Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Three Little Piggies

I don't have sisters. However, I've got two amazing cousins, who happen to be sisters, who happen to fill my sisterly void just perfectly. I love 'em.

We went for lunch to celebrate at my fave Japanese/Korean resto. Here's a shot post-gluttony. We're all pretty happy because we stuffed ourselves silly.

LP 3

Cousin J - Me - Cousin T

Some quick facts about my cousin J and cousin T...
Cousin J loves muffins. Do you know The M
uffin Man?
She does.
She wants to marry him.
And have his little muffin babies.

So she can eat them.

You will never meet a girl who LOVES these faux cupcakes more. Trust.

The last [oh, and I do mean LAST] time we did a Drive-Thru at McD's it went like this:

Order Box: Hi, can I take your order, please?

CJ: Can I get a muffin?

Order Box: What kind of muffin? Sausage McMuffin, EggMcMuffin?
CJ: [wrinkling her nose] Ew, no. Just a muffin.
I die.

Order Box: Oh ma'am, I'm sorry, I forgot it's after 11:00, we don't serve breakfast anymore.

CJ: No-no-no-no. I want a MUF-FIN.

Me [wondering: if it's only 2 syllables does it really help if you break it down?]

Order Box: Sorry ma'am, it's our po-li-cy, we don't serve breakfast after 11:00am...

CJ: Um, a MUF-FIN [making muffin shapes with her hands]. You know? Muffins?
Order Box: Er...what ma'am?
Clearly, not everyone knows The Muffin Man.
CJ: [speechless, still going on with the hands and *sligthly* panicked she's not going to get her hands on a precious ball of lard]
Order Box: Ma'am? Are you still there?

CJ: [yells at the box] A MUFFIN!!!
I die.
Order Box: No, ma'am. It's now 11:15.
I die.
CJ: A muf-fin. [desperation in her voice] I just want. A MUFFIN!!!

Order Box: Sorry, ma'am. Really, we
cannot serve breakfast after 11:00...
They went back and forth for a few more times... I went from laughing hysterically to realizing that the madness may never end and realized that as amused as I was, laughter would not actually fill my empty gullet.
Me: [stretching over cousin J, as I yell into the box] She wants a MUFFIN. The things you bake that look like cupcakes. Not an EggMcMuffin or any type of McMuffin. JUST A PLAIN OLD MUFFIN!!!
Order Box: OH! [we have lift off] A muffin!

CJ: [jumping in the driver's seat, giddy with excitement] Yes! Yes!

Order Box: [chuckles] What kind would you like ma'am?

CJ: [goofy grin, making googly eyes at box] What kind do you have?
Me: [thinking: after all this time, you haven't actually considered what TYPE of muffin you want???] I die.

Order Box: Um, chocolate chip, double chocolate, blueberry, cranberry-orange, bran....

CJ: Hmmm...can you repeat that?

How could I not love her?

Side Note: I had a Quarter Pounder Meal, in case you were wondering.

LP Back
Dress - Ella Moss, Boots - Seychelles, Handbag - LV Speedy 25
Favourite feature of this dress: the studded details on the back, neckline and front pockets

Now for Cousin T. She just got engaged about a month ago! WOOT!
She ties the knot in 2010.

I don't care how old she gets or what other grown up things she decides to do in her life, she will always be Lil Cous to me.

Cousin J, her sister, will be her MOH.
Which means, you can bet your hiney there'll be muffins at the shower.

I, have been asked to be a bridesmaid. I tried to tell her I was too old to be a bridesmaid. That at this point I should be producing offspring to provide her with a wedding party. A mini me to be her flower girl. And a mini S to be her ringbearer. I however = too old.

Cousin T: Well, you should've thought of that sooner.

Ouch. She wasn't having it.
Help. Me.

Hope you all had the best long weekend!
Tell me, what'd you guys all do?
xx Ela
p.s. Sorry I'm still's almost over :)


  1. ela, you look so effortlessly adorable! looking forward to more of your outfit posts when youre really back...

    btw, weekend was just home DIYing... haha, i suck for now but well see what happens.. hope you had a good one!


  2. Ela! I love the back of your dress. Congratulations to your cousin on her engagement. You three are all so lovely! Enjoy the rest of your time...totally looking forward to your return :)

  3. your cousins sound so fun! my long weekend was sadly boring...see a later post for my silliness. hope you are enjoying more celebrating?

