Friday, January 22, 2010

Sweet and Sour

S is always teasing me about having a "refined palette". He says I like "bland" food. I say, I enjoy subtle tastes. I also just need one bite in order to appreciate flavours. He however, needs a mouthful to savour the tastes. We eat the same amount but go about it differently. For example, I eat one chip at a time. And one popcorn kernel at a time. Partly because I enjoy it best that way...and partly because I know it drives S mad. He on the other hand, shoves a handful at a time so he can "actually taste" it.

Apparently, he's not that great at detecting "sour"....

S: [Chuckles to himself] That's funny.
E: What is?
S: Sweet and Sour Chicken.
E: Mmmmkay....if you say so.
S: [Stink eye] It's not really sour...
E: Uh, sure it is.
S: No. It's just sweet.
E: No it's not!
S: YES it is.
E: Fine. It's not "sour" per se, but there's definitely a tang to it.
S: Tang's not one of the four tastes.
E: But it's a type of sour...and there's five not four.
S: Five what?
E: Tastes
S: [Eyes bugged out. Insert heckling here] Name them.
E: Sweet, sour, salty, bitter and...
S: HA!
E: Give me a sec...I've got mushy brain [pause] Spicy!
S: Bwahahahahahahahaha. That's not a "taste"!
E: You can taste it can't you?
S: [Pause] just burns.
E: Sweetheart, for people with taste buds, spice is a taste.
S: [Sad puppy face] But it just burns...
E: I don't know what else to tell you, hon....just eat your "sweet" chicken.

Leather Moto - Ralph Lauren (circa 2002), Plaid Top - Winners, 
White LS Tee - F21, Leggings - Aritzia, Boots - Lucky Brand {being sold here}
Gotta bundle up!
Scarf - via sample sale
Please excuse the bedhead, pale face and um...lack of eyebrows HAHA - hair/makeup to be done in car, hence the sunnies (YSL). Lipgloss was on though.

Well, since rehashing our convo. I've come to learn that I'm wrong. Shhh...I haven't told him yet. In 2002, they did indeed introduce the fifth taste: Savory. However, if you go by the ancient Chinese Five Elements Philosophy (according to Wiki), spicy is the fifth. Since, I'm Asian (oh and 1/8 Chinese btw) I think that makes me partly right, no?
Happy weekend, loves!
xo Ela


  1. Great jacket!

    ♥Please don't forget to enter the newer giveaway♥

  2. Even with bedhead you're adorable. Oh and I can definitely 'taste' when something is spicy. I agree with you!

  3. Hahaha! That's a cute convo... well, I always thought spicy is the fifth one. We are Asians so that is right.

    I love the layers of your ensemble. xoxo

  4. You look fabulous, darling Ela!
    Such chic layering!
    And I luuuurve those boots!


  5. That's more of a debat on quantity over quality, isn't it? I'm sure you do have a refined palate, like Remy in Ratatouille... subtlety and picquant flavours...

    However, the debate S has is irrelevant in the context of your debate, since his argument is based of your size of bites and HOW you eat the food, and not the actual taste of the food itself.

    He is soooo funny. You guys are a quirky fun couple. I adore it.

    I agree with Couture Carrie. Great layering... but weren't your legs super cold???

  6. hahaha that is too funny! Thanks for sharing, and I agree that spicy is a taste!

  7. Hey darling,
    again, trying to leave a comment, something that's proving to be a challenge for me for some reason. :( I've tried several time after reading your previous posts and it didn't work... But there's always hope... :)
    Love your outfit and have to say that you look so tiny (for the record - tiny IS GOOD!) and gorgeous.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. LOL!! You and S are so funny! I say spicy is a sense... ;)

    I love what you have on here! this looks so comfy and you do casual chic so well!

  9. You two are too cute and tastes are definitely unique, to say the least. I believe in sweet and sour! You look adorable and so warm, lovin the outfit Ela!

  10. Ela, I think it's called Bella's song or Edward's Ode to Bella. It's from the Twilight movie.

  11. Hey Ela! I just awarded u some LURVE! Check out my blog to accept your awards and some serious fabulousity! Happy Friday... p.s. lurvin' the outfit!

