Monday, July 13, 2009


Hi My Name is Ela...and I am a Shoeaholic.
I'm feeling mighty guilty about snagging some shoes late last year and earlier this year that I still haven't worn.

Seeing as the first step to changing is to admit you have a problem, I decided to share them with you...sorry, I'm not giving them away,
I just mean sharing with a post :)

Nude Booties - Zara
(because I thought I would wear them with everything)

Grey Boots - Zara
(because they're versatile - love that you can fold over the brown lining)

Brown Sandals I adore - LAMB
(because they're scrumptious)

Gladiators - Modern Vintage
(died for the metallic snakeskin and studs)

Navy Patent Ballerinas - Juicy Couture
(because I had an obessession with navy...and gold)

Patent Mary Janes - Tahari
(because they were blue...and the buttons called my name)

'Deluth' Sandals - Jessica Simpson
(fell in love with the zippers)

'Pttika' Rhinestone Buckle Kitten Heels - Nine West
poor things are not so photoghenic but are quite cute on
(got distracted by the sparkle)

Sequins, Rhinestones and Bows
(because they're fun)

'Betsie' Sandals - Arturo Chiang
again...much cuter on
(fell for the studs and zipper)

Brown Leather Pumps - Coach
if they look familiar, it's cause I have them in black patent, which I
do wear
(comfy, classic and needed brown)

Patent Platforms - Zara
(um, just because)

In case you were wondering, husband doesn't know.
Apparently he doesn't read my blog...only the comments, so...

It's one thing to buy a lot of shoes,
but a completely different story to buy shoes and not wear them.
Seriously, there's gotta be a cure.
Do YOU buy things and not wear them?

I will be wearing them, just haven't had the chance...or sorry, made the effort.

Just one more thing before I go...
Shoe Lust

Louboutin Circus Cutout Suede Bootie
Photo Courtesy of

Hope you had a fabulous weekend!



  1. Wow, I love these. Wish I could go buy more fabulous shoes. Can't shop right now.

  2. WOW WOW WOW! you have some really beautiful shoes! Really! {you can never have too many:)}

  3. I totally understand. I'm a shoeholic too. All of these shoes are fabulous, but a girl can never have too many shoes right? hehe.

  4. I love the gray Zara's! Sooo versatile!

    Never have too many shoes!

  5. Hi Honey,

    Haha! U know Janet is a shoeaholic too...

    I adore Ur brown L.A.M.B. but all of shoes are amazing! and I agree Lily G. :" girl never have too many shoes" It's true...


  6. Adore those LAMB and Jessica Simpsons pairs! Unfortunately men will never get our love/lust for shoes... If I could I'd buy loads of them. For now, I modestly live with what I lovingly picked over the years. xxx

  7. Wow, fantastic shoes! Nine West & Jessica Simpson are fabulous!


  8. I used to do this to- ALL of the time! I would still be buying and collecting, without wearing, if I wasn't a student with zero dollars to my name. But all of the shoes you shared are AMAZING- you will wear them someday and you will look fabulous when you do! I am so jealous of your shoe closet!

  9. I always feel bad if I buy something but never wear. Just...WOW, your collection is seriously amazing!! Love the nude booties, and the metallic snakeskin sandals are absolutely gorgeous. And those last patent sandals are stunning.

  10. heyyy! u have lots of beautiful shoes! and u havent worn them yet!! ahha so funny...wear them in ur house or to go to the store! anywhere! love the jessica´s!
    thanks x the add btw!

  11. Hi Ela,
    those shoes are fabulous!!!

    awesome shoes are great, they like yummy candy, aren't they?. I love shoes too!

    ps: thank you for everything,

  12. the shoes are amazing! love the nude booties, those are perfection!

    thanks for stopping by my blog and adding me to your blogroll!

  13. Love all of those- consider them $ well spent :)

  14. They are all so gorgeous, I can't pick a favorite! Shoes are a necessary indulgence, I say!


  15. lazy days are the best!! lovely blog btw and im loving all these lovely shoes :)

  16. ugh i love the jessica's, the L.A.M.S's and the gladiators

    i wish had your habit

    Vi from Cali

  17. Ok, I need those Zara booties. And the Loubies are so yummmmmmmmmy!

  18. Hey Ela! Loving this footwear post--especially the gray Zara boots and zippered JS!

    Just added you to my blogroll, too. Thanks for stopping by!

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  20. Sorry, too many typos so that's why I had to delete my first comment. Love all of your shoes - they are hot and love your shoe style. :)

  21. Wow, great haul, but I can't believe you've never worn them! Especially the boots... I think I'd definitely be wearing the first two constantly! I do admit though, with heels, I've had some I've only worn once and one pair I've never worn. I just can't walk in them all day and I buy more heels than I have occasions to wear them to... especially as even the fanciest restaurants these days aren't that formal. I also have two Lanvin flats I haven't worn yet, because I like to have a cobbler put a sole on them first and I keep procrastinating. I hope you do end up wearing some of the above though... they're too gorgeous to keep in your closet ;-)

    Oh and re: the award... yes, you pass it on to a certain number of blogs. I just happened to choose 5, and the bloggers before me seemed to have chosen random numbers, so I'd just say choose as many as you want! And you totally deserve it... I love reading your blog :)

  22. I have purchased shoes and wear it only once. i should do a post and join you as a cured shoeaholic.

  23. oh! i can relate! i have so many things that i have not worn yet. i found 3 pairs of brand new/unworn shoes last week!

    i love the 'Deluth' Sandals and hope you get to wear them soon! :)

    p.s. i think that mojito pops recipe would still work without alcohol. maybe lemonade instead?

  24. haha cute post, and so many pairs of pretty heels! Ugh I have so much stuff that I bought and still havent' taken off the tag or wear yet...

  25. Thanks for the lovely comment and blog roll add. :) I love shoes just like you!!

    And your blog title totally grabbed my attention; I always order my salads in the exact same way. ;)


  26. ahhhh! SHOE ENVY!!! I especially love the grey zara boots and the navy and gold juicy ballerinas. SO CUTE!

  27. Loving the shoes you picked for this post! Love the Zara boots!

  28. What girl doesn't love shoes?? I love your shoe picks, especially the shoe lust! Aaaaah, I am drooling... LOL. I'm not sure if my BF knows how many shoes I buy... sometimes he does and then he'll ask, "Is that new?"

  29. Ahhh you have SOOO many amazing pairs of shoes! I am very jealous right now!! Lol, I love that your husband doesn't know :) too adorable!

  30. oh lovely shoe collection. I have lots, mostly flats. hihihi. i have a terrible balance. hihihi.

    OMG am so sorry ela i thought nasa blog list na kita. Obviously hindi pa pala. It was the time na naisip ko ill link you pero may isa pa akong naisip na gagawin na bago. Then nakalimutan na. hihihi.

    you're on my link now. Have a great day

  31. Aren't we all Shoeaholics? Who can resist?
    I love the Loubotins at the end!!! Such marvelous shoes!!!

  32. Love the 1st and the last! And you can never have too much shoes ^^

  33. Hi Ela!
    I´m Laura and I´m a shoeaolic too! Can´t resist it but never is enought!

  34. Your shoes!!!!
    I love it! Do you do anything to keep your shoes neat?
    I love shoes, but my cute heels and other pretty shoes gets worn quick.
    By the way, thanks for dropping by my blog : )

  35. Hi, do you want to sell me the first nude booties from zara? I'm desperatly looking for them! pleaseeeeeeeee :) whats your shoesize?


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