Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cruella's Working on it

Faux Fur - Thrifted ($3.99), Faux Velvet Pants - Zara, Leather Gloves - Aldo 
Purse - Vintage ($2.50), Wedge Booties - Nine West
I tried these boots on, on three different ocassions before I finally bought them last week. I tend to be less impulsive with my shopping these days. Except when thrifting.

Which is probably why I quickly snatched up this coat that now makes me feel a bit like Cruella. And also gives the illussion that I have a pregnant belly. But for $3.99, it keeps me warm and cozy so there's no question, I'll be wearing it again.

Thinking of Cruella, got me thinking of my mean streak. I think we each have our shortcomings. I try to work on mine but just as I seem to overcome one, another pops up...why is that? S says I shouldn't be so hard on myself. But I think it's important to recognize your faults and work on them. Right now I'm trying to overcome giving the stink face. It's not even a stink eye - it's the whole face.

I should mention that there are many times when I do hold back on the face, and the verbage that tends to go with it...but sometimes, I regress. Like I did on one ocassion with a guy I'll call "Chump". 

Chump is a guy that on one occasion told me that I "looked nice"...then followed it up with "must be the makeup..." 
But I just shook my head and let that one go. Chump is also condescending and likes to have an opposing point of view just so he can argue with you. About anything and everything. He doesn't make the best arguments but he knows just what to say to get under your skin. And frustrate the heck out of you with mindless circle talk. He says bonehead things ALL the time but usually I manage to ignore them. However, on one ocassion, be it petty, I didn't want to deal with Chump's "words of wisdom".

C: It's so weird, I know you're Filipino and all, but look almost Asian.
E: [Blank stare]
C: Seriously. You do.
E: [Blinks]
C: [Chuckles] Weird right?
E: Wow, that is weird....considering Filipinos are Asian...with the Philippines being in Asia and all...
C: Huh. [Pause] Really?
E: [Ding, ding, ding!!! Insert stink face here]
C: Oh...I guess it's cause you're not Oriental....
E: I think you should stop talking now. [Insert blank stare]

Did I mention that Chump is Asian? Looking back, I'm a little embrassed at my reaction. But at the time I thought someone else should've been embarassed...or gotten an Atlas. I was having one of those days. Regardless, I should've been nicer. I should've just smiled and let the whole thing go. Sigh, don't hate me...I'm working on it.
Anything you're working on?
xx Ela
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  1. You look absolutely gorgeous lady!!! Luv the "Cruella"...whole face and all :)- You could NEVER give off that impression with your beauty. Just sayin' hun.

    Wowee look at that coat!!! You scored a D.E.A.L.
    May your week be stink-eye free.

  2. i hate cruella a little less thanks to you... you look too fab!

    haha do ever see chump coming and close the door on him? lol

    Vi from Cali

  3. Hahaha! That Chump is quite a character. Don't waste your time on him.

    I love your Cruella look... you look awesome.

  4. Hmm, some people are just plain tactless and rude! And I don't think you were cruel at all, in fact I think you let him off the hook too easily:P

    The fur coat looks delectable! And at only 3.99!! Lucky find:)

  5. Silly boy, at least he has you to save him from ignorance. And you look so lovely doing it. I am also more restrained at retail stores lately- but still have to work on my restraint while thrifting.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  6. The thing I'm left wondering about your exchange with Chump is: how does he define these terms he feels so confident about, like Asian and Oriental? And yes, using Oriental after 1980 means you gave up on book learnin' too early.

    I'm working on anxiety management. I have a few too many responsibilities right now and I walk around feeling like I'm always messing neglecting at least one of them. I need to sort this out and get through my semester before I get too many new gray hairs.

  7. I love the jacket, the 3/4 sleeves and those gloves make such a beautiful chic combination!
    Ignore that C, by the way - you are lovely, sweet and beautiful and he is truly not a gentleman.

  8. those gloves are fierce and i might need to make a trip to aldo!

    and yes, he should have been totally embarrassed. stink face well deserved.

  9. Maybe I'm a bitch but I think he deserved the stink face for that ignorant comment. People always tell me I look bitchy or pissed off when in reality my face is just "normal" i.e. I'm not smiling or talking. Guess I was just born with a natural stink face! haha.

