Thursday, July 16, 2009

"It" Girl HA, only because I got tagged and am now "it". The only other time I got close to being an "It Girl" was when I was born and the Dr. confirmed, "It's a girl!"

Anyway...the girl with the gorgeous smile at San Francisco Stylephile tagged me the other day for Six Little Things That Make Me Happy so here goes:

1. My husband S
He won't let me post a pic so I'll try to give somewhat of a description. He's been told (and no, not by me) that he looks like Denzel Washington and was once asked if he was Vin Diesel. LOL, no wonder we were getting such good service! I think he's a cross between the two, but has a smaller nose than both.

Actually, when I look at him, I just see
him. He's my best friend and the love of my life. From day one he's made me laugh non-stop and is sweet enough (or has been highly conditioned) to laugh at all my jokes.

2. Babies
Especially holding them in my arms.
3. Smiles
My mom once told me, "Smile when you answer the phone. The person on the other end will hear it in your voice." So True!

Receiving a *geniune* smile from anyone brightens my day.

4. Family and Friends
Now neither know about this blog, so these will have to do.
It is said that, "A friend is someone who knows you, but loves you anyway."
5. Flowers around the house
I love walking into a room and seeing fresh flowers.

I also love when S comes home with them.
[This isn't S but how fitting is this photo??? One day I will get his face on here!!!]

6. This blog
I'm completely serious.
It's only been three weeks and I've met so many fabulous people!
It's a way for me to put myself out there and no one has made me feel small for doing so. Thank you for your wonderful comments, you beautiful people!
7. Eek, I know it's only supposed to be 6 but I must mention, I also love receiving mail (not bills) but lovely letters and cards...
...the old-fashioned way.
I know you may read this and think I'm *cheesy*
...but hey, that's who I am :)
I can't hide it. And I musn't apologize for it.

Now for the fun I do love to learn about you. I'm tagging the lovely gals at While We're Waiting, Iva Messy and Drollgirl(her blog can make anyone with a pulse happy so I'd like to know what makes her) you're "IT"!!!

Oh, and if you've recently been tagged,
please point me to the post on your blog so I can take a read.
~ Ela
p.s. Thanks for indulging me!

p.p.s. I know my blog is called "Extra Dressing on the Side" probably a good idea to do an outfit post tomorrow :)
p.p.p.s. Look what came in a lovely brown package...
HA, another great thing about old-fashioned mail!
Though I obviously appreciate online shopping :)

*I know, I have those other shoes I have yet to wear, but I promise I will wear these*

[Images, with the exception of the shoes, courtesy of Google Images]


  1. I love getting mail too..real mail, and of course online shopping presents to myself! And blogging is amazing, right? so many great people.

    About your hair question-Have you tried Bumble's surf spray? It will give you texture and a little hold...I highly doubt you have an asian fro, silly!

  2. we don't get mails nowadays. i love to receive real letters and birthday cards. now, i get text messages and e-mail. also i buy flowers on a weekly basis too. : )

  3. I enjoyed reading this post :) You're 7 things are SUPER similar to what I'd put if I did this tag

  4. you are the IT girl :) this was so much fun! I love getting mail too! ohhh and I totally agree too, smiling on the phone makes a world of difference, you can totally hear it in their voice. Love your new shoes! :) you are terrific thank you so much for the tag. yes yes drollgirl rocks! ...I will go pop over to while we're waiting :) thank you!

  5. Vision of husband: so cute!

    Flowers: yes!

    Shoes: I'm sitting in a puddle of my own drool right now.

    And thank you!! My very first blog award ever--yay!

  6. Just discovered your blog and am loving it! I'm most definitely going to follow. :)
    YOur list was simply adorable.

    If you ever have the chance, please pop on over to my blog and comment/follow it. I would love that!


  7. Great post and those shoes are so beautiful. x

  8. What a fun tag! Really enjoyed reading this :) I can agree with every point (well, obviously I would have to replace your husband with mine). And yes, to old-fashioned mail.

    Congrats on the cage shoes by the way! Can't believe you got another pair! But what am I saying, I'm going to be heading to the shops later today in desperate search of another pair of sandals...

