Friday, February 26, 2010

"Be Ready in Ten Minutes"

Those were the words out of S's mouth when he called the other day letting me know he was on his way home and that he wanted to head right out so we could grab a quick bite to eat. The eating part I like. The getting ready part...I like hearing those words almost as much as I enjoy being asked, "is that what you're wearing?" Um, seeing that it's on me and I'm about to walk out the door, yes, I think it'd be safe to assume that is what I'm wearing. Thankfully I can count on less than two fingers the number of times S has posed that question.

Although, being asked to be ready in 10 happens more often than I'd like. Well, at least S has come to know: you can't always get what you ask for. Asking me to be ready in ten minutes is like asking me to sneeze with my eyes open. Pretty much impossible. At least for me. Especially when I get the call as I'm mid-swing on the elliptical, sweating up a storm glistening just a tad and smelling like someone...who could use a shower. Never mind that having a shower, blow drying my hair so I it doesn't freeze when I step out the door, getting dressed, running down the stairs, finding my purse, and my keys, grabbing a coat, playing hide and go seek with my boots, and gloves, and running back upstairs to get my b-berry takes 20 minutes. At least. Am I alone here? Or is getting ready in 10 minutes actually the norm?
 Sweater - Dex, Boots - Zara, Gloves - Ugg
Leather Bomber and Jeans - 7 for all Mankind
When I bought this sweater a few years back, it had little boils balls of yarn sewn all over it. I'm sure the lovely folks at Dex thought it added "whimsy". I thought it made my sweater look like it had warts. I detached the little nubs soon as I got home. Had I left them perhaps you'd be asking "is that what you're wearing?"

Bag - Thrifted
So in love with this bag I picked up last year, I've no idea why anyone would want to get rid of it. The leather is buttery soft and it's the perfect crossover length. Plus it cost me less than my usual Starbucks order {a lemon poppyseed loaf and a tall hot chocolate}.

Is it just me or is this post awful random and all over the place? A little bit like my thoughts before bed. Which reminds me, thank you so much for all your tips on my last post. Just in case you didn't guys are AWESOME!

Have a great weekend lovelies!
xo Ela
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  1. That is a very familiar line in my house too... be ready in 10minutes. How can men be so insensitive like that? It's as if we don't have hair to dry, make-up to apply and outfit to decide.

    Now, I know better (that is after almost two decades of being married)... if I am given that order, I politely say, I'm not coming. Then the hubby knows that I am trying to deliver a message. The 10minutes will be stretched to an hour at least.

    Love the brown ensemble... is this the outfit you wore when you went out? You did well in 10 minutes Ela. xoxo

  2. Some days when I'm coming home from work and needing to go back out, I think I could be ready that fast. Any other times I'd need at least 20-30 mins.

  3. I like random :)

    And as always, you look perfect.

  4. "Be ready in ten" How? Seriously. I can't do such a thing, it's really bad!

    But girlie, you've pulled it off beautifully, I love your outfit!


  5. I love that bomber jacket lady. Looks great on you!

    Happy weekend :)

  6. I think even if I've showered, I'll need at least 15 minutes. With showering, hair washing etc. I'll probably need even longer. In general, I think an hours notice should be the general etiquette, even if you don't need to take that long to get ready...

    Love the browns and nudes in your outfit! That bag's leather looks divine! Wishing you a wonderful weekend hon :)

  7. Ready in 10 mins??? Only on the weekdays, when all I have to do is throw my hair in a ponytail and put scrubs on.

    I normally take about 45mins to get ready... =)

  8. You are so pretty in these photos! I love your outfit. :)

    Ummm ready in ten minutes?! Yeah, not gonna happen over here either. LOL! Perhaps the next time he asks that, throw on something really quickly, don't do your hair, and walk out the door and see what he thinks. Then innocently tell him that's what you're going to look like if ten minutes is all you're given to get ready. Haha. That's what I would do. :P

    I hope you have an amazing weekend! xoxo

  9. Love this look! The bag and coat especially :)

    Hope you have a lovely weekend, Ela!

  10. Ela, you are SO pretty. I love everything you wear, and everytime you take a picture, I melt over your face. So gorgeous.

    You're right. It's impossible for most women to be ready in ten minutes, esp if we're in the middle of doing something else.