  10. Firstly, your outfit looks saucy and I love it. Your expression is rather sultry in that first photo--ravishing.

    Secondly, that Chump person is right. How in the world does a supposedly "educated" person not know that the Philippines is in included in the continent of Asia? Hello! Plus most Pilipinos have Malay and Chinese stock, which makes them triply Asian. What an ingorant fool.

    Thirdly, what kind of insensitive idiot (in North America!) even still uses the word "Oriental" to describe Asians? Last I checked, "Oriental" is a racially unacceptable word unless you're talking about vases or rugs or live in Britain! I am so disgusted.

    I don'tt hink you should be ashamed of your reaction at all. He needed to know he was being unacceptably moronic.

  11. My sweetheart. May I come play in your closet? Please? I promise to fold everything up and hang it nicely once done. LOL!

    I love you and CHUMP is exactly that. Ignorance is bliss, I suppose.

    Thanks for the Stache shoutout! Check my blog in a few.

  12. Ela! You gorgeous little thing. I love the faux fur so much, I nearly died. I kid you not.
    Also, OMG @ the little zip detail on the pants.

    You are the sexbomb, lady.

  13. That coat is so cute!!!
    I am working on being less hard on myself. I had a lot of friends who weren't good for me. They made me feel bad about being myself and became "toxic". So I had to let them go, and it's taking me a long time to forgive myself and accept that real friends wouldn't do that.

  14. You look so amazing! Wow $4 for that "fur"- just wow :)

    Seriously loving this look. Enjoy your day!

  15. Ummmmm.... LOVE that fur!!! You do not know look even close to Cruella... you look glamarous!!! Rrrrrrr!
    And that conversation with Chump... oh my. You should not apologize for giving him the stink face (and I love that it's not just the eye... but your whole face). I would've done worse... I am always amazed at the things that come out of some peeps mouths... sheesh!
    And PS- I left a bloggie award for you on my post today... because, well, you know I think you're the bestest!!

  16. LOL! ;-)

    By the way love r clutch, lovely Ela!

    If U have a mood, look at my giveaway!


  17. I never liked wearing a fur coat even if it's faux but just looking at you right now ,I'm having second thoughts already. ;)

    There are irritating people who are like C in this world. They're either so full of themselves or just plain insecure. A cold stare and a cold shoulder works for me all the time. ;)

    Have a lovely day, Ela!

  18. He is such an idiot person! Ela, this kind of people don't even deserve to waste your time thinking of what they say and even more feeling sad. Just tell them to get a life and move on!

  19. Oh my goodness Ela! LOVE that coat! Gorgeous! XOXO

  20. Ela! you totally rock the cruella coat! and especially for the price you got it at??? STEAL!!!!

    and i know what you mean, but since we're not perfect, it's only normal that we're continually working on ourselves right? like you said, it's good to recognize the faults and work on it.

    the stink face? hahahahah! pretty sure i do that a lot without even knowing it! and Chump??? i have no words. WOW. just WOW.

  21. love this look on you! so glamorous! I know what you mean about comments on being Asian. gets old after a while, don't they have anything else to say? Sheesh. Hope you're having a great week!

  22. I don't think you should be embarassed for your reaction!!! Chump was being.. uh.. not so bright!!! considering he's asian, makes it even worse! haha, funny story though!

    love the clutch ela!


  23. Great coat and clutch Ela!! ...ummm blank stare is right!!!

  24. Haha you make me laugh!
    And $3.99? Can we go shopping together? Seriously.

  25. Love your Cruella look. that clutch is just too yummy. i couldn't take my eyes off. : ) xo

  26. Dude, my stink face is legendary. I wear my feelings all over it. Totally have to work on that too. Love the coat!

  27. You never cease to amaze me lady. Please implant your sense of style into this little lady down here. I need some help.

    As for Chump, what a LOSER! He's probably got a small schlong too - and he's bitter about it.I probably would be too. :)

  28. The outfit is sick, the title is perfect! And oh gawd I hade dudes like that they are the worst - well, people like that in general. UGH! So frustrating b/c you know it's coming from insecurities on their part but it still gets under your skin...

    Philipinos aren't asian? What a tard. And I won't even go into the 'Oriental' comment. Face slapping fantasies ensue...

  29. You are fabulous, Ela! That coat is perfect!! Oh what a total tool! I have a similar experience when people say things like "you are SOOO pretty, for a black girl" I am like WHAT?!?!?!!?! I'm sorry, but that is NOT a compliment!

