Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Laugh with me, just not AT me

So in yesterday’s post I mentioned that over the years I’ve managed to have some celebrity crushes that I now shudder at the thought of. The lovely Kym at Bee Creative urged me to share a few…I’m always happy to oblige, especially if it involves laughter at my expense. So, here I am sharing them with you. Now, just make sure that as you go through the list you’re laughing with me…

Here are some from my Grade 6 and 7 days

The 10 KK

Do any of you know/remember this ‘band’? All 2 members were named Chris, so they named themselves Kris Kross…yes, they’re witty. Oh yeah, they also wore everything backwards…perhpas it’s best I post a pic where you don’t actually *see* them.

The 10 NKOTB

Can you guess which one I dug? I sure can pick ‘em…I managed to pick the one member who actually doesn’t like women.

The 10 JL

Yeah, I watched Blossom and I know he looks *much* better now, but I had to find a pic that actually depicted him back in the day when I thought he was *IT*

The 10 EF

I know what you’re thinking, I could’ve posted his mug shot, but c’mon this was Eddie was at his prime…I think he was supposed to be 14 in the movie…I dug the motorcycle.

Grade 8 and through most of High School

The 10 ASJ

The ONLY reason why I watched General Hospital. Oh and do you remember him in Janet Jackson’s video? I died. My co-worker’s best friend actually had a short fling with him, by then I had moved on anyway…so I could care less.

OK, before we move on, I just want to note that not all are *laugh worthy* or maybe they will be for you…but I wanted to show the *progression* over the years…

High School and University/College Years

The 10 TB

I don’t think I’ve actually ever heard Tyson Beckford speak, but back then, I never really needed to.

The 10 SM

The ONLY reason why I ever tuned into Y&R. I hear he’s a sweetie to his mom so that I LOVE.

Mid and Late 20s

The 10 MV

I especially dug when ‘Vaughn’ spoke French on Alias

The 10 WM

A little bit on the slim side but I dug him…though I never actually watched Prison Break

The 10 CF

Sigh…Drollgirl has showed me the light.


The 10 WS

I don’t necessarily think Will Smith is handsome per se, but I do find him to be quite charismatic. Oh, and S has a bit of a crush on his wife Jada, so I guess it all evens out.

The 10 SC

I KNOW what you’re thinking. But I find Mr. Connery, yes I was raised right and address my elders as such, very distinguished. I get that he’s 78 but if I was 65…

Go on, you know you’re dying to say it. Leave a comment, make me laugh or want to hide under a rock. Oh and if YOU feel like sharing, let me know if you post your 10. I’d love to see them in their glory :)

xx Ela

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  1. Tyson Beckford...i'm swooning girl ♥

  2. wahahaha.. .cool post! Tyson is yummy! hahaha!


  3. HILARIOUS to the fullest. joey lawrence?! WHOA! haha. have you seen him now? totally bald. and KRIS KROSS!!! YESSS!!! i loved the lighter one. michael vartan is excusable. he was and still is cute. OH BUT wentworth miller, he fine. yea i just said fine. HA!

  4. I love Will Smith too- I always say I'd marry him in a second! Haha

    As I kid, I also ADORED Joey Lawrence (Blossom reunion anyone?) and Zach Morris :)

  5. Oh, honey, Sean is fabulous always and forever, I adore him. I also share your affection to Will Smith. :) x

  6. lol you have just brought me back to the days as well! oh the memories of being young and in love with these stars. lol

  7. hehe.... you bring back memory for me too. we are def laughing with you. : )

  8. Oh ha ha ha ha ha (laughting WITH you)! I LOVED Kris Kross. I was class president in 6th grade, and I declared a backwards day at school, so we could all dress like Kris Kross. We blared JUMP JUMP over the loud speakers. It was awesome! This list is hysterical!

  9. haha...laughing with & NOT at you(promise!)
    Now I know why you watched Alias series religiously, Ela! Mr Connery is mom's fave, she is into hairy man! hehe*


  10. Oh my gosh these are hilarious!! I agree with most of your picks from high school on up. (Er, well, I have to admit I also did have a crush on Joey back when I watched Blossom as a kid. Haha).

