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Were you ever a fan of the show Alias? I certainly was. I got S hooked on it too. Week after week we’d catch every episode to watch ‘Agent Sydney Bristow’, played by Jennifer Garner, *save the day*. That is, until the show’s last season when Jennifer got pregnant and the show replaced its star with Rachel Nichols. Jen & BenBlah…

Side Note: Ben, I just want to say I was a big fan of yours since Good Will Hunting. And then you went and did Gigli…and well, let’s just say not such a big fan after that bomb. You ditched one Jen for another and I thought you had redeemed yourself. Then you went and got ‘Sydney’ pregnant, couldn’t you wait till after the show wrapped up? Thank you, for ruining my then favourite show.

With ‘Sydney’ taking the backseat, the show took a turn for the worse and we boycotted it. We didn’t watch the show’s final season until about 2 years after the final episode aired, when I finally figured after watching the show for 4 years, I may as well watch the 5th season and see how it all came to an end.

You’re probably wondering why I’m bringing this up years later, no I don’t hold grudges that long. It’s only because the other night I dreamt Jennifer Garner was my new best friend. Yup. Fell asleep and next thing I know, Jen was at my house. What does one do with a celebrity best friend you ask?

Go to movie premieres and walk down red carpets together? Nope.

Jen Red Carpet2 Jen Red Carpet Jen Zac Posen InStyle

Work out together so I can look this good after 2 kids? Hmmm…not so much.

Go shopping for a new Chanel, then show it off? Not even close.

Jen Chanel

I dreamt, we hung out at my house and spent the day playing with her two kids.

Jen Family

I guess that tells you where my heart is.

Even as a kid or through my years at school having various celebrity crushes, I won't mention which ones as some[or most] of which I now shudder at the thought of, but in all my years, I've never once dreamt of a celebrity before. And I'm definitely a fan of a few but never thought myself to be one who'd be starstruck should I ever meet any of them. I'm not quite sure why I had this dream this at all.

Anyway, looking for pictures of my *new BFF*, I came upon this one of Jen reading to preschoolers in D.C. helping Save the Children promote early education.

It’s nice to know that even in my dreams, I still manage to pick down-to-earth and good hearted best friends.

What about you, ever dreamt of having or would like to have a celebrity best friend?

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Missed you all, see you on your blogs soon!


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  1. I love her. I dreamt I was BFF with Nicole Richie...maybe in my next life...LOL.

  2. I love her! Great style, great actress.
    And, fab smile!
    Have a great day, darling,


  3. OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE Alias. It's one of my all time favorite shows and b/c of it I have a total girl crush on Jennifer Garner. I want to be BFF's with her. Oh and it didn't hurt that Vaughn was H-O-T!

    I love all shows where the girls kick ass (literally) hence why I was also a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  4. Awesome dream! You definitely picked a good celeb to be friends with. And really, that is probably what Jen really does with her closest friends: stay at home and watch the kids and chat.
    I have always been a big Jennifer Garner fan since I saw 13 Going on 30. It is one of my favorite movies!
    I have only had one celebrity dream. It was eight years ago when I was in high school. I dreamt that I was Christina Aguilera's best friend and we went to the circus together. Very random. Lol.

  5. I used to love watching Alias too! I stopped watching it after a while though. I have never dreamed of celebs before but it seems like if you were to have one has a friend, she would definitely top my list as well! She just seems so down to earth and friendly, like she really is the girl net door!

  6. I think Garner is very sweet and I like her for being low-profile. Once I dreamt I was flerting with Gregory Peck. Ahhhh... I adore this kind of men that don't exist anymore. Ahhh...

  7. Funny! I certainly have never had a dream about playing with children. I did dream I was at an all-night party with Yoko Ono though.

  8. I think she's so beautiful. She and Ben make a great couple. I loved her on Alias. Even though I watched the show after she was MIA, it wasn't the same without her. Hope you have a good week. Cheers!

  9. come on... tell me who your celeb crush was!!! my embarassing one was probably Howie Dorough from the Backstreet Boys when i was about 9 or 10. everybody loved nick carter so i wanted to be "different" hahahah! i dont think i've ever dreamt of a celeb being my BFF but if i WERE to dream that... hmmmm... i can't name any names, but itd be somebody really down to earth and can laugh and eat with me all day long. hehe!

    and S... he's not filipino?

  10. this is hilarious but so cute! while i was never a big fan of garner before, i do believe she is very down to earth. her and my hubby ben (i forgave the whole gigli incident) are perfect together and their children are the cutest, most (almost) normalest out of all the celeb kids. good BFF choice! mine is diddy but that's b/c i want to be in his band. lol.

  11. I love Jennifer Garner- she seems like such a nice, real person. She and Ben (since he's from Boston) are often in town...esp lately because he is filming movies. I would DIE to see them and their cute little girls!

    I can't remember many dreams w/ celebs as my friend... I'll take a celeb bf (Ben Aff, Zac Efron, Bradley Coop, Andy Rodd, Tom Brady to name a few...) any day though!