  4. Haha, love the muffin story, some people are so strange, how could the McDs worker not know what a muffin is! But, a muffin is NOT the same as a cupcake :p A cupcake is a mini cake with icing but a muffin is more dense like bread. I love them both.

    And what are you talking about too old to be a bridesmaid! Crazy lady. Never too old to support a friend on a big day.

  5. i love the boots!

    burger isn't burger if it isn't a quarter pounder. I need those yummy treat at least three times a week or else am gonna be wooozy and cranky.

    we're gonna order tonight. hihihi.

    oh i don't have a sister too. wc kinda work for me. hgihihihi

  6. Your dress is beautiful and I loved the muffin story! :)

  7. love your dress.oh, and the muffin story, ha-ha.i'm a muffin addicted person myself, so this was so good to read.waking up and look really happy next to your cousins.oh, and congrats for your future bride cousin.have a lovely day.

  8. Hilarious! hahaha! My week is never complete without a big Mac with those large potato wedges and herb dressing.

    The 3 of you look like sisters actually,pretty sisters. :)I love the flowy dress and boot combination. Looks super comfy to me.

    Have a nice day ahead!

  9. I love that pic of you and your cousins. You are all so pretty. :) And that muffin story was hilarious. I love muffins too. I had no idea McDonalds sold them!!
    Awww have fun being a bridesmaid. I don't think you're too old. And besides, you're her sister, so it's your duty! ;)
    PS. I gave you an award on my blog!

  10. i laughed out loud at the convo between the order box man and your cousin! haha i have a friend just like that except her obsession is brownies! i love your outfit {as always} and so happy you have two cousins to fill your sister void! i have neither, so i fill them with my girlfriends :) have a wonderful week love!

  11. That dress is so cute- I love the studded details!

    Sounds like you enjoyed your cousin time :) My weekend was pretty good. Could've been better for various reasons, but over all ok!

  12. Love the muffin story! I feel similar about cake...I'm always craving cake. Funny conversation between me and K:

    Me- I'm craving cake, I wish there was a place I could go that just sold cakes and stuff
    K- There is, it's called a bakery

    Oh and you're never too old to be a bridesmaid silly girl!

  13. "muffin babies"..."So she can eat them"????


    OMG. i was told this weekend that i would be a bridesmaid for my friend who is not even engaged yet and i was like "uh NO! not happening." i think she hates me now. i didn't even give her an excuse but next time i'm definitely going to use the "i'm too old" cop out. lol.

  14. That's you after a Quarter Pounder Meal? It's like your body does something magical with the food. It disappears!

    I can't wait to see pics of Cous Cous' wedding. You're going to be an excellent bridesmaid.

  15. Hahaha you guys are a hoooot! CJ and the MUF-FIN man… wanting to have his babies so she can eat them. HAHHAHAHA! That made my day, ela! :) have a happy Tuesday !

  16. Oh my... those boots. Wow. Love them. And as always, I think you look like someone right off of the pages of a fashion magazine.
    That muffin story... HOOOOOlarious! I died reading it!! I wish you had an actual video tape of that encounter. Or give me the number of the guy trying to take your order. I would love to interview him and get his thoughts on the event. Ha ha ha ha ha....

  17. What a lovely post Ela. Those boots with that dress are gorge!

    Have a great day!


  18. love the outfit, you always look so put together. :)

    Tell your cousin that I love muffins too! yummy! I just made a batch of chocolate chip muffins that me and my husband just died for. they were delish. If it weren't for him I'd probably have eaten the whole batch in one sitting!

  19. YUM, I love muffins! I could use one right now. It's almost time for lunch! Your cousin is not alone in her love for muffins!

  20. lol!!! I had no idea that they had muffins there, I love muffins myself! you ladies all look gorgeous!

  21. Hahaha I love the muffin story. It sounds just like something I would do! Your cousins sound lovely :) and I love your speedy. So cute ^^

  22. He he, your cousins both seem so sweet, glad you are enjoying your time with them! I love the muffin story too, your poor cousin just wanted a muffin, come on! ;) Glad you get to be a part of your other cousin's wedding, that should be a blast!

  23. Oh awesome! That is so exciting to be a part of our cousin/sister's wedding! You guys seem like you have so much fun together!
    You look stunning as usual! Hope you're having fun being MIA. We all miss you here in the fashion blogosphere

  24. That muffin story is so hilarious!

    And no, you're never too old to be a bridesmaid. If a friend asks me to be a flower girl, heck, I'd happily oblige!

