Monday, January 11, 2010

I Could Have Done Without

I'm laughing here....

but this is how I really feel...

Wool/Mongolian Wool Vest - Thrifted, Turtleneck - Random
Pants and Booties - Zara

Did the 5:30am gym thing again. 
Can I just friend H is discovering I am *el cranko pantalones* in the a.m.?
With a side of keep her from slapping me.

So stinkin' tired this morning. I eyed the toothpaste which was next to my perfume. At the same time I stuck my bare toothbrush in my mouth. Then remembered - "I'm missing something", which then led me to pick up said perfume and nearly spray my toothbrush with it. I kid you not. That's the extent of my multitasking at insane hours.

Watch - Swatch
I'm fairly certain I could've done without filling in my right eyebrow today. It would've meant 2 extra minutes that I could've spent in bed. Sigh...

Over the weekend S and I had a Christmas-in-Jan party to go to. We also had dinner at our next door neighbours. Literally, next door but we were still 10 minutes late. Go fig. Anyhoots, after a lovely dinner their 2 and 5 yr old girls proceeded to give me and their mom quite the performance: a musical number from Highschool Musical. The 2 yr old, J, knew all the words. She topped it off with a sway of the hips and said, "I'm fabulous!" Sassy lil thing. I die.

Then she sat on my lap and snuggled into me. Which made her mom ask, "You really like Ela don't you?" To which J nodded and said, with a point of a finger, "And that one too." Following her finger, we realized she was pointing at S. I love that I get a name and he gets "that one". I think I'll start calling him that from now on.

How were your weekends?

I've missed out on a ton these last few days! Wanted to wish the BonBon Rose Girls Happy Blogiversary! Iva, belated Happy Birthday, I hope your day was as wonderful as you are!
What else did I miss???
xo Ela


  1. love that ADORABLE vest thingie!!!

    and getting up at 5:30 is for the birds, and getting up at 5:30 to LEAVE THE HOUSE AND WORK OUT AT A GYM is insane! i couldn't do it! bleh! cranky pants wouldn't even begin to describe my demeanor!

    i like that one too. ahahahahah! that is hilarious!

  2. Love your vest, darling!
    So sorry about the perfume mishap!


  3. your pooped pic cracks me up! you look so cute.

    it's no surprise that little J was liking you. you're a likeable person. awwww.

    hope you had a lovely weekend!

    hugs. xoxo.

  4. furry vest+nude coloured boots= LURVE!

  5. At least you would have had great breath!

  6. yes i know that feeling of 'distraction'...
    cute fur west tho...

  7. You look adorable to say the least :)
    Me and the AM don't mix want to speak to should wait until about 11am or so :)- Lol

  8. You look GORG in every picture!!!! I think YOU are the Sassy lil thing! :)

  9. Oh you don't know tired until you have a newborn to take care of!

    Awesome to have neighbours you can dine with. We had some, then they moved :\

  10. Love the vest! You look gorgeous! And what a cute little girl! "That one" HAHA!
    PS. Good for you about sticking to the gym that early! You are seriously motivating me!!!

  11. You have a great site here. I have a blog myself which I hope will inspire people all around the world. Life is hard enough. I'd like to exchange links with you to help spread some traffic around between each other.

    Please let me know if this is possible.


  12. Oh my, 5.30am is an ungodly hour to be doing gym!! But at least you're still looking gorgeous at the end of the day, I adore your furry vest, Ela:)


  13. Ah I love your furry gilet, I've just got a pink wool one!! I hope you can check out The Fashion Smoke and follow us too :)

  14. that is vest is superb !
    id die for that ! and i love ur short haircut very much !

  15. you look so warm and cozy and fuzzy like a a little cuddly bear.

    poor thing! you are wiped out. that is early!!!!!

  16. I love the vest! I love how the color white brightens up faces

  17. I love your outfit. And I would be tired too- good for you for sticking with it though!! :)

    xo, Jaime

  18. oh my gosh, you are the cutest ever!
    i am in love with your outfit! it looks so comfy, cozy and adorable!!
    i don't like waking so early in the mornings either!

  19. Sweetheart,
    first of all, I adore the look and photos and also think that you have gorgeous floors! :)

    Secondly, I want to ask - are you sure about 5:30 workouts? You know the main rule of fitness - you should feel energies and happy after a workout, not drained or tired or like you are losing your marbles... Trust me, I speak from my own experience. In the past, due to my work schedule, I worked out at 5:00 - 5:30 3-4 times per week. In the beginning I felt like a winner, happy and proud, but then - tired and unhappy... These workouts really messed up my immune system and I ended up being seriously ill for months. After I got well, I promised myself to be sensible about the hours and schedules. These days I work out in the morning (normal hours) or early afternoon. I know for you it's also about a company, but if you feel like s^&*t now and are at risk of getting sick, does it REALLY matter whether you are doing it with somebody else or on your own? If you like gym and workouts, go later, or at least, vary the time.

