Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mishaps: Beeps and Looks, and Third Time's a Charm

S has some business meetings to take Stateside this week and he wanted me to tag along. We love travelling together, be it long drives or sitting on a plane, having your "other half" around makes you feel like you're not away from home.

OK, enough mush...let's get to the title of this post.

Mishap 1: Beeps

While passing through Customs at the airport, I set off the metal detector like I was a slot machine on wheels. Of course I got pulled aside to get the manual 'wand detection' it went off on my head (earrings), my neck (obviously), my arms (duh), my waist (gotta hold those pants up) and at my ankles (that I can't explain).

At the hotel after a LONG day. Black Boyfriend Blazer - Necessary Objects available here (thanks Lily!) Tee, necklace and bangles - H&M. Jeans - Vigoss from Saks previously worn here
Side Note: Distressed jeans are great but seriously, everytime I fold my knees under me, the holes keep getting bigger. I'm convinced that at least one leg will turn into shorts....hopefully not while I'm wearing them.

Anyhow, after the Customs Officer was done with me. I got a look from S that said, "you should know better". I gave him back a look that said, "You should know better than to think I'd wear a tee sans accessories."

In all the commotion, for a *second* I misplaced my boarding pass and passport.
S gave me another look.
My handbag also had to go through twice...S decided to pack some Pringles in there - I guess they wanted to see what the *big cylinder* in my purse was.
Naturally, I shot S a look.
We're even.

Mishap 2: More Looks and Bim + Bo
Misplaced my boarding pass and passport...again...this time for *2 seconds*, S lovingly shot me a look and politely asked, "Can you please turn the Bim off?"
Not 10 seconds later he did something silly, "Who's the BoBo now?" I asked.
We're even. Again.

Mishap 3: Third Time's a Charm
When we checked into the hotel, we hurried up to the room. It was perfect, until we saw 2 double beds.
[This is NOT a picture of the actual room. These beds are huge. Ours were not.]

Do we look like a couple that sleeps on separate beds? Don't answer that.
So we head back down. Together.
Ask for a room with a king bed.
Back up we go.
Perfect. We love this room.
Then we check out the bathroom.

S insists I take my shoes off.
Me: "No way. You think the cleaning lady takes off her shoes when she's in here cleaning???"
Me having forgotten to pack some slippers, S insists I just put on some socks.
Fine. All is well.
Until I wash my hands and feel something wet touch my right foot.

"WHY is the floor wet???"
S checks around. S: "OH...the leaking"

Flipping Flippers.
I have dirty toilet water on my sock=foot=ME!!! I die. And not in a good way.
Back down S goes. This time I stay back.
He gets us another room. Feeling a bit like Goldilocks and much anxiety (Toilet water outside of the toilet + ON MY FOOT = NOT GOOD) we check it out.
Finally, a room I can live with.
S heads off to his meeting.
I go wash my feet.

Almost 4 hours later, he comes to get me - his once full-of-life wife, who is now slowly starving to death. Curse him and his love for talking.

At the end of the night, after I've been fed and am much happier...
S says, "Thanks for coming, hon. I love when you're here."
And knowing full well he married the BIGGEST germaphobe, adds...
"Oh...and the *incident* with your foot...highlight of my trip."

I turned off the lights. And shot him a look. A dirty one. And not in a good way.

[via Google Images]


  1. Ugh, traveling can be SUCH a hassle.

    Toilet water... GROSS. B and I joke about getting "trash juice" on us when we take it out. Vomitous!

  2. haha! girl you just made me laugh out loud at work! because im the exact same way. i feel like such a priss sometimes..but if thats what its called then so be it! i can rarely use public restrooms.. they have to be SPOTLESS. sometimes i think they are and as i get closer i just get so grossed out that i dont even have to pee anymore. germaphobes forever! ;)

  3. oh! and your outfit is adorable! as always :)

  4. hahahahhaha, I loooved this post. Epic. But honestly, that toilet incident is disgusting!! Oh well. I suppose we all have to go through crazy hotel mishaps once in a while. And I'm happy you were able to finally get a good room!

    Be sure and pop by and leave a note!!


