Thursday, November 26, 2009

In The Spirit of Thanksgiving

Lately, I've been feeling overwhelmed.
BIG time.
Sometimes life is hard.
Or at least it seems hard.
At times, it can be.
But then I stop and remember, it's all part of a plan.
And that I have much to be thankful for.
And I am.
Even the bitter, not just the sweet.
xx Ela
p.s. Have a wonderful weekend, see you Monday :)


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Ela! That was very sweet. :) I am thankful for macaroni and cheese right now too! Baking away in my oven and making my house smell amazing!

  2. Hey sweetie!!! Thank you for your message. I am alright, just very very very busy. Had a couple of days when wasn't feeling well, too. I will be back on Monday or Tuesday.
    Have a great weekend!

    Big hug and lots of kisses.

    P.S. LOVED your cape outfit the other day!!!! Gorgeous!!!!


  3. Happy thanksgiving to you and your family!! Hope you guys have a great feast:)

  4. I have not forgotten... I owe you an email back... I am trying to sneak some time on the computer, but I will email... and until I do, just know my heart is going out to you. I love you, so very much, and want you to be happy and have everything your beautiful heart desires...
    xoxo, KS
    PS- While I eat my turkey, I will be saying prayers of thanks for you... you are such a wonderful friend.

  5. AMEN to what you've just said. The clip was so inspiring. Happy Thanksgiving, Ela!

  6. Hello Ela! I am crying after watching this video. It is so beautiful to be able to give thanks for everything we had. Sometimes life makes us go to fast to realize all the great things that we have been given. Hope you feel better. All my best.

    B* a la Moda

  7. happy thanksgiving ela. We don't celebrate it here, but you eat and have a great one for me too, ok?


  8. Aww, hope you had an absolutely glorious Thanksgiving :)

  9. i hope things get easier for you soon! sometimes life sure gets rather hectic and it is such a relief when things settle down.

    thank you so much for your comments and emails. you really are a gem.

    and the dirty comment you left made me laugh. :)

  10. Happy Thanksgiving, Ela. Great video :)

  11. Happy Thanksgiving, Ela. I know what you mean about feeling overwhelmed...I feel like I've been snowballing stress since Halloween...and it's only getting worse with the holiday season. :(

  12. Hi, Ela! My 2009 sucked... and then again, it was also very righteous...

    I listed the things I am grateful for on my site... but yeah, I know what you mean. Life gets tough like a m-effer, but in light of anything else that could've happened, our lives as they are, are pertty dang good!

    I'm grateful there're people like you who keep it real!

  13. Ela, hope you had a great weekend. xoxo you take all the break you need. : )

  14. Without bitterness, we can't appreciate the sweetness, even sourness(which i kinda love by the way!)
    xo+Blessings Ela!

  15. IT's so true. Being thankful really puts things in perspective :-)

  16. Hope you had a great thanksgiving my Gorgeous Ela! xoxo

  17. Ooh, I wish I would have seen this post, and this video before Thanksgiving - it would have made my holiday that much more special! Such a sweet post!

    I hope you had a Happy, Happy Thanksgiving! :)


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