Friday, August 21, 2009

Heat & It's Ugly Effects

[EDIT: Had to scale down the pics, they were massive]
I need you to take a look at this picture and tell me what's wrong with it.

Alright, I totally set myself up for that. I mean, you're probably thinking, "where do I begin?" So, I'm not talking about my head looking about 5 sizes too big for my body - they don't call me *lollipop* for nothing. I doubt you missed that...I'm wearing....only one earring?!?
So basically my cousin J called me on my Bberry, I've got a terrible habit of cradling the phone between my ear and my neck. So, 40 minutes into the convo I realize, this isn't going to be a short call. I tell her *hold a sec* and remove the earring from my right ear. I get back on the phone and another 40 minutes later, hang up. And walk out the door. I didn't realize I pulled this *gem* until we got home.
While we were out S snapped some shots. I'm not quite sure if a) he noticed or b) he thought I was trying to make a statement {I'm a dork???}...either way, at least he documented my bonehead move.

Apparently, I'm on a roll with mishaps this week, I blame the incredible heat, here's what else I did:
  • Drove to Goodwill. Parked. Popped the trunk. Realized the bag of clothes I was donating....still at home.
  • Almost bought an "Encouragement" card instead of an "Engagement" card.
Good thing I decided to read it over before rushing to pay or I would've handed the bride & groom-to-be a card that said,
"May you remember the Lord is with you at this difficult time."

My cousin and her fiance would have been utterly confused. I know I was.
"What kind of an engagement card is this???" I thought.
Oh, and they probably would've been *slightly* offended.

{OK, I have a slight obsession with this tee from Zara, in stores now. I'd wear it everyday if I could. It's so nice and loose. Bangles & necklace, H&M}

{Excuse the funky toes. I loved the horizontal pleating on this thrifted purple skirt. Shoes are from Brown's, bought online here}

Oh and I didn’t forget, the winner of the Love Hangover Tee is the lovely Clare at Clarabelle! Congratulations, gorgeous!

Happy weekend everyone!

xx Ela

p.s. Does the heat have any ugly effects on you, or am I all alone here?


  1. There is nothing about the heat that ever really works out well for anyone. Maybe for cacti. Not women! Oh the sweat, oh the frizz, the zits & the dehydration! Like the plagues in Egypt!! On the bright side, you have AMAZING shoes and i LOVE the Zara tee. SCORE!!!!

  2. Yes...i'll too blame the heat for my mishaps :)-
    lol on the earring doll. I've gone to return something at a store with item in tow and forgot the darn receipt at home in my OTHER purse... Oopsie-daisies. Walked out of my house and into my car without realizing i had on my ugg slippers. Hehe...those things really are comfortable. See, you're NOT the only one ♥

  3. well the good thing is if anyone could pull of the new style of one'd be you! and no one would question your craziness! :) and those shoes...oh those shooes...beautiful! but you made me laugh.. im glad you checked the card before you sent it but it sounds like something i would probably do myself! xoxo (:

  4. no ur not alone, i have tooo!
    i love ur zara tee, and ur cage heels are hot, i want it >.<

    yah it's very amazin shoes, and im going to make it, hope you will purchase it :)

    im still planing to make the back dress, hope i can make it


  5. Oh my! Thank God you didn't take the wrong card! As for the picture I didn't realise the missing earring until I read it! Anyway you look gorgeous and the outfit is awesome!!! I missed your posts all those days!!

  6. OMG I laughed out loud with my pussycat dolls over here..."May the Lord be with you during this difficult time" you are toooo cute!!!! I'm glad you figured it out but still...I think that just sealed the deal, I adore you!

    I hate the heat!! Nothing pretty happens in the heat. I blame the heat for excited for Fall!

    Happy Friday love! XO

  7. LOL, you made me laugh, Ela! It happens to everyone with this heat!!

  8. You made me laugh, honey! :) Such a great post! I also cannot stand the heat, I feel like a pillow and my brain does not function properly. I don't forget things, but I do drop quite a few. :) Have a wonderful weekend! x

  9. Ha ha ha! You poor thing. You are having a rough week aren't you. Don't be too hard on yourself. I do shit like that all the time!

  10. Awww it's just one of those days, huh? I have to admit though, the one earring does look kind of chic. I've seen people do it before. It helps that it's a big earring. And not to be mean, but that encouragement/engagement card story made me laugh out loud...for a few minutes. I'm sorry, but that was just too hilarious, especially when you were thinking perplexed, "What kind of engagement card is THIS?!" Hehehe. ;)

  11. Oh my gosh, Ela! I wish those were my "ugly" effects! When I loved at the photo I didn't even notice the missing earring- I thought it was a trick question- cuz you look gorgeous (as usual ;).

    Though in the Atlanta heat I'm pretty much in the making mistakes zone from the end of March until early November- hahaha!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  12. hi ela! your post is too funny :). ive been known to have a few days like these as well. atleast, you still looked fab with all the heat and humidity. i would have looked like an unmentionable if it was me.

    love the bakers shoe!