    N has made a habit of asking instead, "Do you think you can be ready 20 minutes after I get home, or should we go out another time?" Or "How soon do you think you can be ready?"

    He's learned to be much more considerate of our time, which works, because he's always late, too.

    I love your Zara boots, don't forget I am stealing them off of you when you get sick of them!

  11. Well, you look lovely in these neutrals. And no, getting ready in 10 minutes doesn't ever happen unless I'm already in full makeup with hair ready to go. I *think* I can get dressed in 10 minutes. I think.


  12. Ela Bella, I just adore you. you could take 10 hours to get ready and I wouldnt mind. You're simply adorable.

    hearts and hugs!

  13. oh I LOVE the outfit! and yes...its always 20 minutes when he says 10. Although, the first 2 are usually spent whining about how I really don't want to get into the shower.

  14. in lines of "is THAT what you're wearing?"... the other day I came home from work (husband leaves before I do so he never sees my outfits until I get home) and he looked at my outfit and snickered "nice white jeans."

    gee thanks, I've already walked around all day in them. too bad if they're ugly.

  15. Gorgeous, darling!
    Love your jacket!


  16. love your outfit!

    i could put on makeup in 10 minutes if i really scrambled. but shower, hair, outfit AND makeup?!??! at least 30 minutes would be required, and i wouldn't look that great!

    have a super weekend!

  17. oh the dreaded "be ready in 10".. that's an impossible feat for me.. id at least 30 mins to do everything.. esp that i have long hair that takes way too long to dry..

    but for someone who rushed.. dang girl! u look smashing! love love the jacket and booties!

  18. I hate when guys say that to you. I'm so not an 'under pressure get ready-er'. I need no time restraints and i'll probably do fine but hearing 10 minutes always makes me shutter and usually adds an additional 30 to my prep time.

    Have a beautiful weekend! :)

  19. Nice look!

    Lovely blog!

  20. Ahhhh, those boots are bananas. You look gorgeous Ela. And I would laugh at the hubs if he told me to be ready in 10. I sorta have a time issue. Ah ha ha

  21. Random posts that are all over the place are the best. Adoring your look in the last picture - the mix of browns and taupes is love. And I'm kind of digging your typical Starbucks order...a tall hot chocolate would be perfect right about now. Happy, Happy Weekend, my love!! :)

  22. i loove the outfit! i can do getting ready in 10mins if i dont need to shower or do my hair. if im blowdrying my hair, it can take me an hour. my hair does not dry quickly. why dont boys understand this???!!!!

  23. You look so cosy! All the browns match perfectly. Lovely :)

  24. i have so much respect for someone who can dress so chic and pose in the snow. i'm not used to cold weather so i would be bundled in an ugly snow suit outside!!
    xoxo alison

  25. S is too cute. I love your beige look by the way. Also there is a pink Fendi dress that is adorable too. I want, I want, I want..... : )

  26. Oh I always get ready in 10 minutes or less! .... kidding. I never, ever do. Even when I ready I still have to run all over the apartment making sure everything looks alright, I have to put everything in purse, find my left glove, etc. It is always like a half hour lol.

    I love that bag too. What a fantastic find!

  27. wow 10 minutes is a bit of a tight squeeze. If I had to wash and dry my hair, then forget it, no way. ;) but otherwise if my hair was done already,then there might be a slight chance 10 minutes could be enough in a rush ;) you look so cute Ela!!

  28. I don't care if it's random or not, I love reading your thoughts!

    Oh, and I could get ready in 10 minutes if I really really have to! Hehe:)

    I love the brown tones of your outfit, it's a colour that I'm ashamed to say I ignore most of the time.


  29. Hahaha, I can NOT get ready in less than 10 minutes! And I love that you worked with all neutrals here.

  30. Ela, I love this outfit!! :)

    I can't get ready in 10 minutes, unless I'm heading to the gym, since it doesn't require anything but putting on yoga pants, a top, slipping into sneaks, and tying my hair into a pony. I love to take my time when getting ready, which have led to me and the hubbs being late for almost every occassion. I think the only time I wasn't late was on our wedding day!! :)

    I hope you're having a beautiful Monday sweetie.

    xx Love & Aloha

  31. passing by after so long...hope you're doing great! and of course, looking good! =D

  32. your hair is getting long - you look great! and those boots - cute!


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