Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wool in June?

Sure, why
Welcome to Canadian Summers! Where one day it's so hot, whatever you put on feels like too much and the next day, you need at least three layers to keep from freezing.

Why can't all dresses have pockets?

Navy Wool Blazer - Talulah, Aritzia
Dress, Belt & Bangles - H&M
Nude Pumps - Marc Jacobs
Earrings - Givenchy
Watch - Michael Kors

It rained pretty much all day Monday. Something about the rain makes me want to dress in the most obnoxious colours. It helps me overcome the drowsy effect rain seems to have on me...and I suppose it's also my way of telling the gloom to go take a the most polite of ways of course :)

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!



  1. Great look! And I know what you mean about dresses with pockets... it's the best thing ever... why don't more labels design those? Love the combo of the blazer with the colorful dress. Hopefully the weather over there will brighten up real soon! :)

  2. The skirt is gorgeous, not to mention how brave you are to combine white pumps with black tights!!! Loving the whole outfit, and the outfits in older posts!!!

  3. Love your outfit, especially the blazer!
    And I totally agree with you, more dresses should come complete with pockets!
    They are cute and practical! :)
    Beth xx

  4. I love Ur outfit especially that blazer...oh and dress of course...


  5. Thank you for the comment at Fashion Pulse. Great blog!


  6. Gorgeous dress, darling! Love how you've paired it with a blazer ~ perfection! You look fabulous!

    And I wear wool in the summer too... in fact, I just bought a cashmere long sleeve tee!


  7. Love the dress!!!

  8. i love the dress the patter is so different... yeah thats what i was thinking... dresses and skirts need pockets... it makes your only option a purse every single time lol

    the interview was fine ill find out in a few days

    Vi from Cali

  9. I love the contrast of the white shoes- great outfit!

  10. Thank you for your wonderful comments!!! Though I must admit, I'm not as "brave" as you may think, the MJ Patent Pumps are nude/beige...but I'll work my way to being gutsy enough to wear white :)

    xx Ela

  11. What a gorgeous outfit! Those shoes are soo cute!! And that blazer is just stunning!


  12. Something similar happens in the place I live, you never know how the weather will be the next day.Love your look!

  13. LOVELY outfit! I adore the tights, pumps, blazer & skirt, I love it all! : ) I definitely know what you mean about random weather, where I live it's mostly on the cold side, even in summer. One thing I'm looking forward to during winter is mixing in tights with my outfits.

  14. Love the nude pumps! Thanks for your nice comment :)

  15. You look so fabulous. Love the dress and those pumps rock!

  16. black stocking with nude shoes make for a very eye-catching combo. Love your dress btw


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