  13. OMG the Encouragement/Engagement card made me LOL!

    Happy Friday! Hope the weekend is better for you!

  14. um hi. kinda obsessed with that zara tee too as well as you're entire outfit. sadly i didn't even notice the missing ear. i guess that's what the heat does to me so we'd be great friends in the heat, clueless as ever! lol. hope you have a fabulous weekend doll! xoxo.

  15. HURRAY!!!!
    LOL at the one earring, girlie! But don't worry. I wore two different shoes to work one two COMPLETELY different shoes. It was quite unfortunate.

  16. missing ear?! k i really need to proof read my comments, dontchathink?!

    ear as earring.

  17. It's been 95 degrees here, so no, my brain hasn't been working either. Although the earring story was hilarious, I must say I really had to laugh about the engagement card. Hahaha... although I'm sure some might consider it a 'difficult time' ;-) Thankfully most of my stupid moves have involved forgetting stuff, but nothing too important. But hey, at least my Internet is working again!

    Have a terrific weekend :)

  18. Cute shoes! Good YSL look for less :)

    Yes, the heat does not help my complexion (I have a facial scheduled for after Labor Day and cannot wait) and my hair. It looks great @ home in the AC, then poof! it's flat and blah the second the humid outside hits.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  19. ela, did you seriously organize your giveaway by EXCEL?!? hehehe! and oh my.. i would've loved to hear about you giving an ENCOURAGEMENT card!!! hahahah! the heats not made me that crazy yet.. the worst is probably just me mixing my letters up like saying "Floot Fries" instead of "Fruit Flies" hahaha!

  20. The heat pretty much puts me in a rotten mood. Fall...where are you??

  21. hi there gorgeous new follower here from Philippines .love your outfit .. you are so stylish ;D .

  22. Congrats to the winner!! And too funny about the encouragement card.

    Hope you have a great weekend, too. Maybe the heat is the cause of my mishaps as well :)

  23. boo, no that's not it. i saw that one on my google search but it's not the same. i swear gilt must have had the last dress ever. it was SO cute. all black with a black leather belt to tie around the waist.

  24. wooooow awesomee!
    loove thosee
    just AMAZING

  25. Oh my goodness I literally laughed out loud when I read the "encouragement" versus "engagement" card. That sounds exactly like something I would do; I don't know why but there are plenty of times when I feel like I'm walking around in a fog and I'm not as "aware" as I should be. Don't worry, we all have our bonehead moments, and if you should ever feel bad, just remember me, your bonehead BFF! : )

  26. Love the cage booties, darling!
    And the heat & humidity are killing me too!


  27. hahaha, what a post! lol To the missing earring. I did the exact same thing just two days ago, but idk what happend to the earring ~_~ It just fell out :(
    & it sure would've been a sight to see them looking at an encouragement card instead of an engagement card! HAHA
    And gosh, I hate the heat when it makes me sweat >_< My makeup gets messed up and then I feel gross. & omg if it's SUPER hot, I get SO scared that my clothes will show sweat X(

  28. First things first girlie... even with one earring, you look ready for the runway! And your head is the PERFECT size for your body. Those shoes are out of this world!!! Love them!
    And your almost card faux pas made me laugh... oh my that would have been priceless to see their faces when they read their encouragement card! Happy weekend to you lovely lady!

  29. extreme heat always makes me want to just sleep in a central cooling controlled house forever! and i hate that, because summer is meant to be spent active and outside, but i just die and collapse in heatwaves of humidity...gross.

    hopefully things cool down on your end, it's starting to over where i am. have a fabulous weekend regardless!! :)

  30. "May you remember the Lord is with you at this difficult time." that would have been embarrassing but SUCH a good story!

    i feel your pain..the heat messes me all up too. (at least i have the heat to blame it on ;) )

  31. Hhaha...too funny!
    I had moments like that too...bought fresh milk & stored it in a pantry instead of the fridge, next morning was looking for it! even searched the entire car...long story short; I found the milk in the pantry & rotten already! Yes, I blame the heat as well...and my tiny brain!!! Happy Friday doll*


  32. congrats to the winner .
    and lol @ lollip0p head and the earring

    it happens to the best of us . and my head i feel is rather large :(

  33. Oh wow at first I didn't even notice the missing earring in that first pic! lol

    And I love that Zara top, looks so comfy :)


  34. LOL ...when I read the first question, my answer was NOTHING ;) ...only we can point out our flaws every single one...I HAVE A HUGE HEAD too ;)

  35. oh, the heat makes me grouchy and it makes me lose my mind! i hope it cools off soon for you!

    and i LOVE your zara top! i want it! pretty bad!

    i hope you have a great weekend!

  36. you are so silly!

    I love that top...what a gem!

  37. ahhh, don't worry about it, it looks "bohemian" ;)

    and that top DOES look comfortable! i love loose, perfectly fitting tshirts.

  38. just found your blog...I was laughing at your post. The heat makes me do crazy things too (or at least I blame it on the heat)!! I love your whole outfit, especially the tee!

