but loving the opportunities I am getting at the firm. I feel like a zombie though... I go to work, come home, watch a quick bit of TV, sleep, and do it all again. Yikes!!
      I promise we will chat soon though... this week is looking to be over before I know it but perhaps a nice chat on New Year's Day would work...
      I hope those cranky pants are off to the cleaners and you've got your comfy happy pants on instead :)

      And PS- the color in your room is exquisite!! Love it so!

    26. I think it is the combination of pants and food and expectations of all fitting the same and the lack of sleep combined with the sleep inducing chemicals from the turkey that has really messed up your system. Or maybe you just need to pull a happier pair of pants from the closet?

      My advice get back to you normal routine ;).

    27. OhEmmeGee the cake! I love cake to like, bits. Although, cupcakes OWN cake. Totally do. And your tree looks fab.
      Glad you had a fab Christmas, E! You deserve it!

    28. xmas and cranky goes hand in hand with me too. but its ALL OVER NOW! wweeeee!! LOVE your new lights, preettttyyy

    29. That cake is making me faint. Soo pretty and delicious looking...sigh.
      I'm glad you had a good Christmas, even if it was a little stressful. :) I hope you have an even better New Year!

    30. Wow that light fixture is awesome. Mmm turket looks good. Haven't had a whole roast turkey before, only turkey drums - will have to have another CHristmas and try it out one year.
      Sorry I haven't visited in a while - it's been so busy that I haven't hardly had time to visit my own blog!
      HOpe all is well with you and S and the rest of your family.

    31. Awww, I'm sure you're not that bad as a cranky pants ;-) Love those frog slippers your aunt is wearing! And two turkeys? I'm impressed!

    32. Loving the decor. Hope you post a photo of your bathroom, because I LOVE bathroom decor.

      N refuses to re-do our bedroom on account of our potential move to Hawaii in a year or two, but that's no excuse NOT to have a grown up, NON early twenties, still college dormy boudoir!


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