Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I met my friend T interning at the ad agency. I tend to give all my friends nicknames so shortly after, T became "Petunia".

 Sweater - Kensie Girl, Blue Belt {worn backwards} - Vintage
Cami and Skirt - H&M, Booties - Fendi {via eBay}

Now let me explain that before we were friends...we weren't. Petunia did not like me. How do I know this? A co-worker once invited both of us to lunch. Without hesitation I agreed to come along. It was my first week and I was happy to be welcomed. Or so I thought.

When we finished lunch Petunia reapplied her lipgloss at the table. Side Note: I was and still am obsessed with lipgloss. I thought the colour was really pretty but I had never used that brand before so I decided to ask P a few questions...
Ela: How do you like that lipgloss?
P: [Rolls eyes] It's lipgloss. What do you mean?
Ela: I it sticky?
P: Sticky? [Stink face]
Ela: You know how some lipglosses are sticky like when your hair blows then it gets stuck to your lips...
P: No. I don't know what you're talking about. If you want to know so much, why don't you just buy some.
Ela: PMS much? Um...ok...

She was snarky most of the time. But it didn't stop me from being nice to her. It was week one, she and I would be working on pretty much the same ad campaigns and I had about 15 weeks to go - the last thing I wanted was to start some office conflict {ala the 90s version to Erin and Olivia on The City}. Plus, I had seen her be nice to other people, so I knew she wasn't a complete cow had it in her. After the PMS train left the station about a week or two later I wore her down she and I became inseperable. We bonded over shoe shopping, questioned whether it was legal to get paid so little, discussed the likeness between 8yr old Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle and our manager's 28yr old boyfriend{like twins I tell you} and counted how many Joe Louis Cakes our diabetic manager would eat that day. Petunia has a very nasal voice, I on the other hand sometimes speak at a pitch only dogs can hear. Yet somehow, we had started to rub off on each other. Picture Minnie Mouse congested. And on painkillers. That was us.
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P later fessed up and gave me the reason behind all the 'tude. She told me I was "just so nice" that she figured I had to be up to something. When she realized I didn't want her man or her job have a hidden agenda, she finally saw that I was being sincere. Funny thing is, she's actually one of the nicest people I'll ever know{when she's not being paro}. It's been 8 years and P and I are still dear friends. Occasionally we relive our lipgloss convo - except she'll say my lines and I say hers then we pull each other's hair out die laughing. Funny how some of my best friends are girls, who in the beginning, I didn't like or didn't like me. Although it's never quite worked out with girls when the feeling was mutual. Go figure.

A little while ago, P and her husband B welcomed their first baby girl to their family. Congratulations, P and B!!! Lil Petunia is just darling. No need to wait and see, I know I love her already.
because I can, and it's fun 

Ever have a friend who didn't quite start off that way? 
xo Ela


  1. Cute leopard top ela.. It been a while hope all is well =)

  2. You always tell such funny stories! I love this swingy skirt and the way you wear it, but most of all your happy smile. :)

  3. that story is so sweet. i'm trying to think if i ever not liked someone and then became best friends.........nope. doesn't look like it. darn. that's such an awesome story to share.

    you look cute in your purple, blue and leopard. you do realize that only you can pull that look off...i would just look frumpy with my dumpy legs. boo.

  4. Love this outfit on you! Gorgeous! That last photo is so beautiful! xoxo

  5. such a darling story!! Congratulations to them on the birth of their baby!! You look cute Ela!! Only you could make this look so fabulous!!! Its got a certain "Ela" behind it ;)

  6. Hmmm...i'm pretty good on the judging friends thing. Sorry hun...can't say i've got a story quite like yours. Looks like you win!!!

    Twirl away...that looks like so much fun :)

  7. what an interesting story and such a sweet ending :)

    love your skirt, especially so when it twirls!

  8. Lovely story & I adore happy ending!
    And the purple is so gorgeous...
    I want to twirl & swirl now~music pleasssse....

  9. You are such a doll my lady. I simply adore you. I have had several occasions like that and here I am bff's with these fine ladies. Funny how things work out.

  10. Oh my gosh! I've had many like that. You're utterly lovely, and if I met you on your first day, you'd have a crazed office stalker for life. Not in a creepy way! Anyway, there's nothing wrong with being nice, being nice is easy and it just brings so much goodness back!

    Have a fab week xoxo

  11. Aww, you look so lovely in the leopard top and flair skirt! I love it all!!

    And I'm so glad your story with P had a happy ending! It's strange how things work out sometimes! At least you both have something to laugh about:)


  12. I always befriend the most obnoxious person.Good thing I win them over most of the! Maybe because I'm forever challenged to find that soft spot lurking somewhere.There always is! All you need are lots of patience though. :0

    Pretty top and lovely purple skirt! ;)

  13. aw this story brought me a smile. :) So cute. Love it!

