Friday, July 10, 2009

A Wallflower at Heart

....growing up I truly did prefer to blend in, it always felt safer, free from criticism. As I've gotten older (LOL, I know what you're thinking but I'm not as young as you think...seriously), I've embraced who I am, what I like, and what I stand for. I've accepted that I won't always be accepted, neither will my likes, dislikes, opinions or even sense of style.

<- Do excuse the arm in motion...apparently I'm incapable of standing still for more than a second :)

It helps that my husband S is quite the extrovert and over the years he's worked me out of my shell but every now and then, he reminds me I have to creep out just a little more...

Last week S and I saw the movie UP, which I
absolutely adored. You've got to see it if you haven't already, it's sooo good!

Feeling a little retro that day, I decided to wear my favourite flower top, which reminds me a little bit of 70s wallpaper, regardless I love it! I love the versatility the tie allows.

Flower top - Free People
Jeans - Hudson
Navy Handbag - Katherine Kwei, I love her designs, do check her out!
Sunglasses - Ungaro
Shoes - Hilary Radley
Belt - Kenneth Cole

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
I'm out of town so this is a scheduled post, see you on your blogs next week :)



  1. I am totally loving this outfit, esp. the top!! It's perfect for a relaxing day at the movies!

  2. I totally love those wedges and dark blue bohemian...I love...


  3. Total boho chic, I love it. And I really like your sunglasses-I'm going to have to check them out! Xo

  4. Hi Ela!
    I know exactly what you mean about gettng older and accepting your own self rather than trying to be somebody else for easier blending. :) Really like your outfit and love the third photo of you (not like I don't like the first two :) , but the last one is my favourite). xxx

  5. Helloooo beautiful!
    I loved all the interview posts, such a great idea, really inspiring!
    As for your outfit it's really beautiful! The belt adds that little something that makes it so unique!

  6. Love the top! I've always had a weakness for retro prints. I think as you get older, you automatically feel more comfortable with yourself and what you want to wear... just because you know yourself better. I think most of the teenager and 20-something years are spent still trying to figure out who you are. Lovely outfit!

  7. Beautiful! You look sooo boho chic! I love the hair and fresh face, too! Very, pretty!! You wear this look quite well!
    THanks for sharing and happy Friday!

  8. that's a really pretty shirt! Totally floral chic! You have a lovely smile too :)

  9. Love your outfit and hope you had a fun weekend! Those shoes and belt are super super cute!

  10. I love the jeans! check out my blog at

  11. What an awesome outfit!! Head to toe you look fabulous!!

  12. i <3 the floral top. You're style is fun too! Its effortless chic!

  13. u look stunning in the pictures! im just now wondering how old r u???

  14. I love those wedges! They are just amazing! The jeans are awesome!


  15. hihihhii. you are so pretty!.
    and yes...(tagalog na lang kasi baka maingit sila, heheh) mabuti na lang Pinay tayu. hindi tayu tumatanda agad. di ba? di ba?

    i love the top and those wide legged pants. i always wanted one, am just so lazy to find one. I always forgot.

    have a great day!

  16. Great photos and post. You look fantastic. Hope you had a nice weekend.

  17. love this look! I have yet to see Up, but really really want to go soon, i keep on hearing how great it is!


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