Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tie it With a Bow

I've been a terrible blogger as of late...
S has had the flu, he was getting bettter then got hit with a fever for 3 days. So, I've been busy ignoring him playing nurse chef/errand runner/babysitter...ever notice when grown men get the flu, they suddenly act like babies? He says he can't help it. That's okay, I love him, big baby and all.

Though last night, S seemed to feel a ton better. And suddenly decided he needed to buy a MacBook Pro. That very night. So he called up his friend C who qualified for an "educational discount". We all headed to the Apple store and C showed his student card to get the discount. When the total was rung up and the rep expected C to pay, C turned to the rep, motioned at S and said, "My uncle will be paying for it". 
My Uncle???
Did I mention C is Chinese.
And S isn't even Asian.
Never mind that there's only a 6yr age gap between them.
And here I thought I was a terrible liar.

Anyhoots, we left the store. S giddy with having a brand new Chinese nephew MacBook Pro. Then headed a few stores down to get me a box of Cinnabons. Mmmm...cinnabons. It was the first (and last) time, we left the mall with S' total wayyyy exceeding mine.

I was just too tired to even bother looking - let alone shop. I think my body's been trying to fight off his flu cause I've been super duper tired. These days I just want to stay in my pj's all day. Too tired to even think about what to wear. It's no wonder the last thing I wore was inspired by an after dinner snack...

 Skirt with pockets - Penguin, Shoes - Winners, Belt - H&M

Bow Blouse with Gold Pinstripes - Juicy Couture
Blue Snakeskin and Gold Bow Bangle - Rachel Leigh  
Black/Gold Bangle Watch and Unicorn Bangle - Vintage/Thrifted

The after dinner snack that thoroughly amused me...

"vacuum sealed corn???", you ask. 
wait, it gets better.
it comes with a paper bag... 
"uh huh," you say...

but you see, the bag keeps it cozy while in the microwave...
and after a few minutes,
it comes out looking like this...

with a cob left to nibble on...
maybe you've all seen this and I'm years late in this discovery but it amused me nonetheless. "before"

Hope you're having an amazing week!
Anything you've discovered recently? 
xo Ela
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  1. Lovely blouse and bangles. :-) Pretty combo!


  2. On vacation I discovered fish tacos and pancakes with coconut syrup...LOVE!!!

  3. WOW! Ela! Congratulations on your newly acquired nephew AND Mac. ha! highly awesome lol. And that popcorn is amazing lol. what a day!! So glad S is feeling better!

  4. that's absolutely brilliant!!! first time i'm seeing corn like this...brilliant!! xD

  5. I was LOL as I was reading the "uncle-nephew" thingy.

    And popcorn-on-the-cob, that's an amazing discovery. What will they think of next?

    I love your outfit... the skirt is such a lovely color.

  6. LOL...Chinese nephew.. Lurve it!!!! What men will do get the technology they 'need'...

  7. What a funny story. :). I'm sure lots of us have non-literal aunts and uncles. But congrats on the new computer! How fun. I adore that bright skirt, too.


  8. OMG, that is like the coolest thing ever!! :D I want one now XD haha

    & I'm loving those cute bows on your blouse~

  9. GG is yet to convince me to switch to a Mac but congratulations on your new purchase. I have tons of non-related nieces and nephews myself lol.

    First time I've seen that popcorn cob myself so you're not alone girl!

  10. hahaha terrible liar! And vacuumm sealed corns.. I wonder if these are things they send to space stations... hmm! And yeah I don't care for people that come to work and not want to work either. At least learn the job, do it well first before you slack off and flirt around. And currently I'm on blogspot instead of working, ohh the irony HAHAHA but at least I'm waiting on work!! ya... lol.

  11. hahah i think i say it every time but it really does make my day to come read your posts:) that is so funny about the apple store. im always the one to giveaway things because i cant keep my laughing in. and cinnabon, now i know what ill be having for my pm snack, thanks ;) love u to pieces beautiful, tell s to give u a huge hug from me, k? xo!!

  12. So much funny here, I don't know where to start!

  13. LOL!!! I feel like my husband acts like a big baby too when he's sick. All he wants to do is snuggle and whine! Good thing it's too cute to resist!

    I love the white and yellow of your outfit! It looks great against your skin tone.

    And what?? Corn cob = popcorn? That's awesome!! Definitely more interesting than regular popcorn!

  14. Hey Ela! I just started an internship at Shabby Apple and I wanted to talk to you about some collaboration. Will you email me? I looked for your email but don't see it on your sidebar. My email is


  15. S isnt asian??? Hmmm...i'm starting to piece his looks together...haha k not just sounded cool.

    Um...that popcorn sounds amazing. Is it buttered?? Mmm...gimme gimme.

  16. that corn thing?! i had no idea! it is freaking me out!

    and hope you do NOT get sick. give in when you are tired. just sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. sometimes, i SWEAR, that helps fight off bugs and that is the way to go!