  14. I've had several friends tell me when they first met me they didn't like me (crazy right?!) apparently I give off a bitch vibe. I think it's more that I'm a little shy at first. Fortunately after getting to know me they all learned to love me (duh!)

    Great story, glad you two became such good friends. I can't imagine anyone not liking you!!

  15. most people tell me they thought i was a snob when they first met me. i'm not snobby (all the time- hee hee) just quiet at first. i like to feel out the situation before i get all, 'you're my new bff!'

    you're a better person than me with still being nice after the attitude. it's absolutely the way to go, i doubt i would have talked to her again. lessons learned. :)

  16. You have such a good heart! Bless you for that! Not a lot of people can continue to be sincerely nice after been given that kind of a first impression. Your kindness won you a lasting friendship!

  17. Um... you are gorgeous. When I come to visit, we are playing dress up for a whole day.
    And my longest, oldest friend Morgan and I kinda started out that way. I was convinced she hated me. I don't think she did... but she is one of those people who can come off cold at first... but once you get to know her, she's the very best friend in the world... and quite the opposite of cold.

  18. I love the purple skirt!! i would twirl in it too!

  19. Hahaha! And now you are good friends. Good to hear that. xoxo

    I love the last pic... so cute!

  20. Oh poor Ela... I'm sure you were so determined to be her friend, the poor girl had no chance anyway ;-) I tend to have a gut feeling as to whether I'll like or dislike a person, so I've not really been in that situation. Although I might be a little like T.... I tend to mistrust people first, especially at work. Hey, you know that advertising is cut-throat ;-)

    Lovely outfit by the way. I love the twirly one at the bottom and the leopard print cardi is adorable! Hope you're having a good week so far!

  21. that is such a darling story.
    i knew my best friend for over 2 years before we actually started talking and hanging out. i thought she was a little different but she is just just super fun and outgoing. love her! she is the sweetest lady eva.

  22. I think I've more had friends where the 2 of us are inseparable for 2 years or some time and then just fade off.. things change, people change- think it was more a circumstantial friendship. And that's ok.

    Love that last photo- twirl on, girl! :)

  23. love your outfit, and love that story!

    i am not sure if p and i would have made it over the hump. women can be so damn tricky to deal with! goy! and if i am in a shitty mood, i generally don't want to put up with much and am loathe to give second chances. humph.

    p.s. sticky lipgloss is THE WORST. revolting.

  24. I used to hate people who were incessantly happy. And nice. And cheerful. And complimentary.

    But that's because I was so frakking unhappy myself. And I couldn't stand the insane happiness in others.

    But I also can't stand people who think other people have an agenda against them. C'mon. It's vainglorious and a bit paranoid.

    I love your swingy dress photo.

  25. i love that purple skirt! great story - i sort of understand her initial reaction, i find i'm a little bit hesitant at first to make friends with someone new, especially when they are super nice.

  26. Wow, you look gorgeous. That skirt is fantastic - I love the shape and I usually like shorter versions, but the length is perfect.

    My best friend in high school admitted to not liking when we first met. I'm so glad we get over first impressions eventually!

  27. That's a cute story. I'm glad you guys ended up being friends and for so long now.

  28. I love the purple skirt and hmm interesting story. Even though it's hard being nice to someone you know doesn't like you I suppose it's best to do it anyways eh? haha I should follow my own advice sometimes! Hope you have a great valentines day!

  29. Are you kidding me?? I was laughing my ass off at all your crossed-out words! You're a hell of a story-teller!

    Ela thanks for your comment on Jennifer's guest post on my blog. You're right, she really is amazing and she's a very dear friend to me.

    I appreciate what you said and also enjoyed your post here. Thanks for the smile.

  30. Oh crap, I forgot to mention how great it is to come across another Canadian blogger. I think you're only the third or fourth one I've met.

    Cheers from Toronto (very close to it anyway).

  31. hahaha! i know what you mean! i first met my sister in law when i was about 8 years old and she was 10, we were visiting Canada from HK and when i met her, she was the biggest snob ever! she had her own little clique and didn't talk to me at all unless her mom told her to. 3 years later, we moved to Canada and to cut the long story short, we ended up becoming best friends and now we are sisters! :)

  32. You look gorgeous! I loved hearing about you and Petunia. What a great story. You are truly an inspiration, Ela. You might be the sweetest person ever!

  33. this is so cute!! i really really love it!


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