Friday, January 15, 2010


I was always amused by magic tricks when I was younger. I suppose it's because I never knew exactly how the trick would end, but I always knew I'd be in for a surprise. And I've always loved surprises.

Sweater - Thrifted, Scarf - Random, Jeans - Just Cavalli, 
Faux Fur Trimmed Boots - Macy's

But not the kind where you come out of a resto and find a parking ticket on the windshield of your car, even though you've got time left on the meter and there's a car parked in front and behind you, indicating you are indeed in a parking zone. But some toy cop parking officer decided you weren't.

Or the kind where you walk into the shower, drench yourself in the steamy water, then discover there's no soap left.

Or answer the phone expecting your favourite person, then get asked by a dodo lovely telemarketer if he could "speak to your mother or father" Um, did it occur to you that some grown women can still sound like toddlers?

Or come home from the gym hoping to gorge on have a scoop of some ice cream, then find your greedy hungry husband ate the last of it.

No, those surprises I don't like. So much. 

But I do love...
when I do the laundry and find some very clean money when I empty the machine.

Or when the grumpy lady who always scowls, catches your eye, then gives you a smile.

Or when your so called greedy husband, saves you the last piece of cake in the fridge or the last cheesie puff in the bowl.

Or when you come home late at night feeling tired and irritable but you decide to check the mail anyway, and find this...
card and key and rhinestone bow necklaces 
A super sweet surpise. Especially cause I didn't even do anything to deserve it. A lovely card and some super cute neck candy from my sweetheart of a friend sister from another mista', Summer (aka Bacon, DimSum and Sweetpea). Thank you, sweetpea, I love you.

And yes, I love hoods. Because they are full of surprises...

Now you see me

Now you don't
Just sound? Yes, I know. I act like a toddler too.

Happy weekend, loves!
Hoping they're full of little surprises!
xo Ela
p.s. Thank you sooo much for all your support with that guest post!
You guys are awesome :)
p.p.s. Please forgive me about being slow to comment today, I'll catch up over the weekend for sure!


  1. There's nothing better than checking the mailbox, expecting bills and then coming upon a surprise! Have a great weekend too.

  2. You are too cute. I love the cozy looking hood and your bright and beautiful smile. You are a lovely lady with a fine sense of humor, Ela!


  3. cute white coat, i love it! :)

  4. That Summer is the best, isn't she?! How cute!!

    You do look sooo cozy!! I love the sweater, I suck at thrifting.

    Happy Weekend love.

  5. You are so cute, Ela! I'm glad you had your share of sweet surprises to brighten your day:)


  6. I'm with you on the telemarketer. It's best to have a phone ID feature on your phone to keep you from answering their calls.

    Lovely hood, Ela and those necklaces are so pretty. What a sweet surprise indeed. ;)

  7. Those necklaces are so cute and girly :)

    I agree w/ the first surprise- the best is when you reach into an old coat pocket and find money! hehe :)

    Happy weekend!

  8. You are so beautiful. Your smile really brightens my day, Ela. I love your outfit too.

    I'm sorry I haven't been commenting much lately. It has been a really rough week for me. I hope you are having a better one! xoxo

  9. Cute necklace, Ela!

    P.S.: ♥Please don't forget to join the Three Birds Designs giveaway!♥

    Good luck!


  10. I'm all about boots like yours! They are the IT item to me of the winter! That and the fact that it's freezing out!

  11. Cuteness all around! love the key necklace...very Tiffany!

  12. You are so cute. I am in adoration with key element too. : )

  13. Did you know Houdini is from my hometown? Random fun fact since you like surprises and magic... or at least hoods.
    Love this post!!! You are amazing- but hopefully this you know already.

  14. haha you are too cute!!! I HATE when people ask if my mommy or daddy are home! haha, but on the plus side if i dont feel like talking i can just say no and hang up!

  15. Oh, Ela this was such a fun post!! I love that you balanced it with good news at the end :) And btw, you look great here! Love the hood!

  16. What a nice post--i loved reading every word. I love (good) surprises too. Like when the husband comes home with a little chocolate treat for me or does the sink full of dishes without my asking. So wonderful.

    Happy wkend to you!

  17. What a lovely surprise! Such a cute necklace. Lovley surprises really do make up for the less pleasant ones. And anything with a hood is a winner in my book (that and dresses with pockets). Hope you're having a wonderful weekend darling!

  18. well, some surprises are complete bliss, and some are complete sh*t!

    hope SUPER SURPRISES (that is a very gomer pyle combo of words) are headed your way this weekend!

  19. Hey Ela I like your hoodie its really cute and I ADORE your stripped blazer below I been looking for one so bad and I cant find it!!

    How have you been sweet cheeks? Hope I can meet you in the future <3

  20. There is nothing better than surprise snail from someone fabulous. Especially someone as fabulous as Summer!

  21. haha you are too cute "now you see me, now you don't" and i agree with you with some of your dislikes... also like when you go to take a shower and halfway through realize that you dont have a towel around. haha! when my brother still lived at home, i hated it too when i would "hide" my fave foods but he'd still get to it anyway!! haha!

  22. you are adorable...hope you're having a great weekend!

  23. Ahhh what a sweet surprise! And what a great way to start the weekend, non?! And OMG people always think I sound like "a little girl." And they usually say it with a sneering face, so this "little girl" usually wants to sucker-punch people (who's voice is "cute" now?!). Haha- I imagine you're much more gracious with people on the phone or in person ;) Cath, strangely enough, has a lower voice than me- so it makes a great comparison for people ("your voice is sooooo much higher than your sister's!!!")
    Happy Weekend, Ela!!!!!!

  24. You look so cozy and adorable in that hoodie. I loved how you compared sweet surprises to not so sweet surprises! Too cute! I am glad you were able to get some sweet surprises this week!!

    p.s. will you please do a makeup post and tell us what you wear on that lovely face on yours?! I love the way your makeup looks :)

    I hope you are having a great weekend, pretty!

  25. oh i'm all about the hoodies. mine tend to look a lot like your second "now you don't" pic which i like. makes me look like the gangsta that i am. HA!

    dude...your comment cracked me up. you're the best! and yes i do scrapbook...well i did. nowadays, i have zero time for it.

    hope you had a good weekend ela!

  26. you approving comments now?? hmmm what happened?

  27. I think I have had the same kind of nice and not that nice surprises. Common life! Love the necklaces. Very cute!

    B* a la Moda

  28. love the pattern on the scarf. perfect pop of color

  29. hi ela!!! happy new year! you are still your cute adorable self, i see ;) hope everything is great and you enjoyed the holidays!

  30. HAHAHA yeah I love how shiny money is after they go through the wash!!! omg. Lovely necklaces you got in the mail, and mmm I'm not big on surprises, I like predictible things, perhaps thats why I like chick flicks over action movies haha cuz I know how it would end!!

  31. Très mignonne j'adore ton sourire et ton manteau blanc est super même si on voit à peine tes yeux

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    I have a giveaway going on my blog. Stop by if you can to enter!

  33. Oh, sweetheart, so sorry I didn't write anything sooner.. I tried yesterday, but lost it. :( Just wanted to say that you look totally and utterly adorable and so so so sweet. Always yours, LittleRus xxx

  34. I love getting mail :) what fun things your recieved.

    Love & Aloha,

  35. Love these photos! That sweater is gorgeous! XOXO

  36. I love those two necklaces!

  37. i like your look !


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