  17. I am glad to her S is feeling better! Congrats on your new mac! You will never go back to PC again haha. Also I love your yellow skirt and that pop corn, corn on the cob thingie is SO amazingly cool!!! Thanks for sharing, Lovely Ela

  18. Lol at Chinese Nephew :)!! Your pictures are beautiful, those bangles have got my interest! They look beautiful! Another enjoyable post, thank you :)

  19. what an adorable outfit =) yellow is my fave!

    your blog is too cute, I found you through Leah =)

  20. I adore your outfit esp the blouse. LMAO at the uncle part! XP Well, technically don't we Asians call anyone even slightly older "uncle"? it! Congrats on the new Macbook Pro. And wow, I have never seen that popcorn before.

  21. yes! men cannot handle being sick AT ALL! they carry on like they are dying, seriously. it's sorta funny. how often are we all flu-like and go about every day things but then if it hits them? the world stops. its too much. imagine having like 4 sons or something. hell!

    umm, that popcorn thing looks amazing. i want. why is all our food things so boringly packaged here in australia?!

  22. Love the entire look! Those shoes are amazing as well! XOXO

  23. PS. I just realized I wasn't following you! Ahhh! Im so sorry! You've been on my blog roll for a while now too. Anyway- fixed now :) XOXO

  24. um, that outfit is super cute. especially the the color.

    that corn thing would certainly keep me entertained.

  25. Ela! oh how've I missed you too my darling :D How've you been? I got soooOOOoo busy with the holiday rush, I had no time to blog! Ahh..Anyway I'll be in touch girl. Looking forward to seeing you in your cute little adorable outfits :D


  26. The skirt is too adorable for words. Love the colour. :)

  27. Cute blouse! And, uh, now I really want on-the-cob popcorn. :-)

  28. Oh so adorable, I love the mustard colored skirt and the audrey hepburn vibes!! Oh And I totally want on the cob popcorn too:P

  29. Really cute skirt- I can see it being really versatile with the blouse or even a funky t-shirt! And OMG, as a huge popcorn eater, I love the corn on the cob- where did you get it? xo, mel

  30. Why is it that the most outrageous fabrications we tell are always the most fabulous? Congratulations on the new nephew, Mac Pro, and, most importantly, Cinnabons. By the way, I need your bracelets/bangles - I can hear them calling my name!! :)

  31. This is the first time I'm seeing that corn cob which goes to popcorn!!! That's amazing! Where did you get it?

  32. I am dying.... S was excited to have a new Chinese nephew... err Macbook Pro. Ha ha ha ha!!! I would have loved to seen that in person!

  33. 1. that is the cutest outfit and the balance of the bows against the shoes is a perfect counterbalancing study.

    2. I wore an outfit with bows this week and I am so all about them right now. I have no idea why.

    3. S isn't Asian? He is a funny one. And why did he choose to buy a laptop just NOW? That is weird.
    But then again, I get shoe cravings for no reason.

    4. I'm sorry you're feeling sick. I get sick all the time, but that's because my immune system sucks. A mouse has a better immune system than I.

    5. IRYC (on We totally do need to have that coffee/tea/hot cocoa one day. I think we'd have a bunch to talk about.

    6. Isn't it weird how we can be at our computers doing nothing significantly taxing, and yet we are exhausted beyond measure at the end of the day? It's the strangest thing. But I firmly believe that if the mind is taxed, it will condition your body into feeling tired. Kind of like the Matrix. You die in the Matrix, you die in real life. :)

    I want to go shopping in real life with you one day. I bet TO has GREAT vintage. Detroit has the vintage value of a garbage truck.


  34. OMG could I be laughing any harder????? LOL chinese nephew!!

  35. I am sorry S has been sick but so sweet of you to nurse him back to health! I love love your sweet yellow dress and that dinner looks yummy! Happy weekend!

  36. i love this outfit on you Ela! So pretty!

    I've never seen that popcorn thing, so funny!

  37. Cute look- love the Juicy top :)

    Hope S is feeling better- esp now with his new laptop!

    Thanks for the well wishes... I hope to be back at it soon! Have a good weekend, Ela!

  38. Love your outfit, especially the skirt! Oh men and the flu (or any other illness) are a horrible combination. My hubby has started calling it the 'manflu', because it's in a league of its own.

    Hahaha, the MacBook Pro story is hilarious. Then agian, I'd probably do the same, but I'd think of a better excuse (say, half-brother maybe?). Never seen the corn thing before... I"d be fascinated too!

    P.S. Just realized I never answered your blog-question re: not drinking alcohol. We don't have any problems in Paris, but then again, the hubby's a runner so he uses that as an excuse. Few people ever really question it though, or not more than others. I think restaurants would prefer you to drink their wine because it's their biggest source of income. I find it more of an issue at parties or events when you're 'expected' to be running around with a cocktail glass.

  39. um, totally obsessed with this outfit. obsessed.


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