    All in all, you have excellent taste. And if I was over 60, Sean Connery would be at the top of my list too! ;)

    I think it is only fair that I share with you my embarrassing crushes too.

    When I was 8, I was convinced that I was in love with Macaulay Culkin. I'm not sure why but something about those Home Alone movies made my heart pitter patter. So sad.

    When I was 12, my biggest crush was on Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Those lips...that hair...I thought he was SO dreamy.

    When I was in high school, I had a crush on Tiger Woods and Prince William. Which looking back, those aren't so bad...

    And college, I had a crush on Jude Law.

    And now, it's not really crushes but more like I think some celebs are hot and that's about it. Sigh.

    PS. I finally did that photo game! :)

  11. hahah i love this! and everyone has had silly crushes, me and mike like to joke about "what were we thinking?!" moments when we used to think someone was worthy of being called "cute" when they really werent. our mutual crushed to this day remain at Hugh Jackman and Gerard Butler :D we do love the rugged type, haha.

  12. I adore Sean! I love this post! LOL!


  13. bahhahaa yayyy! see, its not so bad right? and your taste did get progressively better through the years. hahaha! i remember kris kross now and their backwards shirts.. although i dont think i've heard too many of their songs. and sean connery? okay... i dont know about that one ela. if we're gonna go for "older" lets go for something in the likes of George Clooney. haha! so can S speak tagalog if he claims to be more filipino than you?! :)

  14. hahahaha you managed to pick the one that is gay, don't worry I did the same thing with "The Moffatts" when I had a huge crush on Dave Moffatt... Or Darren Hayes from Savage Garden. He turned out gay too. Sigh.

  15. Oh my gosh! So many of our crushes overlap! I had a thing for Edward Furlong in the Grass Harp (I think that's what it was called)- and I thought I was the only 14 yr old (I think that's how old I was)on the planet who knew who he was. The only crush I would add to this is Christian Bale when he was in Little Women (I definitely lost the crush by "American Psycho). Great post, Ela! This made my afternoon- hehe ;)

  16. Haha, don't worry, I had a thing for Jordan Knight in my very very early teens. Thankfully I always found Kriss Kross to be incredibly lame. Don't think Ed Furlong's that bad. Oh, and I never really saw Shemar Moore in Y&R but love him in Criminal Minds. Sir Connery is definitely a charismatic man, though I never fancied him. But having just visited his hometown, it's amazing how often his name randomly gets mentioned there (I actually once went on a city bus tour where they mentioned him around 35 times, and all the girls kept ooohing and ahhing). Hope you're having a lovely week so far!

  17. I would totally do Connery. No shame.

  18. Hey sweet Ela,
    how was the weekend?
    I was so busy in reworking these blog awards answers, ten things about this and that... No more blog awards before the next eclipse....
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh- I've watched Blossom, too! How cool is that?! You are the very first girl I've met who was watching the show, too!
    Edward Furlong was really cute, that's true. Another YES to Michael Vaughn - I love him from this Unkissed movie with Drew Barrymore.... aaaawwww.... And so - who was the happy NKOTB guy??? I have an idea, but I'm not sure and I'm too curious! Hehe.
    Let me think. My first crush was Captain Future. Do you know him? Man, he was/is smart. As he is a comic he doesn't get older.... Grrr.
    At age of 10-12 I've felt in love with Gene Kelly. No, noooo.... I'm not kidding here.
    These days I heart Clive Owen.... Uuuuuuuh, I do!
    I've "met" (stood 1m away) Christopher Lee once in Cannes when they've showed the Trilogy of Lord of the Rings to the media folks first (2001 or 2000, not sure). Really, I wasn't able to turn my eyes from him. He was magnetic. Worn in a black classic slim suit and a black shirt. Amazing! (I've kept staring for five minutes....)
    much love,

  19. Oh my gosh I used to love Joey Lawrence, he was my favorite! You brought a lot of guy actor crushes with this post, too funny! Currently I like Paul Walker, he is hoooot!

    So...this is funny. I just passed along the same awards that you already have on my blog, the Kreativ and Awesome Girl award, I didn't check your blog first! Gosh, I guess we keep on doing that to one another, lol, but it is the thought that counts, right?

    Anyway, have a super night love!