  12. you little rocker chick!

    and you and your man have such scary fights. ahah ahhah! just kidding! :) it is fun to make a man's eyes bulge, for whatever reason. :)

    have a super weekend! make it tangy!

  13. Ah yes, umami. Yep, spicy counts in my book too. ;) Lurve your jacket!

  14. HAHA! you and S remind me of me and my bf. and Savoury is the 5th taste??????? WHAT?? no. i agree with Spicey more. Savoury?? anywayyyy... I'm like S, i eat handfuls at a time but not because i can taste it better that way... just that all the food will be gone before i know it. (when eating at home or with bf) haha! I probably got into that habit as a child when my brother would always get the "last piece of chicken".

  15. hey i think spicy is a good answer...because honestly what category does it fall in? hmmm think about that...

    anyway, your outfit makes you look like a bad ass motorist. i'm scared...oh so scared! ;)

  16. Love the jacket! very bad-ass

  17. Haha so funny! I am just like you- one piece at a time, no matter what we're eating! And love this outfit- the jacket and scarf look gorgeous on you! Have a great weekend love XOXO

  18. LOL! You and your hubby always have the liveliest and interesting debates:P

    I love that moto jacket on you, you look hot!


  19. you look gorgeous! nice boots!

  20. Funny story about tastes!Love your motorcycle jacket. It is very cool the way to mixed it with the plaid shirt.

    B* a la Moda

  21. Those motorcycle boots with the leggings are fabulous! And that convo made me giggle - my husband cooks insanely spicy stuff :-)

  22. i knew savory was technically a taste but i swore spicy was as well! huh, you learn something everyday.

    you look damn hot all bundled up like this btw! xxx

  23. Bedhead? I call it a chic chignon. And it works marvelously with your ensemble - the motorcycle boots of which I want to make mine immediately!! You are too stunning for words my love!! :)

  24. What a cute little convo you and S had. :) and Ela you should never had to excuse yourself.. I don't think you could ever look bad, not even if you just "rolled out of bed".. Stay Sweet!!

    Love & Aloha,

  25. Haha I laughed at that convo! S seems like such a cutie.
    And ohemmegee I love your jacket!
    And I am totally with you. I prefer eating everything little by little.

  26. Stunning outfit! You've got utter style. Such a funny conversation you have there, personally, I can barely taste food, I swear I must have been a chain smoker in a previous life!


  27. love the leather jacket and the leggings combo! And I enjoy subtle taste too, I don't put a lot of sauce or season in my food because I like its natural taste, hey nothing wrong with that! And no I haven't seen lost, I'm not a big lost fan, btw how can they have like 5 seasons of people getting Lost? That's being lost for a long time??? LOL HELP ME OUT HERE!

  28. I always thought savory basically meant salty? (i.e. it's usually used as the opposite of 'sweet' when describing snacks). Anyhow, I would have gone with spicy as well...

    Love the jacket and boots look!

  29. You have incredible versatility Ela!! This look is so, so, so badass and awesome and you look totally gorgeous! You need to be a supermodel somewhere, girl. For serious.

  30. Two of you are soooo adorable together. BTW, you look totally rock and roll chic. : )

  31. You always make the cutest posts! I love this outfit, and your rehashed convo is priceless.


  32. such a chic outfit and I just read the previous "Asian" conversation - hilarious. It drives me crazy when people say I'm "not really" Asian because my parents are both from the Philippines!

  33. I love when you post conversations between you and S. It really makes my day. You two are so cute! :)

    I also love your outfit. Very pretty!

    I'm sorry I have been MIA lately. For the past week I have been extremely depressed. I am now just getting out of my funk I think...but it's taking time.

    Thank you for all your sweet comments. Honestly, I think I am only getting through this mess because of friends like you! xoxo

  34. this is so cute...i totally love those boots!

  35. gorgeous casual rock chic outfit, love the layers :)

  36. LOVE the jacket. i just started following you! feel free to come visit me too: the little violet dress


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