Wednesday, July 15, 2009


[EDIT below marked in GREEN]

Remember spelling quizzes in elementary school? Losing marks on essay questions despite delivering a well written answer simply because of a spelling error? Spellcheck was invented in the early 90s and since I began relying on it, I must say my spelling has become right near atrocious (phew, I got that one right...right???).

I find that with most people, spelling errors are forgivable, at times they even go unnoticed. People attribute poor spelling to being rushed or mistake it for short-form or even laziness. However, for some it's a pet peeve or a less than perfect trait they wish they didn't have.

I have a friend that dreads sending emails because she second guesses every second word she writes. She uses spellcheck but recognizes that sometimes it won't pick up the error if she used the wrong word by accident.

It doesn't really bother me...I can always decipher what she's trying to say...

Tonight I'm making Scrimp Linguine & Vulgar Salad for dinner...

...sounds yum, right?

[OK, either no one really reads this stuff (which I can't blame you for)

you are just way TOO polite to call me out on what you may think are typos.
I do know how to spell "sHrimp" but also note that most restos sCrimp on my seafood friends when serving. And I am aware it's Bulgar salad, please do not try to make or order Vulgar salad. I would hate for your server to respond with vulgar obscenities.]
I should probably get cooking :)

Oh and...

Mondays can be tough but this week something sweet sure did brighten my day!

I got this lovely award from The (lovely) Haute-Shopper from Haute World.
Since finding her amazing blog, I tune in every chance I get! Her blog takes me away to places I can right now only dream about. Living vicariously, I get to visit local treasures and other must-sees and even do some fabulous window shopping. I told her that I felt undeserving but she only had kind words to say in return. So I will gladly accept :) Thank you so much!

Since I'm still new to all this, I still get that slight hesitation to put myself out there but everytime I do, I am grateful that I did.

And grateful to those reading along. I really do appreciate it.

There are so many blogs that I love (as you well know) but I would like to pass on this award to these lovely blogs that just began posting in 2009:

1. Lilies and Grapes
(Always enjoy her posts and she's super sweet)
2. Bonbon Rose
(not counting their intro post in Dec 2008)
(Who doesn't love Kristin & Megan and their Bonbon Deal of the Day?)
3. San Francisco Stylephile
(nothing says it better than "Fashion, food and fun in the city")
4. La vie...j'aime
(can't say it better than "art, fashion, life, jaime")

And to these bloggers ~ seasoned but new to me:

5. Denise Katipunera
(Super sweet and had these amazing beach photos that first drew me in)
6. Asian Cajuns
(Twins with fabulous individual style & writing that keeps me(and everyone else) reading)

Oh, and I just learned that this award was created by Little Rus of Fashion Titbits, thank you!

Hope you're all having a fabulous week!

~ Ela


  1. Hi Ela, congrats on your awards and I am a bit anal when it comes to spelling too, but I always try to spell things right just because that is what I am used to. Hope you are having a good night!

  2. yay for awards! it's so nice to be recognized and appreciated isn't it! :)

    and i know what you mean about spellchecks, i myself don't mind spelling errors either (depends what context its in...whether professional or personal emails/documents/etc) nowadays i'm having to decipher shortened txt messages! haha!

    and oh my oh my.... the linguine and salad looks so good. *drooools* you'll come to know that i love food. so if you post food pictures a lot, there will be a lot of *drools* in your comments. hehe :)

  3. I'm a pretty good speller, but I find myself being lazy and when I actually have to think about spelling a word I just write something that resembles the word and wait for firefox spell checker to tell me if it's right or wrong.

    I love the firefox spell checker add on!

    The Boy is absolutely ATROCIOUS at spelling. It's an inside joke with our friends now, yesterday he checked if he had spelt eight correctly! He's really smart though, he's an architect.

  4. oh thank you so much. So sweet of you. I like getting awards, hiihhihi. it's like a medal right? hihihi

    anyway am very stoopid with spelling. See? I hate that, ever since. Ever! I know a word but please am very confused with the double ll or cc or ss. GOSH! life is hard!

