Friday, December 18, 2009


First things first, I've been a bad blogger this week, missing out on reading and commenting on my favourite blogs. Clearly, I'm a stinkasaurus, I know. Don't hate me. I'll be back soon. With a vengeance. Spamming leaving you insightful comments. And HELLO :) new followers/readers, leave me a comment so I know where to find you...some of your picture thingys, that's the technical term, don't link back to your blogs.And I wanna see your digs ;)

Have I mentioned that S is not a fan of unnatural curls on Asians? 

Clearly, I don't take that to heart. Though I don't curl my hair often when it's short because it makes my lollipop head look even bigger I'm more likely to burn my neck with my flat iron. Yes, flat iron. 

This week I:
  • Bought my dad....two combs and....THE END. Um...Santa, please help me cause clearly, I have no idea what to get the man.
  • Got the battery changed on one of my watches, woot! Is it wrong that this excites me? Clearly, I need to get out more. Trust.
  •  I found a red hair. In my head. Attached to my scalp. I kid you not. S is boggled by this. The blonde one he shrugged off {found another blondie btw} but now with the red...he's convinced I'll find a purple one next. Clearly, I am turning into a clown....root-doot-doot-doot-doot...or Rainbow Brite. If any of you know of a rare condition that causes this, please enlighten me.
  • Came this close to throwing out my b-berry. Darn piece of junk decided to stop receiving emails. It also takes about 45 seconds to enter a phone number. Clearly, I'll be needing a replacement. Very soon.
  • Had one of the bathroom shower taps fixed. The hot and cold were reversed. We just discovered this a few weeks ago. We've been living here for over a year. Clearly, we don't shower use that bathroom.
  • Made these for S. Because clearly, I was a jerk and had to make it up to him without spending a dime nothing says "sorry" "love" like heart-shaped pancakes. They're far from perfect but he forgave me ate them just the same ;)

  • Tried to darken this photo because it was super duper bright but instead, now it just looks BLUE!!! Clearly, I've no idea how to use Paint.NET.

Button Down-Zara, Wool Blazer-Vintage, Jeans-Mavi

Is it wrong that I wish it weren't Friday? I'm probably alone on this one. 
But seriously, I could use an extra day {or two} this week.
 Happy weekend, loves!
xx Ela


  1. I'd kill to have some natural red hair popping in my head. I don't want the highlights, I want the real thing. Wishful thinking. Hahaha!

  2. hi ela! you look gorgeous in curly hair. the pancake is soo cute. i remember making pancakes with the heart-shaper thingy (CLEARLY, i have no idea how they call it), and I had a hard time eating it coz it's too cute. =)

    have a good one gorgeous!

  3. No, no you don't want red hair nor would you want to be called "ginger nut" for most of your waking like. I am a nut, but put ginger in front of it and it's a whole different ball game. You might as well say "sorry ranga"! He he he! Great post, I love your curly hair x

  4. your hair looks beautiful! ... curly,straight, with red and blonde strands ;)whatever, you look fantastic! ...those pancakes look pretty fab also! ;) Have a great evening Ela! {oh and I think the blue photo look pretty awesome too!}

  5. I agree with The Diva's Polish. It's not always that fun being a ginger...

    Great post; made me smile.

  6. just look gorgeous.....

  7. Clearly, you should know that despite the blue color you look cute with your curls. :)

  8. What!!!
    I've been trying to sniff the Friday air since monday darling! The photos are getting very artistic, cheers to the photographer~
    Love the jacket & hair by the way...

  9. i've gotten blonde before but never red! maybe you're not actually asian. maybe you've been lied to all these years. hahaha jk jk! ;P the pancakes are lovely, seriously... cus at least you can make them. Man, i was pretty mad at my iphone today too cus the network was down for about 3 hours... couldn't check email, couldn't browse, chat, NOTHING. crazy what technology does to you!!!

    happy friday ela! <3

  10. ive been a stinkasaurus when it comes to blogging and commenting too. why is there never enough time?! and i LOVE you with curled hair, its so gorgeous. maybe you should just cut to the inevitable rainbrow brite-ing of your hair and dye it all crazy colours.

  11. Sounds like you've had quite the week. I think you look great with curly hair. No lollipop in site!

    I can't wait for our future double date to Carrabbra's! How much fun would that be?!

  12. You look so PRETTY and like always, this post made my day! :)

    I'm so jealous of you. I have ALWAYS wanted to be a red head, and here you are, just becoming one without even trying. Sigh. LUCKY.

    I know what you mean about buying presents for dads. It's so hard! I got my dad some coffee...and I'm stuck on what else to get him. It's hard to shop for a man who truly has no hobby other than nagging you constantly about your future. LOL!

    Those pancakes are cute. One time I tried to make Rian pancakes that spelled out his name and they didn't come out perfect either. Hahahaha!

    I hope you have a great weekend, Ela!

  13. Oh, you curled your hair up so prettily! I have tried it by myself and my hair just won't curl, maybe I'm not doing it right!

