Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Shabby Apple Giveaway (CLOSED)

Valentine's Day often sparks my need to wear red. Most years I resist...but then again, most years I cave. But whether Valentine's means a night out with the girls, or dinner with a S, I've always tended to wear a dress. This year, I'm thinking black. Perhaps with a touch of white. Right now, I'm crazy for Shabby Apple's 1943 collection, these in particular: 

I'm in love with the wide wrap-around collar and dramatic oversized bow 
that'll frame your neckline perfectly.
Paired with earrings and cuff via Forever 21, Valentino Clutch 
and Stuart Weitzman Platforms.

A gorgeous rossette blossom paired with a tweed skirt gives just the right amount of flirtiness. And I love a dress with pockets!
Paired with earrings and bangles via Forever 21, Tylie Malibu Clutch 
and YSL Divine Platforms.
The perfect mix of creamy ruffles and black sateen.
If V-Day fell on a weeknight, it'd make the perfect work-to-night-out outfit.
Paired with bracelet and necklace via Forever 21, Elie Tahari Platforms 
and Marc Jacobs clutch.
Another reason why I love these dresses is that I can throw them on without having to find that perfect tank top or cardi ~ I've got all my bases covered so to speak. Shabby Apple is a return to what dresses were always meant to be — a one-piece outfit. It's dressing made simple. I love this concept!
One more reason to love Shabby Apple? Shabby Apple is generously giving a dress to one lucky follower of Extra Dressing On The Side!!! This crisp cotton poplin Duck Beach
dress in Cherry Red can be yours, just in time for Valentine's Day! Contest closes February 4th. The winner will be announced on February 5th.
To Enter:
1. Be or become a follower. Leave a comment telling me if you follow via Google Friend Connect or via bloglovin'.
2. Tell me your favourite Valentine's Day treat.
3. Post on your blog or tweet about it for an 2nd entry. Leave a comment with the link.
4. Blog and tweet for a 3rd entry. Leave a comment with the link.
5. If you're not a regular commenter, please leave me your email so I know how to get in touch with you.
6. Open to US residents only.
And if that's not enough, Shabby Apple is offering my US/Canada/International readers 10% off until February 27th. Simply use the code ExtraDots10OFF, it's that easy! Happy shopping and good luck!!!
xo Ela
{dress images via Shabby Apple,  
jewellery images via Forever21, shoes and clutches via Shopstyle}


  1. oh my gosh, these dresses are gorgeous! i'm having a night in making dinner with The Boyfriend, but that still a good excuse to dress up, right?

    i follow you with google friend connect!

  2. *mouth drops open* can you say gorgeous!! i love their shop. i follow.. not sure how, but u know i do woman;) annnd my fave valentine day treat is josh. am i allowed to say that?? ;) love u!!

  3. i blogged about this too!

  4. Eeeeee!!!! Please, please, please pick me!!!! Of course I follow- forever and then some, this you know.
    And my favorite Vday treat- not being alone. Sounds silly, but I'm not a big fan of the day, but even if I'm single (which I usually am on the 14th), I just love spending it with people I care about.
    And I am adding this to my sidebar- I would tweet if I could, but I don't know how to do that :( But blog love for sure... great giveaway!!!

  5. I am following youuu. These dresses are sooo pretty - I particularly love the one with the big flower on the chest - reminds me of the pretty dress Carrie wears in Paris in Sex and the City (second the last episode... but really -- who wears that on a Plane ride to Paris? helps if you're in first class I guess!).

    If I don't win I at least get to buy it :)

    My favorite V-Day treat isn't V-day-y... I love Cadbury Eggs which happy to come out around that time! Yummm. Also my boyfriend and I have started and "eat filet mignon" tradition. Oh and snuggling with him. That's my most favorite treat!

  6. OMG, I LOVE Shabby Apple, but I have never ever bought anything from there. I do follow you on BlogLovin'and I'm pretty sure I follow on google friend connect... Pretty sure I do both.

    Anyway. Favourite V-Day Treat? I don't celebrate V-Day, because my dating anniversary with Nate is ten days later. But when we want to treat ourselves, we usually buy ourselves a deep dish pizza and a yummy salad and bury ourselves in blankets and watch our favourite movies. Or we splurge on French Haute Cuisine. But we haven't done that in over two years. It gets expensive.

  7. Tweeted!!

    I'm probably going to blog this and then tweet about that post AND this one this evening. XOXOXO.

  8. I'm a follower, and wow, I wanna win! We usually ignore V-day but then sometimes my man makes dinner for me, which is very very very sweet since he's at the hospital a lot. This year he'll be on Emergency, though, so I'll have to entertain myself with the only romantic comedy I've ever liked: Bridget Jones' Diary. :)

    I want it, still, though!!!! I need to look good on my sofa!


  9. OH MY GOODNESS! Fabulous giveaway!!! I am a follower view blogger :)

  10. My favorite valentines day treats are Reeses peanut butter cups in the shape of a heart! :)

  11. that dress is shabby apple!

    you know i follow you, girl!

    my favorite vday treat is always flowers. doesn't have to be roses, any flower will do. one year the husband got me tulips (my favorite flower)...loved them!