  5. Have you ever noticed that the spell check on blogger is WHACK? Blogger cannot be trusted! I'm pretty anal about grammar!

    Congrats on your award!!! XO

  6. Good morning, darling! I've got an award for you today. :) Again made by me. Hope you like it. x

  7. oh god, spell check ruined me! Word doesn't recognise the australian spelling for anything and im too lazy to corect it so university hated me!

  8. U totally deserve this award! Congrats!

    Haute Shopper blog is one of my fave. :)


  9. congrats on your award! and that food looks yummy!

  10. Congrats on your fabulous award... it's so pretty! And if you have leftovers tonight, would you send some my way?!? That looks soooooo amazingly delicious! YUMMY!

  11. Thank you- what an honor!! I am thrilled you enjoy my blog, as I enjoy yours :) Hope you dinner was delish- I am a TERRIBLE cook, but always love finding yummy recipes (that I usually never actually make!).

    So I am new to I pass the award along?! And how? (haha)

  12. I agree with your muses on spelling...
    And that dish looks amazing! Recipe?

    Lovely blog.

  13. Congrats on the award! That food looks delicious. :)
    Yeah, I am a terrible speller too, which is sad because I'm a journalist. Haha. I've been trying to work on it because like your friend, I sometimes put the wrong word and spellcheck or the copy editor miss it, and then it ends up in the paper and I'm beyond mortified. And readers are NOT kind to reporters who spell things wrong. Yikes!

  14. congrats on the award! thanks for putting me on your blogroll, I'm putting yours on mine now <3

  15. Congratulations on the award :) Haha glad you put the green edit in, I was actually a tad puzzled when I read the food description - which looks yummy by the way!! Bad spelling is definitely a pet peeve of mine. I remember days and nights spent learning spellings, and trying to recall it all for tests, so thankfully now my spelling is not too bad :)

  16. Thanks so much for the recipes! You are so sweet. I can't wait to try them out.

  17. Dinner looks fabulous, darling! Congrats on your award!


  18. Awww, thanks for the award love!! You're so sweet!

  19. New too your blog! It's very cute. Congrats on the award! I am a terrible speller and trust spell check to save me!

  20. bahahah!!! this post is hilarious! i don't care if others have typos or misspellings, but i go bonkers when i see my own on my blog, on comments, etc. bah! hate it when i goof!

    SCRIMP! love that! and both of those dishes look DIVINE!!!!!

  21. Yummy...I just picked up food for tonight, no cooking here kebob sandwiches & spinach pie! I like the sound of vulgar salad!

  22. lol, I would never call you or anyone out because I do it myself too...vulgar lol

    congrats on the awards!

  23. Mmmmmmmm... Sooooo delicious!


  24. Congrats on your award!! Ahh spell check, sometimes I open Microsoft Word and check my work in spell check just to make sure I am spelling something correctly. All those points I got off on my work for grammar, spelling, and punctuation in grad school made me nervous!

  25. Firstly, congrats darling!
    You are such a good catch, beautiful, talented & can cook! Well, hope I didn't make any typo but you nevar noe?! Ooops*

  26. Congratulations on the award! I can see why you got it - your blog is lovely! Looking forward to coming back and catching up! P.S. I can so sympathise with your friend - I think I have the worst spelling of all time!

  27. Congrats on the award. It's richly deserved.

    I have an aunt who always worried about her boyfriend, now husband, criticizing her spelling. She hated to send him emails because he would pick them apart.

  28. um, if you go to a park and take that van damme picture, you'll be my hero. i'll even send you a cape. :)

  29. Oh thank you so much! The feeling is absolutely mutual! Congrats on your blog award too ;)

  30. Oh my! That shrimp linguine looks amazing! Will have to make it this weekend to satisfy my craving now! :)

  31. You just gave me inspiration for dinner. Thank you shrimp looks de-lish!


  32. Ooh! My first blog award! Thanks, Ela! XOXO


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