  39. Lol nice as always your so funny.
    You look great, Love zara

  40. ok, firstly, i looked at your photo and thought "this girl is nuts, she's beaauuttiful!'

    and yes, the heat drives me mad. i HATE it. and its going into summer here BOOOO! i get so sticky and hot and it makes me grumpy and my clothes cling bad and argggh!

  41. You should get a dog ;) I got the Steve Madden snake print shoes from Marshall's.

    xoxo Kelly

  42. Yes! The deal was SEALED quite some time ago!

    My interview is up! Not even trying to toooot my own horn, I actually think you'll really dig Nina's blog!

    Happy Happy Weekend gorgeous!!

  43. I cant stand the heat!
    btw i luv those heels in the last pic :)

  44. Pak Karamu reading and visiting your blog

  45. I LOVE LOVE your shoes:
    just discovered your blog, lurvveee it!

    lets exchange links?


  46. Hhahaha. Those shoes are rad.
    And don't worry, we all have our shortcomings at times.
    One time I hopped onto a train to another city for a school style conference till I realized my duffel with all the folders was outside and I was chugging away.
    Yeah. So now you know. Don't hate me! XO

  47. first: you are gorgeous!!! that is what i was thinking was wrong with the no not that being gorgeous is wrong but WHY IN THE WORLD IS THIS PRETTY LADY ALONE IN THIS PHOTO?!?!
    second: um.basically the 'encouragment' card was my favorite part of this saturday so far (outside of my morning full throttle)...i think i may have snorted a little upon reading it!!
    and third....i don't know how i have not yet been over here to your place yet!!! i love your blog!!

    happy saturday lady!!

  48. Elly Welly I can't find your email...but I also haven't had coffee yet.

    I need help! Well, it's not so drastic but can you show me how to comment on blogs via the bblackberry? I heard you have to download an app?
    I can get to my blog and I think even post but when I go to another to visit a blog I canNOT comment and this sends me into a quite unhealthy panic haha!!

    Whenever you get a chance of course my darling! Have fun in Ohio!!!

  49. Oh goodness, Ela!!! Hahahaha, I think you need a vacation!! ;) Too bad for me summer is over. Love your outfit here. Wish I could have it :D. But I probably wouldn't be able to rock it as well as you do. Even the one earring look ;)

  50. I don't think the heat works out for many of us, whether we are men or women. I do hope you've had a great weekend. Take care. Stay cool. Cheers!

  51. Sweetest Ela,
    ooooh, I enjoyed reading your posting so very much!! WHO is calling you a lollipop head?!?! That's so cheeky! I think you're very well proportioned at all.
    Lat week was horrible, wasn't it. I thought I was the only one. But thanks to your lovely post I experienced I'm not alone... Had a very nightmare-like day when I went to the road traffic office to register my car. It's always taking some times longer there. But it turned out as a 5-hour nightmare! I took all papers with me, but two tiny little papers were missing and so we've ended up calling several places from the office of this very kind civil servant. When I returned home I felt soooooo exhausted and tired. Later the same day I went to the post office to ship some international packages. Just to recognize that I've forgot them at home.... AAAARGH!
    Wasn't my day at all.....

    But one very happy thing has happened!!!!
    A friend has called the restaurant where we celebrated his birthday - and guess what!
    They've found my little London bus charm from my Chloe clutch bag!!! I'm so happy! Just wanted to share with you!!!!
    Wishing you a lovely Sunday, my sweet!
    Big Kiss to you!

  52. I noticed the 1 earring but I thought you were just making a statement! I didn't think that was out of the blue at all lol!

    yeah this heat is so bad- but I know when winter comes we'd be wishing for the heat again. the grass is always greener on the other side!

  53. Hello,Ela!

    Funny anecdotes especially on the one-piece earring. ;)

    The heat does make you think slow sometimes,hihihi! I don't normally go out when there's too much sun. That's why it always amazes me in here when I see people sun bathing on the parks or anywhere. I hate getting sunburned.

    Your outfit really looks comfy. Nothing cools you better than a really good cotton shirt.

    Have a beautiful day ahead! :)

  54. You look fabulous is the first photo!! nothing AT ALL wrong with it! AND your head is perfect!! :) lol such funny moments! :) Ohhhh we all have these hilarious things happen to us :) you are wonderful!

    Congratulations to the winner :)

    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  55. Ooo I just love those cage shoes! And you look lovely :)

  56. ahaha, loooved that little story. Although I don't see how your head is disproportionate! :( And I love those shoes. Zara is da bombbb.

    Be sure and pop by & leave a note!!


  57. Hi Ea!
    Just an FYI, I left you an award on my blog!
    Have an amazing day!

  58. By the way, you've been tagged!

  59. Oh yes Claire won, how fun!!! Oh my gosh, you are too cute! You look adorable even though you forgot to put the earring back in, lol. And the card mistake, priceless. Believe me, this heat makes me grumpy and do silly things too. ;) Those shoes are amazing and I can see why you love that shirt.


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