    PS: You are welcome for your award :) I have so enjoyed being blog friends with you the past month or so, as well!

  12. I used to LOVE that show! I loved her even more after 13 Going On 30. I guess I've always had a thing for Jennifer Garner :)

  13. Jennifer Garner is pretty cute, haha, I've never dreamt of having a celebrity best friend though... More like hanging out with rock stars for me hehehe but never the whole booze and drugs thing just the whole hanging out while they play my favourite songs on the bus LOL I'm so lamee!

    Yeah I didn't relize how much work it is for a house etc and how much it costs for everything! I spent $200 on curtains and they were 50% off :S Now I understand why my parents freaked when I jump on the couches and play around the curtains LOL

  14. Jen Garner is unbelievably gorgeous.

  15. I used to be best friends with that show too lol. You picked a good one--- Hmm, I've always like Kate Hudson!

  16. SWEET Dream~ She is one of the sweetest Hollywood actress I think...quite down to earth for a lala land crowds! Lovely week Ela!!

  17. Oh Ela, you're too funny! Actually my husband was a huge fan of Alias and when we met, really tried to get me into it, but it really wasn't my thing (even though I love any form of crime/suspense/action/comedy you-name-it-except-Prison-Break-and-Lost). In any case, great dream! I've dreamed about celebrities before, all of them bizarre. I've been having the oddest dreams about Karl Lagerfeld recently. Might have to mention that in a post. Oh and if you love Jennifer, you definitely need to see the movie Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. It's cheesy and silly, but a good chick flick ;-)

  18. On a similar, yet different note...I never had a celeb best friend dream. However, I did once dream that both Matt Damon and Ben Affleck were both in attendance at my Bat Mitzvah {which I never actually had in real life...}

    Aren't dreams so funny?

  19. hahah!!! this is so sweet! and she really does seem like a good and caring person, so you couldn't have picked a nicer celebrity to be friends with. maybe she'll see or hear about this post and contact you! could you imagine! hahaha. that would be pretty wild!

    i can't think which celeb friend i'd really want, but i'd marry steven colbert in a heartbeat! :)

  20. I have had a few dreams about male celebrities lol!

    I guess it would be fun to hang out with a could attend some great parties!

  21. Ha ha, dreams are weird ...

    I miss Alias ...

  22. That's too cute. She does seem so sweet and grounded!

  23. Oh and I've totally dreamed that Jen Anniston and I are besties.

  24. She is gorgeous and she has great style. Or i should say a great stylist.

  25. Love her red carpet looks and that white blouse in the first pic!


  26. What a dream! She seems to be so grounded and puts family first, which is VERY important. You seem to admire her for what she stands for and what she does. That is good to have such a wonderful dream as such. This means you want to surround yourselves with other do-gooders like yourself. You must ROCK to be so lucky to have such a BFF :)-

  27. Wow, I love how you had such a down to earth dream about a celebrity! She looks to be like a really grounded lady with a big heart :) what a best friend she would've been!
    I once dreamt that one of my friends kind of turned into Rob Pattinson but was still himself and that he was my boyfriend too. If only some dreams came into reality ;)

  28. He he, that is awesome! Say hi to Jenn for me. ;) I think I would love Jessica Simpson to be my new BFF, are you surprised there? Probably not. :) Thanks for entering into my blog giveaway...hope you had a fantastic weekend! XO

  29. wahhaha nice dream... I hope you have more dreams like that!


  30. shes quite pretty . but i wonder if her career is down thetubes

  31. i love how seriously you take your tv ... im just the same... you cant just get the girl preggos at the hieght of the show man!!! lets just hope they dont do this the girl from true blood(shes getting married)

    Vi from Cali

  32. thats totally what i would dream on the brain! baby fever!

  33. hahaha i've dreamed about Ed Westwick.. so i know how you feel ;P

  34. Awwww so cute!! I must admit that I would have prolly dreamed that too! I just love, love babies!!
    Such a cute post! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! We are all glad to have you back!!

  35. HAHA this is adorable Elly! I love it..I dream about the Olsens ALL THE TIME, it's unhealthy.

    Jen...can I call her Jen? Seems so down to earth and Ben is just that guy next door...le sigh.

    cutest post ever!

  36. I watched a few episodes of Alias back in the day. I loved her badass red hair!

  37. I've never really had a dream like this... but I so would pick Jennifer Garner to be my celebrity BFF. She just seems so normal and down to earth. And I love that she can honestly look a thousand times more beautiful than any other celebrity does WITHOUT any makeup on. She is amazing. Love her.

  38. I am so with you on Alias! I was so addicted that I watched the entire first season in a week. I think Jen is a great actress, especially in Alais where she had to play so many different roles as a spy.

    What a crazy dream. I never had a celebrity in mine before haha.

  39. Jennifer Garner is so cute! I love her black A-line dress with the patent black belt and peep toe sling backs.



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