Wednesday, February 17, 2010

iPhon't Think So

For the last year or so, S has been trying to convince me to get an iPhone. Scratch that. He's been itching to buy me one. But you see, I refuse. I don't want it. The thought of not having a tactile keyboard does not work for me. Never mind that the darn thing doesn't even register my finger half the time. I *press* things and I tell you, NOTHING. HAPPENS. 
S says it's cause I'm "not human". Sometimes he softens the blow and blames it on my "dead skin". Frankly, I'm not quite sure which of his theories paint me in a better light, so I just blame the phone.

How do I know I detest this phone when I haven't even given it a chance, you ask.

I borrowed it for the day a few months back. But only because I had left my cell phone at home. And the thought of not being able to communicate with people people that I like for a full 8-12 hours was not an option. So he set up my email on his phone to keep me connected. Between me not knowing how hit the right keys and iPhone's auto complete, I was hopeless...
instead of "DimSum" I got "dumdum" NOT okay.
instead of "drolly" I got "frilly"..."dolly" I could understand. But frilly? Um ok.
Luckily, I double checked before hitting send but making the corrections...brutal.

Imagine how intelligent caveman like I must've looked typing hacking away with one finger. Brows furrowed, lips contorted mouthing the words as I went along and practically breaking a sweat trying to put together a 5 liner. Hard to feel pleased with yourself when 5 sentences takes 14 mintues to type. I mean come on, it's not like I've got flippers. I've been told my fingers are slender and dainty. I don't see why they're not compatible with the iPhone when S' grubby little paws just dance away on that thing.

Did I mention that when I answered the phone I hung up on my best friend's husband?
Once because I pressed the wrong *button*.
And a second time while he was on the line and my cheek pressed against the phone.
Did I mention he was calling to let me know why my BFF was in the ER?
Can you say panic and frustration.
Thankfully, I figured out how to call him back and everything turned out fine with my girl. Side Note: I headed over to the hospital to keep her company while she sat waiting in the ER.
But I can't have a cell phone disconnect a call simply because the *buttons* can't be pressed. Or because my chipmunk cheeks press slightly against its surface. So it won't take my fingers but it'll take my cheeks??? Am I the only one that thinks that is stoooo-pad?

I'm married to man who LOVES gadgets. But seriously, I'm not quick to embrace them. I don't need shiny and new all the time as long as I've got something that works. So me say "yes" to an iPhone? iPhon't think so. I didn't even want a Blackberry when he got me one. Of course I love it now but that's besides the point.

fell in love with the leather insets of this thrifted vintage fur
love the fun lining of this coat
Belt - Chinese Laundry, Dress - Winners, Boots - Diba/Bronx

Have I mentioned I don't even own an iPod?


Though I do know how to use one. I just don't need it.

At this rate, perhaps S isn't so far off when he says I'll be like one of those old people who refuse to learn how to use a computer. But seriously, just like they do, I'm sure I'll get by.
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  1. im not very pro apple... i do like the sleekness though and was gonna say your not human too lol i loved the chipmunk thing

    nice coat and boots girly

    glad you friend was alright

    Vi from Cali

  2. ha! I have an iPhone. its such a love hate relationship, I have with it. I send blank emails a good amount of times to my friends, because I'll 'send' before I start writing it haha. oopsies. I blame the phone of course! you look cute Ela!

  3. Oh poor Ela... I did get an iPhone but can't use it, because I travel so much I"d have to subscribe to every single provider in each country. So I only use it in the UK and then mess up completely and end up using my regular phone instead. I do love Apple products though...

    Gorgeous coat by the way! You look so chic and warm in it! Hope you've been having a lovely week so far :)

  4. gorgeous coat! hope you're having a lovely day :) x

  5. I refuse to get an i phone...for one, its AT&T. Two, almost everyone has one. Three, you can't receive pic messages. It has to go to your email and that's a pain. And four, no keyboard. Touch screen keyboards are not the same.

    So i feel you.

    However, my droid is touch for the most part and my cheeks are always muting people and hanging up midcall so it has its bad days too.