  5. i love this post! you and S are just like dave and i. every little trip we take to any little place, whether it's a road trip or a trip to home depot, it's a hell of a story to tell.

    and DUH a tee without accessories?! c'mon now. actually i break that rule whenever i go to the airport as i hate going through security and giving the perverted TSA guys a reason to feel me up.

    LOVE that picture of you. you look adorable as always. and just FYI, you are the sweetest :)

  6. hahah, i loved this story!! you two are way too cute together, even when "fighting" :) really it's in those moments when you realize how much you love the guy, because of all the sh*t youll put up with for him! ahaha jkjk.

  7. I'm basically an airports worst nightmare. LOL you are sooo funny...
    "You should know better than to think I'd wear a tee sans accessories."

    AMEN SISTER! I am so glad you got fed...twix and gummy bears are just not enough!!

    I hope you're having fun shopping today!! I want a report on Ohio malls...

    :) XOXO!

  8. I think my previous comment got nixed.

    UGH on leaking toilet, especially in a hotel room. But you look fab in the pic.

  9. Love your look, darling!


    P.S. I hate when my outfit sets off the metal detector!

  10. HAHA omg! I love this story! And of course you're going to be wearing bracelets and necklaces etc to set off the metal detector! I can't believe they have to check your bag because of the pringles, they're so paranoid these days lol... and the toilet water? yuck!!! I'd freak and get another room for sure

  11. you look fabulous! EWWW toilet water. bleh! :)

  12. Hahahaha, oh my goodness lady I love you! I am a germaphobe too and I'd be real creeped out by toilet water on my feet. Yowza! At least you and your hubby know each other well enough that you can shoot each other "looks" and you know what each "look" means! : )

  13. You are such a good storyteller! Love your outfit as well! :)

  14. ooohhh...i LOVE traveling!!! and i have a friend that is germcrazy and i give her SUCH a hard time about it...haha...poor you use sanitizing wipes at the gas pumps too?!

    thanks for your words today lady!

  15. I love all those mishaps! It's not a real trip without them. I also HATE germs. I'm always aware of them... just buzzing around. You and your partner sound so adorable together :)

  16. Again... I laugh with you because this little journey sounds like it was quite funny! I love the looks exchanged back and forth between you and S. And that toilet water foot... ugh!! I would've died too. Glad you survived!

  17. Hahaha! So hilarious!:0 Hubby and I usually book a room with double beds because I tend to move a lot when I sleep, he gets distracted.

    Just last week while we were traveling, something went wrong with the toilet flush. Good thing it was clean when it happened and hubby was able to fix it after 15 mins. of tinkering without calling the hotel staff. Guys can be a pain in the ass sometimes.

    You're so patient even if you're hungry, if it was me, I'll definitely come down and eat on the first fast food chain or resto that I'll find along the way.

    You and S are definitely an awesome pair. :)

  18. Ah ha. Your dude has a wicked sense of humor. Love it. I've had that stinkin' blazer in my cart a dozen times since I featured. WHY haven't I bought it? Maybe next month. I'm on lock down after a few too many purchases this month.

  19. nice post. also adorable blog in general...

  20. Your story so reminded me of my journey with my boyfriend to San Francisco, when we got to the room there was no A/C and he forgot to tell me that there was not a toilet or shower in our room and that it was outside to share with many people! I about died. We then switched rooms, and then switched rooms, each had its own set of problems, so I totally feel your pain. By the time we finally went out to eat I was in tears and starving as well, but Big Kiddo just told me was glad I was there even though I was a grump. He he, great story hun and glad you had a good time despite the hotel horror!

  21. I found your blog thru a comment on a friend's blog. I'm an LDS blogger, too!!

    let's be blog friends :)

  22. 1. Love your outfit 2. Airport travelling is a pain 3. LOVE the hotel story. You guys sound like such a cute couple.

  23. oh god!!! traveling can be such a nightmare!!! ack! the wet foot thing would freak me out too! eww!!!!!

  24. Ewww! Oh the toilet water! Yuckky! Ugh traveling can be a total disaster, esp when you have to fly and they treat you like a criminal, then delay the flight and then lose all of your stuff!

    Well, hopefully it all worked out! Eeek!

  25. I LOVE this post!
    1. You look great, but then again, you always do.
    2. You and S are so funny together, it makes me smile.