  12. 1. Follower via Google Friend Connect!
    2. My favourite Valentine's Day treat is heading out for a nice, quiet dinner. :)

  13. Beautiful dresses...but contest is only open to US residents...boooo.

  14. What a gorgeous giveaway!! I follow you through Google :)

    My fave V-Day treat is dark chocolate. That's all I need really!

  15. Ela... I love the inspiration outfits you put together. I can't wait till Valentines day.. but Valentines day is everyday with my hubby. hee hee.

    This is a great giveaway.. the dress is beautiful! I love the bow on it.. make it so sweet.

    Please count me in for the giveaway... and yes I'm a follower :)

    Love & Aloha,

  16. Oh.. and my favortie Valentines day "treat" would probably have to be flowers with a BIG HUG. I'm a fan of HUGS. I'm probably the best hugger you'll ever meet... and my fav flowers are Peonies. They're pretty hard to find/get on Maui... but I love them!!

    Love & Aloha,

  17. Fab giveaway, darling!
    Love this post ~ excellent look collages!


  18. I am a follower of course! Love the bugle boy dress.

    My Vday treat... well this year I will be visiting friends in DC, so my treat will be enjoying the DC scene (and not worrying about boys! lol).

    Otherwise, I like chocolates, thank you :)

  19. Amazing!! And duh of course I follow you! Who doesn't?? Your blog is the absolute best!!

    My favorite valentines day treat is rice krispies with pink sprinkles!

  20. i love the rosette shirt. so beautiful.

  21. Sooo cute! Love this.

    Sweetie you know I'm a faithful follower.

    My fav Vday treat...chocolate covered strawberries. MMMMMMM

  22. um ela...see that first one, you know the one with the bow on it. yea that looks like a perfect birthday gift for a certain birthday girl who's birthday is the day after valentine's day, just sayin...

    that dress is super cute and that giveaway is kick ass but it's not really my style so to that i say good luck to everyone. and you ela are fabulous.

    and i'm out.

  23. i love all of these outfits and follow via bloglovin :)

    my fave treat is just a yummy dinner with the boyfriend!

    and i just tweeted about this! (@wonderfelle)

  24. I love the idea of wearing black, but in a very feminine way for Valentine's Day - especially since I own a lot more black than red in my closet.

  25. I'm in aww with the collections you put together. I love the first dress and second dress. Both belong in my closet because their detailing makes such a statement! Cute give-away! Best of luck to all the entries :D


  26. that first dress is gorgeous!!! why oh why do i have to be so broke?! stop tempting me! xxx

  27. Oh wow, best giveaway ever!

    i am a follower through google connect!

  28. and I tweeted it!

  29. my comment was eaten. Love the giveaway and gorgeous red dress. Following via FC.

    and will you link your email to your blogger profile? Pretty please? I wanted to respond to one of your comments on my blog and got 'no reply at blogger' as your email. Boo! LOL.

  30. love all the black and white xx

  31. I absolutely adore Shabby Apples pieces - Ingrid is one of my favorites; but I love their Carousel and Manhattan Collections as well!

    1) Of course I'm a follower - via Google Friend Connect.

    2) A mix tape will forever be my favorite Valentine's Day treat!! :)

  32. 1- I follow via google reader
    2- my favorite valentines treat is the love letter I get from my BF


  33. my favourite valentines day treat... prob those ferro rocher hazelnut chocolate things... those are yummm... I'll blog about your giveaway in the post coming up!

  34. Wow! so many cute things!!!
    I love that dress!
    My favorite Valentine's day treat -my husband get me a box of Godiva every year---I love Godiva --it's what I dream about when I'm trying to fall asleep!!
    I'm a follower on google

  35. oh my so many cute things!! vday is coming up so soon!

    i follow you through google connect.

    my fave vday treat is chocolate covered strawberries, so yumm!!!


    Thanks Ela!

  36. I follow you on google friend connect!
    mannasweeps (at)))) gmaildotcom

  37. awesome giveaway!!!!

    of course i follow and my favorite treat is chocolate!!!!

  38. I've never heard of this shop...I'm off to check it out! I love their dresses, very pretty.

    Hmm...fave V-day treat is chocolate covered strawberries, the best!

    Thanks for a fun giveaway! XO!

  39. Lovely! I wish I could bribe you to just pick me!! My fave Vday treat is a box of Belgian white chocolate!

    Following you thru Google and Bloglovin...

    I will open a Twitter account just so I could have another chance on winning this! Yes, I'm that desperate!! =)

  40. I tweeted:

    ...Although I don't have any Twitter friends yet so it was just basically a silent shoutout. ;)

  41. Fabulous giveaway. :) That dress is so beautiful and cheerful! You know I'm a follower, of course. xoxo

  42. What a fantastic giveaway! :) i follow, google. and MY most favoritest v-day treat was chocolate covered strawberries after breakfast in bed :)

  43. I subscribed to your RSS feed just now. I am extremely obsessed with the Carousel line at Shabby Apple and am covetous of the Carnival dress. For realz.

    dominique 100 at hotmail dot com

  44. That sounds like the PERFECT Valentine's Day outfit. I'm sure you'll look stunning as always of course :)