    Aww, your heart pancakes are so scchweeeeeet!! My heart would melt if I were S:)


  14. I think those pancakes are super cute! I know what you mean, I wish it wasn't Friday either. I have so much to do this weekend!

  15. I love the curls- stunning! Also, yes BB/Verizon had an email black-out or something...was about to go crazy on my BB too. Thankfully it shaped up and I got emails again.... close one, BB!

    Happy weekend, Ela! <3

  16. Wow, you look amazing in that last picture--so hot and elegant! The curls are a very nice addition, I think; my man hates curls on ANYONE, haha. And like you, I pay no mind :) Anyway, the wine colored jacket is just so uptown chic goes to the stable. I adore it!


  17. You aren't the only one. I've been a terrible blogger this week. But sometimes that's life right? Have a fab weekend!

  18. First of all.. I think the Candian post man ate the card I sent you. You should've shared some of those heart shaped pancakes with him. Then he wouldn't have had to eat your card. For real, though... I sent it the last week in November. My cousin in Italy got her card before yours arrived. Sheesh!
    A red hair?? You ARE turning into Rainbow Brite. Oh how fun!! I wish I was turning into Rainbow Brite!
    And two combs for your dad... hee hee hee. Maybe you could make him some heart shaped pancakes too :)

  19. i love a blazer and I am sooo loving that blazer you have on. it's gorgeous. and i love the hair too--even the blonde one, the red one, and your soon to be purple one... :)

    have a great weekend!

  20. unnatural or not,you look gorgeous with those curls!

  21. your heart shaped pancakes are lovely!!

  22. Aw your hair is super cute curly! I always have issues with finding my dad a good gift too! I love those heart-shaped pancakes- so thoughtful and sweet! xo, Mel

  23. you tell S that unnaturtal curls are perfect on asians. you look so perrrdy!

    but unnatural blonde hair on asians...that's another story.

  24. You rock those curls like it's no one's business. I swear.

    Unnatural blonde on Asians look GROSS, though, I agree with Marya. I mean, I'm Indian and I think you draw the line at brunette.

  25. For the record, I LOVE the curls! ;-)

  26. i love your hair curled!! i think it looks so pretty!!
    the pancakes are cute ;)

    hope you are having a good weekend hun!!

  27. Hey again, darling Ela,

    Please don't forget to enter the brooches giveaways!


  28. Oooh I love your "unnatural asian" curls! They look fantastic on you... and I just adore your lovecakes :) I am craving pancakes lately yum!

  29. natural or not curls look wonderful on you

  30. you got a great blog and you're so stylish

  31. Love that top and just passed by to say HAPPY HOLIDAYS ELA Wishing you the best my doll xoxoxo

  32. A red hair.. that's kinda neat <-- omgosh did I just say neat!? :) I love your hairstyle in this. It's lovely, like you! :)

    Take care Ela.

    Love & Aloha, Sharon

  33. Clearly, I do like your curls, and I like to curl my hair now and then as well... your heart pancakes are so cute!

    I do have red hair every now and then as well. no blonds though... and thank god no grey ones so far as well :P


  34. CLEARLY you look beautiful with curls!!!!

  35. Shame on your b-berry, hopefully you get that fixed so your e-mails are received! I love your curls Ela, you should wear your hair like that more often. Blue effect on photo = very cool. Your heart pancakes are darling, what a good wife you are. Hope you have a lovely Christmas and I too want Friday to be here, I totally agree.

  36. Oh, dont' feel bad! I am the same way... Holidays are a busy time! And the curls look great on you! I love wavy hair...I am planning on growing out my hair and getting a wave perm! Hehe :)

    You look so great here! I love the red jacket.

    Hope you're having a GREAT Christmas! :)

  37. i am so honored to know you. um. you are drop dead gorgeous. S is a lucky man! i have your pressie. should i hold onto it if you come this way>??????

  38. Dear Ela (aka the most beautiful lollipop head who isn't a lollipop head at all),
    I'm so sorry for the long absence of commenting and visiting your great blog. Thanks so much for your warm and lovely comments. I've read them all and they mean very much to me, always.
    The last months were so hectic and really crazy - I will do a posting about it - you'll see what we went through..... :)
    Just wanted to come over to wish you and your entire family (how is your dad???) a wonderful, cheerful, peaceful and relaxing Christmas time!
    Merry Christmas, darling! From the bottom of my heart.
    Sending you all my very best wishes and thoughts. much love to you always!
    feel very, very hugged!!!!

  39. I'd be in heaven if I grow just a single strand of blonde hair or even red. Sadly, what's growing right now is white, snowy white and it never stops growing nor multiplying. :(

    Love your curls, Ela. ( and that pout too. ;))

    Merry Christmas!

  40. dude! I don't know why he doesn't like curls, I think it looks absolutely adorable on you! I love the second picture; you look like a model! Thanks for the get well wishes, I am feeling better finally! I hope you had an awesome Christmas and you have an even more wonderful New Years!


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