  26. You are totally hilarious. I love your boyfriend blazer and the accompanyments. I also love your chatty hubby and you should have him make videos for the blog. Vlog!!!!!

  27. hahaha! well at least u look great! love the blazer and the necklaces, perfectly put together :)

  28. So Ela, I was thinking you should publish a book about your wonderful adventures with S. You should title it Stylish Adventures with S (or something). It would totally be a bestseller! I mean the stories are just so delightfully hilarious!

    Oh and yes I did get my luggage back, a few days later. I had to wear the same thing for about 50 hours. I was not pleased... but I was also too cheap to buy something new. BUT in my defense that lost suitcase was filled with new clothes for my vacation... However, I was in Oxford and the shopping there is great. So I was really just being a brat.

    Okay, I am rambling, Have a great night!

  29. That last dirty look was so satisfying to read. ^^ I know just how you feel. I shall read this whenever I am in need of a good laugh, and a dirty look no one can see!

  30. you are adorable! love the stories. i agree traveling together is the best!

  31. haha i love the whole shooting looks thing love your stories with S are always good

    Vi from Cali

  32. Oh em geeee...

    I want those first pair of Gucci sunnies!!!!!! OMG kind of dying right now. DYING.

    Shoot. I'm on a spending lockdown (at least thats what I'm trying to stick to!)

    Which reminds me, I need to put you on my sidebar woop woop!!

  33. hahaha, I just love reading your posts. You and your hubby are just too funny! ^__^ LOL Always seem to make me laugh~

  34. haah what a joy to read! awesome outfit to btw. I adore travelling and I LOVE airports!!


  35. Loved it! Also adore your outfit. You know, I agree with you about travelling together. It's always like a little holiday, even if one of you has to work. x

  36. Lol your lil story cracked me up! Sorry to hear you had to go through all that (dirty bathroom == urghlhkhk!!!). But you still look gorgeous in that photo chica!


  37. hahaha i hate when things like that happen!! but luckily you were with your boy; it is so much more fun travelling with your significant other isnt it?

    dont worry, i set off the dectors at airports too. once it was from the hooks on my bra. ugh.

  38. Ahh, you guys are so cute ;-) But in all honesty, traveling is annoying. I hate it (the actually traveling - I'm find once I"m at the destination). Airport security is a joke anyway. I once got a knife through and scissors as well. And they're pretty lax on the whole 'liquids' thing as well, but God forbid you go through there wearing jewelry.

    Glad you guys got yourself a nice room - finally. The toilet water incident is gross. I'm not that much of a germaphobe and I know I"d freak!

  39. This post is adorable! Love to travel but sometimes it's too short. As always, I love your outfit here and the pose on the bed :P Happy Wednesday Ela!


  40. You make me laugh :) And I know I haven't been by in awhile! I have been a terrible blogger, my family is moving and I am moving to Hawaii soon and I have been traveling and... I have missed you and your lovely blog.

    Also, thanks for the blog award! You are so darling!

  41. you and your husband are too cute for words!

    Btw~ i have a new collection on my jewelry blog, please check it out :D (

  42. your blazer is adorable, and i love the way you write (:

  43. lol every time I come to your blog I think I laugh out loud. Your look very cute, and I feel the same way about the jeans the holes always get larger

  44. ha ha ha loved how you told it - as it is! love it! what could be more icky than bathroom water on your feet? and i get grouchy when I am not fed either he he he. So cute the two of you!

  45. I never thought about the bare feet in the bathroom thing - I always give them the benefit of the doubt that it's clean enough to walk bare foot on...

    Mmm toilet water. At least it was 'clean' toilet water.

    And at least you didn't get bed bug bites! That's what I got from the hotel in the Gold Coast earlier this year - at least that's what we think they are. Very gross, very itchy and it took a very long time to go away :(

    All part of the experience though huh!

  46. Ha- hilarious! I feel your pain.

    Also? You look awesome!

  47. haha this was like reading a short story!

  48. i' not going to talk about the outfit, which is as grea as usual[love the necklace].but your adventure, that's have a lovely husband, and thatt must be enough.changing 3 hotel rooms in a day, that's

  49. Seems like you are having quite and interesting and eventful trip. By the way, tee without accessories?....who would do that?...seriously?

  50. haha...cute story. and of course you wouldnt dream of NOT accessorizing!


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