  20. I love the guy from Prison Break, but I don't know anything about him - can't even remember his name.

    Just a warning: Sean Connery - full woman abuser. He's a bastard with a fake Scottish accent.

  21. Ha Edward Furlong! When I was like 12 my friends and I saw him at an amusement park and stalked him the whole day, until we finally asked for a picture. What a funny memory! And NKOTB...I was such a fan!

  22. haha, omg what a blast from the past!

  23. Hahaha this is incredible! Joey Lawrence AND Sean Connery in one post...I don't know if I can control myself! You are the CUTEST Elly!! (I always wished Elly was my name. Secret for ya)

    I look forward to your posts so much!

  24. Okay...I think I recognized like four guys there! Oh goodness....hahaha

  25. Dude. Jordon totally has kids with a lady I think. Ah ha

  26. lol, yes..this made me laugh only because of the hair styles and poses. i remember kriss kross! thats old school haha

  27. Joey Lawrence for sure!! LOL, these bring back be young and in love!

  28. Tyson Beckford is HOTTT and I use to love Joey Mac from New Kids and the Block. Sean Connery is Handsome to me not so much HOT lol

  29. This post was so fun!! I never had crush with any of these guys, though. haha But I had tons of crush :D

  30. i was totally with you with Joey Lawrence and Tyson Beckford. what a cute post!

  31. Omg Kriss Kross! Hurray!!! I love this post! Tyson Beckford= Yes! Love him!

  32. Tyson is really HOT! When I was 10 or 12, it was Ralph Macchio from the Karate Kid,that's how old I am,hehe! and then to Tom Cruise from Top Gun.

    My all time crush is Matt Damon. I find him cute and he's not bad in the Bourne series. ;)


  33. Sean Connery, the best. My grandmother adores him, my mom adores him, I adore him and my daughter will apparently adore him!

  34. Wonderful post!! Mr. Connery... well yes I 100000% agree!! ahah If I was 65!


  35. thats so funny . those guys from the bands look so goofy .
    thanks for the comment

  36. this is so fun!!!! love your crushes!!! if i did a post on all of my crushes it might be 4 miles long!!!

    p.s. i trust you know about the antonio sebato jr. show that is starting on vh1 soon? apparently he is looking for a lady. :)

  37. wow, crushes. i like that you arranged them so they fit each period of your life.if i'l make one, i'll try my best to stick with 10.ha, ha.but i'm almost 16, so crushes constantly change.i suppose it's normal, right?hope so.

  38. Awww Kris Kross! I forgot about those guys :)

  39. You have such a lovely, clean and creative blog. And I knew you were Canadian when I saw you write Grade 6/Grade 7 (Toronto all the way sweetie). Stop by to check out the wishful wednesday summer pics...

  40. oh my dear where on earth do i start!!!
    general hospital hottie - um CHECK. i watched that show everyday in highschool!

    prison break/wentworth - CHECK

    ahhhh all of them - CHECK!!

    :) i love celebrity crushes! my most embarrassing one i'd have to say is zac efron. what a hottie. hahah!

  41. LOL!! you are so funny! and i would never laugh at you! only WITH you!

  42. I had a bit of a crush on Wentworth Miller. His name makes me snigger and speak in an English accent for some reason... If you didn't watch Prison Break I guess you didn't notice him gain weight either.

    (By the way, any chance of adding an Open URL option to your 'Comment as' list of choices? I don't fall into any of the current categories and use an old account so I can comment.)

  43. OMG NKONTB! hahaha! but i love edward furlong. He's like a boy with girl's face.

  44. hahaha...AMAZING POST!!! really enjoyed it!!! congrats ELA!

  45. LOL!! This is so funny. But while they all might have had their day in the sun (some longer than others) ummm, only one photo can truly make you JUMP, JUMP and thats KrissKross..

  46. Tyson and Will Smith are dee-lish. *I* have a crush on Jada :P
    Something funky is happening with your blog, I followed you weeks back but no new post ever shows up in my reading list. FIX IT, ELA :D Heh. Sorry, Red Bull massive OD.

  47. oh god, i was obsessed with kriss kross when i was little. i still have their "jump jump!" song on my ipod. how embarrassing!


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