Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Rendition - Plaid

Do you ever find yourself drawn to an outfit or get a sense of familiarity when you see it in a photo but can't place your finger on why?

It dawned on me that sometimes these photos leave an impression not only because they inspire; there are times when I'm drawn because I've got something similar sitting in my closet...usually unworn with price tags still attached.

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So I decided that the next time I saw an outfit that drew me in, I'd pause & do a mental account of what's in my closet & if I've got something similar, or if it inspired me to throw
something together (even if completely different), I'd take a few pics and post.

Now I'm not saying I'm going to look anything like the celebrity or model whose outfit I may somewhat emulate, of course not - I'm not delusional :)

I'm 5'4", I don't have a personal trainer, an insane amount of money, a make-up artist or a hired stylist...I'm simply pulling an outfit together with what I've already got in my closet. Do let me know what you think of "My Renditions".

Plaid Top - ???
Label has a letters

Darkwash Skinnies - Mavi
Patent Pumps - Coach

Suspenders - DIY - Sweater Belt worn as a halter and tied to belt loops

Belt & Bangles - H&M

Please excuse the dark images but believe it or not, the battery on my camera died just seconds after taking these 2 shots - hence the leg-down pic...I had a shamefully bewildered look I just couldn't bring myself to post...I know, it's a sin to be vain.



  1. Hi Ela. Thanks for stopping by my blog, wanted to give you a little love of your own because I'm loving this concept.

    Though I have to say I'm loving your version more than Beyonce's! Your top is super cute. xx

  2. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Can't wait to see the different looks you come up with. I think putting our own personal touch on something you see on someone else that you want to recreate is whats key! You have a great attitude! Btw I am not (and I don't have a personal trainer), but I talk about fitness and stuff on my blog if you wanted tips.

  3. Your look is awesome btw! The top is drawing me in!

  4. Gorgeous! Better than Beyonce indeed!

  5. Your gorgeous I really love this look =]
    The suspenders really set it apart


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