    Love the outfit! The shades of brown is so fall appropriate!

  25. I love muffins, too! Oh, geez. Your cousin has me in hysterics.

    And I love you boots!

  26. I have three sisters but my cousin is more like my sister than any of them so I know how you feel. :)

  27. awww, you and your besties/sisters from another mister look just dashing! i love seeing close family bonds, and i think it's fantastic that you get to enjoy the sisterly bond w/o having real female siblings :)

  28. Look like a cupcake! hahahahaha I am in bed dying of fun, sisters, cousins whatever! Same thing!

    Dude I didn't know MCD's had muffins. This is bad, reallll bad.

    Um, how are you? I miss you! Hope all is well...I'm getting caught up on my bloggies!

  29. Ahh, me lovey that slouchy studded dress on you! I can't believe that McD's guy took so long to understand that she wanted a muffin. I also think it's way confusing their McMuffins look nothing like muffins... they should give those a different name. Anyhow, if I were craving something like that, I'd be freaking as well ;-)

    All of you look gorgeous and I'm sure you'll be a terrific bridesmaid. Does age really matter in such things anyway? Looks like you girls had a fabulous time!

  30. How cute, u guys look adorable! And u look amazing in that dress with the LV bag!

  31. cousins are the best! mine are way younger than me but we are still close. hope you had a great weekend!

  32. i love the color of your boots
    so amazing!
    i also have a bff who fill smy sister void...its awesome

  33. Congrats to your cousin! You guys can be the next Charlie's Angels!! xo*

  34. Awww haha Cousin J sounds ah-mazing! And congratulations to Cousin T on her engagement :) Absolutely loving your dress dear. Hope you're having a beautiful day :)

  35. Ahahaha! That argument is the story of my LIFE, I swear.

  36. argh please please can i adopt cousin J as my make belive sister too? you can tell her that i love baking muffins! they are like the ugly cousin to cupcakes and since i suck when it comes to decorating cupcakes... muffins galore!!!!

    ps. how damn stunning is her hair!!!!

  37. Gasp! All you ladies look so gorgeous! And, Ela, you inspire me to dress as chic-ly as you do! If I roll out of a restaurant stuffed- there is no way I look nearly that glamorous. Oh - also- you crazy! You aren't too old to be a bridesmaid- ever! And anyways, you look about 21 years old. I'm thinking 21 is way too young to hang up your bridesmaid "shoes."
    Glad you had such a lovely, lovely weekend!

  38. your dress!!!! the back is super fun! and yeah...i tend to get a little crazy over muffins myself! hahaha...

  39. awww love your dress and your speedy! hehe I love quarter pounders as well... I used to order big extras but they don't have those anymore.. so now it's all about quarter pounders for me LOL

  40. What a lovely trio!
    Love all of your looks, especially that LV bag!


  41. oh my gosh, BF just told me the other day muffins are just cupcakes without frosting. : )

  42. Ela, thanks for your comments lady! To answer your question about my phone, I didn't get it fixed. By the time I got your comment about placing it in rice {which was such a good idea by the way} I had already lost my patience and bought a phone. I hate going without one! I did leave it alone for about 2 days and it still didn't seem to get better. Maybe I still should try putting it in rice to see what happens! I ended up getting a pretty cheap phone too and just bought accessories to make sure if it falls it won't break! Ha! Thanks so much for asking, hope you had fun with your relatives and have a good Thursday! XO!

  43. Kinsa ng naka boots gwapa lagi. pwede maka miga nimo?

  44. just found your blog. *die*. you're awesome.

  45. squishy!!! you've never heard of squishy?! haha...

    it's a quote from disney's finding nemo. see here...

  46. i wish i had sisters or even girl cousins! when i was little i tried to make my brother wear my night gowns and headbands..and made him play with dolls with me. what an abusive sister i was..haha. glad he still turned out okay :)

  47. That was so wonderful to read. I do have one brother. I've got a few cousins that are like brothers. We all grew up together.

  48. Hey Ela! I hope you had a good birthday! :) Sounds like you three had a ton of fun together! that muffin story was tooo funny!!! And you look amazing as always :)

  49. Ela, the Bezel setting is not only sparkly, it looks so obnoxiously huge. A 2 carats looks to be about 3 carats.

  50. I die at your boots! Oh, Seychelles again; why do you do this to me?! That McMuffin story is hilarious - I adore scenarios like that! :)


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