    I'd hate to know that you are doing more harm to yourself than good.

    Big kiss and hug,

  20. thanks so much for the comment, i'm so proud that you did the workout thing again!

  21. ha hahahahaha... S is "that one." Too cute.
    And why in the world are you going to the gym at 5:30?? I'm all supportive that you're being so healthy and everything... but does the gym close in the afternoon? is it not possible to go at a more reasonable time? I have to be honest... that just sounds miserable.
    and my friend's girls have a little High School Musical routine they perform as well. It cracks me up... so much spunk and sass crammed into such tiny little bodies. It's always good for a healthy laugh...

  22. I love your fur coat!


  23. Ohhhhhh lady. No mini bonbon on the way yet!! I was talking about the SATC 2 premiere. Thanks for the shout out though. Maybe it will convince the hubs that it's time for numero dos. Ah ha ha

  24. HAHAHA late even when it's next door, and "and that one" that's awesome! lovely white vest btw :D hmm so many pillows damn sometimes I wish I can have more guests over then I will have the motivation to decorate my bed with more pillows... currently I even stopped making my bed. i'm like, whats the point, I'm just going to get into it tonight and mess it up again... LOL horrible!

  25. "el cranko pantalones"

    Praying that B does not see this phrase, because I am sure he will adopt it and call me that all the time...

  26. Glad you had a great weekend! I don't know how you're getting up for those workouts! That's just insane. It's hard for me to function at work let alone a gym workout at that hour. Go you!

  27. ive missed so much the last few weeks and been so mia from commenting :( doesn't mean i love love u because, duh, i do! your comment made me smile so huge because ive thought of you and thought i really have to get my butt over to a computer to write the same thing! i hope you're doing well.. 530 am work outs- you are a stronger woman than i... i've been doing night work outs.. more like classes at our ymca, and i'm dying. im so sore today i can barely sit down on the toilet!! hahah, we need to catch up i miss u:) whenever u want to do the giveaway let me know and i am there for you, of course:) xo beautiful, have a great day tomorrow you deserve it!

  28. lol, i love your little story of the girls :)
    missed reading your blog posts girl!

    and love your fur vest :)

  29. ur furry vest is so cute! love it :)

  30. oh Ela you are so super sweet! thank you so very much for the birthday wishes, you are so lovely. I think its amazing that you are getting up so early...It will become habit soon enough and you won't even realize that you are getting up that early. You are super your pictures always!! your 'wiped' picture totally makes me giggle...very cute!!

  31. You look adorable. I don't think I can wake up at 5: 30 am.... : )

  32. this may be crazy but i love the second pic opposed to the smiling one... lol yeah there is something about being up so early that make you think about the time that could be spent in bed... i try to plan how long i can be in bed and make it on time some mornings

    Vi from Cali

  33. Those things usually happen after so much fun!! I am glad you had a nice weekend. It is so hard to wake up. Really cute vest.

    B* a la Moda

  34. Loove the vest - love Mongolian sheepskin and love that it's white! It's so striking against black! I know what you mean about being exhausted because of staying up late- doing that right now! xo, mel

  35. Awww I love your vest, Ela. You look so pretty and warm in it! Yay! :)

    I don't envy your early morning workout sessions but I have to admit I'm impressed. You're going to look and feel fabulous! (Keep telling yourself that!)

    Oh, and say hi to "that one" for me! Hahahahaha!!!

  36. Beautiful vest! I can't believe you managed to do the 5:30 gym thing. No way would I get out of bed that early unless I had to catch a flight (and believe me, I'm not fun then).

    Haha... S as 'that one' is hilarious! Then again, at that age, girls probably think all guys are the same ;-)

  37. beat up or not, you look lovely!

  38. I could never, ever wake up at 5 to go to the gym at 5:30 in the morning. Shoot, I'm lucky if I even get to work before 8:30 (I should be there at 8), or the gym at 9 (it closes at 10).

    I'm definitely a late night owl... It's insane.

    Even if you're cranky in the morning, you still have the resolve to keep doing it. That's admirable.

    I'm training for the Honolulu marathon in December... I'm... so far only doing 5k's on the weekend. I'm pathetic, and I have only 11 more months to get into shape! (26 miles)

  39. Très joli l'ensemble mais c'est surtout toi qui est adorable sur ces photos bravo!!!


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