Friday, February 12, 2010


I can't pinpoint exactly what it is that I love about Target. Maybe cause I can spend an hour there and feel like only 20 minutes have passed. Maybe it's because I can take my time picking out mascara, lotion and gummy bears while S roams the aisles for who knows what. Maybe it's because I only step foot in one every 6-9 months ~ whenever we're Stateside. Whatever it is, I love it. 

Imagine my excitement when I read that Target had plans of opening a few stores in Canada!

Then I read the rest of the article

And found out it'll take a good three years. At least.

Are you kidding me?

On average, it takes three years for a man to propose. In three years I could have 4 babies. In a row. If I had them back to back {anyone else think this would be a good idea?}. More if I gave birth to multiples. One with another on the way if I were an elephant. It only takes three days to travel to the moon. Need I remind you that Canada is attached to, not orbitting the US? 

Seriously, Target, three years???
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Canada's always getting the bum rap.
Fine, our bacon's not as good. I mean, peameal bacon...who wants bacon with barely any fat? It's like eating baked fries. Which is only satisfying if you love oxymorons. Or baked fries. But Canada has really good maple syrup. And a better view of the Niagara Falls. Trust. Sure it's cold, but so is Alaska. And they have 3 Target stores. I looked it up.

Whatever. I'll see you in three years, Target. 
With my 4 babies.
xo Ela
p.s. Just so we're clear, I've no intentions of being with child for 3 straight years. 
You did know I was kidding, right?

Happy VDay long weekend loves!
If you're Canadian, happy "Family Day" weekend!'s basically something the Canadian government made up to match US Presidents Day holiday Monday.


  1. i like the idea of family day way better ;)

    so you have no target? wowwww...i would say that's a good thing. do you realize how much money you will spend in 3 years when that target opens? about the same amount as what you will spend in the three years waiting. HA!

    love target but daaaaayyyaamn that store breaks me. i can spend at least $50 in 5 minutes.

    ps. thanks again for the beautiful bangles! you're a doll. hope S treats you well this family day weekend!

  2. Three years...REALLY?!!!
    WTF kind of contractors are they hiring these days? Do they take the ferry across each day? Lol

    Anywhoo...when you do get your Target, i'm sure you'll be a loyal weekly shopper :)-
    May your babies get to know the aisles and enjoy them as much as you and "S".

    Happy Valentine's weekend hun. Spread the love.

  3. Ela, I love LOVE love Target too.. and there are FOUR stores in Hawaii.. three on Oahu (I don't know why they need three!!) and one on the Big Island... and you know what, I live on Maui!! I can't believe Maui doesn't even have one. I have to spend about $100 rt (that's when flights aren't on sale, normally it's $50 rt) and spend 30 minutes in a plane to get to a Target... it's not a bad thing, because I love weekend trips to Oahu.. but I just wish I could jump into my car and drive to a Target. I hope we do get one soon though.. and I hope yours comes before three years!!

    The weekend is almost here! so exciting. Do you have any fun Love Day plans?

    xx Love & Aloha.

  4. Wow, it takes three years to open a store?! It's either going to be an AWESOME shop or it's going to be a hell of a fuss.

    I'll remember this in three years time when you're blogging about your line of youngin's!

    Have a fab weekend xoxo

  5. I gather patience isn't one of your virtues???
    well, me too!
    what~3 years?! By that time, your hair would grow to your waistline no?!
    Happy Friday beautiful!

  6. If it weren't for Target I would have a lot more money in my bank account so maybe it's a good thing you don't have it up there. Can you order online and have the stuff shipped to you? That store is seriously my biggest weakness.

  7. I'd die without Target. Its my 2nd home. I heart it very much!

    Hope you have a nice weekend lady!

  8. i spend waaay too much time in target. thus far, probably the equivalent of how long it will take for you to get one.

    have a great weekend--clever title, btw!

  9. 3 years? are you kidding me? that is ridick. i want a target close to me. it is too far away and gross. lol.

  10. Target is major Fail! But hey, they just barely built two in Hawaii last year. Those in Alaska were probably built at the same time.

    Do you travel to Buffalo just to go to Target? My sister in law tells me all the time Torontans go all the way to NY just to visit Target.

    Good thing Wal-Mart is not considered a suitable substitute. That place is evil.

    Here's to hoping you have babies galore to bring with you to the first Toronto Target.

    But try to re-think having 4 babies in a row. $$$$$$$$

  11. At least you have something to look forward to Ela. I love Target too. I can spend hours and hours there without being bored.

