Thursday, June 25, 2009


I've always thought head-to-toe denim was a faux pas, a disaster, a big fat times even a little offensive. Yet somehow, seeing HP in this outfit doesn't want to make me avert my eyes with disdain.

Though it has left me somewhat theory it shouldn't work, yet somehow this does....I actually kind of like it. I'm liking the pairing of the two tones of jeans, the white to break it up, the blonde against the light jean top and the rich brown tone of her messenger bag.

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Now I'm not entirely convinced and certainly won't be rushing through my closet to see what jean jacket I can now pair with my fave pair of jeans. I do wonder, do I like this because it actually works...or because HP is just so darn cute? She's so precious - like a little doll come to um...a slightly-bigger-than-doll form.

What do you think, is head-to-toe denim too much jean or would you be a Jeanie?



  1. She looks really cute but I don't think I could pull of the denim on denim look, which is sad because I have a denim jacket and not much to wear with it!

  2. i think it can work if colors are not matchy matchy and a bit of layering can certainly help.

  3. She doesn't look bad at all!
    "do I like this because it actually works...or because HP is just so darn cute?" Totally agree with that! I always get confused with what my favorite celebrities are wearing!

  4. Its weird I normally hate it when people wear more than one item of denim in an outfit but Hayden looks surprisingly good!
    Not sure I will be trying this at home though.
    Beth xx


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