  9. This post is so perfect and from the heart!
    Those shoes are awesome! I tried the YSL cage shoes on they are soo comfortable!


  10. this post is great! way too great! i love the description about your husband, he's funny though! i love what you say about babies.. :)


  11. Thank you for visiting my place!! :) Hopefully you'll stop by again, but please be sure and follow! It always makes me happy, hehe..


  12. Congrats on the tag. Great answers! They are so sweet. And your hubby sounds like quite the hunk, you lucky girl! ;)
    By the way, I love regular mail too. There's something so romantic and sensible about it. I like holding on to handwritten letters. E-mail kind of ruined that...

  13. I also love getting letters in the mail- while email is so quick and easy, a real letter seems so special!

  14. Hey Ela! dannng, your husband is a cross between Denzel and Vin? in color too? haha! and i love your list...yes, friends are so important, family, SMILING! all great! :) and those shoes... WOW! cant' wait to see you in them!

  15. Awww so sweet! I completely agree with you about the flowers- so lovely when they are at home and when your sweetie gives them to you!
    I can't believe it's only been a few weeks! You have an awesome blog- your personal voice really comes through and makes it fantastic ;)

  16. Lovely. and welcome to the blog world!

  17. This was such a beautiful post :) Absolutely adorable that your husband tops the list! And I really do love babies, they always make me smile. My mother always told me that I should smile at strangers. I suppose even if I don't see it, it still makes a difference. I always buy fresh flowers to put around the house, along with plants, they just make it feel more comfortable :) Oooh and yip yip, good ol' fashioned mail is the best!

  18. ahha and u r getting more shoes!!?? haha love them! please wear them!!
    yeh the name of the blog is ok!! thanks x the add!
    love the thing u said about smiling when u answer the phone! so true!

  19. I didn't notice your misspelled words at all during your last post! Lol, that is fun to wake up with new messages, huh?

    I love how you described your hubby. Hopefully he will let us take a peek of a pic of him in the near future. He'll warm up to us! ;0)

    I love smiling and babies too! Hope you have a wonderful day - almost Friday! :)

  20. I will for sure ply along!!! Might take a few days to post since of my family reunion, but I will do it! How fun! And I totally agree about babies... I could just look at them and hold them all day long. And is it just me, or do all babies just smell delightful?

  21. RYC - we're at Redondo beach in Cali

  22. Love your new shoes and your tag answers! Really sweet post!


  23. Adorable & Incredible post, darling! :)


  24. I love the cage-like heels. I sell some on my site :) They are fabulous.


    p.s. you should enter my scarf contest on my blog!

  25. Love the list darling!
    Love babies too...We should bottle the smell/scent of baby...minus the diaper thingie part of course!

  26. wow the shoes look amazing! ;) where did you find it online?

    click here to visit me at mode junkie!

  27. Your 6 things are SO cute. I love smiles too and it's true you CAN hear people smile. My blog makes me happy too yay!

  28. A fantastic top set of happy makers!! I totally agree with all of them and no you are not at all cheesy saying blogging and fellow bloggers make you happy - blogging is the light of my life!! P.S. Drollgril's blog is totally awesome and I love those shoes!!

  29. ok, you seriously got me salivating over what you got in the mail!!! umm - love them! uh, no, want them!

    lovely list by the way and another fun tag too!

  30. love your answers!!! how could i possibly come up with better ones!!

    and your TROLLGIRL comment made me snort! i wish i had been that creative. although i like to think i don't really look like a troll! :)

  31. Awww these answers are so beautiful! I really enjoyed reading them! I love your new shoes, too!!

  32. Hi can we exchange links? saw it from fabulous-nirvana.. Anyway U got a cool blog :)

    >>> Rebecca Rose

  33. Super fun post. Loving those shoes. And Friends and fresh flowers rock!

  34. That was cool to read. I hope you're doing well. Take care. Enjoy your Friday.

  35. I know what you mean about smiling when you answer the phone. I try it at work when I'm feeling stressed and it instantly makes me feel better!

  36. Thats so funny I order the exact same shoes! I havent worn them yet though! They are soooo high! But they are very nice to look at!


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