    But 4 babies? Hahaha! You're kidding me.

    Have a great weekend my dear! xoxo

  12. What?? Target in 3 years? That is way too long... You think such a big corporation would be itching to build some in Canada! And four babies?? NO way... Not even back to back!!!!

  13. The thought of only being able to visit Target once every 6-9 months is frightening. Honestly, I pop in there at least once a week. It's too much fun to resist!

    Three years?! You must be kidding me! They should be able to slap together a Target in 3 months or less. Here's to hoping they put the pedal to the metal and get a move on!! :)

  14. Put on your patience are gonna need it! New follower. Happy v-day!

  15. Happy Family Day! :P

    I'm sorry it's going to take so long to get a Target. That's so not cool. I wonder why three years...sigh.

    I personally think Canada is awesome. I have never been there but any country YOU are from is automatically fabulous. xoxo!

  16. oh canada. why are you so far behind?

    your life will be better with a target. you can get rad deals at target, but sadly they have SO MUCH that you want to buy that it can cost a fortune to step through those red doors. oh well. 3 years. countdown. :)

    hope your weekend is fab! :)

  17. I was gonna write some smartass comment like, "Oh. Emm. Gee. Three years? Whateverrrrr....."

    Then I remembered I've never shopped at Target and don't really know what it's all about. So I've decided not to be a smartass after all.

    (Yeah I know, too late).

    Ela, thanks so much for your comment on my poem "Some Hearts". It's great to get feedback on something I wrote over half a lifetime ago. I try not to think about that part too much. ;)

    Have an amazing Family Day!

  18. You can come stay with us in the ATL any time, Ela, and shop at Tarjay to your heart's content! We have two within a 15 minute drive (sorry, not trying to rub it in!).
    Hope you and your hub have a wonderful weekend! I'll try to send Target some major Canadian vibes every time I go in!

  19. You are too funny, Ela!
    I heart Target and puppies.
    I do not heart men taking 3 years to propose!


  20. Maybe they'll speed up the building and you won't have to wait so long. Have a great Valentines Day!

  21. "with my four babies." hahahaha!

    Hope it doesn't take a full 3 years, Target is amazing!

  22. "Sure it's cold, but so is Alaska. And they have 3 Target stores. I looked it up." I love you know. ;)
    Great post, it made me laugh.

    PS - Target, FTfuckingW! Is it awesome or is it awesome? ;)

  23. What the heck?? I would die without a Target nearby... for real. What is their problem?? If you need anything... let me know. I will hit up a Target and send some goods your way :)

    AND... soooooooo excited because a beautiful little package arrived in the mail yesterday and the most beautiful bracelet was inside for me... from you. OH MY... I squealed. I put it on and danced around, waving my arm around for the kitties to see...THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! You are... well, unbelievable. How lucky am I to have you as a friend?!?!
    Happy Happy Hearts Day to you (xoxoxxxxxx, lots of extra hugs) and Happy Family Day....

  24. haha! i loveee target as well! sorry to hear its gonna take that long to get to u guys! u guys also have very good poutine fries and tim hortons (altho i've seen some in the us now!) :)

  25. Ok, so I too lurve Tar-jay...however I was at a massive one in Vegas and was unpleasantly surprised at how crappy it was?! I know it's a basic store, but honestly it physically looked exactly like Zellers inside, but with not NEARLY as good stuff. Like Zellers kicked it's ass!!! (the home decorative stuff was amazing, but the clothes were seriously lacking)...I was so disappointed. As lame as they are Zellers, Alfred Sung, and Request lines are way trendier then anything I found at Target. I suppose I put it up on a pedestal b/c we don't have it here. And 3 yrs to set-up shop in Canada? WTF?!

  26. 3 years?! Ughhh, that would upset me too, haha. Maybe it will happen sooner, might as well be optimistic : )

  27. Well that sucks! 3 years?! i love target! so sad!

  28. That logic makes the puppy sad ANNNND me sad!! 3 years?! Eek! Well I certainly hope it is the best Target ever after 3 years of waiting!!

  29. I've never quite understood why not all the stores that are in the US can automatically be found in Canada. Is it that difficult to get across the border? But hey, at least you'll be getting them at some point. I don't think Target will ever get to Europe. Of course we did get Wal Mart (thanks for that U.S.), but they did so miserably, they had to shut down most of them.

    Oh, and never complain about Canada if you have easy access to maple syrup. They charge triple for that stuff over here! ;-)

  30. haha! i don't know what i would do without target!!!


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