    Ps. Did you notice my bracelets in my dinner in napa pics?

  6. LOVE that coat Ela! Gorgeous. I dont have an iPhone either but we are in bed with Sprint so I wont be going apple anytime soon. I do have an ipod and can not live with out it. LOL.

  7. I'm SOOO with you! I HATE touch screens! I can't ever get them to work. K has one on his phone and whenever I've tried to use it I about lose my mind. I like my blackberry b/c it has an actual keyboard. Maybe I'm not human either. haha

  8. Ela dear, you look so cozy, the coat reminded me of my fave movie Blade Runner!
    Iphon't- better copyright that name darling!

  9. I want an iPhone but the AT&T service isn't as good as Verizon... I do love my BlackBerry though...

    Your coat is SO FAB!!

  10. Holy beautifulness... you catch my breath with eveyr photo you post... in my next life, I am going to look and dress like you.
    And I agree. Gadgets... not really for me. I just don't get them. I am comfortable with the few devices I have taken years to know how to use. My ex loved technology and things, and was always so frustrated when I just shrugged and look disinterested.
    I would suggest an iPod... fell in love with mine. But a phone and an iPod.. plenty for me.
    and PS- didn't enter your giveaway since I just won the last won... don't want to be a little piglet :)

  11. LOl!!! I have the same feeling with a keyboard. I don't like using the screen... My husband wants one too but I think he's over that now. I wouldn't mind a blackberry though!!! :D

    I'm loving your fur coat. Please let me "borrow" it? ;)

  12. you look so beautiful lady!
    i have an itouch and i love it.
    i dont have an iphone though.
    just a palm pree and it has a touch screen but it also has buttons for typing so i pretty much heart it big time ;)
    have a great day!!

  13. Love the pictures! And hate to say it but I'm a Mac lover and iphone lover - can't help it!! :)

  14. Ha! Can I relate! My hubs is a total techno-geek..and the iPhone is God's gift to humanity (according to him) "how can you possibly LIVE without it?..we're running to get you one as soon as your contract on your crackberry runs out"!!! I dunno, I kinda like my BB, it's easy to use and all my BFF's have one too so we can PIN eachother or use BB msger. Easy peasy! The iPhone would take a loooong time to master (and no I'm not some techno-muppet that couldn't figure it out).. it would just take a while, and you're right, the typing is so tricky!

  15. Yeah, don't get one. They ruin your life. You can't ever go back. I hate the internet.

    I DON'T hate your fur coat. Wonderful!


  16. LOL! Girl, you and I have more things in common. I hate phones and I never get use to how they work. Iphone looks appealing and my husband is always saying that he thinks I need one...

    B* a la Moda

  17. Hi honey!! I left you a comment last night but then my Safari froze and it didn't post...booooo.

    Anyways...I am a loyal blackberry girl, but the iphone is fun to play with and then give back hahaha.

    Love the coat! I hope things are well?! Sending you big hugs from Cali!

  18. I'm not a very gadgety person either, and like you, I don't own an ipod!
    your coat looks so lux and you look so elegant in it :)

  19. Gorgeous coat, darling!
    And I love my iPhone, but I can understand your hesitation...


  20. don't own anything too. no ipod, no iphone, no anything. no webcam either. but am glad, in a way my only vice is dressing up. hahahha.

    I am Denise Katipunera

  21. I have the same problem! I borrowed a friends for the day to see if I would like it and I couldn't get anything to come out when I pressed the symbols/buttons whatever they are. It was frustrating!

  22. you look so pretty here! i love your hair.

    I'm an iPhone addict. I got mine before my husband did. I do admit it took some getting used to but I can text like no other on it now. I also own 3 different iPods and I use them all the time. HA! I'm a fashion girl who loves her gadgets :)

  23. wow! you look very stunning. i love the jacket, the dress and the boots. so envious ;)

    btw, Creative Fashion is inviting creative girls to join our contest "Empty that closet!" for a chance to win expensive accessory from New York Design Shop.