  30. um, i would have been a whole lot meaner to that idiot chump fella! god! GOD!!!!!

    and that jacket is FUCKING FANTASTIC! gah! i want it! what a fabulous coat and a fantastic steal!

  31. Seriously, "OMG" that's all I have to say!

    I LOVE this look! You look so glamorous~ Love it!! Love it!! Love it!! ^__^

    And goodness, I couldn't believe the converstion you had =/ poor guy isn't so smart! haha, sorry that's pretty mean, but he's not the nicest person either. I think you had a perfect reaction for what he said :)

  32. Wow...that's annoying!! What I need to work on the most is PATIENCE. Seems like you have a lot more than me...hahaha!

    LOVE the jacket! Can't believe it's thrifted....We need to go shopping together! Look at all your finds!!!!

  33. Hello mon cherie, a kiss on you!
    Come back, keep following me ;)

    "A woman's not going to buy a little skirt for a lot of money if it's not for seduction. What else are clothes made for?"
    - Azzedine Alaïa


  34. My gorgeous ela!!

    You def look like Cruella lol but in a good way though, I really like the faux fur..

    and about your convo omg I mean Really!?!?!
    Dont worry, I have plenty of times when I wish I was nicer

  35. You look sooo chic and cozy in that furry thing miss lady!


  36. i adore this outfit!

    im working on my health atm. eating well and exercising. which is killing me. i HATE exercising! been going to the gym with my boyfriend and hating it. feel proud of myself for doing it, but urrrrggghhh

  37. Digging the jacket! You look fierce.

    LMAO at your story. What a dipshit! You reacted perfectly.
    I'm with you on the mean streak. That's why I'm going to get "I am Jack's smirking revenge" tattooed on me!

  38. Hi Ela,
    I just came across your blog and I love it. Consider yourself blogrolled on my fashion blog. (yes, I'm crazy enough to have 2 blogs!)

  39. what a great faux fur! i'm in love <3! ^^

  40. Great photos. These are fantastic. Hope you're having a wonderful week. Cheers!

  41. OH MY GAWD, Ela!!! You are too sweet- or maybe I'm just way tooo bitchy- oops- I mean Cruella-y. Chump would have gotten more than a stink face from me. I blame it on the Cajun blood (more than the Asian)- I can have a kind of quick temper when I think people are being douchey- even if it's harmless douche-baggery. But I need to work on that - the Cajun temper flare.
    ps- I loveee your faux fur coat! And what a steal- I've been looking for a faux fur cheapie coat to snuggle with too!

  42. Fantastic coat, darling!
    You look amazing!!


  43. you know there are faults i work on but then there are faults i embrace. i'm not perfect and i'm okay with that. being too perfect would make you annoying, kinda like a certain...well i won't say. happy thursday!

  44. Those shoes are PERFECT. I love a wedge, but it has to be right, & those are. Funny story about your heritage, too--I can relate. People never know my ethnicity, & I've gotten many a weird and/or rude remark. I've even had a complete stranger assert that my mother lied to me about who my father is. Totally inappropriate! Anyway, you look gorgeous.


  45. I love this whole look, so elegant and classy!

    I need your email addy lady....I wanna send you the discount!

  46. LOL FUNNY!! my friend was like that too, she's lebanese and i told her that she's asian and she said "really?" and i said "well there isn't a 'middle east' continent now is there!"

    and you rock the coat well!! I love the gloves touch :)

  47. I love that coat. Sometimes its good to get a little Cruella once in a while. Haha. (Well, the style I mean, not the puppy-snatching...). Unless, of course, you're into that sort of thing...[insert awkward pause here]. look lovely. ;)
    Stank face is always good because it lets you get away with everything you want to say without actually saying it. Yay!

  48. what an idiot!

    you look awesome, that coat was a great find!

  49. You look fabulous! I'm loving that faux fur and those gloves!

  50. Girl, that coat looks awesome on you! And someone needs to take an atlas and club Chump with it. Jus sayin. ;)

  51. He deserved that. Yous should by him a Christmas gift-- a world map! Just send it via airmail. Haha..

    By the way, fellow Filipina here :)

  52. YOu better stop it with those gloves! I am going straight to ALDO after work!

  53. You certainly look amazing, loving that fur coat! Don't worry about being nicer, I think you handled yourself the best you could. ;) You are always so sweet Ela.

  54. you're so lovely, ela! :D Are you Filipina?


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