    Here is the link to the contest:

  24. Hi Ela,
    thanks for gracing my site. glad you enjoyed the piece. I like your style. Very classy. Also, the Iphone has so many cool apps, I forget that I don't care to type with it. But you are right it takes alot to get used to with the Iphone. take care,

  25. Babe...I do still need help ha ha. I just put it on in about 1O minutes the same freaking makeup everyday ha ha

    iphone...I tried to use my best friends the other day and it took about 2O minutes for me to figure out how to google something ha ha. I have the blackberry without internet. I need pixels, keyboards and well---maybe I will always be old school. Do not even get me started on that stupid kindle.

  26. You are too cute. I don't even own an IPod either. The hubs and I had talked about getting IPhones but we didn't want to take the time to learn how to use them! Saw you on SITS and wanted to stop by!

  27. Stopping by from SITS! Love your post. Would your hubby buy me one then? I want one so bad but unless I can make enough money on my blog someday I won't get one! (I haven't made a dime yet...wishful thinking). Have a great day!

  28. I'd take that fab coat over an iPhone any day.

    Stopping by from SITS.

  29. I'm not a techie girl and so my old cellphone is enough for me but I'm really curious how an iPhone works.Have seen one but haven't held one yet. lol!

    Fab coat, Ela! I like that side bangs on you. You look so "girly" in a very pretty way. ;)

  30. Hey, sweetheart!!! Trust me, you are not alone here... I don't own an iphone or ipod either... I was given some super advance phone once... You know, the one that comes with a stick (well, yes, stylo, but technically, still a stick) that you are supposed to use for everything because your fingers are just too big and fat even if you are a baby... After trying to play with the bloody garget for an hour, I managed to lose half of my contacts and was unable to delete the ones I already added. You see, I got so fed up with it, I almost smashed it against the wall, so was offered a normal phone instead. The one that comes with buttons... but contacts were left in a memory of the monster forever... :)

    Love your coat very much! What a beautiful find!

    Wishing you a great day!


  31. I LOVE your vintage fur - it looks AMAZING on you. But ohmigosh I can't believe you don't own an iPod - I swear I would die without mine! The iPhone, however...I'm not really into it either. I know it's weird, but I don't like having fingerprints on my screen - I have a BlackBerry! :)

  32. Love your fur coat! I'm honestly not a fan of iphones as well, not cuz I work for RIM, but for the same reason that I need tactile feedback, it makes things so much easier to feel that you actually typed something or press something! I can never go for a touch phone unless it clicks like the BB storm!

  33. the typing on iphone is horrendous, but i've got it bad for the apps;)

    you look absolutely fabulous...seriously, amazing!!

  34. I've had one for months and I still barely know how to use it! ah ha ha. That coat is just gorgeous on you!

  35. THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS. i thought i wanted an iphone a few weeks ago, but the price deterred me. what a rip off! AND i think i only wanted one because apple has subliminal messages beaming in on all of us 24/7 trying to get us to buy their products. JERKS!

    i have an ipod. i rarely use it. i kind of think it sounds SHITTY. very TINNY. so there, apple! and the stupid ear plug thingies always fall out of my ear holes. i hate that!

    on a CHEERIER note, you look absolutely fab! so there! :)

  36. Gorgeous coat! Your hair is getting so long! It's so pretty!

    Personally, I love Apple and I am obsessed with my macbook and ipod, buuuut, i am generally opposed to smart phones. They are just making people rude.

  37. hi ela!
    it has been a while! :) hope you are doing great and the new year is turning to be a good one. i love that vintage fur coat! i have not had the chance to find one on thrift stores and im afraid to buy on ebay.
    im not much of a techie gal as well but i do own an iphone. it took a while to get used to it ;)


  38. you love the iphone. i know you do! lol.

    that second photo of you = smashin!

  39. An iphone is tempting, but not tempting enough for me to buy one! I'm a gadget girl but I tend to break every gadget I but, not such a good thing. I love your outfit - you look so pretty!


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